15+ TOP Popunder Ad Networks — Best Pop Under Traffic Sources

Popunder traffic is the simplest access point toward the realm of affiliate marketing. We bet that you have definitely faced them at least once while browsing in the net. Those windows in your web browser which appear on their own on top of an already open window trying to encourage you to buy something can be considered to be one of the most powerful ways of monetization. Thus, we have decided to examine this claim and provide you with precise details. By the end of this guide, you will obtain thorough information regarding Popunder traffic and efficient ways of its monetization. Let's dive into the world of Popunder and start with the basics.

Popunder advertising has shown itself as an efficient advertising platform after its TV advertisement way back in 1941. Advertisers were able to gain interest in the market given that an increasing number of viewers view viral clips, web programs, music popunders, and TV programs on the net.

Today, online authors are welcoming reliable marketing methods perceived on TV and also creating new advertising setups, which produce individual interest and increase advertising revenue. Popunder ads are supervised and serviced by a Popunder server like EZMob.

What Is Popunder

There are countless alternatives to promote products or services, pop-under advertisements are among one those options. Popunder ad is a banner that immediately gets flaunted under the active browser window. A pop-under is very different from a pop-up advertisement in terms that it is practically hidden behind the primary window the site visitor is on and will open only as a new browser window. Usually, the site visitor does not proceed with pop-up advertisements and closes them. Yet the pop-under advertisement stays in the periphery of the site visitor's vision, It will not interrupt the major website the user is surfing. The visitor then has the option of going through the pop-under window at his own preference later on. They are much less invasive and distracting than a lot of advertisement forms since they are under the active browser. Although it is still not preferable for numerous individuals and they typically attempt to ban all kinds of pop ads, popunders are insensitive to ad blockers and mobile-friendly that do not force users to download and install applications.

Before continuing we guess we need to define the difference between popunders and tabunders. It is very important since most of the time affiliates do not incline to use popunder ads due to the common belief that is a very aggressive way to attract traffic. Even though, these 2 instruments may at first seem rather similar they are quite different from each other. A tab opens in the same window and that is the most crucial point here. It can open over the active tab (tab-up) or behind it (tab-under) which makes page visitors irritatated. They are thought to be more aggressive than pops which can actually be viewed only after the active browser window is closed and that is a huge benefit of popunder ads. 

What Is Pop-under Traffic

The overall number of site visitors directed to your landing web page or website by pop-under ads is considered as pop-under traffic. When you choose a pop-under ad under a paid marketing campaign, the math is straightforward. You acquire a set number of such ads depending on the package deal you have picked, or you get a set time for which it would be offered.

There are a lot of ad networks that offer popunders as ad types. In order to actually pick an ad network, you should obviously try several different platforms, and then make your due diligence on their services and also pay attention to the efficiency of the provided services.

When you have already made a decision on the ad network, you usually have a choice of being managed or self-served with the help of a handy platform making available to launch and optimize multiple any-target campaigns. Most of the cases it takes only a couple of minutes to register there and get approval on your account. After that, you also need to make a draft of your first campaign, which is usually can be approved within hours.

Why Do You Need to Use Pop-under

Pop-under ads have much higher conversion rates in comparison to other ad formats. One more beneficial point is that it is nearly impossible for users to ignore these ads given that they are installed on the web page unlike banners for instance. Another point to take into consideration is that pop-under ads are less expensive than ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media.

Below you can find the list of developments you can make using pop-under:

  • To increase website pageviews;
  • To maximize income from ads;
  • To boost brand awareness;
  • To increase number of app instalments;
  • To promote online purchases;
  • To produce subscriptions and lead numbers;

How Does Popunder Ad Work

Popunder is often made use of not only to attract website traffic, but however also to gather contact info, such as e-mail, phone numbers, and so on. They are utilized to produce top-quality leads. Before you question, let us to enlighten what quality leads mean. When users enroll to a website that has popunder ads and they click on any of its tabs, they are rerouted to the pre-landing page on another window. Usually, pre-landing pages are with a call-to-action button. On those pages, the affiliate expert usually set various sweeteners such as big prizes to win. All that the users are required to do is click the call-to-action button. Attracted visitors will be then redirected to the provider's webpage. They also will be asked to leave their contact details such as their email, telephone number, and also address. Once they enter their credentials, you have offered the advertiser with high-quality leads. Since you are dealing with private data keep in mind that security is everything.

