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Mobile app affiliate marketing is a way to generate revenue by promoting apps and in-app purchases. It can be done through your website, blog, social media channels, email marketing, and more just like other niches. Mobile app affiliates are paid a commission for each sale they make using their affiliate links.

20+ TOP Mobile App Affiliate Networks — Best Mobile App Affiliate Networks of 2024 For Online Money Making

Mobile applications are facing an upward trend with the advancement of technology and new smartphones injected into the industry. Almost 83.72% of the world’s population are smartphone users as of 2022, increasing the demand for mobile applications. Google Play store is the major contributor in this respect with 3.29 million mobile applications listed currently.  They have become an integral part of our lives today, with over 2 billion people using mobile apps every day, offering multiple benefits including cost-efficiency, convenience, interaction, etc.

Affiliate marketing programs are introduced in many apps as a strategy to promote the application. It allows the businesses to increase the chances of getting new users, who are more likely to download your app and make purchases, as well as promote offers to the existing users.


What is Mobile App Affiliate Marketing

Mobile app affiliate marketing is a relatively new industry but has been able to spread its wings across the majority of applications already. The developing companies and vendors have been able to make money by creating mobile apps and promoting them.

It is a way to generate revenue by promoting apps and in-app purchases. It's a great opportunity for marketers as it allows them to reach more customers with limited budgets. It can be done through your website, blog, social media channels, email marketing, and more just like other niches. Mobile app affiliates are paid a commission for each sale they make using their affiliate links.

Mobile app affiliate marketing helps to promote mobile apps, games, business and utility apps, as well as productivity apps. These apps have gained popularity in every corner of the world, providing simple and effective solutions for real-world problems that can be accomplished on mobile devices, ranging from checking the weather to ordering food, booking taxis, and conducting business meetings. 

Is Mobile App Affiliate Marketing Worth Doing

The future of mobile app affiliate marketing is bright, and you can be part of it. Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding ways to make money and become a member of a lucrative revenue stream. Mobile apps have been gradually replacing traditional affiliate marketing platforms. The mobile app affiliate marketing industry is growing at an exponential rate and with that comes opportunities for everyone.

The number of mobile app downloads has increased from 160 Billion to 240 Billion within the last 5 years, as reported by Statista.

This proves that the benefits of affiliate marketing are plentiful, especially for small businesses. Affiliate marketing is an ideal monetization strategy for apps that are looking to generate revenue from across the Internet. Know how to monetize your niche website for high earnings.

How Does Mobile App Affiliate Marketing Work

The procedure from signing up for an affiliate program of a mobile app to getting paid is short and simple, just like any other affiliate program. The steps can be listed as:

  1. You select a relevant mobile application by following this guide.
  2. You display your offers on landing pages and drive traffic.
  3. Leads visit your offer and download the app/ purchase features.
  4. You receive commissions based on the payment models.
  5. Done!!

An affiliate marketer and also a YouTuber, Brendan Evan has been creating content in the investment and money-making niche. He has been educating his audience regarding the stock market, finance, and the related categories since 2018. His affiliation with a high-rated mobile application earns him a decent amount every year. He not only gets the sign-ups for the app but also promotes its products.

His offers contain free sign-up bonuses or free stocks for his leads that can attract people instantly.


Benefits of Doing Mobile App Affiliate Marketing

There are many benefits that can be gained from mobile app affiliate marketing such as increased revenue, increased brand awareness, increased downloads, instals, engagement on apps and in-app purchases, and increased customer lifetime value and conversion rates.

