In-text advertising is where you allow a company to monetize words within the content of your site. It is also known as inline advertising.

TOP 10+ In-Text Advertising Networks for Publishers [2024] — Best Text Advertising Programs

"Earn with your mind, not with your time." — Naval Ravikant.

Keeping this quote in mind from podcaster and former CEO of AngelList, savvy marketers and entrepreneurs running a successful venture know that the growth dynamics have changed over the years. If you are savvy enough, you know that sky is the limit in 2022 and beyond. One way to broaden your limits is to employ affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which a company pays its affiliates in exchange for generating leads or sales.

Affiliate marketing is not an easy game, but if you take the time to educate yourself, affiliate networks can help you get good at it and make an excellent monthly income.

Let's find out how affiliate marketing has skyrocketed businesses.

Multibillion-Dollar Globally Expanded Industry

According to some statistics, the affiliate marketing sector will be worth $12 billion by 2022. Businesses are discovering affiliate marketing as an efficient approach to interact with end-users and promote their brand to consumers via the internet as eCommerce rises in popularity.

Affiliate Marketing Boom in the Next Five Years

According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for "affiliate marketing" have steadily increased over the last five years and are expected to increase steadily in 2022 and beyond.

It is one of the most hyped searches on Google Trends.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is based on performance, and the affiliate network is the link that connects business marketers and publishers and elicits a commission once the affiliate is connected. Affiliate networks also help keep a tab on all the processes, including tracking and reporting, processing and executing payments, and comprehensive reports.

What Is Affiliate Link Text

After completing your affiliate registration, you are given a unique affiliate link. You are responsible for including it in every marketing material aimed at the program promotion. No matter what savvy online marketing strategies you usually employ, there is only one-way affiliate marketers can monetize their campaigns — through affiliate links.

Simply put, your job is to promote links and earn money thereby.

How Does Affiliate Link Work?

This link is used to identify you personally. When someone purchases the promoted product through your link, the program owner tracks the source of the purchase and pays you the compensation. As a result, you must create compelling marketing materials that include your link. Then you encourage your targeted audience to click this link and make the desired transaction.

The affiliate link is used to direct traffic to certain affiliate products and eventually drive money.

Affiliate links are critical for tracking advertisers' online performance.

And, because affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing, with publishers taking a cut, affiliate transactions must be precisely identified and recorded.

Promotion of Affiliate Links

As an affiliate marketer, you have a fantastic opportunity to promote your program in various ways. There are plenty of attractive options to pick from in the online world.

By combining these available tools with the program's unique features and considering your unique combination of abilities and credentials, you can create a one-of-a-kind, perfectly tailored marketing approach for the affiliate program you're advertising.

Obviously, choosing the right affiliate products to promote is vital to your success. But selecting the finest promotional strategies is also tricky. As an affiliate marketer, who wants to monetize their affiliate links, here's where you can embed them:

  • your own products
  • product reviews
  • banners on your website
  • resources page
  • newsletters and email sequences
  • tutorials and video content
  • social media and forums
  • offers on Medium.

Promoting Affiliate Links with the In-Text Ads

Text advertising fills the void left by display and banner ads, which do not work or are not allowed.

Although they have numerous advantages, they make them an essential component of any campaign because they ensure you reach the broadest potential audience.

Text advertisements can help you market your affiliate links because they display at the top of SERPs, which is a prime area for adverts. Text Ads can also appear on the GDN, wherever the publisher may not support your graphic ad.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is one of the most underappreciated affiliate marketing methods, but it provides fantastic results.

The technique of producing ads that match the shape and function of their associated content to integrate smoothly into the user experience is known as native advertising. Native advertising is less disruptive since it resembles organic content, and consumers are more inclined to respond to these ads.

While social and search ads are examples of native advertising, companies may also use the open web to reach engaged audiences of readers on premium publisher websites. Affiliate marketing campaigns can be launched by brands in the form of recommended articles at the top, side, middle, or bottom of articles on a relevant publisher's site, for example. This allows them to reach readers when they are open to embracing something new.