Alarm! No Traffic

Most of the affiliates who deal with pops or pounders ads complain that from time to time they can receive an alarming alert that no traffic has been generated. Can you just imagine that — all of a sudden — you see no traffic? So, do not panic if something similar happens to you.

First of all, you should check your account balance. Usually, if you run out of balance then the system stops generating traffic for you. Although, If you have funds, check what is going on with your campaign status and budget settings. It could happen that your campaign’s daily budget has reached which means that promoting ads will no longer appear for that day. They will later reappear the next day until you pause the ad or the total campaign limit is reached. When your campaign’s total budget is reached, your ad will stop being active, unless you increase the limit and restart the campaign. You can check how many estimated impressions of your ad were generated by your campaign’s bid and targeting settings through a traffic estimator.

How Much You Can Earn with Popunder

Popunders affiliates declare that their standard income has never gone under $4 per 1,000 impressions from popunder ad. This isn't the highest rate in the world, yet it's much from the lowest. As usual with any ad network, it mostly depends upon a wide variety of aspects.

The profits are dependent on the site visitor's location, web traffic amount on your site, site condition and niche, and even day of the week and time of the day and on many various other points. Presently, Popunders are running in more than 40 countries including North America, Western Europe, Australia, India, and Southern Asia.

The United Kingdom ($2.5/ 1 000 impressions), The United States ($1.5/ 1 000 impressions), Canada, Australia and the majority of the European countries ($2.0/ 1 000 impressions) rates of Popunders is higher than most of the Asian countries like India ($0.6), Philippines ($0.3) Popunders.

So, if a lot of the visitors to your website are coming from North American and European regions then undoubtedly you will be able to earn a lot from your website or blog. This happens due to the fact that these countries have more purchasing capability than most of the various other countries. You can compare the purchasing power of the countries worldwide for 2019 on the map below. Hopefully, it makes it much clear to understand how the rates are estimated based on the country of their origin.  

Popunders says that they never paid below $4 on average for sites running their ad and obtaining 1000 unique United States site visitors.

Pricing Models

The two most well-known pricing models for Popunder traffic are CPM and CPA.

  • CPM

Cost per thousand, likewise called cost per mile, is a marketing term utilized to represent the cost of 1 000 ad impressions on one page. If a website publisher charges $2.00 CPM, that indicates a marketer must pay $2.00 for each 1 000 impressions of its ad. Advertisers frequently determine the success of a CPM campaign by its click-through rate, which is the percent of people that saw your ad as well as clicked on it. For example, a promotion that receives 2 clicks for every 100 impressions has a 2% CTR. You cannot determine an advertisement's success by CTR alone due to the fact that an advertisement that viewers views but do not click may still have an influence.

  • CPA

Cost Per Action, likewise, called cost per acquisition, is a marketing model where publishers are spent for an action that is taken as a straight outcome of their marketing. This differs from common affiliate marketing in that you may not always need to make a sale to get paid within a CPA network. Payments are usually based on lead generation such as submitting a phone number or email address to get some cost-free items or details.

There are some more pricing models such as CPI (install payment) and CPL (lead payment) are also suitable for this traffic.

  • CPI

Cost Per Install is specific to mobile applications. In a Cost Per Install model where publishers position digital advertisements throughout a series of media in an effort to drive the installation of the advertised application. The brand name is charged a fixed bid fee just when the application is mounted.

Basic Average Cost Per Install Data:

  • iOS app CPI Internationally — $0.86;
  • Android app CPI Worldwide (Google Play market) — $0.44;
  • iOS application CPI in the United States — $2.07;
  • Android application CPI in the US (Google Play market) - $1.72;
  • Cost Per Install on Facebook Advertisements — $1.8;
  • Cost Per Install on Twitter Advertisements — $2.53;
  • Cost Per Install on Instagram Advertisements — $2.23;
  • Cost Per Install on Browse Advertisements — $1.00.


  • CPL

Cost per Lead pricing model is typically employed by direct response online marketers as well as a brand name online marketers who are building an e-newsletter list, client acquisition program, or incentives program. The cost per lead means that whenever the marketer gets a lead (a prospective customer's contact information), the CPL cost is paid.

