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Buy Google Ads Accounts [Old Accounts]

Nobody can deny the important effect of Google Ads and marketing through it on affiliate marketing. Even though a lot of free and organic traffic can come to our websites through Google itself Google Ads provides another means of gaining traffic quickly and being able to target the exact audience we want for the type of products we sell. In this article, we will be covering the topic of buying old Google Ads accounts for affiliate marketing.

Importance of Google Ads in Affiliate Marketing

 You can't overlook the effect of Google ads in affiliate marketing. Usually, when we want to target a certain group of people on the Google search engine, we have to deal with Google ads and its process. Without Google ads, it is going to be very hard for beginners or even pro affiliate marketers to get to the audience they need without too much hassle or spending too much time.

In order to become successful with advertising through Google ads you need a good Google ads account. This can mean a lot of things, but it mostly has to do with what you can advertise for, how much money you can spend, and many other things.

In the next sections, we will also take a look at some examples of affiliate marketing success with Google ads.

Why Buy Old Google Ads Accounts Instead of Making One

There are several benefits to buying an old Google Ads Account instead of making one. Here are a couple of them listed.

  • Easier Approval and Trust: Old accounts are already trusted by Google, which means that advertisements are moderated faster and with fewer checks. This trust can be beneficial for your ad campaigns as it might allow for smoother and quicker ad approvals​.
  • Potential Savings on Time and Money: Creating a new Google Ads account can be time-consuming and potentially expensive, especially for those new to the platform. By purchasing an existing account, you can save time and resources, enabling you to start your advertising campaigns immediately​.
  • Bypassing Google’s Approval Process: New Google Ads accounts must go through a strict and often time-consuming approval process. An old account bypasses this step, allowing for an immediate ad campaign launch​.
  • Taxation Benefits: Some old accounts registered in countries without value-added tax (VAT) can offer tax benefits, enabling more earnings. This is particularly advantageous for businesses focusing on maximizing profits​.
  • AdWords Coupons: Old accounts may have access to Google's affiliate or bonus programs, offering gift certificates or coupons for advertising. These can be especially valuable for new campaigns or testing different marketing strategies​.
  • Insurance Against Account Bans: Google's policies can sometimes be unpredictable, and even ads that don't violate policies might get flagged. Having multiple old accounts can be a form of insurance; if one gets banned, you have others to fall back on to quickly restart your advertising​.
  • Increased Reach and Improved Ad Performance: With pre-verified accounts, you can immediately start targeting different demographics and locations. This allows for an expanded reach and potential customer base. Additionally, having access to multiple accounts enables testing different ad strategies and optimizing campaigns for better results.​​
  • Cost-Effectiveness: In some cases, purchasing Google Ads accounts can be more economical than setting up and managing new accounts, particularly if it involves hiring a team of experts.

How to Buy Google Ads Accounts

There are several things to pay attention to when it comes to buying Google Ads accounts. There are various platforms where you can find Google Ads accounts to buy. Besides those, you need some information to help you verify the offers and some other details to keep in mind in the process.

How to Verify the Seller

There are specific ways through which you can verify the cellar of the Google ads account you want to buy. Here are a couple of things to check and look for.

  • Reputation and Reviews: You want to check the reputation and customer reviews of the seller of the account online. Forums out there where you can search for such information. In this case, you can search on affiliate marketing forums or even ask your peers.
  • Verification: You need to check that the accounts the seller is selling are pre-verified.If they are already verified then there are no risks of suspension or termination.
  • Account Age: You would want to verify that the accounts the seller is selling are aged enough. Old accounts are usually more reputable on the search engine.
  • Support and Assistance: The seller has to be open to providing you with support and assistance as you need.Conversation and make sure that the answers of the seller are smooth and trustworthy. Learn a lot while you're talking with the seller the first time. Make sure you ask any questions you have and see if they answer you properly.
  • Pricing: You should compare the prices offered by different sellers as well. However, be cautious of extremely low prices, because these could indicate low-quality or fraudulent accounts.

How to Check the Account Before Purchase

Besides Checking for the reputation of the seller, you need to check the account properly once you are cleared with the seller. Here are a couple of things and details that you have to check with the account before purchasing it. If for some reason you can't get access to check these details it is better to avoid purchasing that account to avoid consequences later.

  • Account Settings: Check the account name, status, time zone, tagging, and tracking settings. Look for any suspicious details.
  • Campaign Settings: Review bidding strategies, network settings, campaign dates, devices, and more. These have to add up to all the other details listed on the account. Plus, you need to verify they match your needs.
  • Geographic Targeting & Exclusions: Verify the geographic targeting to ensure ads appear in the locations where you want to launch a campaign.
  • Observation Audience Settings: Apply observation audiences to collect data on who interacts with your ads. This can help make sure the audience will match yours.
  • Ad Group Organization: Check to make sure there are no more than 10 keywords per ad group.
  • Keyword Match Types: Check the types of keyword matches used, focusing on exact matches for better budget control.

What’s the Best Type of Account to Choose

There are many different types of Google ad accounts to choose from. A couple of them are listed so you can get familiar with the existing types when you're buying. This way you can be sure the account you're buying is well-suited to your needs.

