Gaming affiliate networks provide offers from companies designated for gamers. Gaming affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways to start making money from home since it is easy to sign up for the programs and there is rarely a signup fee.

5+ TOP Gaming Affiliate Networks — Best Gaming Affiliate Networks of 2024 For Online Money Making

When talking about gamers, we rarely know the ways that gamers use to create income. It is always perceived that people who play games make money out of nowhere and how it is such an easy job that anyone can do. But friends, it’s time to learn the real ways that gamers and gaming influencers make a buck. Well, it is simple, through affiliate marketing, and to be honest, anyone can do it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the deals and programs that support video game affiliates and help you choose what is best for you. As you may have known, the gaming industry is a boiling pot for affiliate programs, it is very hot and if you have the capabilities you should definitely consider being a part of these programs.

What Does Gaming mean to Affiliates

Well, we all know how advertising works. You have a product, you give it to someone that knows your product the best and gets a lot of attention from their audience. The concept of this type of affiliate programs is the same as others. The idea is that an affiliate earns a percentage or a payout from the company to which they applied, by the amount of sales or interaction they get from their audience.

Being an affiliate in gaming is simply being a sales manager for companies designated for gamers. People seem to look at gaming as an isolated space exclusively for the youth, but the truth is that the business model is the exact same as every other affiliate program. You just need to know what program is the best for you, not to advertise the program just for the sake of the payout, but to understand what the audience is hyped for even if you are not a gamer. We will talk about this later in the article.

So you have to understand that you do not need to be a hardcore gamer to know how gaming affiliate programs work and you do not need to be an affiliate with 10 years of experience to know how affiliate programs work if you are a gamer. All you need is the audience, traffic, and most importantly, a program that suits you the best and you feel good to work with. Gaming affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways to start making money from home since it is very easy to sign up for the programs and there is rarely a signup fee.

How Gaming Networks Can Benefit Affiliates

We all know that the gaming industry and businesses related to it are worth billions of dollars and as long as humans existed, games existed too. So how can you make an actual profit?It is simple.

  • First you apply for the affiliate program of the designated company. Signing up is mostly free, but keep in mind that it is free for a reason. People who apply for such programs obviously have the potential to make profit for both themselves and the company, and most of the time when you reach a state in the social media that your presence is felt by the companies, they themselves will come knocking at your door to promote them. You can see some examples of such opportunities below.

  • After your sign up, you will be provided a link from the network that allows you to attract traffic towards the company. Everytime someone clicks on the link and proceeds to purchase a product off the website, you will get the commission negotiated with the company. The amount of profit you get from every purchase depends solely on you, and your situation. The best part is that you can negotiate your deals with the company down to personal levels, which means that the company will consider your effort and your results in the payment. The better you are, subsequently the more money you make. You can see some examples of such
  • Carefully consider your choices for affiliate networks. It is not a lie to say that gaming is one of the most expensive hobbies out there. There are unlimited ways that you can spend money in this industry. There will never be an end to the thirst of this industry for your hard-earned cash. And to be honest, that is fair. The effort put into this business is not less than any other. The point of all this is that you might not be having 700 people using your link to buy a gaming product at first, but the numbers are not as you always expect. There are companies that offer only 1 percent commission to you for promoting them, but hey, there is always a catch. Mre is not always better, only one percent of one purchase of a $10 000 gaming chair or a $5 000 graphics card can be a lot if you think about it. So think carefully about choosing your affiliate program since there are plenty of them out there.
  • The links that the companies offer can last from weeks to months and sometimes even forever! So there you have it. You can think of it this way: in this matter you are a faucet. The faucet can run for as long as the companies allow it to, and therefore, you make money from selling the ongoing water, with the difference that in this case you won't be changing any promo codes.

How Gaming Affiliate Networks Work

It is obvious that gaming affiliate marketing has to do with promoting games, but it might not be completely obvious ‘what’ and ‘how’ you can promote those game-related things. Thankfully, you have many options: games (mobile and desktop), gadgets, shops, and E-sports-related content. In the following section, we will go through these options one by one and explain how you can expect to get paid.


When it comes to games many companies try to promote their games through affiliate marketing. They try to bring more attention and players into their games with your help. You can engage in these programs if you have a very active website or blog with high amounts of visitors or channels across YouTube and Twitch.

The program will monitor your traffic. Mostly the preferred method for companies to reward you is CPA (Cost Per Action). Every time someone from your audience joins the game through your promo code, you will get paid. So, this will require your audience to actually sign up or play the game.

So every member counts because the pricing of the deal is down to the completion of the registration and being active in the game. Companies like offer a wide range of offers for their affiliate program across multiple games. They support different countries and they have plenty of payment methods that you can choose from. Depending on how you are trying to promote their offer, choose your offer, read all the information granted to you very carefully so you understand what the company wants even before applying.

The games that you can promote range from mobile games to desktop games. Think about it. There are millions of games out there. In order to get the attention they need, they ultimately need the help of affiliates.


Nowadays, the most preferred method of purchasing games is online shops. Through online shops people make purchases of games and they play the games without the need of a physical disk. PC gaming is the place where there are multiple choices for online shops: Steam, Uplay, and many more.

For consoles every company uses their own store; for example, the Playstore for Playstation. You can by using the links that these stores or the creator offers to introduce your audience to them and get your commission after successful advertisement.