For example, if you ran a CPL campaign paying $4 to collect a list of 1 000 individuals that had an interest in purchasing a PlayStation, you would certainly pay $4 000 dollars once you had 1 000 contact information.

What Verticals Work with Popunders

Pops cover a very broad target market, among which people with different requirements will certainly satisfy. Select deals that are suitable for such an incontinent target market. Way too narrow sentences may not deal with this website traffic. They are not suitable for the particular niches where purchasers think for a very long time before purchasing such as investment products. As a result of the nature of the advertisement layout, it is not suitable for all verticals. In other words, it is extra suitable for those items with a large target market as a result of the complexity pertaining to the targeting procedure. We recommend running popunders for the verticals listed here:

  • Internet dating;
  • Betting;
  • Adult;
  • Applications and also energies.

Basically, pops can be utilized for lots of various other verticals, nevertheless, the efficiency of advertising campaigns will be questioned. According to the statistical studies of the numerous advertisement landing web pages, it is better to advertise products and also items that can be purchased impulsively.

What Features of a Running Popunder Campaign You Should Focus on

  • Ad frequency and capping

One of the most important decisions you need to make during your campaign construction is to choose the frequency and capping of your ads. The frequency represents the number of times the advert will be displayed to the customer while the capping identifies the time frame of impressions.

It is not recommended to establish many impressions as well as set a high frequency per day.

It will not help you to get a high conversion rate only will help to irritate your users.

When you enable higher frequency, it means that you invest your whole budget in the same people. Showing them one advertisement all the time and repeatedly is not the best strategy, especially since it does not contribute to expanding your target market. Not at all.

If you set for example the frequency and capping rate to 1 000 impressions weekly then the system will need to find you, extra unique users. That, in the end, will substantially increase your audience. Undoubtedly, the super low frequency is not a solution as well.

  • Time schedule

It is also important to arrange the time when your ads are presented. Ensure that they are displayed when the customers are not busy. For instance, when they are back from the job or when they are resting. This way, they will certainly have even more time to engage with your ads.  Track how well your projects are performing in certain zones. This will certainly provide you with the capability to avoid some extra costs and save your money. You must block all the zones that do not fulfill your efficiency target and focus on those that bring the most profit. This will help you in your future projects.

Below are some of the best times to run your Popunder ads in prominent GEOs:

  • The United States from 7 pm to midnight;
  • Thai from 8 pm to midnight;
  • India from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm;
  • Japan from 7 pm to 11 pm;
  • Britain from 3 pm to 5 pm;
  • Brazil from 8 pm to midnight.


  • Market targeting

The targeting strategy involves segmenting the market, choosing which segments of the market are appropriate, and determining the products that will be offered in each segment. There are various targeting alternatives you can choose from. The advanced list of the campaign targeting options for Popunder Ads except for usual target details like GEOs, OS, link types, gadget options, mobile providers, and web browsers are below. 

  • Carrier Targeting: Popunder ads can easily target market via particular carriers and Wi-Fi connections;
  • Device Targeting: Popunder ads can target desktop, tablet, and mobile devices via operating systems;
  • Domain Targeting: Popunder ads can get traffic from targeted domain names and sources only;
  • Geo-Targeting: Popunder ads can get visitors from particular nations, cities, and states or DMA regions;
  • Supply Targeting: Popunder ads can run your campaigns on in-app or web inventory types;
  • Browser Targeting: Popunder ads can help you get visitors from particular browsers or create an exclusion list;
  • Category Targeting: Popunders will help you target your service or product for particular topics or industries;
  • App Targeting: You can create a whitelist and get visitors from targeted apps only and much more.

There are also some events you can track listed below that will help you to get familiarized with your potential customer's features: 

  • Any click on the landing page indicates the future of people who usually don’t engage with offers which means that they are not interested.
  • Time spent on the landing page which is more than 10 sec shows that a visitor might be interested in the product line. It’s very unlikely that the visitor would hesitate on your landing page unless he is not interested.

Based on the event you decided to track you can embed the retargeting pixel and start building a custom audience of prospects. Audience customization gives you extra room for maneuver — you can decide how to direct the leads to the best conversion point, how often, and when to contact them.

