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Launch date: Unknown
Official website: is a long-established advertising network with quality PUSH, CLICKUNDER and ONE-CLICK PWA traffic all over the world for a reasonable price.

What do you get with

  • 50+ MLRD impressions from Push-Notifications;
  • 25+ MLRD impressions on Clickunder;
  • Worldwide traffic from $0.001;
  • Daily updated subscription base;
  • High quality traffic;
  • Fast moderation;
  • A wide range of targeting options;
  • Balance replenishment in any way convenient for you;
  • The minimum top-up amount for Push-Notification format is 500 rubles;
  • Minimum deposit amount for Clickunder format - 3000 rubles.

4 advertising formats:

  • Push-Notifications - classic push-ups on Mobile and Desktop (CPC/CPM);
  • Clickunder - a website with your offer, which opens in a new tab when you click in any area of the site (CPM);
  • On-Site Push - a pop-up banner at the bottom of the site that mimics a push notification(CPC/CPM).
  • One-Click PWAs are classic web applications that advertise with system PUSH notifications(CPI).




Affiliate program representative
August 02
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 5
  • Stability 2
  • Support 1

First I read the comments here as a good citizen. And I realized that the partnership is not bad. But I found a pattern. Too sweet comments, just all fabulously good and one negative. I did not try my luck just in case.

A few days later I got a message from Citizen N who introduced himself as a media buyer of this company. He praised him. I signed up. And I drove traffic my first deposit.

I thought, well, maybe I'm a fool. What I'm doing wrong. drove traffic in another deposit. I put in flushes, geo, age. Lots of hits, 0 conversions. And that went on for N amount of time. I started to get suspicious. Made a routing through ukit hooked up yandex metrics. Started a push campaign. 33558 views, 2532 clicks - huge clickability. Conversions? - 0 On the site of a partner's statistics are completely different. Conversions were half as much there. But the conversions were still.

Include Yandex metrics, there is a section - ip address and behavior of the user on the site. First, some people clicked on 5-10 times, although the setting is 1 user 1 display. Secondly - the most interesting - the behavior of the user. I was not lazy and opened something like 500 - 600 random ip. The site opens and hangs for 1-20 minutes. Just stands open. In this case, all the possible buttons somehow pressed. Well logical, that would press the button at the bottom of the lend, you need to scroll there. And here the site is stalled. What is the result? Ads are skliked by bots. And in this network of just an immeasurable amount. For the sake of interest, put whatever picture you want and you'll see a super rate of clicks and impressions.

I wrote to support. Why bots were scamming the deposit?
The reply was that I had to check ip info. They were checking for two weeks. In the end they wrote that there were no violations. To the question "How 600 people opened the site and managed to reach the button with their tantacles a mile away at the bottom of the site without scrolling it?" the answer - well, the bots are everywhere, but you do not have all the bots. We kind of fight them.

I also did another test. I made an rk on my Telegram. When a person enters the tg channel, the first post is automatically credited with a view.

Here's the report in their office:

Here's the report in metrics:

I record a video, the user's behavior on the site I throw them in tg:


I.e. they scored a foxy mushroom on the fact that I threw a complaint about the bots in the first place. And the whole two weeks pestered to check for ford, lol what?

In general, my friends. Do not be fooled by the comments. They seem to have been bought or the same bots as they have on the network are written. The network is crap.

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February 02
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 1
  • Support 1

It's a pity that, like many people, I read the reviews after working with them.

The traffic is basically normal. Just like everywhere else you can find the right one. If it wasn't for a BUT...

They trick me and steal my bonds.

I threw the minimum. made a company, was tested, then began to replenish and cast normally. spent $ 370, I stop the company and say change the creatives, we missed them by mistake. And not a small correction, and just total replacement for something completely different. And this is when I have abundantly made a list of blacks, and cut off unnecessary traffic. I only tested 2 companies, so the lists were normal.

But for the sake of testing I have paid more money and checked how it goes with new creos. Of course the sense in the previously shed was no longer, there is no result.

Wrote to them that would agree about the compensation, to which I got the answer, "Yes, we were wrong, but you got the traffic. Compensation will not be.

