20+ Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

The thing about weight loss products is that they are not made for people who are fat only. Even people who do not want to grow fat can take these products to maintain a body size that will not grow out of their control. When people eat whatever they like for some time, they begin to fear growing fat, which is normal. The good news here is that when you minus the number of already-fat people from the entire world’s population, and then divide the remaining population into two, at least half of the people in the divisions are already taking products that will make them not grow fat.

And by our calculation this is why the weight loss industry alone is worth $70B and guess what, this industry is expected to maintain a steady growth of 2% every year. As an affiliate in this niche, our calculations show that you are capable of earning up to 6 figures a month if you promote the right products. With luck on your side, we are here to help you choose and promote the right weight loss affiliate products from weight loss affiliate networks and programs.

What Are Weight Loss Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

If you have little or no knowledge about how this niche works, then you are in the right place because we will treat this topic further and discuss important things that can guarantee your success if you utilize them well. But first, let us tell you what the weight loss niche is all about. Weight loss niche is a very profitable niche and the affiliate programs in this niche are just like every other affiliate program in the world today. Whatever your expectations are, if they are related to selling another person’s products then you are on the right path because that is exactly how this market works.

Except, of course, you are not limited to selling only a person’s products. This time, you get to choose a lot of products from different manufacturers and companies to market under some corporate bodies we call affiliate programs. If you want to be an affiliate in this niche, you will first find a program that matches your marketing skills and then sign up for that program. The next thing to do is to find the best offers within that program and promote such offers and in turn, you get paid through some unique payment models.

What Can You Promote in This Niche

There are a lot of things you can promote in this niche, some of the leading products we advise you to look into and consider promoting are;

  • Diet Plans: Diet plan is one of the products you can promote in this niche. This product has a lot of by-products and there are so many that you can choose what to promote and earn reasonable commissions. The kind of by-products in this product include; Balanced diet that consists of some naturally selected food, daily exercise packages, and guides on how to cut out the crap, etc.

  • Workout Plans: We are guessing from the name, you already know what this product consists of. This is a product that offers special plans for workout routines in the gym. The difference between this product and your regular gym is that you don't have to queue for the gym machine, we believe you are going to be treated like a special candidate of some sort. And the most interesting part is you get sent personalized workout tips that match your needs which is awesome right?

  • Ready-Made Meals: This product allows users to choose from interesting weight-reducing meals, and that's all a user has to do. The service will do the grocery shopping and the cooking. Then deliver the meal to the user’s doorstep. The only thing a user does in this product plan is eat. The good news about this product is that they work 24/7 so you can sit back and receive your meals every day.
  • Keto Diet Plans: Keto products are vast and they contain a lot of by-products that you can choose from to promote as well. They are some of the most goto diets globally because they are functional. This is one of the most recommended products to consider promoting in this niche. You will find a lot of programs affiliated with keto products, we are sure finding the best one to promote will not be complex at all.
  • Fitness Coaching Services: These products come in different forms, and most of the services in them are not physical which makes them highly promotable. People can sign up for online sessions where they get personalized coaches to take them through a fitness session. And if they can meet physically, they still get the same kind of treatment which will ensure they have a good run for their money.

Payment Models in Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

As big as this niche is, there are different payment models associated with it. And just in case you have no idea what payment models are, these are how you will get paid your earned income as an affiliate in this niche. For your information, we will be looking at three special payment models in this section.

Revenue Share

RevShare is one of the most interesting payment models that is being offered by a few affiliate programs in this niche. The reason is that it consists of other payment models. Let us explain further. For instance, when you work with a weight loss affiliate program that offers this payment model, you can get a passive income for as long as your referral stays active on the program.

When users create membership accounts through your affiliate link, you will get paid a flat rate from the registration fee. Now let's say the membership card expires and the user has to renew it again. When that happens, you receive a share of the renewal fee. If your referral renews their membership 10 times, you get paid a share of the money 10 times. Now imagine you have up to 10 users renewing their membership each month, sounds like a plan right?

