20+ Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

More than 900k pets die every year in the U.S. alone, and most of these deaths are due to a lack of appropriate medical care. The world is aware of this disheartening figure and so, to prevent saying early goodbyes to furry friends, people are getting their pets insured and the result is amazing. The number of people who have searched for insurance plans for their pets has significantly increased from 65% to 88% in the past few months and the number keeps increasing.

People are insuring their pets because they now know how effective it is and this means that affiliates won’t have to go to extra lengths in converting pet owners. Our research shows that over 85M American and Canadian families own a pet, but only 3.45M of these pets are insured. This leaves affiliates with more than enough families to promote pet insurance offers to.

What Are Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

The Pet insurance affiliate market works by selling pet insurance plans to pet owners and you will earn a commission for doing so. The amount of income you gather by the end of the month will equal the level of hard work you put into this niche and straight-up, you should know that this niche is not for lazy affiliates. Firstly, you will be dealing with the health of some people’s important family members so you must make sure you promote only the best health insurance plans to pet owners.

But before you will be able to promote pet insurance offers, you must first be affiliated with any pet insurance affiliate program or affiliate network you can find that matches your enthusiasm. Finding one won’t be a problem since there are many that you can choose from. After choosing one that fits your promotional skills better, you can promote the insurance plans conveyed in that program and while at that, the commissions will keep coming in. Keep in mind that these are just the basics of becoming an affiliate marketer in the pet insurance niche as there are other important things you must consider, and know before you become a successful affiliate in the niche.

Payment Models in Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate in the pet insurance niche, keep in mind that affiliate programs will pay you via any of these three payment models.

Cost per Sale (CPS)

CPS is the most used payment model in the pet insurance niche. You can almost guess how it works from the name. Cost per sale earns you a commission any time you successfully sell an insurance offer to a pet owner. The good news is that the commission rates vary with the insurance plan you sell. For instance, if you sell an insurance plan worth $100 to a pet owner and the commission rate is 10%, you will receive $10. The income will be different if the pet owner pays $200 for the pet insurance fee.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

CPL is the second most used payment model in the pet insurance niche and you are paid per lead generated through your affiliate link. For knowledge's sake, keep in mind that there are two ways to how this payment model works. You will come across affiliate programs that will require your referrals to pay for registration fees before you are paid for the lead generated, while other pet insurance affiliate programs will only need you to get customers to sign up and include their payment details, but not necessarily make any payment before you are paid.

Revenue Share

RevShare is a payment model that sets affiliates working in the pet insurance niche up for life. Since most of the customers you will be dealing with will continuously pay insurance fees for their pets, it means you will continuously receive a share in the form of percentages of whatever amount they pay. RevShare is more like a hybrid payment model and so, it is hardly seen in the pet insurance niche even though it is not missing. So it's good that you now know how it works and you can be on the lookout for programs that offer it so you can be affiliated with those.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

There are certain things you must consider before choosing a pet insurance affiliate program to be affiliated with. Some of these things are.

Commission Rate

You have access to more than 20 pet insurance affiliate programs to promote, and the only thing that makes these programs different from each other is the value of the insurance they cover. This means that the commission rates they pay affiliates also differ and as such, it will be paramount to choose a pet insurance affiliate program that pays good commissions to affiliates, to be affiliated with. You will come across programs that pay flat rates for each lead or sale initiated through affiliates’ links. And some that pay based on percentages. Be sure to choose one that matches your promotional skills.

Program/Product Credibility

How long does it take the insurance program to respond to emergencies? Keep in mind that most of these pet insurance programs are international bodies and as such, operate international branches. Sometimes, they are the ones to pay the veterinarian directly. So you have to consider how fast and active their services are, and if they are credible enough to be trusted with the health matters of pets in general. What guarantees that they won't delay in responding to emergencies that can result in the loss of life of a pet? All these are topics you must research to find how credible the insurance program is.

Cookie Duration

Cookies are great and can allow affiliates to work with peace of mind if they are long-lasting. Affiliate programs in the pet insurance niche all have different cookie duration and as such, it is left for you to choose one that is favorable to your marketing skills. There are no reasons for affiliates to settle for pet insurance programs that offer less than 30 days of cookie duration when there are programs in the same niche that offer up to 90 days of cookie duration and even pay their affiliates well, with flexible payment frequencies to top it all. Remember to work smart, not hard all the time.

