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5+ Best Spy Tools for Push Traffic [2024]

Not all types of ads are the ads we see on social media, Google ads, or banner ads. Sometimes we get push notifications on our browsers or mobile phones from websites that we are interested in or have their notifications turned on.

If you are an affiliate or a business and you want to promote the products you have or your services, one of the most effective ways to promote them is using push traffic. Now, push traffic can refer to many ad formats. In order to have an effective push traffic campaign, you want to be aware of how the market works, what you can expect from your audience, and what are some ways to convert the customers easily. You can do all of that using supply tools. In this article, we are going to go through some details about spy tools, their benefits, what you can learn from them, and how you can use them to promote your products.

What Are Spy Tools for Push Traffic

How many push notifications or push ads do you see on a daily basis? The answer would be probably not many especially if you're not browsing the Internet much. If you are an affiliate or an advertiser, it's pretty hard for you to hunt these notifications and try to understand how they work or analyze their traffic. Doing so would need a lot of dedication from your time, money, or human resource. Therefore, you need spy tools to properly analyze all the data that you need and all the data that is available from a push traffic campaign running on various websites and through various affiliate and advertising networks.

You need spare tools as much as you need any other tools for creating creatives, optimizing your website for SEO, or even doing keyword research. Without these tools, your marketing could be wrong, because marketing should be based on facts, not your intuition or guesses.

Benefits of Spy Tools for Push Traffic

If you're not entirely convinced to use spy tools for your push traffic, here are some benefits you can expect to gain from using these tools.

Competitor Analysis

The first and most important benefit of spy tools for push traffic is analyzing how, how efficiently, and where your competitors promote the same products as you or other products that you would like to promote. Competitor analysis is probably the most important part of affiliate marketing and marketing in general because it gives you an idea of how other people are doing it, and if there is a successful and proven method, it allows you to duplicate it for yourself.

When using spare tools for push traffic come on you can come across different details about your competitor's ads, including how long they ran the ads, what keywords they used, what creatives they use, etc.

Finding Affiliate Programs and Networks

The next thing that spy tools allow you to do is to give you some information on the trendiest or most profitable affiliate programs or advertising networks. Using these statistics on these platforms, you can get to know different affiliate programs, products, or effective advertising networks that allow you to increase your sales.

If you simply search in a category for affiliate programs or networks popular in that category, you can get many great results that help you get to know more opportunities to earn money while doing research for the ads you want to run.

Find the Best GEOs

Spy tools for push traffic also allow you to find the best locations for promoting the product you want to sell. Not all locations are the same, and not all types of audiences are more likely to purchase a product or click on an ad when they see a push notification or an in-page push ad.

Therefore, if you want your activity really successful, you need to target the right people. On expert tools, there is a section that shows the countries in which the ad has been more successful or just the countries that the ad has been running in. Analyzing these numbers and information can give you an idea of the most profitable locations for each type of product or service. Of course, when we mentioned this, we basically mean that each type of product or service demands its own location for maximum profitability.

Find Converting Creatives and Copies

Suppose you found the exact ad you are looking for from the exact competitor that you find successful. In that case, spy tools give you an insight into what creatives are common among different push traffic acts. You can take note of these creatives or add copies and use them later on in your own ads. The spy tools might not give you an analysis of the creatives or the copies themselves, but they will definitely give you an outlook into the ad, so you can analyze them on your own.

What Can You Learn from Spy Tools for Push Traffic

So now that you know the benefits of spy tools for press traffic, what can you exactly learn in the detail section of spy tools for each ad? Here are some of the basic information you can get from these tools, but keep in mind that these are only the common information and some tools might give you more or less insight into each ad.

Received Traffic

The first and most important detail that spirit tools for push traffic provide you with is the received traffic for that specific ad. Obviously, this is the most common information and using this parameter, you can find the most popular ads in any category. Keep in mind that received traffic might not always mean that the ad was popular, but the website or the application that we add was on was popular.

Ad Duration

The adoration does not mean the duration that the ad plays, because most push notifications and in-page push ads are only gifs or images. The ad duration mainly refers to the time during which the ad was active on publisher websites. It also gives you some insight into how effective an ad was during the number of days it ran.


There are many different ad formats in the category of push traffic, and there are different kinds of push traffic on different devices. Supply tools allow you to see the target device for each ad so you can learn more about the effective and profitable devices where most users tend to click on ads. This can help you save money on paying for devices that will not drive any traffic to your product or links.

Target Locations

As mentioned before, locations matter a lot especially when it comes to selling products in various categories for affiliate marketing. Another important detail on each ad is the country or countries where the ad was active, which is a great insight into where you should be running your own ads.

Number of Publishers

The number of publishers that had the ad on their website can also show how effective the ad was or whether it is possible to explain the number of clicks or impressions the ad got by the number of publishers putting the ad on. It can also show how many publishers are usually available for a push ad in a certain category. If the advertising network is also visible there, you can get an estimation of how many publishers are available to promote your product on that network.

Ad Category

Obviously, every ad has a category, and that is how they are divided into different sections for publishers to put on their websites. The ad category basically shows the industry or niche, but since you are active in one category mostly, you've probably already searched for ads in that category.


If you plan to promote a product in several languages, for example for the Spanish and English community, you can get an idea of how popular an ad is in different languages, so you can run an ad on the profitable locations and languages first.