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost per action is a payment model that earns you a flat rate for every action that is performed through your affiliate link. The joy about this payment model is that referrals can perform any action that is stipulated by the program and then your commission comes right into your account. As an affiliate in this niche, you might not need to work extremely hard when working with programs that offer the CPA model because most of these programs have interesting activities laid out that users can take advantage of based on free will.

Some common actions that users perform and you earn a commission are creating a membership account in some cases, signing up for some programs like plans or diets, and workout sessions, etc. you will find more when you affiliate for weight loss affiliate programs that offer this type of payment model.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

Being affiliated with affiliate programs that offer this type of payment model means you only get paid when your referral subscribes to the program you proposed to them. This payment model might sound a lot like CPA although they differ in many ways. Affiliates in this payment model are paid at flat rates only. It doesn't matter how much the user spends or the kind of action the user performs.

If you look at it on the bright side, all you have to do is get users to subscribe and you can count that as a successful referral. An easy way to go about this is to propose something you know they can't resist. Like keto snacks that taste just the way normal snacks do. If you can get users to subscribe for sessions where they are taught to make such snacks themselves, you will make a lot of flat rates from the number of users that will subscribe.

How to Choose a Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or not, when it comes to this niche, there are many things you have to consider before choosing any weight loss affiliate program to be affiliated with. Some of these features will determine whether or not you are well taken care of as an affiliate.

Your Familiarity with the Products

Aside from the fact that it is important to be familiar with any product in this niche before promoting it, it places you at an advantage in the sense that you will know how best to promote such products. To be able to succeed in this niche, you have to know your target audience, people who you can immediately create a special offer for when you have products to promote. The best way to execute this is to know who needs what and that is, being familiar with what the products do to be able to disperse accordingly.

Payment Terms

CPA works differently compared to CPS. We will explain this further so that you will not have the two mixed up. When you work with a program that offers CPA, you are paid a commission on each action taken through your affiliate link. The commission rate differs on the products offered by these programs so you will have a chance of earning random figures that can sum up to 6 figures a month. CPS on the other hand is based on flat rates. Affiliate programs that use this payment model offer affiliates flat rates on all actions taken through their affiliate link. This means that you earn a flat rate regardless of the action or amount that your referrals spend on the platform. If you utilize your marketing skills well, you can equally make up to 6 figures by the end of the month.

Program/Product Credibility

The credibility of the program and product you will promote must be 100%. At least, you should be able to trace their origin and attest to how legit they are before you put them out there to market to others. It doesn't just make you lose customers, there are things worse than not making a referral at the end of the day, or month and that is being red-flagged for selling fake products or programs. For your benefit, make sure to only get affiliated with programs that are credible to promote credible products.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration determines how long your referred users’ data remains active in the system before it is deleted and your referral declared invalid. This might seem like a harsh thing to do in the sense that some referrals need more time to process their decision before they go fully with it. But as an affiliate, you will have to get used to the system like this, or better still, find a program that offers long-time cookies this way you won't have too much on your plate and worry about missing a payment.

Minimum Payout

Some programs in this niche have a must-reach minimum balance set on their account that affiliates must reach before they can cash out their earned income. The average we have seen is $100, even though we are sure that you won't lack programs that go below this. Another thing to take note of in this section is the time frame your money stays in the affiliate account before you can cash out. Aside from meeting up with the minimum balance, some affiliate programs have time intervals set on when they open the window of withdrawal for their affiliates. Some programs may allow you to cash out twice a month, while some take as long as 30 to 45 days.

Affiliate Trackers

Professionally, affiliate programs should provide affiliates with a way they can monitor their progress and contribution to the program. This way, you can be motivated to do more by how many referrals you have successfully made, and how much income you are expecting at the end of the day. When you come across an affiliate program in this niche that does not have affiliate trackers, you should avoid such programs because, in a real sense, it doesn't even make any sense that they don't. Or you can just go on with it and instead use a third-party affiliate tracker.

How to Drive Traffic to Weight Loss Offers Successfully

Here are some of the best ways to successfully drive traffic to weight loss offers.