Payment Frequency and Minimum Payout

The case of payment frequency and minimum payout is one that a lot of pet insurance affiliates pay little attention to and end up paying the price by stacking up debts in the real world pending when they finally reach the minimum payout and make the withdrawal window. You don't want to be like those affiliates and so, you must consider how long it takes to be paid your earned commissions, and also how much you must have gathered through referrals before you can withdraw when the window opens. Some pet insurance programs have strict policies set for this section, while others are light. Don't forget to check for these.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers are software that assists affiliates in the pet insurance niche to determine the value of traffic they are generating, and sending to the affiliate programs they are affiliated with. And affiliate programs can also use this to review pet insurance affiliates working with them to allocate appropriate commissions and reward better-performing affiliates with bonuses as motivation. The uses of affiliate trackers in the pet insurance niche are many, and affiliate trackers place you most especially in a better position to check your performance as an affiliate, whether you need to change insurance offers or programs. So advisable, go for programs that have this software installed.

Traffic Sources for Pet Insurance Offers

The rising trend in pet insurance gives you access to different traffic sources for your pet insurance affiliate offers. However, research shows that some traffic sources perform better than others in this niche, those are the ones we’ll discuss in this section.

Social Media

Chances are, you must have come across random videos of pets on social media, most of which are posted by pet owners showcasing their pets, and in some cases, affiliates like you. When you check and such videos have post descriptions asking viewers to check out healthy habits for pets by clicking through a link, then there is no doubt that it is affiliate content. This is called the “Content first approach”. You capture the attention of pet owners by posting content related to pets first, and then when they click through your affiliate link, you hit them up with pet insurance offers that they can’t resist through your affiliate website.

You can stick to promoting pet insurance accounts from pet insurance affiliate programs that use the CPL payment model. Promoting such pet insurance offers on social media will earn you a flat rate per lead generated through your affiliate link. All you have to do is convince pet owners online about the benefits of insuring their pets and the converting phrase will be that they don’t have to pay immediately as they can create an account pending when they feel they are ready to fund it and ensure their pets once, or continuously as the pet insurance program requires.

Becoming a social media influencer and creating a pets-only page or group will do you good in the sense that you can use this pets-only page or group to convert members into potential customers. A pets-only page or group on a social media platform gives you access to already interested pet owners and so, you will find it easy to channel these people to your pets insurance affiliate offers. Do not forget to only post tempting offers that can easily cajole users into clicking through your affiliate link.


Affiliates in the pet insurance niche can depend on paid Ads to generate recurring traffic for their pet insurance affiliate sites. This will be you paying small amounts in exchange for huge amounts at the end of the day. There are three most used platforms where you can run paid Ads on, and they are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads. Each of these platforms has Ads tools that you can use to target specific audiences with your pet insurance affiliate offers.

But you don't just jump into posting Ads, you will have to create the best Ads so that you can have good results. How to create the best Ads? It's very easy if you put these into practice. Keep in mind that you are promoting pet insurance offers, and let this be your guide. Then tailor your Ads to fit the audience you are targeting.

For instance, when you promote cat insurance offers to people who own cats, they will look into it if they care about their furry friend. Likewise, people who keep dogs as pets.  Thanks to the Facebook Ads and Google Ads tools, you can make sure to meet only targeted audiences with your Ads and this can bounce back quality leads.

Website Content and Product Reviews

Creating the best website content and product reviews can be all that is needed to divert great traffic to your pet insurance affiliate offers. Many affiliate marketers in this niche tend to struggle with creating the best pet insurance content and they end up choking their website with irrelevant content that adds no value in the end. You can get creative with your website as long as you maintain quality. The only way to create quality content is to do deep research about the pet insurance plans and offers you intend to promote even before you write about them.

Nothing is stopping you from stealing some ideas from the site of competitors in the same niche as you. You can build from their ideas, but make yours more engaging and unique. The most important thing is to make sure your content carries more information than your competitors. This way, when pet owners compare the information on your site and others, you will have better ratings and this can retain them and convert them along the line.