As a result, Minus $ 507 for a couple of days.

Moreover, I go to the spaa and see that my offer is spilled from the same network, and everything is fine. And I stop it. And just so you understand, they look for reasons to stop so thoroughly, that they do not care what your line, offer, prilend. They go to the website of the company itself, and look for any opportunity to get something to complain about. And it doesn't matter that you don't have it.

Conclusion: If you're reading this. Run away from them! Especially if you're a beginner and are limited by budget. Spill all the money and even find a bundle, you'll just have it snatched away.

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April 15, 2020
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 1
  • Support 6

My mistake - went to read the reviews after I drained the money:(

About the quality of traffic:

Drained about 3.5k - tested offerers and situation every time the same: you start a campaign - the first day with 200-300 clicks 1 lead. And further - to drain up to 2 thousand clicks a day for 5 days - the yield 0, and so with 3 different offerers. (Screenshots below).

How to get divorced:

Two payment models: CPM, CPC. At first I used CPC because I suspected CTR was too good for pushing 0.5%. Then I decided to try paying for displays and here the figures are not as juicy CTR 0.05% (10 times less!). Experimented with two absolutely identical creatives with the same settings but with different payment model. The difference look at the screenshot:

In addition, I tried to lower the price as much as possible, came to an absurd 5 pennies, while the number of clicks only increased (without yields naturally).

Pros: Once wrote to support - responded quickly and on the fact

Conclusions: It's up to you. I will not work with again and do not advise anyone.

Screenshots of one of the campaigns:

The advertising campaign

Statistics from the affiliate (1 lead on the second day and then nothing)

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April 13, 2020
  • Stability 1

Super bullshit traffic, just bots, guys do not work with them. Waste of time and money.

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April 14, 2020, 11:55

Hello, let's deal with the situation, send the data of your account in Telegram @IrakliTB and describe the situation, we will check what could have happened.

November 28, 2019
  • Profitability 6
  • Problems with anti-viruses 6
  • Stability 7
  • Support 8

When I signed up for an account and submitted an ad link to provide review to run sending traffic, but when I was preparing to send traffic after approving the link ads, they immediately banned my account without telling me in advance that I had him refund my money and he and Telling me that I will not refund my money, which makes the buyer completely without guarantee. Before I started, I told him that it was an adult advertisement and they passed the review. In the next time, I was prompted to tell me that there was nudity in the advertisement. Then why After passing the review, I think they have no traffic to the buyer at all. They are using the surfing traffic to cheat the buyer. When he cannot achieve the buyer's traffic sales, he will directly ban the account and will not refund the money. This is his Way to make money

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December 02, 2019, 13:06

Hi, Oliver. Please, send your account details to Telegram @IrakliTB to check the incident and review the situation in detail. We will sort it out.

October 16, 2019
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 1
  • Support 1

Created a campaign and even before moderation asked in Skype to check it, as a result, after 2 checks (!), including moderation, and balance top up for 3k, went unscrewing.

Literally the same day, after finding a bunch, flies ban (from the balance is not twisted and 30%). Until I turned to skype, no one even warned about anything. In skype, ban explained cloaking, and besides the murky form of screenshot, nothing has been shown, at a request to send specific information (click id, time, its geo), support said that the information was transferred to the moderation department, and, of course, no answer, as there is no real reason for the ban. Cloaking never engaged, moreover, cast without a tracker, directly into the pn, not even hiding the link.

Except for fraud, this is not another name for it! Nevertheless, 3k is a good amount to know what kind of partner in fact, and banned "in time", because I was going to replenish the already a decent amount, stingy))) could squeeze out a lot more))

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October 25, 2019, 16:06

Good day, please provide your data to Telegram @IrakliTB for verification of the incident and a detailed review of the situation.

October 15, 2019
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 1
  • Support 1

Good afternoon, I want to share my experience with this advertising network.
Refilled an advertising account, set up a campaign, began testing, drove traffic 2k rubles - zero conversions, I started to write to a personal manager, told the situation, started testing another gambling offer, the conversion went.

After a while came ban account, allegedly for adalt they have banned, but there's a problem, I have not used adalt content.

