Electronics affiliate programs connect businesses that sell electronics with customers through affiliates. Your job as an affiliate is to let people know about the possible electronics brands and retailers that they would likely enjoy, and refer them to the program.

20 Best Electronics Affiliate Programs and Networks

In this day and age, all of us have at least one piece of electronics we are super attached to. That's right. It's our phones. That's just one of the things that we are always attached to, working with, connecting with people through, and passing our days. Then comes all the other types of electronics like computers, notebooks, sound systems, and many other types of accessories and widgets that help make our lives easier.

Electronics are also an amazing way to earn money because there are not a lot of people in 2023 that don't have access to technology and electronics. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote electronics products. You always have the opportunity to promote new products, trendy widgets, and accessories, and earn massive commissions. It's also worth noting that the prices of products in the electronics niche in 2023 are also super high. So without further talking about the great things of this niche, let's dive right into some tips and tricks for promoting these products.

What Are Electronics Affiliate Programs

Electronics affiliate programs connect businesses that sell electronics with customers through affiliates. Your job as an affiliate is to let people know about the possible electronics brands and retailers that they would likely enjoy, and refer them to the program. After the potential customers end up purchasing something you will earn a Commission as well.

Since we're only dealing with physical products mostly in this niche, you are not going to see a lot of programs that require visitors to sign up or take any action online. They only need to purchase something and you will get your money. One of the great things about electronics-affiliated programs is that a lot of them are prominent brands with famous products, so most of the time you won't have a hard time promoting them anyways. However, in later sections, we will explain some tips for filtering out all the programs for the best ones.

What Can You Promote in This Niche

There are many different types of products to choose from in this niche to promote. In this section, we'll mention some of them and let you know how popular they are and what type of audience usually aims for them.

  • Smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. This first group is the most essential group because almost everybody nowadays has one of them. They never stop buying them either because every single day new products come out and most people have to replace what they already have. Many people buy new phones every year. Some people buy new computers and laptops every few years, and tablets are just common. So no matter when or how you promote such products, they’re always going to be people who are interested, depending on their budget and their preferences.
  • Health gadgets and Body trackers. Gadgets and electronic products are related to health and measuring parameters related to the body are also super common, especially in the modern world. Everybody wants to be able to track their heart rate, calories burned, and other parameters just by looking at the rest. So if you manage to promote products to the right audience, you can earn a lot of money from them.
  • Sound systems and musical accessories. These types of products have their own audience among musicians and people who would love the best quality possible for listening to music, etc. sound systems don’t necessarily mean stereos or or studio systems, but also headphones and earbuds. There are lots of different products in this niche and the audience For them is from all over the planet.
  • Cameras and photography. From photography to videography, there are many different products you can promote to people who want to record the best moments of their lives with the highest quality possible. Among these people are professional photographers, sportsmen, Youtubers, streamers, influencers, or just normal people who are really into photography.
  • Lighting products. Lighting products are nowadays common because there are a lot of influencers on TikTok and other platforms recording videos, and the natural lighting of a lot of our houses are not perfect. So it’s important for those people who want to get in front of cameras to have a great lighting system going on even if it’s just a simple light on the table or desk. The audience for this type of electronics is also from all over the planet, so you won’t have a hard time selling them.
  • Gadgets and accessories related to all other fields. There are a lot of people who are into gadgets for absolutely no reason other than them being fun or having the ability to make their lives easier. Gadgets are not necessarily from famous brands, and they can really be from average retailers. Or even jokes everywhere about gadgets are super cheap and super handy. So if you know a business that wants you to promote their gadgets, you can be sure they’re always going to be enthusiasts that will get into the gadgets and accessories you’re promoting for no reason other than entertainment.

As you can see, there are many different categories of electronics products out there, so all you have to do is choose the category you are most familiar with and get started.

Payment Models in Electronics Affiliate Programs

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is only one type of payment model in electronics affiliate programs, which is revenue share. Since most, if not all, electronic products are physical, the main way companies choose to pay their affiliates is by sharing a percentage of the sale of the product because that would be the simplest way to calculate the affiliate revenue.

Revenue share works in a way that the company pays a commission set from the beginning to pay you. This commission is a percentage of the product price. One great thing about the electronics niche is that the average order value of products is usually high, averaging about $500 per order, depending on the category. So if the company decides to pay you a commission of 10%, you will basically make $50 from an average product sold in the category.