How to Choose the Best Spy Tool for Push Traffic

Now that you know what information you can earn from spy tools for push traffic, it's important to choose one of them to get started. Obviously, you can't use all of the tools so you need one tool that gives you all the information you need at fair pricing in one package. In the following, you can find some of the factors that can help you choose the best spy tool for push traffic.


There are many different both paid and free spy tools for push traffic. The free ones are not necessarily worse, and the paid ones are also not necessarily better period the following table can give you some insight into how different top spy tools for push traffic or priced and what features you will get access to.

Spy tool Pricing
Adplexity Starting from $149 a month
Anstrex Starting from $90 a month
SpyPush Starting from $49 a month
Mobidea Starting from $90 a month


Data Provided

The type of data provided by these spy tools should be the second most important factor that helps you choose the right tube. The more information you can get out of the tool, the better. It's just about the kind of analytics that these five tool does that you wouldn't have to do yourself. You can simply take a look at the column related to features in the table above, to learn more about what you can yet regarding details and analytics of different ads on spy tools for push notifications, etc.

Devices and Ad Formats

Now, pay attention to how we mentioned before that there are many different ad formats for push traffic. Push traffic is also available on various devices, including mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. The different types of ad formats you can target for driving push traffic include push notifications, in-page push ads, native ads, pop ads, push ads, mobile ads, e-commerce ads, etc.

Each of these ads requires its own research for the target audience, target location, creative, copy, etc. different spy tools support different ad formats and devices to get information. So if the platform, device, or format you need is not available or supported by a spy tool, you should just skip it and find one that supports your preferences and gives you data regarding the traffic on it.

Search Ability and Filters

On every single spy tool, not only do you get the ability to view the details for an ad, but you also get the ability to search for any specific ad category, network, keyword, etc that you want. The following are the detailed filters you get for searching on different spy tools. Not that these are not the same on all spy tools, and they might differ in the type of filters they offer. So if you want certain filters while searching, just look for them on these spy tools before choosing one.

  • Ad category. The most common filter for searching on a spy tool for push traffic is the ad category. Obviously, the first thing that most affiliates do as soon as they reach a square tool is looking for competitors in their own category, selling the same products. So finding other ads in your category can be very helpful to let you know how other affiliates or businesses promote products in that specific category for that specific audience. The creatives for one category might not work for another period so this is an important filter, and it's available on most spy tools
  • Ad Network. the second important filter you get on a spy tool is the advertising network. You need an ad network to run an ad campaign for push traffic, and with a simple filter on many different style tools, you can find all the ads run by that specific network. This can also show you what network is the best and manages to drive more traffic to your products, put it on more publishers' websites, and make it more successful.

  • Affiliate Program. And different inspire tools, you also have the ability to look for specific ads on specific affiliate programs. This is great especially if you are an affiliate of a certain program, and you want to see how other affiliates work for the same program or promote their products. This helps a lot especially if you want to find the top-performing affiliates, and duplicate what they're doing to maximize your sales and commissions.
  • Language. You can simply search for all ads in a single language, especially if you want to focus on languages other than English, like Spanish, French, etc.
  • Location. If you are targeting a certain location, you can also look for ads in that location and your own specific category. This is great because it helps narrow down ads that are absolutely similar to what you want to run.
  • Devices. You can also search by the device or ad format on the spy tools, to find the most relevant push traffic ads along with their specific creatives.
  • Keywords. This filter should have probably been the first or the second one because it is a common filter. However many different tools don't give you the ability to search by the keyword, so you might only find them in very few spy tools.
  • Both active and inactive ads. Different iPad tools allow you to search among both active and inactive ads, so you can expand your reach to ads that are no longer active but have had a great performance. It's never late to learn from successes in the past.

Extra Features

Now that you're paying a certain price, or not paying anything, for a specific package come on it's better to make sure what other features you'll get along with the spy tool.

  • Download visuals. In different inspired tools, you will get access to the visuals and creatives that different ads used, and you'll get to download them for your own ad.
  • Find landing pages. some tools allow you to find landing pages that are well suited to your own needs and managed to convert customers. This is great especially if you're not familiar with web design or marketing a landing page.
  • Information about CPC bids. You'll sometimes get information regarding the estimated bidding price on a tool or suitable CPC bids as well.
  • Tutorials. Some spy tools provide you with tutorials on how they work, and how you can benefit from push traffic to promote your affiliate products. This is a great feature especially if you are a beginner marketer.

How to Use Spy Tools to Boost Push Traffic

The process of using spy tools to boost your push traffic is very simple. You get on the platform, you look for the ads in your own category or niche, and you search for ads using the filters, trying to narrow down your search as much as possible to reach the most popular ads similar to what you expect to run. Then, you take note of their copies, visuals, and creatives, and use them in your own ads. You can also use information like target location and ad network to collaborate with the right platform to maximize your conversions in the right location and to the right audience.


Spy tools across various ad formats are great, and without them, you cannot be sure of how the market behaves when faced with a certain product or creative. Learning from the mistakes or successes of other people, even if they are your competitors is great. So instead of trial and error on your own, spending a lot of money coming up with the right strategies, just analyze how your competitors did it and get successful from the very beginning.