Usually, you have three options regarding what to do with interested users later:

  • To send to a special offer page;
  • To leave in the same landing page;
  • To reroute to another landing page.

A key role in a successful conversion in pop traffic is played by prelanding and landing pages. It is the first and only opportunity to interest the user. Thus, let's spend some time diving into the details.

Prelanding Page

The prelanding page is a page that consumers see before the landing web page. Its primary functions of it are warming up possible consumers, and collecting their contact details and personal details. One of the most essential features is to transfer users to the major landing web page with your offer.

How to generate leads with pre-landing pages?

  • The properly designed page with strong CTA

It needs to have an excellent structure and be straight to the point. Simply market the reason that your consumers must click the button and follow the path you've produced for them. Pre-landing pages are much more efficient when they consist of a thoughtful copy: headline, body, call to action, and footer

  • The page with free important resources

Deal free samplings, guidelines, a book, a list, or an additional educational item. The most essential thing is that it needs to be of actual value to individuals you want to convert into customers.


  • The landing page with a set of questions

It helps you to get acquainted with your target interested target market. You might merely ask their age, sex, or build a chain of inquiries to develop a more powerful contact.

  • The gamified web pages

There are even several scientific articles investigating if gamification affects brand engagement and equity. The results showed that achievement and social interaction-related gamification features were positively associated with all three forms of brand engagement (emotional, cognitive, and social). It can be leaderboards, progression bars, loyalty programs, or a straightforward quest. The secret hinge on the capability to arouse human natural instincts: competitors, exploration, and inquisitiveness.


  • The page with a sense of urgency

The sense of urgency can be shared by time and resource limits. The common keywords utilized to improve the effect are "now", "today" or "latest". For conversion rate, a combination of limited time for the unique price works the very best. Below there is an example of an "urgent" offer from Bloomberg.

Landing page

This is the page where you generate income. The best landing page is specified by the variety of conversions, not by some subjective viewpoints and ratings. Although, no secret sauce will make your page high converting overnight. But some tricks statistically boost its CR:

  • Appealing design with top quality images and visuals

Do not attempt to strike the audience by showing all the visual approaches that you find out. It's far better to stick to the concept of visual simplicity:

  • emphasises customers' interest on CTAs by separating them from various other elements;
  • display and compare key attributes and calls;
  • place components in a way that guides customers to keep reading.


  • Social proof

There are several types of social evidence that you may show on your landing web page. Among them are testimonials, reviews, case studies, consumer displays, star recommendations, a variety of shares, a variety of consumers/ individuals, and others. You can familiarize yourself with a good example of social commitment in the official webpage of Bloomberg.


  • Well-developed worth proposal

A value proposition is a clear claim that explains the advantages of what you are using, just how you resolve requirements and your visitor's troubles, and what identifies you from the competition. The distinguishing characteristics of a reliable VP are differentiation, evaluated value, and relevancy. When it pertains to landing pages, it should be communicated in the first 10 secs. Here is an example of offerings from Nike+ webpage.


  • Video demonstration

For example, you can find many inspiring videos with famous sportsmen on the Nike+ webpage, which increases their rating significantly:

  • Explainer Videos;
  • Testimonial Videos;
  • Video Backgrounds.

Ultimately, we recommend you attempt a different combination of landing and prelanding pages and transform that mix as frequently as you can.

Campaign Optimization: Black and Whitelist

In order to maximize the expense of your campaign and effectiveness black- and whitelists are needed. Sources or simply put pages that cost much and bring no conversions must be added to the blacklists. Whitelists are the sources that bring conversions. To make a premium quality whitelist you need information a minimum of 7 days long while to make a blacklist 1-3 days are required. It is necessary to understand the structure of the website traffic sources to make a black- and whitelist, which pages will be relevant for your ad and include in them some value.

How to Start a Whitelist or Blacklist?

Step 1: Start by conceiving contextually pertinent sites. Based on the motif of the campaign and the audience you're attempting to get to, where do you want your ads to appear? Where do you definitely NOT want them to appear?

Step 2: Take into consideration whether or not there is value in ads showing up on local websites, popular national/international websites, etc.