Native ads blend in with the appearance and feel of a web page and do not appear to be advertisements. According to Statista, native digital display ad expenditure in the United States has now surpassed $53 billion.

Native advertising is popular among affiliate marketers because it allows them to employ advanced targeting techniques, various ad kinds such as video and carousel, and the cost-effective CPC pricing model, which only costs clicks rather than impressions.

Additional Benefits of Text Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Apart from ensuring that your advertisement is visible, text ads have the following advantages:

  • They are simple to launch. Text advertising requires only copy and links to existing web pages or landing pages and does not require graphic design or picture management.
  • Easy A/B testing. Because you rely solely on a copy, you can experiment with different copies in advertising to discover which receives the best response.
  • Translates effectively on mobile and desktop devices. Because In-text advertising provides a consistent transition between the two platforms, your ads will reach our audience regardless of their device.
  • Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing and In-Text Ads

Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing and In Text Ads

Quality content is crucial for affiliate marketing and text ads because it helps you help your adverts reach the correct individuals and obtain high-quality traffic and leads. As an affiliate marketer, you can make money by creating and deploying targeted campaigns with embedded text advertising. These ads can be used to reduce advertising costs and increase profitability.

You can utilize many platforms and tools to achieve your goal.

Take the example of Taboola, a platform favored by many affiliate marketers. As one of the world's largest content discovery networks, this platform offers a massive global reach of more than 1.4 billion internet users and advanced audience targeting capabilities on more than 22 000 trusted websites.

Use of Text Links

These are text-only hyperlinks to your website (or specific sections of it) that you will include in information that is immediately useful to your visitors. Product and service reviews, how-to manuals, and product, brand, and tip listicles are typical examples of affiliate content incorporating text links.

As an affiliate marketer, you must request that merchants offer you extra information in addition to text links, such as the URL of the page to which the link connects, anchor text affiliates, Link category, and link name.

Text Links Types:

  • Traditional hyperlinks to the merchant's home page
  • Links to popular product categories sorted by category
  • Product-specific links to the merchant's most recognized or best-selling products or services
  • Seasonal, holiday, or event-specific wording links to offerings specific to that season, holiday, or occasion
  • Deep links references to specific products or services.

Create the Best In Text Ads for Better Affiliate Promotion

Text ads are copy-only, but there are a few things you need to do to ensure your text ad resonates with your audience.

  • Create a description based on the benefits.
  • Include keywords. Target keywords must be in the title, description, display URL, and ad extensions.
  • Try them all. With in-text ads, A/B testing is vital — and simple!
  • The description should expand on the benefits presented in the headline and lead to the landing page that the ad links to.
  • Insert a human-centric headline. Headings should address the target audience's problem and present immediate benefits to them.
  • A landing page that matches the message. Your ad should lead to a landing page that fulfills the ad's promise, offers value, and has a clear, straightforward call to action.
  • Use the displayed URL. The displayed URL is not the actual URL but should tell the user what to expect when they click the link.

How Much Can You Earn from In-Text Affiliate Marketing?

As of now, you are aware of one of the growing income streams — Affiliate Marketing. And how you can carry out this task successfully. However, the best way to analyze the success is how much payout you can get from it. The affiliate or publisher is where the marketing part happens; a publisher can promote one or more products or services for a commission.

There are no specific numbers, but the story of Luqman Khan, a former owner of an affiliate site, "10beasts.com," will give us an idea of how much income to expect from in-text affiliate marketing.

The 10beasts.com site was able to make $4 500 in just four months. This grew to a payout of $40k by month eight. The gradual yet super-fast success of the site not only confirms excellent income but also proves that your affiliate marketing site can quickly grow in no time.

Furthermore, you can quickly sell your affiliate site, just like Mr. Khan sold his 10 beasts.com for over half a million.


With the help of in-text ads, you can engage your audience on many levels using organic content. You are obligated to promote products and services using your affiliate link and make the most effective use of the platforms and techniques available.