  • Standard Account: For basic ad campaign management.
  • Manager Account: For managing multiple accounts.
  • Smart Campaigns Account: For simple, quick ad setups.
  • Merchant Center Account: For e-commerce businesses.
  • Ad Grants Account: For eligible nonprofits.
  • Video Campaigns Account: For running video ads.
  • App Campaigns Account: For promoting mobile apps.
  • Local Campaigns Account: For businesses with physical locations.
  • Display & Video 360 Account: For advanced display and video ad campaign management.
  • Google Ads Manager Account: For large advertisers or agencies managing multiple accounts.

Difference between Accounts with and without Ad Spending

Accounts with and without ad spending have quite a lot of differences. Accounts with previous ad spending are more trustworthy because you can check their campaign information and compare them to your own needs. They are more trusted by Google Ads and have fewer restrictions. Accounts without ad spending are hard to verify and are probably going to cause some problems in the process.

Post-Purchase Considerations

There are things you have to pay attention to after you purchase the accounts in case any problems arise. Here are a couple of those cases and information you should keep in mind.

Can I Get My Money Back if My Account is Banned After Purchase

If you encounter any issues after purchasing the account, whether you can get your money back or not depends highly on the seller. Some sellers actually have guarantees and they provide you with a replacement in case the account gets banned. However, even the ban itself has to be a fault of the account for you to either get a replacement or your money back. If the ban is on your ad campaign or any of your activities, then you can't get your money back or you might not be able to get a replacement.

Even though you might be able to get a replacement for a banned account getting your money back might not really be that highly possible. Most sellers agree to give you a replacement so don't really expect to get your full paid sum back in case a problem arises.

In order to be prepared for any problems, make sure to do the following:

  • Review Seller's Refund Policy: Before purchasing, understand the seller's refund policy regarding banned accounts. This policy should be clearly stated in their terms of service.
  • Communicate with the Seller: If your account gets banned after purchase, contact the seller directly to discuss a possible refund. The outcome will depend on their policy and discretion.
  • Document Everything: Keep all transaction records and correspondence related to the account purchase. This documentation is important in case of disputes or refund requests.

Why Are Accounts Being Blocked

The accounts that you purchase could be blocked due to several reasons.

  • Policy Violations: Google has strict policies regarding account ownership and use. If these policies are violated, accounts can be blocked.
  • Suspicious Activity: Google's algorithms are designed to detect and block accounts that show signs of suspicious activity, which can include sudden changes in account behavior after a transfer of ownership.
  • Previous Account Misuse: If the account was misused by the previous owner, it could be flagged and subsequently blocked by Google, even after the ownership transfer.

What Account Details Do I Receive After Purchase

After purchasing a Google ads account, you will receive several details.

  • Account Access Credentials: This includes the username and password or the necessary information to change these credentials to secure the account.
  • Historical Data and Campaign Information: Details about previous campaigns, ad spend history, keyword performance, etc., should be provided.
  • Billing Information: Details regarding past billing, including the setup for ongoing billing.
  • Account Setup and Configuration Details: This includes information about geographic targeting, audience settings, and other configurations specific to the purchased account.

Risks Associated with Buying Google Ads Accounts

There are many risks involved with buying Google Ads accounts. A couple of them are listed here.

  • Risk of Getting Scammed: There's a high risk of encountering fraudulent sellers who may sell fake or suspended accounts. This can lead to a loss of money and getting banned from the platform.
  • Lack of Control Over Account History: When you buy a pre-existing account, you have no control over its past activities. The account might have been involved in black hat practices or might have a low-quality score, negatively impacting your advertising efforts.
  • Limited Customization Options: Pre-existing accounts often come with limited customization capabilities, making it challenging to tailor campaigns to your specific business needs, potentially leading to lower conversion rates and wasted ad spending.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Success on Google Ads

Here are some examples of affiliates succeeding their campaigns using Google Ads.

Case #1. Auto Detailing Business Case Study

This case study highlights an auto detailing business that utilized Google Ads effectively. Over seven days, they spent $630, received 4679 impressions, 385 clicks (8.23% click-through rate), and 125 leads. The campaign achieved a cost per lead of $5.03 and a conversion rate of 32.55%. They focused on specific ad groups and keywords related to auto detailing, resulting in a high number of leads at a low cost per lead​.

Case #2. Shopify Dropshipping Campaign

A creator shared their success story of generating over $200,000 in revenue in 30 days on their UK and US Shopify dropshipping sites, with 95% of the revenue coming from Google Ads. They provided insights on structuring the Shopify store, broadening the niche, and finding best-selling products, as well as recommending Bing Ads as a supplementary platform.

Case #3. Large-Scale Google Ads Campaign

Another case discussed a client who achieved roughly $600,000 in revenue over seven days and $2.2 million over 30 days through Google Ads. He shares strategies that could be applicable to other businesses looking to replicate similar success.


As you saw, Google Ads is very effective when it comes to advertising. So buying a trustworthy Google Ads account can have a great impact on your sales and conversions compared to a new account. So use the tips shared here, and good luck on your journey.

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