Pay Per Call


Affiliate marketers are paid a commission for each call a business receives because of them. Sometimes, the commission is paid if some condition is met, such as specified call duration.

15+ TOP Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs [2024]

Users click on your affiliate link, make a purchase, or complete an action in the affiliate programs you are familiar with. This is a common affiliate scenario in which the affiliate earns a commission from clicks—also known as a pay per click model. On the other hand, some affiliate schemes pay you for phone calls. This article will be discussing the latter, or pay per call affiliate programs.

Pay Per Call Networks

Pay per call affiliate networks will connect you to related publishers. Once you've signed up to one of these networks, they’ll provide you with a specific phone number. Your visitors will call this number and connect with the company’s call center.

Affiliates can directly approach publishers to promote their products should they wish to. However, using an affiliate network is simple and effective. The following are some of the advantages of using a network:

  1. Effective use of your budget. Most networks offer different payment models. This way, you can find offers that match your style and ensure that the affiliate marketing channel is working in the best way possible. They help you manage your budget through their up-to-date data. regarding GEO trends and rules and regulations of countries
  2. Credibility. Programs on affiliate networks go through extensive approval procedures. Suppose you want to directly work with a publisher; you'll have to approach each one individually and do your research on them. Affiliate networks make your life much easier by providing their affiliates with trustworthy and high-paying programs.
  3. Easy tracking. On your affiliate network's dashboard, you'll quickly access valuable data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, and more.

If you want to work directly with the local businesses you are already familiar with, that is also an option. But as you may know, it is hard to sell to a local business. They may be skeptical about online marketing, and you may find the door shut in your face. Instead of using business jargon like SEO or pay per call, ask them if they want to drive more sales and customers to their company.

When starting out, it's not a bad idea to leverage free work. No business owner will say no to FREE clients. After a week or so, hopefully, you'll have sent them a few quality leads or customers. Then you can call them and ask how it's been going. Once they see you can provide results, they will want to do business with you.

How Pay Per Call Programs Work

Affiliate marketers are paid a commission for each call a business receives because of them. Sometimes, the commission is paid if some condition is met, such as specified call duration. The pay per call advertising model is adequate for businesses because people who are ready to make a purchase are the ones who call. Compared to leads brought through their website, conversion rates are higher.

Some of the top-performing verticals in this niche are the ones of a time-sensitive nature when you need a local business. Suppose your toilet breaks down in the middle of the night. You jump on google to find a plumber and stumble upon a Google ad for a local plumber, set up by an affiliate marketer (probably). Wouldn't you call? Some of the best local campaigns include:

  • Home Service: carpet cleaning, handyman, plumbing service, etc.
  • Auto: windshield repair, car tuning, tow trucks, etc.
  • Health: pharmacy, dentist, personal trainer.
  • Legal: lawyer, bail bonds.

There is also nationwide pay per call affiliate programs should you choose to go bigger. These include:

  • Adult and Dating: love hotlines.
  • Travel: travel agencies, car rental, hotels, etc.
  • Financial: tax services, mortgage, financial advisors.
  • Entertainment.
  • Insurance: life insurance, car insurance, home insurance.

If just starting, we recommend choosing nationwide affiliate programs while you work up your way through your local client base. If your budget allows and you are an experienced marketer, just go for national or global programs.

Some affiliate marketers enter the advertising business to better monetize their digital assets. This category includes people who have a huge internet following, a blog, a popular podcast, or perhaps a newsletter.

Having your own sales funnel makes things easy and significantly cuts costs. But you can just as easily create a landing page in minutes. This is a better way of advertising as your primary source of income.

Pros and Cons of Pay Per Call Advertising for Business

One advantage of pay per call compared to pay per click advertising is its cost-efficiency. Sometimes it only takes one social media post to bring hundreds of calls to a business. This is advantageous to both parties. It means less time, effort, and cost on behalf of the affiliate and more advertisement budget saving for the business.