Social Media

Because social media platforms are filled with a lot of people who suffer from one form of body shaming to the other, we see no reason why it wouldn't be the best place to drive good traffic to your affiliate offers. As an affiliate marketer, when you look at how many users come online to these social media platforms, you should also see the number of leads you can get from there if you can just divert the attention of those users to your affiliate offers. If you are struggling with how to make this work, perhaps we might be of help because, in this section, we will highlight some easy ways you can generate good traffic from social media.

Let's take Facebook for instance, the fact that there are more than 2B users on Facebook presents you with an opportunity to market a lot of your affiliate offers to a lot of potential users and customers in general in the sense that a large chunk of the people trying to lose weight can be found on social media platforms. Even though the Facebook Ads algorithm does not react kindly towards some affiliate links, you can always create posts and include your affiliate links in the comment section for interested users. This way you will be able to cheat the algorithm.

Another wonderful social media platform to consider is Instagram. Facebook has a lot of emotional people that easily get demoralized by others due to their body size, but Instagram seems worse when compared to the latter. With this in mind, you can as well make trending posts about certain weight loss products that are very effective. We always advise our readers to market their offers in a way that will not seem like marketing, but rather suggest and allow your audience to make the decision. Instagram provides you with such an opportunity, however, do not forget to include your affiliate link in the post's description.

Content Creation

Content creation is another way to get good traffic to your weight loss affiliate offers. You see, unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you have to play hide and seek with algorithms not to land in trouble, there are other social platforms where you can make your intentions known and clear and still get the required result with no penalty at all. These platforms are none other than Youtube and TikTok.

Creating content on Youtube for instance takes more planning because now you are appealing to a more professional audience that will not be easily converted through brief posts and all those little efforts you put on social media posts like Facebook and Instagram. You will have to go deeper and explain something they have not seen before because the fact is, users on youtube have come across one post or the other with the same format that you might try using. Making your content stand out is one way to get users' attention.

Tiktok on the other hand gives you an unbelievable audience and straight away, we will tell you that the best platform we advise putting more effort into is this. Simply because Tik Tok videos generate thousands, if not millions of views in no time. Imagine making a product review and including a before and after video of someone who has used the same product. With the thousands of views, you will be getting, convert those views to clicks on your affiliate link and do the math.

Generally, if you use these platforms well and create only quality and unique content, you will have an outstanding result which will, in turn, turn into money with time.

Engage in Forums and Communities

It would be unfair to not get to those people who are not on any of the social media platforms we mentioned so far because most of them are locked up in one Community or the other. The truth is, they also deserve to be informed of these amazing products and you will be surprised at the number of leads you will get from these forums and communities. For all its worth, our research showed us that you have a greater chance of meeting a specified amount of potential customers and buyers of weight loss products if you can just join the right forum or community.

How to join forums and communities? Don't worry, we got you. There are 3 steps to keeping a legit profile in these places to the point where you get good leads without stress. The first step is;

  • Play by The Rules: If the community says don't do this, then don't do it. And if you must then try to do so with a little bit of sense in a way that you won't be caught, for instance. Some forums and communities advise against posting affiliate links on their platforms, but an easier way to bypass this rule is to use link shorteners or post your site’s link instead.
  • Be Friendly: Make sure to include some contact information on your profile, this way any member of the forum will know how to contact you personally if the need arises. Plus it shows you have nothing to hide and will hasten the trust process between you and community members.
  • Add Value to The Community: Yes, your main objective is to make money from this community, but you can always try some charity first which will only bring greater returns to you if you play your cards right. Contributing to important discussions and offering free values to the community might come at some cost to you, but the return might be worth it, give a kid a candy today, and that kid won’t hesitate to run errands for you tomorrow. We believe you can take it from here.

Weight Loss Blogging

When you join communities and forums that don't allow open promotion of affiliate offers, the best thing to do is to post the link of your blog so that interested members can follow that link to your weight loss blog and you can ambush them with all the weight loss affiliate offers you have in your arsenal. But think about this, wouldn’t the whole plan be useless if you don't have quality content on your blog?