Usually, the percentage for the commission that the affiliate programs in the electronics niche set range from 5% all the way to 80%. Keep in mind that you always have the opportunity to earn even more money because some programs reward their affiliates with bonuses for driving more sales to them.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electronics Affiliate Program

There are lots of electronics affiliate programs, and it works out there, and when we say a lot, we really mean there is a huge list of them. You can’t really be working with all of them at the same time, so how can you choose what program to work with? In the section, we are going to mention some of the criteria you have to keep in mind when narrowing down your list of suitable affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

Your Familiarity with the Products

Everything in this needs depends on your area of work. If you are more familiar with cameras, help yourself, and choose only the programs that have something to do with cameras or photography. If you’re only comfortable promoting smartphones, then only work with those programs.

A lot of people in tech and electronics affiliate marketing choose to promote all types of electronics products, but just in case you’re not comfortable doing that, or you don’t have a lot of information about all the other categories, you should definitely consider going for the programs you know most about. If you don’t know anything about the things you’re promoting, your audience will slowly lose trust in you, and as an affiliate, you can’t really afford to have that happen.

Brand Recognition

There are lots of different electronics brands, and even though many are prominent brands, there are lots of others that are new in the market and can’t easily be trusted. If you can’t trust the brand, you shouldn’t promote it to your audience. So, before anything, you have to get to know the brands you want to promote. The best way to do so is to check some reviews about the brand online and read what people think of their products and their quality. If you’re really curious, you can even order some other products and give them a try to get first-hand experience.

Cookie Duration

When a customer uses your affiliate link to visit an electronics website and check their products but decides that they don't want to shop right away, the data from that activity gets saved on the browser and the affiliate program can read it. This is what cookies do. If that same customer, later on, decides that they want to purchase something, the cookies will help you get recognition for that sale and receive your commission.

Usually, affiliate programs offer their cookie tracking for 30 days, but some of them may offer shorter, such as one day, and some others might offer longer periods like 365 days or lifetime.

Minimum Payout

Some electronics affiliate programs might choose to keep your earned commissions until you reach a certain payout threshold before they'll send you your money. This amount can be anything from $20 to $500 depending on the program and the type of services and or products they sell. Usually, many programs don't have a minimum pay app, and you should aim for those programs as well. But if you know a program that is great and has high commissions, there is no problem in choosing those, because they will still pay you after you reach the threshold.

If the threshold is way too high and you notice that you cannot keep your balance high enough to get a monthly payout, you can stop working with those programs. You should also keep in mind that if the threshold is too high, you should compare it with the Commission rate and see if the minimum payment requirement is worth the wait or not.

You should also keep an eye out for programs that require you to reach a certain balance on a monthly basis so they'll pay you out. Some of these programs required you to remain active every single month in order to keep being their affiliate.


It goes without saying that Commission rates are as important as cookies or the minimum payout. High Commission rates mean higher rewards. However not all High Commission rates mean more money for you, because the average order value of a business could be pretty low. For example, if the average order value of a business you're promoting is $5, a Commission rate of 50% would all mean only $2.5, and that does not seem like a fair deal. So while you pay attention to the commissions, consider how easy it is to sell those products and their values as well.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate trackers give affiliates lots of insight into their marketing efforts. Without affiliate trackers, you can get a proper understanding of how your referrals and sales are doing. Most affiliate programs and networks offer affiliate trackers right on your dashboard. However, if the program doesn't provide affiliate tracking, you might want to use third-party trackers. That is if the affiliate program is a highly desirable one and you really want to work with them.

Affiliate Support

All athletic programs are responsible for answering your questions and assisting you in your marketing activity. There are some notorious programs out there that don't really answer their affiliates. So if you want to make sure a program is going to be easy to work with, you're going to get answers on your payout issues, or any marketing problem, you might want to search the affiliate program one affiliate four or more community and ask other affiliates what they think about the programs support.

Earning per Click

The likelihood of a program making you money depends on the Commission, the average order value, and the earning per click. The earning per click is estimated through a period of at least 30 days and at most three months. Usually, affiliates measure how many clicks they've gotten through that, and divide it by the amount of money they've generated. The EPC is the number that shows the expected amount of money you can expect to earn from every single click, regardless of whether they end up in a purchase or not.