A disadvantage of pay per call marketing for business owners is that they need a functioning call center. This isn’t optimal or possible for small businesses or those starting out. The call center's job is to ensure leads stay on the line and convince them to make a purchase.

The disadvantage of pay per call marketing for affiliates is that they have to target the exact right audience. For budding affiliates just starting out, this can be hard. With pay per click advertising, it's possible to set targeting options, buy RON traffic and optimize once you see the results. That's not to say this is easy and effortless, but it is a rewarding experience.

Traffic Sources

Where do you find leads without spending weeks or months building a website? Buying traffic to a landing page remains the most common way of doing affiliate marketing. A landing page is a customized, standalone web page created specifically with an offer or marketing campaign in mind. It's where a visitor will land once they click on an ad.

Let us see which ad formats and traffic sources are best to use with pay per call affiliate programs. Keep in mind that you need to be specific and target the exact audience. For this reason, some traffic sources and advert formats perform better.

Google AdWords

The competition is exceptionally high in Google Ads. That's not surprising given how incredibly google is at bringing leads to marketing campaigns. Running a Google AdWords campaign will be expensive, but it's well worth it. You might ask if it works just as well with pay per call programs.

It does, according to Matomy and Invoca. To successfully run a campaign of Google AdWords, you must do your research first. Know about the audience and the most searched keywords.

Native Ads

Native ads are a form of paid ads displayed on a media platform. There are mainly used to inform users rather than as a call to action. That's exactly what you need for pay per call programs. Inform the users of a business and leave their phone number. You can also add the link to your landing/pre-landing page for further information.

Native ads are less intrusive compared to banner ads or display ads. They fit right in with the rest of the content on the platform and, if done right, can capture their attention.

Facebook advertisements are the undisputed king of native ad traffic. Their platform has 1.8 billion daily users and accurate statistics and information on each of them. Facebook advertisements, when used correctly with their targeting capabilities, use complex algorithms that may work wonders for brands and affiliate marketers. Just be wary of their policies and restrictions.

Pop Traffic

Pop ads are a promising traffic source for pay per call affiliate programs, notably when used with keyword matching. As we mentioned, you need to target the right audience to get them to call. Displaying pop ads on websites with a relevant keyword is an excellent way to ensure that happens.

There are two types of pop ads: pop-up and pop-under. Pop-ups show up on top of the browser while pop-unders linger below it. The latter is less intrusive, but both show significant conversion rates when done right.

Pop traffic is also a top choice for beginners. It's relatively cheap and doesn't require any creative, leaving the affiliate with more time and money to spend on optimizing and testing. Many experienced affiliates also use pop traffic to find leads. You can use a pre-lander to increase conversion, but that isn't necessary either.


Another option is to build a niche website or blog and drive traffic through search engine optimization. SEO is and probably will always be one of the top traffic sources for finding leads. If we don't count hosting costs, it's a FREE and stable traffic source. The disadvantage is that building a consistent traffic flow will take longer.

It's necessary to keep the offers you choose relevant to the theme of your website. Unrelated and intrusive advertising is a quick way of disposing of all of your efforts and fleeing your visitors.

Offline Traffic

Offline traffic in affiliate marketing? That's not something you often hear these days. But pay per call programs is the exception. You can utilize many sources, including the local newspaper, direct mail, radio ads, local directories, and more. Contrary to common belief, these ad revenues aren't dried up yet, although they are struggling. But they're mostly so cheap that it wouldn't hurt to try. You might be surprised once you see the results.

Take radio ads as an example. People listen to the radio primarily while in their cars these days. That means they have a job and the money to spend on your promoting product. Offline traffic sources are something you should definitely try this year. Share your experiences with us if you do.

