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Launch year: 1999
Official website:

Tradedoubler is an international digital marketing company.

Model of work: CPA.

Verticals: mobile, cashback, blogs, affiliate networks, portals, videos, etc.

Withdrawal of funds - every month on the 20th.

Tax: 30$ deduction on personal account.


  • Minimum payout
  • GEO
    Europe and Singapore
  • Payment models
    to any electronic / banking system
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TradeDoubler reviews

July 05, 2022
  • Profitability 3
  • Support 2
  • Technology 3
  • Reliability 2

An absolutely horrible company
I have been trying to get answers and contact with someone from TradeDoubler for 1 month.
I wrote by e-mail to a collaborator on 18.01.22: he never answered me.
On 01.25.21, following an email to the TD company, I was answered by email to schedule a telephone interview. TD didn't call me.
I have written 3 more times since this missed interview, never any response, nothing!!!
This company is managed by rude people, who have no desire for me to work. It is impossible to develop anything under these conditions. Without having the possibility to contact them, I believe that the money in our account can never be withdrawn. Especially since nowhere in our account are we asked for our bank details…
In short, after 1 month with many attempts, I give up!!! Nothing can be done with such a company. It's a fake!!


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

December 02, 2019
  • Support 1
  • Reliability 1

Horrible support. They have not responded to any email for a month, and then when you contact the manager, she does not want to listen to any arguments or explanations and just says that all of their scans are accurate and no one will pay anything. When you ask her why they don't fix the problems with the promotional materials, she just won't listen. So I have to wish them luck since they are not willing to cooperate in a normal way. Worst support ever !!!!!

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This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

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12 April 2024

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