Mobile app affiliate marketing is also a highly scalable business model and has the potential to grow very rapidly with little effort or risk involved. Here are the reasons why mobile app affiliate marketing is one of the best niches:

  • For App Developers
    • It is a great way to promote your app and get more sign-ups.
    • Mobile app marketing strategies can be used to increase brand awareness, promote social media presence, and generate traffic to company websites.
    • A significant portion of users is happy to give away personal info online because they trust the organization behind the app.
    • The more a company invests in its apps and websites, the more likely it is to succeed.
  • For Affiliates
    • There are no restrictions in mobile app affiliate marketing and you can promote your app on your website or blog, through social media, or even send personalized push notifications to users through a messaging service.
    • It offers higher conversion rates than some other affiliate programs.
    • It allows targeting specific audiences with highly relevant ads according to their interests and location.
    • It is scalable and low-cost in comparison to other niches. 


How to Select a Good Mobile App for Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of mobile app affiliate marketing platforms available for users to choose from. The user should select an appropriate platform for their business, which will help them in reaching out to their target audience and monetizing their traffic effectively. The factors that you should consider when selecting a mobile app for affiliate marketing.

Mobile Application

The major part of the head starting with an affiliate program is the kind of mobile application that you choose as it would determine your earning potential and success as an affiliate. Some great features of a mobile app for affiliate marketing include personalized marketing, email campaigns, coupons, surveys, and opt-in forms.

Pointers to determine a credible mobile app are:

  • Relevance to your niche
  • Offer a good value for your audience
  • Support multi-devices- including all types of mobile software
  • Smooth Interface
  • Runs offline
  • Distinguishable features from competitors
  • In-app offers
  • Cookie Duration- should be at least 30 days
  • Reputation of company
  • Reviews- promote something that you’d prefer

Cost and Commission

As you are going to promote the products through your website, social media, and email list, you need to consider the cost per conversion and revenue derived from it. This factor determines how much you will spend on generating each lead and how long it will take before you see any ROI. You need to make sure that the cost of a conversion is affordable and that the returns are good enough.


The price of the app as well as in-app purchases also needs to be considered with respect to your traffic audience. The majority of revenue, that is, 98% comes from free apps, rather than paid. People are more likely to spend on a feature even if it brings value to them in some way, not necessarily monetary. For example, gamers spend thousands on buying outfits and modes in games. This is just one factor out of many that you should consider when you are buying. 

Content consumption

The amount of content that your audience will consume determines the kind of app you need to affiliate for. Similar stands for the amount of content that you are willing to provide. For instance, some apps feature a lot more updates than others. Video editing and graphic apps contain more premium updated features than messaging apps.

Quality of traffic

The quality of traffic is an important factor in selecting a mobile app for affiliate marketing. If you want to generate high-quality leads, then you need to ensure that your chosen product has a high number of users and has been around for some time, so that the trust of new users would be built automatically. Additionally, you need to make sure that the app is not a very popular one as it might reduce your chances of finding an unexplored audience.

 How to Get Started with Mobile App Affiliate Marketing?

A mobile app affiliate marketing business can be started in many different ways, but the best way to start is by finding a niche and building an audience. Once you have built your audience and started promoting a mobile app, you can then start promoting your offers. The following steps can walk you through the infancy as well as growing stages of your affiliate work.


There are many categories available for mobile applications like games, education, health, business, etc. You can choose to promote all types of applications or select a specific category according to the interest of your audience. For a detailed guide on how to select the best mobile app for affiliate marketing, you can check the guide above.

The most profitable niches for mobile apps are:

  • Investment, Funding, and Taxation
  • Travel
  • Health and Fitness
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Food


After enrolment in the relevant affiliate program, you need to promote the links on your landing page. A website or blog is an ideal place for this. Create a landing page for Marketing where you need to highlight the utility of the application and how it can solve the problem of your lead. More importantly, you must show some of the reviews from the users so that your audience would be compelled to download/use it.  It should be able to reach out to all your target audience regardless of their location, age, gender, and other demographics.

Affiliate marketers use some strategies like offering a free sign-up or a free trial of the app. One such offer is given by Noah Banks, a certified health trainer from New York. He creates content on YouTube to aware people of health and fitness products. This also earns him revenue as he promotes fitness apps and their offers. He offers a free sign-up of a paid app through an affiliate link.