Step 3: Analyze the general advertising strategy. Have you done any direct buys with neighborhood pubs or obtained any kind of digital as a value-add on traditional media acquires? If so, it would certainly be beneficial to add those websites to your blacklist to stop the replication of efforts.

Step 4: Make a checklist of perfect sites.

Step 5: Confirm you have access to programmatic advertising space on the websites on your checklist. You can do this by visiting each website individually.

Step 6: Apply your blacklist and whitelist. You can choose to apply for these listings to either a campaign or an individual product.

Whitelists and blacklists are simply one item of the overall ad-buying technique puzzle. However, their implementation plays a crucial role in protecting a brand's identity and sticking to brand guidelines and safety standards.

Below you can find some more hints on how to boost your campaign and what you need to focus on in order to make more profit.

Tips for Working with Popunder Traffic

  • Separation of the marketing campaign by geo. Each geo has its own time period when the gains are highest. Hence, you should focus on this variable when intending an ad campaign;
  • Split screening of landing pages for marketers and their own pre-landing web pages;
  • Do not irritate the end-user with the very same pop-up advertisement over and over again throughout the day. Set limits and show visitors different ads. Minimize unique checkouts depending on the scale of the audience;
  • Work with a tracker. No seriously! Do not reduce anything (landing pages, geo, time periods, and so on) without data analysis;
  • From the very starting, consider evaluating different landing pages. You would certainly be stunned what a significant effect can be Landing at work with Popunder. Think about using unique solutions to follow trends.

As you already realized, the popup is an extra hostile form of pop traffic: it is both an and also and a minus. On the one hand, importunity is what aids to accomplish high ROI in proficient hands. On the other hand, this style can be way too annoying, after that individuals will immediately close the pop-up pages without also having to wait for their contents to load.

Compared to them, the concept of using Popunder seems extra eye-catching. This sort of pop-up is much more likely to be seen. The customer, having finished his business, will notice the window and might want its contents. At this moment, he is much more likely to familiarize himself with the proposition than if to interrupt it in the middle of the circumstance.

For the majority of customers, popunder ads are the dark horse in the world of Advertising and marketing. Every website proprietor secretly wants to give it a try but has already heard some scary stories concerning how popunder ads hurt the user experience and lead to your website getting Google penalties.

That's why we come up with the decision to place here the experts' opinions on top misconceptions regarding Pop-under ads.

Misconception # 1: Websites will receive Google penalties for making use of popunder ads

There is a detailed explanation from Google Webmasters official channel that Popunders as ad units can not harm your site's rank in Google. According to Matt Cutts who is one of the most popular Google specialists plainly said from an online search engine viewpoint, Pop-under ads do not lead to Google charges.

Misconception # 2: Visitors will get malware via Popunders


Malware is a common problem in the entire online advertising market. The origin of malware is neither the ad style nor the network you are working with. To be precise, it's specific advertisers who violate the Network's Policy Terms, not the tool you employ.

Misconception # 3: You can't use popunder ads if you're already using AdSense

A lot of our authors utilize OnclickAds Pop-under and AdSense on the same website. The results are great as by incorporating these two kinds of ads they literally increase their revenue. As to the widespread opinion that it is restricted to apply Popunders on the same page as Google Ads: it's definitely false.

Google's Ad Placement Policy clearly says: Publishers are not permitted to position Google ads on sites that have more than 3 pop-ups. If pop-ups are shown on a site, they might not interfere with site navigation, modification of individual preferences, start downloads, or disperse viruses.

We hope to have resolved all the intimidating misconceptions about Popunder Ads in order to encourage you to give them a try on your site. Here's a concluding bit of recommendations regarding applying Popunder Ads: they can be incorporated with all types of websites. Though, based on our experience, the golden formula is a good content site with a portion of search engine traffic. In this situation, your individuals won't feel any unfavorable impact from Onclick Ads.

Another point is that you constantly need to evaluate your product/offer. As soon as you are performing with fundamental targeting setups, set up the Consumer Activity targeting. If it's a new product or you are examining totally fresh creatives — do start with the "High" activity group. These customers are the most engaged ones. After that, see the campaign results and the number of leads produced. Scale the campaign to various other activity groups to expand the reach. Testing, reducing, and optimizing your Popunder advertising campaign are the essential steps for an earnings increase.