Average Order Value

The average order value is an important factor in choosing the affiliate program you want to work with, because as mentioned before, even if the Commission rate of a program is high, the average order value eventually determines whether you'll be making a ton of money or not. If the Commission rate of a program is low and the average order value is high, you'll be making a lot of money. For example, if the Commission rate of a program is 5%, and their average border value is $2000, then in every order, you have the chance to earn at least $100.

Target Market

Electronics are heavily market specific. Not only do different countries have different standards and preferences in the type of electronics they're purchased, but different ages and genders can determine the type of electronics products people will buy. So before you jump into choosing an affiliate program, take a look at the type of products they sell, and check whether the market you are targeting is accepting those types of products.

Top Traffic Sources for Promoting Electronic Products

Electronics affiliate programs provide an ability for you to promote them across many different channels and traffic sources. In this section, we're going to go through some of the main traffic sources for promoting electronic products.

Blog Posts

Blog posts will never go out of trend for electronics products, because still to this day a lot of people search for the products they want to buy online to read some reviews about them on different blogs and make their final decisions. You can always start a new blog and talk about all the smartphones, computers, notebooks, tablets, widgets and accessories, etcetera. All you have to do is make sure you write about three main types of articles: guides, product reviews, and list articles.

Guides are the type of articles that provide people with information about electronics. It can be guides about how electronics work, how to take care of them, how to maintain them, how to fix them, or how to repair them at home. Product reviews are articles that take one product and write an honest review about that product from various aspects. In order to write a perfect product review, you have to be honest, share personal experiences and photos, provide people with quick and important facts about the product, and provide valuable information that hasn't been written anywhere on the Internet. The uniqueness will give people the ability to trust what you say and consider your reviews as not biased.

List articles take several products in a single category and compare them with each other period these are basically brief and quick product reviews that give people some information about the most important aspects of the product, especially if it's your first-hand experience, and some details like the benefits and drawbacks of the product, some highlights, and the prices or other details. For example, if you're writing the details for a smartphone, you can include the dimensions, the weight, and the operating system.

In your electronics blog, you have to make use of the latest trends and popular keywords. You can always find trends from platforms like TikTok and YouTube, or just check Google Trends or explodingtopics.com for the most searched terms on the Internet.

Social Media and Content Sharing Platforms

The second best place to promote electronics products is definitely social media or content-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Social media offers the ability to talk about the latest products and review them. For this purpose, you can use both Twitter and Instagram reels.

Just like in blog posts, your social media product reviews have to be honest, you have to hold the electronic product in your hand and mention some of its benefits and disadvantages. You have to be very honest and try to stay at the top of the market with the way you review the electronics. If you plan to benefit from visuals, you can use Instagram and Twitter to share photos or quick tips about electronics. Remember that promoting electronic products does not mean that you should only mention the good things about it, because you are not responsible for the product's quality.

If you plan to share content on a platform like TikTok, you can make use of hashtags and trendy songs to accompany the content and help your video go viral. Tik Tok is actually the best place to promote electronic products because it features bite-sized pieces of information about products that people are most curious about.

Paid Ads

Another great source of traffic you can consider for electronics products is paid ads. Paid ads give you the ability to send a lot of traffic to your affiliate site or blog and promote electronic offers directly from there. Some people may think that paid ads are not worth the investment, but the return on investment is usually much more than the money originally put into the ads. If you post ads on Google ads, Facebook ads, or Instagram ads, people will be redirected to your website, and from there they can read some of the product reviews that you have posted there, and they are likely to click on one of those links. If they end up purchasing something, you can see that the Commission you will earn is going to be more than the initial bidding on the ads.

You should also try to opt-in for pay-per-click advertising rather than impressions or engagements. This way, you can compare the EPC of the affiliate program and compare it with the payment you need per every click for advertising on Facebook or Google ads, and decide whether the return is going to be worth your money or not. Usually, you'll pay anything from $1 to$3 for clicks depending on the target Geo. However, if you want to sell electronics products, you might earn anything between $10 to $500, depending on the Commission and the average order value of the products. So if you want to get some quick traffic, paid ads are great, especially for electronics.


