Buy Bing Ads Accounts [Old Accounts]

Most people only consider the Google search engine as their search engine of choice. However, Bing Is also a hugely chosen search engine as well. That makes it one of the best places to serve ads to target certain audiences. In this article, we want to explore the concept of buying old Bing Ads accounts for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

Importance of Bing Ads in Affiliate Marketing

We all know that Bing ads are not as famous or popular as Google apps. So that might make you wonder why you have to serve ads on Bing Ads. There are several reasons why this might actually be a good investment for you.

First of all, due to the fact that Bing ads are less popular, the CPC is also much lower than Google ads means that you can get a much higher return on investment by advertising on Bing ads. Secondly, if you are a beginner and you are looking for a nice ground to get started with ads this can be pretty rewarding. Thirdly, Bing ads provide great advertisements, such as targeting options and so on. Plus, Bing Is integrated with LinkedIn which can be a great solution for advertisement for B2B interests. Besides all of these, the integration of ChatGPT with Bing recently has increased the popularity of Bing among people. So you can expect a lot of nice conversions from this platform, especially among the younger generations.

Why Buy Old Bing Ads Accounts Instead of Making One

You can buy old Bing ads accounts instead of making one yourself because they are going to empower you much more and get you to reach out to many more people. Usually, new accounts have restrictions and verifications they have to pass, so it might take them a very long time to get started with the ads and actually get good results. However, when you buy an old account that is already verified and has added spending on it you can expect much better results from your campaigns.

How to Buy Bing Ads Accounts

Before you look around for platforms where you can buy Bing ads accounts, consider the following details just so you can prevent any further problems.

How to Verify the Seller

First of all, in order to verify the seller, you need to talk to the seller and engage in a conversation to understand their courtesy and support. The seller needs to be very supportive and answer all of your questions regarding the purchase. Plus, they should be willing to provide you with any information you need to make sure the account is trustworthy. This is just the first step for verifying the seller. On the platform where you are buying the account, you should look for reviews or ratings of the seller. Plus, the pricing can matter a lot. The very low prices can often signify low quality or fraudulent accounts. You can definitely ask your peers on affiliate forums for reviews on that seller as well.

How to Check the Account Before Purchase

When checking for the account, you should look at the previous campaigns and the account history just to make sure there is enough proof to back up the fact that it’s an old account. Plus, you should look for any policy violations, bans, etc.

This information can help you figure out whether the account is safe and whether it is suitable for running ads that will target your specific audience.

What’s the Best Type of Account to Choose

When looking for accounts to buy from sellers for Bing Ads, you can look for the following types of accounts.

  • Aged Accounts: Older accounts are generally more trusted by platforms and may have a higher threshold before triggering any security or fraud alerts. This can be beneficial for affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Accounts with Good History: Accounts with a positive track record of successful campaigns and good spending history are more likely to have higher credibility and better quality scores.
  • Accounts with High Spending Limits: Accounts that have been gradually scaled up in terms of spending limits are valuable as they allow for larger campaign budgets.
  • Accounts with Diverse Campaign History: Accounts that have been used for various types of campaigns might demonstrate versatility and robustness, which could be beneficial for different affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Geographically Relevant Accounts: If your affiliate marketing is targeted towards specific regions, accounts that have history and data for those specific regions can be more effective.
  • Accounts with Intact Quality Scores: High-quality scores on Bing Ads can lead to better ad placements and lower costs per click, making them more efficient for affiliate marketing.
  • Accounts with Verified Payment Methods: To ensure smooth operation and credibility, look for accounts that have verified and stable payment methods associated with them.
  • Accounts with Access to Beta Features or Tools: Sometimes, accounts have access to new features or tools that are still in beta. These can give you a competitive edge in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Post-Purchase Considerations

After you purchase the account, there are some things you need to consider in case any issues arise. Here are a few cases.

Can I Get My Money Back if My Account is Banned After Purchase

This really depends on the seller, as the sellers usually have their own warranties and other services. Therefore, you should pay attention to their terms before even making a purchase. But in any case, be prepared to show lots of evidence and provide screenshots and detailed info in case the account is banned after purchase. Usually, sellers will give you a replacement if the account is banned without any activities on your side. However, if you already launched a campaign, then the ban could be because of your activity, so you might neither get your money back nor get a replacement. Most of the time, though, you will only get a replacement, and almost rarely will the sellers agree to give your money back to you.

Why are Accounts Being Blocked

Accounts could be blocked due to suspicious activity or policy violations. Plus, sometimes, the accounts could be blocked simply because the IP has changed, there are activities on your side that don’t match the activities of the previous owner, sudden changes in advertising behavior, suspicious payment activities, or using prohibited content in ads. So you need to be careful and acquire the right account details.

What Account Details Do I Receive After Purchase

After purchasing an old Bing Ads account, you should receive essential details like the account login credentials, associated email details, historical campaign data (if applicable), and any relevant account settings or preferences that were previously set up. Ensure that you also gain full control over the account's associated payment methods.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Success on Bing Ads

Here are some examples of affiliate marketing success using Bing Ads from different webmasters and affiliates.

Case #1. Clickbank and Bing Ads Direct Linking Success

An affiliate marketer found success by promoting low-competition Clickbank products through direct linking campaigns on Bing. They showcased their approach in a video, detailing the setup of the campaign, product selection, and the results. One viewer, Thomas, tried the method and reported significant earnings over a three-day period, with a total of $551.33 in sales​.

Case #2. Clickbank and Bing Ads Success

Another affiliate marketer discussed their success in promoting low-competition ClickBank products through direct linking campaigns on Bing. They recorded a case study showing the setup and results of one such campaign. One of the users, Thomas, tried this method and made sales with three different products, earning a total of $551.33 over three days.

Case #3. Ayoub's Experience with Bing Traffic on Adsterra

Ayoub, a passionate gamer and web developer, shared his journey of monetizing his gaming blog. He found success by leveraging free organic Bing traffic, which resulted in significant growth and earnings for his website. He emphasized the potential of Bing as an underestimated source of organic traffic​.

Case #4. Wealthy Affiliate Campaign on Bing Ads

An affiliate shared a case study of promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program through Bing Ads, which has been active for several years and continues to generate income. The campaign achieved over 3,000 conversions solely through Bing Ads, with an income report of over $63,000​.


In this article, we’ve shared some insights on advertising with Bing Ads and how you can buy an old Bing Ads account for the purpose of better affiliate marketing. Make sure to use the tips and tricks shared here in your journey.

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