How to Promote Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs

If you're keen on starting your affiliate career with pay per call affiliate programs knowing the disadvantages and advantages of pay per call programs, follow these simple steps. For the first step, narrow down the optimal niches to ones you're sure your audience will want. Then, find a trustworthy and good affiliate network and a suitable offer. Now you're all ready for the final step; promoting the offer. As an example:

Suppose you're running a YouTube channel with a health and fitness theme. Narrow the affiliate niches down to ones that are relevant to your content. Find an affiliate network and a suitable offer. Then create a video revolving around that product and advertise the offer in the descriptions or inside the video. The process works similarly with blogs, websites, or other social media platforms.

Let’s review the three steps in more detail.

Step 1. Choosing a Niche

While choosing a broad niche might seem like a good idea at first, it will leave you with an audience with no interest in your offer. Choosing the right vertical is the first vital to progress. Especially if you've built a large following around your digital assets: blog or website, email subscribers, Twitter followers, etc.

Choosing the right niche is different when you're buying traffic, direct linking, or using pre-landers or landers instead of your content, but important regardless.

Step 2. Find an Affiliate Network and Choose an Offer

We mentioned three out of the many benefits of partnering with an affiliate network instead of going solo. So if you decide using a network is worth it, the next step is to find a suitable one. Many of the top affiliate networks provide pay per call offers. This article will name a few of them but always do your own research.

Note that you'll have to be approved by the network before getting started. Just as you expect to be provided with reasonable offers, publishers need assurance their products are in safe hands. There is also the matter of the network's policy guidelines you must read up on and follow. Your affiliate network will also inform you of the rules and regulations of countries in different niches. Always contact the network's representative if you have any questions or need help.

Make sure you consider all variables when choosing an offer; GEO, payment model, commission rates, etc.

Step 3. Promoting

With the preparations out of the way, we've come to the most important question; how to promote pay per call affiliate programs. To succeed as an affiliate marketer, researching the target audience is crucial. Those with an online following should just choose the right offer that is relevant to their content. Stuck on what content you should create to advertise the offer? Answering these questions might help you get started.

  • What problem is the offer solving?
  • Whose problem does it solve?
  • What are the benefits of solving it?
  • What promise is it making to the visitor?
  • What emotion are you trying to generate?
  • What's the next action I want them to take?

Create a Lead Magnet Landing Page Using These Tips

Finally, your landing/pre-landing page quality is the last key to success. Pre-landers are not mandated, but they are highly recommended to ensure that people who enter the offer page are driven to call the number.

If you have difficulty personalizing your creatives and designs for the audience, try asking yourself these questions.

  • Is it intended for men or women?
  • What is the age range of its users?
  • What is the language of your target audience?
  • Is it a seasonal item? If so, when is its busiest?
  • How are comparable products marketed?

Now that you have the answer to captivating your audience, it's time to create a landing page. Use tools like HubSpot to design your lander, and follow these tips to make it the best.

  1. Explain the steps to acquiring the product you're offering in clear terms.
  2. Create a sense of urgency around your offer.
  3. Use attractive yet simple—minimal—visual aids to showcase the features and benefits of the product. All creatives should be plausible just as much as captivating.
  4. Not sure where to start? Use spy tools if you need inspiration. But don't be a copycat.
  5. And remember, the visuals need to follow the policy guidelines; otherwise, no one will see them. Contact your network's representative for more information.
  6. Change creatives regularly.
  7. Explain the payment methods, legal obligations, and everything related to the offer that the user should know.
  8. Using the country's native language is a must in pay per call affiliate marketing. Your visitors need to understand the offer. They also trust it more easily if it's in their own language and they know they can speak their native language on the call.
  9. Landers and pre-landers should match if you use both of them. It increases your campaign’s credibility, and the user won’t be confused going through the funnel.


There are endless possibilities in pay per call affiliate marketing. You can choose all kinds of offers ranging from promoting the pharmacy down your block to global traveling agencies. There are also many ways of advertising a PPC offer, choose one that matches your style.

Be patient. You won't be making big money immediately. Slow and steady wins the race. You also want to start small. Don't make pay per call affiliate marketing your primary source of income from the get-go. Test campaigns to gain some experience. You’ll have progressed much more in a few months than you believed.