The last source of traffic you should consider is influencers. Influencers are great if you want to with an initial budget for promoting your own electronics website. If you have budget worries, paying a small influencer on TikTok or YouTube can go a long way. They can promote your website or affiliate link and you can pay them a certain amount right in the beginning. If you just want your electronics affiliate website to have some visibility, influencers are great because they will get you quick engagements and visitors super quickly. Most influencers on TikTok that are worth your money cost anything between $1 000 to $3 000 for a single video. And that's just famous influencers with at least 1M followers.

Tips and Tricks to Promote Electronics Products More Effectively

Now that you know the top traffic sources for promoting electronics, let's go through some of the tips and tricks for you to promote these offers more successfully.

Benefit from the Trends

Trends are one of the most important things when it comes to marketing, and not just marketing for electronics or affiliate marketing, but marketing in general. If you want to get an idea of the latest trends, the best thing to do is take a look at Google trends or famous youtubers videos. You should always have some electronics influencers on YouTube and TikTok followed to know about the latest trends to catch them when you can. Plus the affiliate program whose products you want to promote will send you newsletters and product feeds letting you know about all their latest releases, so you won't have a problem learning about the trends. You should really benefit from the program's marketing resources because if you don't follow trends, you can't market the products properly and gain enough attention.

Be Among the First People to Talk About It

One of the benefits of having access to the latest product trends from the affiliate program you're working with is being able to be the first person who lets your audience know about a recent product. Your audience mainly consists of people who are already interested in electronics, so if you let them know about the latest product, and if you're the first person to let them know about it, they will really know you as the authoritative marketer for that specific product. Every program works with thousands of affiliates, so your competition is quite high. Try to be quick and creative in the way you promote new products. Ideally, you should create some content or video within a day of the release of a new electronic product.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using keywords like “best smartphones of 2023” is great, but using keywords like “best smartphones under $500 with OLED display” is an even better keyword because it properly narrows down the topic to the exact thing a customer is looking for when searching on Google. Nobody searches for the best smartphones on Google.  

You can find these keywords by thinking about the exact type of product you want to promote. You should try to narrow down the title as much as possible. Try to avoid writing about general ideas and topics in the beginning because you want to target visitors with commercial intent. So in the beginning of writing on your blog, only look for long-tail keywords.

Benefit from Seasonal Promotions

All manufacturers and retailers the affiliate programs you work with have seasonal promotions all around the year when they put discounts and promotions on several or all of their products. Usually, they'll let you know about these promotions so you can be the first person to let your audience know about them. Discounts and promo codes are great especially if you market them properly. Creating a pre-landing page can help you promote your affiliate discount codes because they will appear on a web page as soon as a visitor loads the page even before they can't see the landing page. Put the discount code to your affiliate product on your pre-landing page and write a compelling title on it.

Remember that most of the people who are looking to shop for electronics wait for the discounts to come up, so benefit from the seasonal promotions and prepare way beforehand for them so you can properly market them right when the promotion time comes.

Write Great Product Reviews

If you want people to read through your product reviews and get convinced to buy the products you promote, your product reviews should be great. There is a general format for writing product reviews.

Your product reviews should include your first-hand experience with a product. It should create value for the reader and state things that aren’t obvious or mentioned on other websites. If you have visuals, either provided by the program or your own photos and graphics, you can add them on the product reviews. Many programs will provide you with a free product for you to try and write reviews, so you can simply ask them for it.

Advertise through Multiple Channels

Instead of focusing only on social media or website content, expand your activity across multiple channels. Try to post regularly. If you want to keep your online visibility consistent, you should post daily updates on social media, and at least weekly updates on your website or blog.

You can have an affiliate site, promote electronics through TikTok or Instagram, and use paid ads to promote your content furthermore.


As you have seen in the guide, there are multiple ways to promote electronics, but the most important of all is trying to stay on top of the market. Technology evolves so quickly nowadays, so if you want your efforts to be successful, you shouldn’t promote outdated electronics, gadgets, or accessories. New products also come at higher prices, so try to stay updated through the program you are affiliated with. Since buying electronics can be a crucial decision in many people’s lives, try to promote only products you trust and know. If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you can get your efforts to monetization very quickly.

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