The best affiliate programs for making money in 2021

Affiliate programs for webmasters is a sure-shot way of making money, among other methods of traffic monetization.

You will have a steady source of income even though you do not have your own product or service. Using affiliate programs for websites is an effective way of cooperation. Webmasters advertise other companies' products or services that are of interest to visitors of a blog, forum, or online media outlet. For webmasters, this cooperation brings in a profit in the form of a sales commission for selling advertiser's products. 

It is also noteworthy that online affiliate programs allow you to get into the business, even if you do not have your own website, because there's a whole range of techniques to get traffic (media buying, social media campaigns, to name a few). 

Affiliate programs, what is it?

Affiliate programs can be created directly by product manufactures or distribution networks that might involve several advertisers.
This is a win-win situation that is profitable both for affiliates – webmasters or media buyers – and advertisers. The cooperation algorithm is as simple as that:

1. An advertiser is looking for online users who could perform certain actions;

2. An affiliate generates traffic, and an advertiser acquires customers through this;

3. Then an advertiser pays his partner a reward.

The requirements of advertisers and techniques of affiliates may vary. 

There are several types of affiliate programs depending on the particular area (games, other entertainment, services, products) and users’ needs:

● Buyers of goods or services;

● Users of freebies (promotional merchandise);

● Target audience;

● The target market that receives marketing information (participants in surveys, leads: contact information, demographic of customers interested in specific products/services).

Affiliate programs differ by target traffic (desktop or mobile users) for which the product is created and tailored. When it comes down to an affiliate network, there will be offers for any type of traffic and niche. And our job is to help you find the fittest and the most profitable one. It takes some knowledge of the offer and its target audience, as well as skills in the fine art of online advertising, to become a successful media buyer or webmaster. 
For partners, there are two ways of getting traffic:

● Either to buy traffic (for instance, through paid ads of search engines or social media, teaser or banner networks)

● Or to promote your own websites, which, by the way, is quite a profitable solution. 

Affiliate programs for websites and webmasters 

If you have a popular blog, a website dedicated to some hobby, or a popular forum, then affiliate marketing will help you monetize these web spaces, regardless of the site type or content. Popular affiliate programs can help webmasters tap into new markets, bringing over advertisers with offers that will tick all the boxes for the website’s audience. Professional grade banners or widgets for a wide variety of content management systems are honed in on smooth ad integration into websites, without affecting their design or usability. 

With this, a webmaster achieves a proverbial two birds with one stone effect by first getting a steady source of income, and then second, increasing the overall appeal of the website – the relevant ads will suggest the website’s readers a useful or interesting product or service. You can track the performance of your ads using tags. And you could use the UTM tag builder, so as not to create them manually.

Morph your site into a money-making machine, with the help of our affiliate program rankings. 

You can find a long list of affiliate programs for webmasters with detailed information about each one – like rankings, and comments of other advertisers telling about their real experience of working with that or another affiliate program. Reviews are particularly helpful, as this is the most credible source of facts on how affiliate programs work. Before choosing an affiliate program, you can learn the available range of products, how fast the program processes orders, about courtesy and expertise of the tech support team, as well as figure out as to whether or not they actually pay. In short, reviews reveal the real picture. 

Types of Affiliate Programs

Popular affiliate programs vary depending on the area they work in — like products, services, adult content, and the payment method. There are various affiliate programs on the internet with lots of interesting products and services that will fit in with any audience. In addition, there are convenient monetization tools.

The main types of affiliate programs by payment model:

Pay per click, or PPC. The webmaster places ad banners or text ads on his website. A website visitor’s click on the ad is paid, with a link that redirects the user to the advertiser's website.

Cost-Per-View, or CPV. A reward is paid for a number of ad impressions on an affiliate's website.

Pay per action, or CPA, an advertiser pays an affiliate for each client clicking on the affiliate link and performing the action needed — like registration, download, taking part in a survey, product ordering.

Pay-per-sale, or CPS. The webmaster gets a reward in the form of a percentage of the purchase amount of a product or service, which is made by a client redirected through the affiliate link.

For webmasters, Pay per action or Pay per sale are the most profitable payment models. On top of that, only CPA and CPS can bring in rebills – or repeated purchases – that is, an additional source of revenue for the advertisers. And pay per impressions or clicks are the easiest ways to monetize a website, but they generate much less revenue. There’s an affiliate program comparison section on the Partnerkin website, which will allow you to quickly look at the parameters of each program.

Affiliate programs differ in their areas of work. For instance, there are affiliate programs for selling toys, books, cosmetics, gifts, flowers, and other products, distribution software, online services, selling insurance, training courses, betting services or forex brokers, access to online games, video and music files, adult and entertainment websites.

There are many opportunities to make money through media buying affiliation, but most importantly, webmasters or media buyers should know the niche they are going to work in and carefully choose the affiliate program. To find an affiliate program that pays fairly and promotes products that will be sold out, you should rely on the information we have gathered on this website.

«There's money to be made in a place like this»

So that the webmaster could turn any website into a source of income, there are affiliate programs. Even if you don’t have a website, with an affiliate program, you will be able to earn money through affiliate marketing. There are numerous case studies in the special section of the website. Read our reviews of affiliate programs, and you will find out that there’s a credible company for any niche and payment model. And you will be able to make money with it!