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Just want to everyone know about this. check your traffic uniqueness (especially EU geos) using tracker. Ad network just provided me non-unique traffic. 45-55% uniqueness ($400 spent). They're said that reason is too much campaigns and traffic overlapping (but I had different targeting on my campaigns, about several campaigns per 1 targeting to test different creatives), and then I stop 95% of my campaigns and leave just 2 ad camp per 1 geo - uniqueness still was low, about 65-70%.

These guys just provides ❗️FRAUD❗️ traffic. From 30 to 50% non-unique traffic. Keep your money safe guys and never help them to earn.

Этот отзыв отражает субъективное мнение пользователя, а не официальную позицию редакции.

Hello, you have created 41 campaigns for Geo FR. With so many campaigns, the system will not be able to provide unique traffic for all campaigns. We recommend using only 2-3 campaigns with the same settings.

You have received a recommendation from your personal manager. You then deactivated some campaigns after 1-2 days, but 18 campaigns were active until November 6. This is still too many if you want to get unique traffic. Your personal manager provided you with recommendations that you decided not to follow.

We also recommend checking the technical side of your offer. For example, one of your domains has been flagged as malicious by 11 security vendors. Other domains of your smartlink are also flagged. This can significantly affect the CR of your campaign.

If a campaign does not bring results, then there is no point in spending 70% of the budget to promote it. Write to the manager asking to find the reason for the lack of leads. The manager can also recommend Geo for promotion.

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