A lot of affiliates in this niche have grown lazy that they mostly rely on social media platforms to promote their offers so the few affiliates that can create and own functional blogs tend to have enough leads offered to them on gold plates. As an affiliate in this niche, having a good weight loss blog will rain you with leads but only if you have the right content.

Keywords and Trends

Keywords are specific words that visitors use in search engines that lead them to your content. Most times, people search for something but end up getting a different thing especially if the keywords are related or if the products are related and can serve as alternatives to each other. That is something unique about the way keywords work.

If you have a good blog or site and you have quality content on it, using the right keywords in your content is all you need to generate good organic traffic. With the right keywords, search engines won't have an option but to rank you high and push more visitors to your content online.

How to Create Content for a Weight Loss Blog/Website That Sells

We have talked a lot about creating well-structured content that sells. It would be unfair to let you go without showing you the basics of how to work this magic. Above all, you don't have to follow the crowd all the time, there are little things that you could do that will make a lot of difference while creating content for weight loss blogs and websites that sell. The steps include;

  • Having a Summary Box: This is usually at the beginning of a well-structured product review. As the name entails, it contains a well-detailed summary of what will be discussed in the article in general. You can include CTA links to sub-headings so that readers can easily jump to any part that they feel gets their attention the most. For the sake of those readers who don't intend on reading the whole content before they make purchases or sign up for some weight loss programs, you can include affiliate links as well in the summary box to make life easy for both of you.
  • Understand The Reader: There is no way you will be able to convince anyone to try anything you are offering if you don't even understand what they are going through. As a lot of writers these days focus more on selling the product instead of providing a solution to the reader’s problem, you can stand out and play the mind game with your readers. Let them know you understand where they are coming from and that you can be of help. You will love the outcome.

  • Recommend The Best Product and Services: It wouldn’t make sense to propose a diet plan to someone who wants to work out, some users will abandon your review the moment they feel you are going off-key with your review. Since nothing is stopping you from writing about different products in one review, you can always start by naming a product, its uses, and the best audience it is made for. This way, users can find one in your review that serves as the best solution and they will go with that one.
  • Case Studies: There is nothing more convincing than including real-time testimonies of people who have used your product and given positive feedback. You will have pressed the final button if you include social proofs in the form of case studies for any of the weight loss offers you are promoting. This places you at an advantage because now readers can see that your offers work so there is no need to doubt you.

  • Be Unbiased: A well-structured product review does not only contain all that we have mentioned but also a sense of humor. In the sense that you are positive your product is not the best, there is as it is bound to have some certain limitations therefore when writing a product review, make sure to include the PROS and CONS of each product to give readers a sense of fair play. Also, try to include an alternative section if possible, let them know you have only their interest at heart.

There are 3 types of content that are likely to bring you the required traffic in the weight loss niche.

Weight Loss Tool Reviews

This kind of review includes a list of tools you can use to lose weight. This includes Gym machines, gadgets, and hardware in general related to this niche.

Weight Loss Diets And Recipes

You can as well write about the different types of weight loss diets and recipes out there and which one is more effective. You can go to the extent of comparing 2 or more diets and recipes.

Weight Loss Guides And Plans

There are affiliate programs that offer weight loss guides and plans as well, leaving you to take the journey but providing you with all you need. As an affiliate in this niche, you can write about all these in a form of a review so that readers can pick the one they feel is the best for them.


Our farewell advice would be to try looking up forums and communities because you stand a high chance of getting a lot of referrals from them if your products are legit. Of course, the only way that readers can tell if your affiliate offers are worth it is from the review you have written. So keep the section where we outlined the process of writing a well-structured review in mind and practice on that, you will appreciate the effort you put into perfecting those steps when the reward starts coming in.

Above all, try not to make use of all traffic sources at once. If possible, try to choose one of the traffic sources and work on that first before adding another one. Sometimes, a master of all is a master of none.

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