Health&Beauty is a trending vertical in affiliate marketing, representing a variety of beauty and health products. Health&Beauty affiliate networks specialize in topics such as nutritional supplements, weight loss products, facial and body cosmetics, joint ointments, etc. This vertical is extremely popular because there is always a demand for these offers.

20+ TOP Health & Beauty Affiliate Networks — Best Nutra Affiliate Networks of 2024 For Online Money Making

If you wish to know more about the Health and Beauty affiliate programs and whether they are still profitable in 2022, you're in the right place. This essay will examine this industry's tactics and conclude with a list of over 20 of the top nutra affiliate networks.

What Is The Nutra Industry

Nutra is an abbreviation for nutraceuticals or nutritional supplements. There are many smaller niches within the nutra vertical. One of which is the health and beauty products, which are the focus of this article. But if you want to know more, here's an extended list of what products and offers you may find when promoting nutraceuticals:

  • Weight loss and weight gain supplements
  • male enhancement and enlargement drugs are also considered an adult affiliate program.
  • Testosterone boosters
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Skincare products
  • Teeth whitening products
  • Brain enhancement supplements such as memory boosters and focus enhancements

The nutraceutical industry is on the rise. Forecasted nutra industry size in the US clearly suggests this, with a constant growth from 2014-2025, which you can view on Statista. The world needs health and beauty products. Beauty trends are constantly changing. Nutra is a dynamic, varied vertical. But while there may be a variety of products in nutra, often you'll notice that one product can appeal to different demographics, giving affiliate marketers the chance to try and test different approaches to the same nutritional supplement.

Covid-19 primarily benefited nutritional supplements. People turned to nutritional supplements when gyms were closed for months. This means the affiliate marketing industry will be profitable in all seasons and times.

Always check each country's regulations on nutraceuticals. Supplements and health items are regulated. Only buy adult traffic for adult products, and obey affiliate network policy. Contact your network rep for help.

How to Choose the Best Nutra Offer

It's best to get started on the right footing. And the first step is choosing the right offer. So how do you do that with a plethora of options available? You start with the product itself.

Follow the trends. Some products have already burnt out. Google trends are the easiest way to check whether the product is still relevant or not. Some nutra offers might be seasonal, such as suntan lotions in summer. Certain supplements such as vitamin C or D could also be considered trendy in the winter, as they help the immune system. Maybe it's just not the best time for some offers. We'll be moving on.

The popularity of the product is also worth looking into. Check into the brand's history, and read online reviews of their products. It's hard to sell an infamous brand or product. Once you have a trendy product from a popular or trusted company, you're only steps away from choosing the perfect nutra offer.

If you want to evaluate a product or service's worth, ask yourself how unique it is. Are the problems it's trying to solve still relevant? Is there anything about it that distinguishes it from its rivals? Products that deal with hard-to-solve problems and use distinctive or innovative ways are better to promote. For nutra products, it can be as simple as an ingredient of a formula the competition hasn't caught up to.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself while choosing an offer. Some are relevant even after choosing one, as they help you in the promotion process.

  • Is it meant for males or females?
  • What age group are its users?
  • What language does your audience speak?
  • Is it a seasonal product? If so, when's its peak usage?
  • How are similar products advertised?
  • What problem is the product solving (what are its benefits)?
  • What makes it unique? (e.g., fast-acting, long-lasting, price, availability, etc.)
  • How do you communicate with your target audience?
  • What are the best ways to motivate your visitors to take action?

Traffic Sources

Your choice of traffic source depends on what rules and policies the publisher and the network have. Be sure to check up on these before buying traffic. With that out of the way, you can use many traffic sources to find leads in nutra affiliate programs.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Desktop users once held an overwhelming majority of the market share in the online industry. But now, you may find many verticals where mobile traffic performs better. Most great traffic sources and ad formats, such as push notifications, work on both devices.

We recommend strategizing broadly and then deciding on device-splitting. Don't restrict the devices or operating systems people can use immediately; you may drive potential customers away. But device-splitting can be decided separately from the rest of your targeting options. Because sometimes, it is simple to determine whether mobile or desktop traffic is more beneficial to your offer based solely on the offer itself.

Most of our assumptions are derived from general industry trends and the information we have gained from previous campaigns. The only golden, unbreakable rule is this one: always do your homework. This includes contacting the support team for your network and asking about the most recent data and trends.

Search Engine Ads

Search targeting is a powerful way of bringing organic traffic to your landing page. You start by finding the trending keywords on websites such as Google trends. Then, you'll bid on these keywords. The highest bid wins and thus their ad is shown to users searching that keyword. Depending on the GEO and the product, this method may be too expensive for most affiliate marketers.

But there's no doubt it is effective, as it allows for precise targeting. The users who search for a product are also in need of it so there's a high chance they'll buy from the first website that shows up in their search engine.

One thing you can try to save money and also be more precise in your targeting, is use more specific keywords than generic ones.

Push and in-page push

Push notifications still have a lot of potential. They're easier to run and cheaper to learn compared to Google AdWords or social, much like pop ads. But push ads need excellent creative to succeed, unlike pop ads.

The creative is the most critical factor in the success of a push campaign. But it's not hard to learn to make great creatives, and it's all about user experience.

  • Good creative is both simple and attractive. On mobile devices, the icon is the first thing most users see. Give them a sense of your offer without any distracting elements.
  • The title should engage the audience at first glance. You have 2 seconds to grab a user's attention before they swipe away. Emojis in your title and message will grab attention.

We recommend using spy tools for inspiration if it's your first time buying push traffic. Spy tools help you spy on other affiliate marketers to see what's working for them.

