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Buy Facebook Ads Accounts [Old Accounts]

Facebook is an amazing platform for marketing and advertising. It gives you access to a massive audience that are interested in your offers. With the different tools and platforms it provides you with, you can achieve your marketing goals in no time. However, using Facebook for marketing is not always the most straightforward task. There are lots of restrictions in your way, especially if you have a new account.

That is exactly why we are exploring the topic of buying old Facebook ad accounts. These accounts have a history of ad spending and fewer restrictions. Therefore, you can easily leverage their great reputation and reach your audience.

Is It Worth to Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

A Facebook ads account to advertise for the products or services you want to sell is definitely a great decision. But if that's not good enough for you, let's take a look at the statistics that can actually prove how valuable the traffic from Facebook can be for affiliate marketing.

At the moment affiliate marketing spending alone is about $13 billion. Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users at the moment. And Facebook's referral traffic has increased by 120% in the past year. Considering the fact that 80% of brands use affiliate marketing as their marketing strategy almost all brands are on Facebook, we can conclude that Facebook is a strong ground to start a business. Plus, keep in mind that 35% of affiliates actually promote their products through Facebook themselves, and 52% of consumers say they are likely to make a purchase based on a Facebook recommendation. In addition, 92% of affiliate marketers use Facebook ads to promote their products. If these numbers are not enough to prove that Facebook ads are great for you to reach your marketing goals, we will be sharing some examples at the end of the article as well.

How to Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

There are many platforms with a reputation in the market and they provide a network of buyers and sellers of Facebook Ads accounts. Some of these platforms include UseViral, Accfarm, Buy Social Pack, and SidesMedia.

How to Find the Best Platform to Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

The best way to find out if a platform is reliable and trustworthy is to check the reviews of others who have tried it before. There are lots of valuable ongoing conversations in affiliate forums. You could always ask your peers to see what their experiences with the said platform were, whether they managed to get any leads, or if they ran into any problems working with the platform.

There is a lot of other important information about the platform that you should check, such as return and refund policies that can guarantee you will get a working account. We will talk about these more in the next sections.

How to Make Sure the Seller is Reliable

If you want to understand whether the seller of the old Facebook ads account is reliable, the first thing you should do is engage in a conversation with them to understand their responsiveness and professionalism. That in the first place can tell you a lot about whether you're going to be able to work with this person in the future in case of any issues in your account or not.

If the conversation doesn't go as smoothly and you feel like there is something wrong in the way the seller communicates or they refuse to answer your questions straightforwardly, then the seller might not be the best to work with. Plus, you need to check out some reviews from the seller or the platform where you're trying to buy the account.

How to Check the Account Before Buying

First of all, you should make sure that the account is verified. Verified accounts can have a green tick or a blue tick meaning they are confirmed or verified accounts, which can already help you understand that Facebook has identified this account as helpful and genuine. This is a sign that you're going to be able to reach your goals with this account much easier.

Besides this, you should check for account history and activities or any sort of red flags like policy violations or unusual activities.

What is the Best Type of Account to Choose

There are several types of accounts you can buy on Facebook. The first type is just regular accounts with unique IP addresses and a complete profile. They have all the basic information like passwords login details and DOPs.

The next type of account includes phone-verified accounts or PVAs. These are mostly used for marketing and offer better privacy and fewer risks. Plus, they are fully verified, so they are at less risk of being hacked.

The best type of account you can choose, to make sure your marketing journey is going to be smoother, are aged accounts with a history of ad spending. These accounts are much more preferred because they have much higher spending limits and very few restrictions compared to the new accounts. Before, you won't have any problems spending as much as you want to reach out to as many people as you want.

Difference Between Accounts With and Without Ad Spending

Accounts without ad spending, even though they might be aged, have more restrictions and lower spending limits. Accounts that have ad spending are usually not as limited so you can run as many campaigns without any restrictions.

Post-Purchase Considerations

After you buy the account, hopefully, you will be able to use it for your marketing goals without any problems., in some cases you might face some issues and the account might not be working or might have a problem or might be banned. In those cases, the platforms where you're buying the account or the seller should protect you against certain flaws with the account. Let's have a closer look at some of these problems and how you can prepare yourself.

Can I Get My Money Back if My Account is Banned After Purchase

Every platform where you're going to buy the Facebook ads account has certain policies and rules considering their warranty or protection terms. Before you purchase the account, you need to read these policies and make sure you agree with the associated risks so that later on you can be aware of your rights and you can ask for them immediately in case any problem arises.

Whether you can get your money back if the account is banned after purchase, depends on several things. If your account is banned before running ads you might be able to get your money back on certain platforms. However, If your account gets banned after running ads then there might be other factors involved why your account got banned. Your ads were not suitable or had problems. In that case, your account is not included in the money return warranty.

