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Adbit is a blockchain-first platform.


  • Ad credit and earnings are denominated in USD for convenience.
  • Payments are made to your account in real-time with each impression or click on the ad it receives. 
  • By becoming a publisher on the Adbit network, you can earn a cryptocurrency income for all validated unique clicks on advertisements displayed on your hosted ad units.
  • Hosting an Adbit Ad Unit on your website or web application is easy, simply register or login to your account and register your website domain.

Once approved by Adbit team, you will be able to create individual Ad Units in a variety of standard ad sizes.

From there it is a simple process to embed the required ad unit code where you want them to be displayed.

Once fully activated and verified, ads will start being delivered immediately and you will earn a credit to your account for every validated unique click.


  • Minimum payout
    0.001 BTC
  • Payment methods
    Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies & stablecoins
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  • Technology
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I represent the affiliate program

August 29
  • Profitability 6
  • Support 2
  • Technology 6
  • Reliability 5

I spent money to advertise their site and got 40 referrals. Now, it seems no ads are clicking, have inventory, and no one can receive bits. Ad rates were high compared to other places, so it does seem to be a scam. No response to e-mail and it keeps bouncing.


August 29
  • Profitability 2
  • Support 2
  • Technology 2
  • Reliability 2

Scam, I did this more than 6 months. When I request 1st Withdrawal they do not allow me to login. Do not waste your time on this Big big scam


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07 December 2022

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