Key shops are another way of purchasing games or subscriptions. By using these keys you can download the game on the platform that they are distributed on. It is basically buying a gift card from a third-party website. Again, by applying to the affiliate program of these websites you will get a commission for every user purchasing a key. But bear in mind that the terms of cooperation are dependent on your case. One of the best examples of such offers is the Fanatical affiliate program. They understand the difference between a blogger and a streamer, and they have their own programs for each, paying up to 5% commission for sales, and the perks are that you don’t actually have to go through a long process of registration, which is the case with most of these game shops.


The most important thing in gaming is the tools and gadgets. Gaming systems, gaming accessories, gaming furniture, and many more. When it comes to gadgets you basically have to become a seller of the product of the company you are working for. It is exactly like doing affiliate marketing for physical products, except the community you are trying to promote them to is super eager about the product you want to sell already.

Recently the wide range of the audience of gaming has urged companies to release more universally accepted products rather than only and only gaming-focused. Therefore, you have a much easier job convincing people to buy a product. You do not need an only-gaming-centered career or audience to promote these products.

Companies like Razer or MSI have changed their way of being pro-gamers to being pro-everybody, so power is the main focus but the product appeals to everyone. In this day and age, when every brand is creating overpowered products, for a normal person it becomes extremely difficult to choose their desired tool. This is where you enter and by an honest promotion guide your audience to buy the product that you think can live up to expectations.

As an example of affiliate offers, you can check the Logitech affiliate program, offering to pay up to 10% commission (following the Revenue Share model as discussed before). You can also see that the average order volume is $125, which means you could be earning at least $5 from every order. Since this is already a well-established brand, you can see that you won’t have much of a problem selling.

Esports and Betting

Like any amazing sports gaming has its own breathtaking competitions, players all around the world compete with each other to be better and better at games so that they can reach tournaments where the best of the best fights for the championship title. The tension and fandoms are not less than any other sport.

With all this energy and excitement involved with Esports, there comes ways that you can make it more exciting. Betting on it. Using many platforms that allow you to bet on your favorite live as it happens. By promoting these betting websites that allow people to bet on their loved competitions you can receive a commission. In this article, you can read even more about this certain topic.

Where to get Traffic for Gaming Promotions

Being a successful affiliate marketer is equal to having the ability to draw attention from the audience. Gaming affiliate marketing has its own ways of driving that attention. The one thing that makes this niche special is that players are already looking for you and the product you are promoting. All you have to do is show them the way.


Youtube channels are the biggest tool for affiliate marketing tools nowadays. You can by reviewing a product simply drive traffic to your affiliate link. The secret here is to jump on a hype train and talk about a game or a product when it’s trending. If you’re one of the first to jump on these trends, you can become successful very quickly.


TIkTok is also amazing in booming businesses. If your promotion is entertaining enough they will definitely use your affiliate link to support you for showing them a good product. Again, just like YouTube, the secret is in feeding the trends.

Promo Code Websites

This one is the most common one yet in the world of gaming. You have definitely seen a lot of websites posting promo codes for different things. In the world of gaming, many people feast on all the free stuff they can get, so you will almost never lack an audience. All you have to do is post your specific promo code for a game on those websites, and you will be getting all that traffic in no time.


We all know about surveys and how you can use them to earn money. Here we have explained all about such types of gaining traffic. But in this specific case with gaming, surveys are genuinely amazing ways to incentivize your audience to sign up on a game website and give you all that CPA money. In return, you can offer them something, like rewards, promo codes, items in a game, or simply just cash, in return for a large number of sign-ups.

Payment Models

There are several ways to get paid in return for promoting a gaming-related product. The most common ways are CPA and Revenue Share.


In the CPA (Cost per Action) model, you will get paid based on every person that you get to sign up or play a game. So, as an example, the promo codes that you will use to drive traffic to that specific product will be using the CPA model to pay you.

Revenue Share

Revenue share is when you refer someone to a game, shop, or esports platform and they deposit some money into that platform. The affiliate network that you plan to work with might pay you a percentage of that money put into their platform by your referred individuals. Sometimes, they might pay up to 10% of the share.


FTD or First Time Depositor is a model based on which you will only get paid if the person you referred to has deposited some money into the platform. So, for example, take the cost per action model but add a condition to it where only the people who give some money to the network will be counted in your payment.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Affiliate Networks

You might ask, how can I actually find an affiliate program that works for me? There are many programs available and here we'll talk about the criteria that determine what a good affiliate program holds within. Generally, the main things you have to look out for in a program are the commission rate, cookie duration, and how the payout is done. Let’s get right into it:

Commission Rate

The rates are usually in two types. Either fixed price or a percentage of a sale. Most of the time the percentage of sales are used for digital only purchases. But always remember that the highest commission rate is not the only reasonable option since the conversion rate matters equally too.

Cookie Duration

Cookies save the information of a referee ID. not all visitors purchase the product immediately after clicking a referred link, so it is better for the cookie’s lifetime or duration to be longer and may even be forever. Cookie duration is basically the time span when the purchase can be attributed to the referrer, so the longer the lifetime the better.

Payout Flexibility

Companies that run affiliate programs are not a big fan of small payouts whenever that the affiliates want. Therefore they are prone to offer payments once or twice a month, only above a certain threshold. Keep on looking for a good and respectful and reasonable payment so you can be happy too.


Affiliate marketing in gaming is, if not the most, one of the most important aspects of this industry, and it is very important to expand your knowledge in this side of the business if you care about it. Gaming is always overlooked as childsplay and a waste of time amongst ordinary people, but things have changed, and gaming is never going to not be a multi-billion dollar industry.