$116 000 in 48 hours from TikTok and Shopify
We are sharing a case study from Fanuel Kebede. A dropshipper and eCommerce brand owner who was able to generate over $116 000 revenue in just 48 hours. All this came from him using a Tiktok influencer to promote his dropshipping product on Shopify.
Interview with Maor Benaim: Earning over $1 000 000/ Month Working As a Solo Affiliate
Today we bring you an exclusive interview between Partnerkin and Maor Benaim. Maor is a popular affiliate marketer from Israel, well known for his expertise in Google Ads. He is also known as the Wolf of Affiliate Marketing. Maor owns a marketing agency and a number of eCommerce brands that make him millions of dollars per month. Follow along with this interview, as he shares with us his journey in affiliate marketing, how he was able to make his first $1m in the industry, his business operations, challenges, and his perspective on the current state of the affiliate marketing industry.
I Built a Website with $2 000: Now it Makes Me $1 000 Every Month
Today we are sharing an interesting case study from Dan Richardson, a webmaster who started a niche site with a $2 000 investment, and now it generates him $1 000 every single month passively. Read along to learn how he was able to do this, and also how you can replicate his strategies for yourself to earn passive income from websites.
​​​​Affiliate Marketing using a Medium Blog in 2021
Medium is an online publishing platform for writers and bloggers. It can be used as a primary channel for posting articles, or as a secondary platform for gaining more exposure to your website’s content and promoting affiliate offers. Most affiliate marketers on this platform generate upwards of $2 000/ month by promoting the offers in Medium articles. In this article, we are going through how to carry out affiliate marketing on Medium to earn money.
Real Life Millionaire Grandpa Tries Ecommerce as a Side Hustle
Today, we are sharing a case study from Mark Tilbury, a 58-year-old investor and entrepreneur from the UK who decided to start dropshipping as a side hustle and see how far he can go. This article is to guide our readers on the steps to follow to launch an eCommerce brand by following what Mark did while expecting realistic results. Read along to see the steps that he took to launch the eCommerce business — from finding the products, to creating the Shopify store, the logos, and promotions. Then we will see the results he got in one day.
Generating $63 900 by Promoting a Keto Offer on Google Ads Without Getting Banned 
Today, we are sharing with you a case study elaborating how the media buying team at CMaffiliates was able to generate a revenue of $63 900 in May this year by promoting a grey hat campaign for a Keto Diet offer on Google Ads. We are going to break down how they were able to tweak the system to launch the campaign.
Top 4 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers in 2021
One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it gives its users the option to add extra functionality to their websites. This is done through the use of plugins that provide functionalities like improving the website's SEO, loading speed, design styles, content layout, and many other features. In this article, we are sharing with you the 4 best plugins that are a must-have for all affiliates using WordPress for content marketing and generating traffic for affiliate offers and e-commerce products.
Generating $103 795 by Promoting Crypto Offers on Facebook at a 397% ROI
Promoting crypto offers on Facebook is one of the toughest tasks to do because once Facebook mods see you, they will ban your account for life. In this case study, we are sharing with you how an affiliate was able to make $103 795 revenue with a 397% ROI by promoting two crypto offers using Facebook ads — while surviving bans. Read along to learn how he was able to make this crypto campaign work on Facebook and how he was able to survive the bans and attain a high ROI that left him with a profit of $82 919.
$83 000 in 1 Month with a New Shopify Store Using Facebook Ads
Today we are sharing a case study from Lokesh Yadav, an eCommerce entrepreneur who was able to generate $83 000 in sales in a single month with a new store. However, this result wasn't an overnight success, it came from a process that took him a lot of time to develop. Read along to understand his actionable process and the procedures he followed to choose the product, create the store, market, and finally scale to $82 520 in 30 days.
Growing an Affiliate Website from $267 to $21 853/Month in 19 Months
In this post, we are sharing a case study from James Ackerman, a webmaster who was able to grow his client’s website earnings from $267/ month to $21 853/ month. This case study covers everything that James and his client did — from building the site to the point where it is now valued at over $1 000 000.
How to Hire Amazing Media Buyers for Your Business
In this post, we are sharing with you tips from Alex Fedotoff, on how to hire amazing media buyers for your business. This aims to help you to detach yourself from the daily campaign errands and focus on expanding and scaling other parts of the business.