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About us in brief

Admitad is an affiliate network that offers the opportunity for various online services to create their own affiliate programs and only pay for the actions, the result they are interested in.

These actions can be:

  • payment for sign-ups*
  • fixed payment for sales*
  • payment of percentage commission for sales*

*it is possible to work with just confirmed actions.


Admitad started its business in Russia in March 2010 and currently is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the country. Over 600 Internet companies, including the biggest market players, numerous online games and other services work with us. Admitad’s system generates more than 2.3 billion banner impressions and over 41 million visits to advertisers’ websites per month.


About the program

We are pleased to introduce the new Admitad referral program. With this program you get a reward for attracting new publishers to Admitad. You will earn 15% of our fee from publishers comisson for 1 year! (publishers that were attracted by you). Example: you brought publisher, after 1 month publisher earned 1000 usd comission, our fee is 300 usd, so you will earn 45 usd.

Terms of the program

1) You get a reward of 15% of our fee from publishers comission for 365 days! (after "your" publisher joins admitad)

2) An intermediary fee is not taken from the participants that come from you but is paid from the Admitad affiliate network’s own funds (so the attracted participants don’t lose anything).

3) The number of referrals is not limited.

4) This type of collaboration is available to everyone, but we don’t accept everyone.

5) Individual terms are possible for large and high-quality intermediaries. This is considered on an individual basis.


Advantages of the referral program

Tools such as SubID, Deeplink are added to the program.

  • By using SubID you can trace where the referral came from.
  • By using Deeplink you can direct the referral to the proper website page.

Example. You can create a forum topic about us and direct to one of our offers using the Deeplink referral. For instance, to Sapato or Quelle. This referral involvement method is more effective.

  • Direct the potential referral to the ad page https://www.admitad.com/in/promo/ where they can join our system. The link should look like this http://ad.admitad.com/goto/560a6812ffc362514fefdb5abcafa7/?ulp=https://www.admitad.com/ru/promo/, you can get the direct link in Banners and Links.
  • A wide choice of banners.
  • Cookie lifetime is 30 days.
  • Detailed reports on actions, funds, time and period. You can set a filter.
  • Admitad is constantly searching for and attracting big publishers and advertisers.
  • Admitad is actively developing its marketing strategy.
  • Admitad is actively developing cooperation with publishers through creating special sections on the forum where publishers can share information on how to make money with our system.

If you have any other questions or suggestions on working with the system, feel free to contact us by email: in.pr@admitad.com


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Оффер Admitad IN, ставка до 15 % в партнерке Admitad

Партнерская программа — отличный старт для успешного заработка в интернете. Основная цель каталога офферов, который представлен на сайте – собрать все наиболее выгодные, популярные предложения для наших клиентов.

Большинство рекламодателей активно используют оффер для продвижения своих товаров или услуг. Они описывают действие, которое необходимо сделать, указывая при этом плату за него.

Все предложения разнообразны и относятся к множеству тем:

— Продажа товаров и продвижение услуг;

— Финансы;

— Развлечения.

Начать можно с более простых предложений, а затем  перейти к сложным, максимально увеличив свой доход.