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Все офферыBabbel MX - Curso de Idiomas Online

Babbel MX - Curso de Idiomas Online партнерская программа

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The story at Babbel began in 2007 when founders Markus Witte, Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine discovered by chance that there was no real way of learning languages ​​online - a problem they decided to bypass by founding Babbel in 2008. The application combines the proven technology and methodologies to help people learn a new language based on what they already know - an approach that until today only Babbel uses online.
Since the founding of the company, many changes have taken place: today, more than 1,000,000 active subscribers are learning 14 different languages, from Spanish to Indonesian. In 2016, the magazine Fast Company named Babbel the most innovative education company in the world.
Babbel is a premium product that offers an advertising-free subscription template, which allows it to work exclusively to meet the needs of its users, not third-party users.
The teaching staff - with over 100 language, language and education specialists - has a mission: to empower users to learn what they need and to feel confident in speaking the language of their choice. To date, the team has created more than 8,500 hours of learning content. In addition, Babbel has a customer service team who is always available to answer questions, either by email, telephone or chat.
· Mobile devices: anytime, anywhere;
· Choose a course that interests you and start building your vocabulary;
· Babbel's integrated speech recognition system analyzes and helps improve pronunciation.
Enjoy the campaign!

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Оффер Babbel MX - Curso de Idiomas Online, ставка до 23.08 EUR в партнерке Actionpay

Оффер — рекламное предложение, которое предлагает партнерская программа. За определенное совершенное действие, указанное рекламодателем, веб-мастер получает денежное вознаграждения. Это может быть фиксированная сумма или же процент.

Наш сайт предлагает изучить актуальный каталог офферов, где собраны предложения из разных категорий, с различной оплатой и уровнем сложности задания.

Вниманию веб-мастеров представлено множество тематических групп:

— Азартные игры;

— Туризм;

— Кредит;

— Знакомства;

— Развлечения.

Теперь не нужно тратить много времени на поиск нужного варианта, ведь все они здесь!