Plus, if your account gets banned a certain number of days after purchasing the account you might not be eligible for a refund. Every seller and platform has their own policy of the period within which you are eligible to get your money back or get a replacement if the account gets banned.

Remember that some platforms might not give you your money back but they might give you a replacement. Generally, getting your money back is not always an option when it comes to buying these accounts because most platforms consider all sales as final. Replacement is sometimes an option, however.

Why are Accounts Being Blocked

Some accounts might be blocked due to violations of Facebook's policies or unusual activities. Important to understand and comply with all of Facebook's policies before you make a purchase so you can avoid account suspension or termination of your account. Some reasons for account suspension could be that you are using several accounts on the same IP addressoryou're having suspicious activity that is not in line with the previous history of the account you're buying.

What Account Details Do I Receive After Purchase

After you make a purchase, depending on the type of account you buy, you will receive login credentials. For the regular accounts, you will receive login and password details. Phone verified accounts you will receive SIM details and other information that can help you verify and log into the account.

Plus, in many cases, you need to have a proxy or BPN so you don't use the same IP address across several accounts. The seller might provide you with the associated proxy or recommend one that you can use for safe usage.

Benefits of Buying a Ready-Made Account Rather Than Making One

There are several benefits to buying a ready-made Facebook ad account rather than making one yourself. Here are some of them listed.

  • First of all, buying a readymade account saves you lots of time and effort., if you make an account yourself you could start for free and pay $0. However, having that free fresh account comes with the price of having to spend a lot of money on it just to reach the same amount of limits and capabilities as the accounts that are ready for sale.
  •  You bypass the initial restrictions that new accounts may face. Whenever you create a new account there are several restrictions for spending and ad objective performance. By buying an old account, you are saving yourself all the headache and strain of jumping to the best Performance you could get.
  • Established accounts with history have fewer restrictions and therefore better add performance. If you're looking for lots of leads as a marketer who's just starting, it might be better for you to get one of these accounts so you can start strong.
  • You will also increase your social influence, engagement, and reach. Plus you can increase the page rank of any business much faster.

Risks Associated with Buying Facebook Ads Accounts

Boeing and old Facebook ad accounts are not all great. There are some risks associated with buying them. For example, the accounts you purchased may not have targeted your audience in the past. Therefore, you might start reaching out to an audience that is not interested in what you're offering at all. In that case, you are just wasting money and not getting any returns. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to this detail when buying.

This is of course besides the risks of your account getting banned or suspended due to suspicious activity or violating Facebook policies.

Is it Illegal to Buy Facebook Accounts?

No, it is not illegal to buy Facebook accounts. You can have several Facebook accounts, as long as each of those accounts has a different ID attached to it. However, if you want to maintain several personal accounts, then you won't be allowed to. Each of the accounts you own has to belong to a different product, organization, or business. If you have multiple accounts, you should have different names for each of them. That is exactly why you need to buy a Facebook account from a reputable source. Plus, you need to make sure you're not using the same IP across all the accounts.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Success on Facebook Ads

Here are some examples that prove affiliate marketing can be very successful on Facebook ads and why it has the cheapest cost per lead compared to other platforms.

Case #1. Spend At Least $1/Day on Facebook Ads

In his blog post, Brian Carter explains why he recommends spending at least $1 per day on Facebook ads. This case study is old, but it still proves That spending $1 on Facebook will get you in front of lots of people who otherwise wouldn't. If you are spending that money and your competitors aren't, then you are going to win.

Case #2. 253% ROI on Facebook Ads

In his blog post, Zach Johnson explains how he's earned a 253% return on investment on Facebook ads. He explains how he found an offer and created a campaign on which he spent 17.37 dollars and got $44 back. This would already be counted as a 253% return.

Case #3. Make $500 with $5 Investment on Facebook Ads

In this video, the affiliate marketer explains how they've been able to generate much more leads with Facebook than any other platform in a much shorter time. The author claims that you can spend $2 to $5 on Facebook Per day and shares a strategy to maximize your income to $500 and more.

Case #4. ROI on Facebook Ads Study with a Focus on Tiers

In this other video, the author explains the strategy he used to spend the least amount of money and get the highest return. Basically, he spent 6 cents per click and reached out to 12,000 people getting him about 1,000 clicks. He explains how even from only one of the conversions he got about $50 which is a great return.


Facebook ads are a great place to start if you want to reach a large audience in the shortest time possible. You can only achieve this with a Facebook account that has a long history and ad spending. So make sure you use the tips and tricks shared in this article to find the best account to become successful in your affiliate marketing journey.

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