Other factors can also play to your advantage. For example, data shows that users who sign up for push notifications are more likely to interact with them in the first week.

Push and in-page push notifications also allow for precise targeting. You will need access to various targeting options for nutra affiliate programs, as you need to address the products to the people who actually need them.

Pop ads

Are pop ads still relevant after three decades? Definitely. They've been perfected for every device type, and all browsers support them. They are incredibly cheap to run and perfect for beginners. Once pop ads are triggered, the visitor will be directly redirected to your landing page. No creatives are required at all, and pre-landers are optional.

The issue with pop-up ads is that users may find them intrusive. Clickunder and popunders do the same job but are less intrusive; visitors can view them once they're done with the page they were viewing.

Where Do Nutra Offers Perform Best

For GEO trends, you should only rely on up-to-date information you can get by contacting your network rep or researching statistics. However, you can almost always find the right product that suits your style in all countries.

For example, affiliate marketer Andy Simpson made $9,736 profit promoting nutra in Thailand through native and banner ads. He did this by finding three popular offers that were advertised everywhere. He used a native Thai speaker to write his lander texts for him.

The two things you can learn from his success are 1. Choose trendy offers, and 2. Connect with your audience in their native language.

With these in mind, let's look at generic trends in different countries.

Tier 1 European and English-Speaking Countries

You'll find the most demand for nutra products in these countries to be for:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Skincare
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain and fitness supplements
  • Health supplements

Latin American countries

  • Skincare
  • Teeth whitening
  • Muscle gain and fitness supplements

Asia-Pacific countries

  • Dietary supplements
  • Male enhancement
  • Skin whitening
  • Parasite treatment
  • Prescription drugs


Affiliate marketers should optimize all the items in their sales funnel for maximum ROI. How do you achieve this? It's hard to do that right from the start. You may find that the various aspects of your campaign do not work well together. This means you are close to the final stage of the journey: optimization.

You start by not limiting your options from the start. If you have previous campaign experience, you can use that. But remember, some trends are constantly changing, and you may find that what worked for you last year is not as successful now. You can opt-in for RON traffic depending on how broad you want the testing phase. Couple it with smartlinks if you're running multiple campaigns for more profit. But buy traffic fast to get past the testing phase quickly.

Even so, the data takes a while to roll in; give it a couple of days. Congratulations, you now have enough data to figure out the problems in your campaign. Now you need to examine each component to identify the source of the problem.

After identifying the problem, you can change your campaign to improve results. Eliminate poor-performing sources and spend more on the best ones to save money. That brings us to black and whitelists. Add the websites that generate a huge part of your income to whitelists and cut underperformers by blacklisting them.

Automation is another feature you can start using right now. They are provided by your network and help out in most parts of optimizing, including bid price, source selection, and CTR optimization. Contact your network representative if you need help using their automation system.

How to Create a Converting Landing Page

Affiliate marketers should optimize the items in their conversion funnel for the best user experience.A reasonable landing page conversion rate is between 2.6% to 6.1% in 2022. Only the top 10% of landing pages get more than 11% conversions. For fitness and nutra offers, the median conversion is 4.2%. So how do you increase your conversion rates and get ahead of the competition by being in the top 10%?

If you're struggling, the reasons might be some things you're doing wrong. So let's address this fundamental question by first seeing what your mistakes may be:

  • Multiple offers on one landing page drop conversion by 266%. A landing page is great because it's tailored for one product in mind, don't take that away from it.
  • 77% of landing pages are used as homepages. Perhaps you've put much effort into your homepage and you love it. That's great but it doesn't mean it will convert well.
  • Mind how personal you get in your questions. Personalizing is a good idea as long as it doesn't hurt conversion. Landing page conversions drop the more you ask personal questions.
  • Loading speed is critical. A landing page that loads in 1 second has 5x higher conversion rates than one that loads in 5 seconds, according to this research by Portent. Buying hosting close to your target GEO can help with loading speed.
  • Don't use medical jargon; the copy should be clear and straightforward enough for everyone to understand in seconds and read effortlessly.

Avoiding generic mistakes gets you closer to your ideal landing page, but it's not enough. What about some things you should do to increase conversions?

  • Find the balance between using a video and loading speed. Some landing page statistics suggest an 86% increase in conversions when a video is presented. But some users have reported they prefer a faster loading page. Use videos, but not if necessary.
  • User testimonials and reviews on the landing page never go wrong. Find some trusted reviews online on the product you're promoting. Perhaps someone who has found the offer useful and left a 5-star somewhere.
  • While your copy should be simple and easy to follow and understand, longer landing pages increased lead generation by 220%. If your offer is for a complicated or perhaps new nutra product or service, paint a clear image. You can use pictures to increase on-screen time and well-written copy.

Payment Models

Nutra affiliate programs primarily use cost-per-sale payments. CPS is a model where you receive a commission for each affiliate sale. In nutraceutical affiliate programs and similar verticals, cost-per-action payouts are expected. CPA offers pay affiliate marketers when visitors take action. The offer will specify this action.

But the action may not take effect immediately. Some offers are based on the cash-on-delivery model. Users leave contact info in this model. Later, sales teams will contact them. This is helpful in nations where online purchases aren't prevalent, or the elderly are skeptical of them. But there's a chance of leads changing their minds.

The trial model is another. The user's contact details are still required, but billing and address are too. Free product samples are delivered to leads in these offers. Unless customers cancel the subscription, they'll continue receiving shipments and be billed. Again, users must leave billing information. Some affiliate marketers may be turned off.


There's money to be made in nutra for new and veteran affiliate marketers. The world needs health and beauty products. The demand is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.

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