Software affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programs that focus on the software vertical.

5+ TOP Software Affiliate Networks — Best Software Affiliate Networks of 2024 For Online Money Making

In the world of digital creation, software affiliate marketing is by far the smartest and the most effective interface to earn a living without having to do much in person. This niche in particular provides a software coalition to earn and build your way up to a successful businessman or entrepreneur in general.

With the evolving world, smart businesses and earning strategies are all we need and with software affiliate marketing, you not only earn but track any digital sale your affiliate refers to from anywhere around the globe and also integrate the eCommerce platform.

Operating digitally allows you to explore uncountable options on your palette like customizing the messaging based on your customers' preferences, to deliver timely giving you a more hands-on experience with your business and personalizing it based on your terms just at the expense of one software!

How Does Software Affiliate Marketing Work

This affiliate marketing niche uses eCommerce software as a platform to do business. You invest in excellent quality software and buy it through some authentic companies that sell it and that’s your starting point. The eCommerce software is a tool perfect for a user-friendly experience with the appropriate content and design which is undeniably the hardest job!

Nonetheless, You use that software as a stepping stone to climb the staircase which opens a doorway of unlimited career opportunities. When a new customer is referred to a business through your software affiliate program, you get paid. Every download, and sign-up made through the channel of software affiliates feeds your pocket.

For example, if you're an Amazon affiliate and you recommend a book, and people buy that book through your software affiliate link, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale. As simple as this!

It’s a one-time investment into a digital product because it's nothing like a physical selling product, it's renewable so there’s no hassle of being out of stock, and bingo! You’re on the go on a forever ride to success! 

How Are Software Affiliates Paid 

Based on the services that the software has to offer to its customers you personalize your modes of income. Some of the popular modes are as follows:

  • Pay per sale: The affiliate gets a percentage or a fixed rate of sales made on the software or website you run. SysTools software achieved up to 15% revenue uplift with an addition of 7% with Avangate Affiliate Network!
  • Pay per referral: Salary based upon the number of referrals made by the affiliate. Up to 16% of revenue is generated in online orders.
  • Pay per sign-up: The affiliate gets paid for the businesses that are signed up by the users based on the business’s free trial on that software.
  • Two-tier program: programs pay you based on the affiliate marketers referred.


The frequency and the mode of payment also vary depending on the affiliates' feasibility and the terms and conditions abided by the software. Usually, payment modes include bank transfers or PayPal.

How Much Does A Software Affiliate Earn?

That’s the most interesting part about this niche: you do have a starter earning in mind but the success with time is like parallel lines that always run in correspondence to one another but never meet so is the earning, it simply doesn’t stop!

Some of the popular keyword research tools use this niche to earn huge sums.

An example of this can be Long Tail Pro keyword planner which uses long tail keywords to provide you with a wide variety of search results and the earning on it is insane!

Another important example is PartnerStack, although it’s a new affiliate interface the money made is unreal. This not only connects you to marketplaces with a minimum payout of $25. This means that you earn like a lot, in no time without having to put much, which in reality is a perk of smart business.

Many Antivirus companies like Norton incorporate this type of affiliate marketing to earn big commissions by providing rock-solid security to their users beyond their PCs. You don't need to worry they’ve got you sorted!

Types of Software Affiliate Programs

There is a wide variety of software programs, each being unique, fast, and compatible in its own domain! A win-win no?

  • Antivirus software programs like Norton, McAfee
  • VPN programs like HotspotShield, ZenMate
  • Flash player programs like Flash Player Mac
  • Background check programs like Spokeo etc
  • Verification programs like BeenVerified
  • Logo designing and marketplaces like Fiverr
  • Desktop image/video editing tools like Camtasia, Snagit

Why Should I Choose This Niche?

These software based on affiliate marketing are very user-friendly because they suit both Android, iOS, and the web. Each program that you choose gives you immeasurable business options regulating your sales so honestly in times when you are confined to home and can't go out these digital platforms have got you sorted.

Search engines like Google Adwords help you advertise your particular product and reach your designated audience both locally and globally just through simple software! One click and your fangs are all across the globe from as far as Antarctica to the Sahara desert how cool no? BingAds has a reach of 918 million times a month.

Based on where you want to be promoted, you also have the freedom to partner with anyone or recruit based on your terms just by using one software! The effective customer over-boarding based on the seamless array of Omni channel experiences is endless.

How to Generate Traffic on A Software Affiliate Website

Guest posting is one of the major factors that contribute to sustainable traffic to your site.  It not only grants you access to new ventures and setups but also builds everlasting alliances just like childhood friendships!

However, exchanging guest posts on each other’s websites, just adds to the mutuality and cordiality of the relationship which goes both ways. It’s good to be selfless sometimes!

Interest your audience by setting up a good profile or animations. Good quality of sound in the microphone and visual effects attract the masses.

Targeted customers not only bring an influx to your website but they act as a sieve to help you filter through fine, refined customers who are eagerly interested in your services rather than a non-targeted mass. Some of the important things that can be incorporated are:

  • Provide high-quality content to your customers. Never compromise on your quality!
  • Make your website more user-friendly by listening to your user's demands and personalizing your relationships with them!
  • Use statistical data and real-life examples to give a more authentic approach to the software. In a market-oriented world, people talk through figures!
  • Use social media as a source to be more active and approachable to your audience. Communicate effectively.
  • Don’t be hasty, have patience! Instead of targeting all social media platforms for promotion choose a good few and build your way up from there!
  • Optimize your links. Use appropriate plugins!

Real Life Stories

Chirag Arora, a marketing manager at SysTools software ( a data transferring software to the cloud) states that within a year they have generated 12% revenue through their software with affiliate marketing. They’ve achieved all this with amazing deals and discounts!

Some other amazing success stories are as follows!

Tips And Tricks For Success In This Niche

Some important things for a successful journey through this niche include:

  • Curate evergreen content! Although this niche is emerging, older posts should remain relevant so that you stay in touch with your old customers!
  • Use appropriate promotion techniques like guest posting, and popular promotion tools like Flipboard.
  • Have new updates pop up on the software website by using tools like WhatsNew to catch an exponential audience.
  • Track! Always track your progress across time and study the changing trends to be more apt with the requirements of your clients.
  • Friend zoned! This is the only niche that requires you to be extremely friendly with your customers to exchange goodwill correlations.
  • Offer transcriptions for video and audio.
  • Discounts! Put save-up deals to attract traffic. Nobody dislikes free stuff!


All in all, the experiences of such a diverse array of ethnicities leave no doubt that this respective niche is like Aladdin’s lamp.

Also, because there are thousands of software where you can start this and get customers, the prospects are not only flexible, and fast but they also provide you with leverage because they’re ever efficient and the resources are endless.