Speaking of being on top of the game with well-detailed information, you can rely on the reviews left by pet owners who have or are currently using the pet insurance offers you are promoting even if you have never used it before. Surely you are bound to come across something online that someone has said about the services of that pet insurance program you are promoting. You can use that to your advantage and make it a social proof for your product reviews especially if the feedback is a positive one.  Including pet insurance Pros and Cons might sound like something you shouldn't do but you should.

You can use this as an opportunity to promote alternative pet insurance plans to pet owners. It's a win-win for you if you play your cards right.

Tips to Promote Pet Insurance Affiliate Offers Successfully

Thanks to the number of people who have pets these days, promoting your pet insurance affiliate offers will not be too complex. You can try these and see how well they function for you.

Familiarize Yourself with your Audience

Familiarizing yourself with your audience may sound stressful since there are millions of pet owners that may be interested in your pet insurance affiliate offers. But if you can go through this process, you will enjoy the benefits in the sense that. It only leaves you with more information on where to promote certain pet insurance offers and what type of pet insurance plans to promote. Above all, it is good to sympathize with pet owners when promoting pet insurance offers to them. Remember that you are dealing with pet owners that care about their pet’s health care. Let them feel you understand the connection.

Keyword Targeting

This refers to targeting specific audiences by inputting phrases on your website and content that potential customers may use in searching for your pet insurance offers. This was usually a game of luck in the past, but thanks to modern technology, some tools can help you create functional keywords that can be used to target specific audiences. Creating a good keyword is essential, and it plays an important role in optimizing your pet insurance affiliate website.

So, to end up with the best keywords, you can research what phrases generate the most traffic for your pet insurance offers. Keep in mind that most of these keywords are very competitive and diving into the competition might leave you with nothing since this niche is a competitive one already. So we recommend using long-tail keywords in a situation where single keywords are already competitive.

Create a Pet Insurance Blog

By now you must have known that there are lots of pet insurance blogs out there and your chances of stealing traffic from search engines are limited to creating exceptional content. How to do that is very easy. You can create blog posts that are helpful to pet owners. Keep in mind that your blog posts should be health-related, this way you can easily chip in pet insurance offers in the discussion.

“Best Of” contents are very informative, and you can review a long list of pet insurance programs that pet owners can join for the sake of their pets in this section. You can also create blog posts on “How To”  topics. For example, “How to Wash My Pet,” or “How to Eradicate Parasites on My Pet,” etc. Pet owners generally find such posts helpful and this can be the foundation you need to send off a successful referral through your affiliate link.

You can go further by comparing 2 or more pet insurance programs out there. This might need you to be savage to some extent, but don't lose your sanity. Always keep it professional to be a successful affiliate in this niche.

Focus on SEO

When you do your SEO well, you will have recurring traffic from search engines and this is how it works. Search engines use data gathered from websites to rank them and guess what, it doesn't matter the kind of content you have on your pets insurance affiliate website. If users’ experience is not great, you will get nothing from search engines. So, to prevent this from happening, make sure to enhance users’ experience on your pet insurance affiliate site.

You can do this by making your website mobile-friendly with pets matching designs. This way, pet owners can easily access your site at their convenience and be comfy with it. You should also consider using readable fonts that users can go through without stress. Also, since pet owners are expected to perform monetary transactions in some cases, encrypting users' data on your site can make them trust you more which is good for business.

Engage with Your Community

There is no better way to know what pet owners in your community want other than engaging them. For that to happen, you will have to remain active on social media and sympathize with your community members. You can also leverage some tools on these platforms to get the opinions of pet owners in your community. Twitter or Facebook poll is one such tool you can use to know what pet insurance program the majority of members in your community prefer. Converting such pet owners will be easy especially if there are community members who have already insured their pets.

Case Studies

Now that we know all the theoretical information related to promoting pet insurance offers, let's see some examples in practice of affiliates or affiliate websites that are driving traffic to pet insurance offers. There are actually not many blogs that I specialize in pet insurance. So, you don't have much competition going on, however you still have to compete with the big websites like Forbes or New York Times to get some attention in this space.