The manager provided an incomprehensible screenshot which is dated a month earlier than the launch of the campaign, allegedly it is proof that the adalt was and I was blocked and there will be no unblocking or payment of the rest of the money on the advertising account.

This is the first time this has happened to me, I've been working with push ad networks for a year now and I just didn't expect this to happen.

This is essentially scammers who are just laundering money this way, extremely do not recommend working with, you will waste your money and time.

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October 25, 2019, 16:05

Hello, please send your data to Telegram @IrakliTB for verification of the incident and a detailed review of the situation.

August 24, 2019
  • Profitability 1
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 1
  • Support 1

This site sucks... It's crooks Shedding your bot traffic. Out of 600 Clicks 25 from people... Think for yourself.... Blocking your accounts at a time. Even if you have funds there... If you find a good bundle, your account gets blocked... And they're probably driving traffic your traffic themselves... My opinion: people don't go looking for a scam...

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November 20, 2019, 14:26

Completely agree, after they wrote off the balance under the guise of adjustment finally opened my eyes to them. Lost a tenner on them

June 10, 2019
  • Profitability 3
  • Problems with anti-viruses 3
  • Stability 3
  • Support 7

mew to all! driving traffic on the pooches.
1) A ten to the support - everything is as it should be!
2) Three points profitability, on my tests (wide geo) quite sluggishly shows itself about half a year.
I recommend at least sometimes to test the profitability in comparison with other push affiliates, because as a web, I do not earn with you :C

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May 04, 2019
  • Profitability 6
  • Problems with anti-viruses 10
  • Stability 6
  • Support 1

I drove traffic out about 5k rubles for tests, everything was fine.

Until I found a profitable bundle.

At first they started rejecting creatives that they used to let through just fine, then they blocked the account that still had money on it.

Most likely one of the moderators is casting this bundle and decided to get rid of a competitor.

Owners, keep an eye on your moderators and their tricks. On May 4 this moderator worked.

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January 31, 2019
  • Profitability 9
  • Problems with anti-viruses 1
  • Stability 9
  • Support 10

I've been working with for about 5 months

Quality of traffic is good, main thing is wide targeting, you can target unpressed audience by fresh age of subscription

Customer support is great, they quickly solve any questions that may arise

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January 22, 2019
  • Profitability 10
  • Problems with anti-viruses 10
  • Stability 10
  • Support 10

Worked with them for about a month (maybe more). Of the pluses of their grid can be noted:

- Quality ( It is at a good level, I am satisfied)

- Customer support ( Always helps and answers all questions via telegram)

- The cost of CPM is quite normal, not overpriced

- There are many features/targeting. Of the top ones: choice of subscription age and choice of category.

- Moderation (Quickly updated, well done).

- Topup from 500r

Now moving on to the minuses, there are not many, but they are. These are:

- I found that it was not profitable to sell at CPM. Too much goes down the drain for ineffective reviews. If you make a normal creo that everyone will want to click, it can be avoided. Although I drove traffic in a plus, pay per click, as it turns out, is better for me. As soon as they will have pay per click, I will go back there immediately, for the quality is fire. I hope for adequate prices per click)

- At the time of the review there is no deposit through epayments (for me this was a minus)

In essence this is all, there are no minuses. Maybe for someone it is not the minuses at all, but I expressed the experience of working with them. What is the conclusion from all that you have read? And the conclusion is this: They are good, you can go in and drive traffic in the plus)

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August 14, 2020, 11:11

What was the motivation for writing the review?

January 21, 2019
  • Profitability 8
  • Problems with anti-viruses 10
  • Stability 10
  • Support 10

I'm draining the bourgee pooches.

Of the minuses:
- in volumes only CISh traffic. There is little bourgee, bourgee must be well sifted.

From the pluses:
- Choice of return age of subscription push. Killer function.
- The ability to limit showing only one creative for a user from the whole campaign.
- Nice prices on the traffic.
- Recharges from almost any amount in rubles

If they manage to increase the volume of net traffic from draw 1 countries, it will be my favorite set. Their swarms are great, but the volume of traffic is very ridiculous :(

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