Your content must be optimised appropriately in order to expand your reach to a larger audience. Optimisation for Mobile App is no different from any other niche of affiliate marketing. You may use organic methods like keywords and also paid methods of driving traffic such as advertisements.


After your setup is ready, you’d be willing to automate your marketing business to avoid daily hustle-bustle. It is true that you can ‘earn in your sleep’ with affiliate marketing, and since the slope of mobile apps growth has been going upwards, a high earning is sure.

How to Earn as a Mobile App Affiliate Marketer

Setting up a revenue stream for your mobile app affiliate program is not as hard as it seems. There are just a few things you need to take care of first before jumping into the process.

You can earn commissions on each sale and get paid in your preferred currency. Setting up an app affiliate program is not at all difficult and can be completed in just a few minutes with some simple steps.

Mobile app affiliate marketing programs work by paying commissions to affiliates for each download or install of a promoted app. They can earn money either by earning a flat fee or a percentage-based commission depending on the terms agreed upon with the affiliate network they are working with. Some affiliate programs pay a fixed amount for the download or installation of apps while the commission rates also range from 10% to 40% based on the offer promoted. Pay offered for a ‘download/ instal or sign up’ program is usually lower as compared to the affiliation for selling software or offers of the application.

Ultimately, your mobile app needs to be promoted with the same care and attention that any other major product or service is promoted: paid ads, PR, social media, content marketing, search engine optimization – all of these channels have a role to play when promoting your mobile app, and will impact your results.

You can check this guide to know advanced strategies for app monetisation using paid ads.

How to Generate Traffic For Mobile App Affiliate Marketing?

This can be done through either paid or organic methods. The main goal of the advertiser is to increase the number of downloads, instals, and engagement on the app to make more money from the app.

There are two types of apps that you can choose from- free apps and paid apps. If you have a large audience, then a paid app is better suited for you. On the other hand, if your target audience is limited in number then it might be best to go with a free app. Data shows that 46% of the people have paid for an app or in-app software.

Another way to gain more instals and engagement is through "organic" methods. Organic methods are using banner ads, incentivizing sign-ups, or performing well on app review sites. Know how to monetise Apps using organic methods. You can also advertise on social media which tends to be pretty specific with its demographics.

Knowing who your target audience is will help you tailor your campaign and achieve success faster than if you were more scattered in your targeting. For example, a business looking to advertise their newly launched application on websites would want to focus on their 18-34 demographic, but if they were looking to advertise their beauty products on Twitter, they may want to target users who are interested in makeup. 

What's the Best Way to Do Mobile App Affiliate Marketing

In order to be successful in mobile app affiliate marketing, it is important to choose the right affiliate program and offer products that appeal to your target audience. Here are some tips to help you for upgrading your mobile app affiliate programs.

Your content needs to be unique. In order to overcome the competition in mobile app affiliate marketing, you need to provide helpful resources to your audience consistently. Check out tips on how you can beat your competitor. Content is said to be the key to being successful. You can not only write about ‘The Best Apps for Losing Weight’ but also dedicate a complete blog to describe the features, free trials, pros, cons, ratings, etc. of the particular apps.

Another thing that can support you in excelling at affiliate marketing is monitoring the results produced by different applications. With this, you can decide what is working and what is not and accordingly adjust your strategy and eliminate those apps that do not bring in revenue. For example, most mobile phones have built-in applications for calendars, stopwatch, calculator, notes, etc. which reduces the demand for downloading such apps.

In addition to upscaling your affiliate marketing by adopting various strategies, you need to be patient. Remember that efforts never go waste.


Mobile app affiliate marketing is no doubt a profitable business model that is growing in popularity. It has many benefits, including increased exposure, brand awareness, and revenue generation. Mobile apps have become a powerful tool in this era and age because they are convenient and affordable for almost everyone to use. Affiliate marketers can explore this opportunity by promoting advanced applications and earning commissions. It's not just about earning money or getting paid, it's about building a career in the tech industry.