Case #1: CanineJournal

The first case on this list is the CanineJournal. This website or blog is all about dogs and pet insurance for dogs. They have information related to caring for dogs, information about different breeds, health issues, and pet insurance, etc.

Even though they seem like such a small website, they make up to $15 million annually from all the affiliate programs and pet insurance offers they promote.

So let's go through their website and check what they do so you can learn from them and successfully promote your offers.

First of all, when you visit their landing page first, you can see this amazing hero section that includes pictures of dogs and dog owners, plus a heading that says you can trust them.

Landing pages are very important in affiliate marketing, and if you want to grab a lot of attention you really have to optimize your landing page to give all the information you need about your affiliate brand. That is, if you really want the audience to trust you and come back to you For more information.

The next thing is how they have several types of articles, including guides, knowledge bases, pet insurance reviews, and the “Best-of” articles. Take a look at this entire section on their blog that includes pet insurance reviews and comparisons. Obviously there are many choices out there, so pet owners are always looking for the best that gives them as much coverage as possible. That is why, comparison articles are of utmost importance in this niche.

In these articles, they also have an amazing way to showcase the details and the differences between the two insurance companies and their coverage. At the end you can see two CTAs to their affiliate links.

But here's something more interesting that a lot of blogs and websites in the area of affiliate marketing do come on that really covers the fact that they are doing affiliate marketing, while still having the affiliate disclosure on their website. Take a look at this link that appears when we click on the CTA button to the pet insurance website.

Obviously, this link just goes to their own domain. That is exactly how users won't really notice that it's an affiliate link. However, this link basically just redirects to the affiliate offer link and still counts as the affiliate promo. You can use this trick in order to keep things a little simpler with your audience so they wouldn’t doubt your reviews. Afterall, nobody likes to see an affiliate link, but they don’t mind purchasing something from the link.

Case #2: PetInsuranceReview

Next up, we have the PetInsuranceReview blog, which as the name suggests only specializes in pet insurance reviews, including cat insurance and dog insurance. These guys earn even more than the first case up to $25 million a year.

You can say they're earning thanks to having extensive article on all types of insurance programs for many different pets.

This website has a lot of reviews on pet insurance, guides for pet owners (a.k.a parents), and information on the service providers and vets. Definitely, one of the most important ways for them to make so much money is having information on all the different affiliate programs related to pensions that exist out there, including in the US and in Canada.

They also have these tables where they write about all the details related to the programs, they give them a rating, and they show the number of reviews for the program so the readers can trust it.

Each one of those buttons that says “Request a quote” links to an affiliate offer. You should really know that pet owners care about their pets, but even more than that, they care about their pockets. So you really need to let them know how much the coverage costs and whether it's really a good program to invest in. Of course, there are some programs that are super credible and many pet owners will immediately choose those. But it's important to note that not everybody has a generous amount of money to spend on their beloved furry friends.

Another interesting thing about these guys is that they don't run many ads, and actually to be fair, they don't run any ads. Most of their audience comes to their website to read the reviews that other people leave on their website. So even though they have their own reviews and company information and program details, they still allow people to write their own reviews, which accounts for a lot of attention because you can get about 20,000 reviews from different people who use the program, and if those reviews are good, then you will just earn more money from all the affiliate links you have on your website, without having to pay for or write content.

This is a very smart way to get a lot of audience, so make sure you definitely allow people to write on your website, engage with your posts, ask you questions, or even communicate with each other on forums. Remember that these forum conversations get indexed on Google very easily, so you will get a lot of free and hassle-free traffic.


For some people in the world, pets are family members, and so they spend any amount of money to ensure their well-being. The only way to know these kinds of people is by engaging in forums and communities. You will be thrilled at the honesty most people display in places like that because they feel safe and surrounded by people with common goals. You should be a trustworthy community member so that when you come across such pet owners, you can easily convert them to your pet insurance affiliate offers.

Thanks to the availability of numerous pet insurance affiliate programs that pet owners can subscribe to. You can get every pet owner to insure their pets by just telling them about the right pet insurance program since there are affordable pet insurance programs that collect as little as $15 per month which is a fair price to pay for a furry friend.

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