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Eroadvertising is an advertising network specializing in adult traffic.


  • Converts both desktop and mobile traffic.
  • Payment model - CPC and CPM. Webmaster revenue depends on a number of factors including GEO, format, market position.
  • There is an internal exchange Marketplace for search traffic sources.
  • Payments are made either every week or every month.


  • Desktop/Mobile: banners, context, video ads, popups, redirects, pre-page popups, page corners, etc.
  • IPTV/Console - movie ads, banners, IM Pop-Up.




  • Buying traffic
  • Advertiser registration
  • Pay per click or per show
    Clicks, displays
  • Is the cost per click (or display) fixed?
  • Is it possible to leak WAP traffic?
  • GEO
    All GEOs
  • Payment methods
    PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer
  • Referral percentage
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Eroadvertising reviews

January 30
  • Profitability 6
  • Support 6
  • Quality of advertisers 6
  • Reliability 6


I have started Eroadvertising pop traffic on 30 August 2022. I spent total of 15$ and it showing 27K traffic is sent to my website. 

When i checked Google Analytic and Clicky Analytic. In both analytic it showing i got only 1200-1500 traffic. And no leads in affiliate network. 

I am promoting SOI offers but still no lead
90% traffic loss on popunder

Anyone here can give me your feedback should i use eroadvertising or not.


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19 July 2024
Quality of advertisers

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