Bigo Ads Agency Accounts for Rent

In today's fast-paced digital marketing world, affiliate marketers sometimes struggle to reach their target audience on popular advertising platforms. These platforms often have limitations like tight budgets and restricted audience reach. But don't worry! This article introduces a clever solution: renting Bigo Ads Agency accounts. Find out how this strategy can help you overcome obstacles and improve your affiliate marketing results!

What to Expect from Bigo Ads?

Let's take a quick dive into the world of Bigo Ads. While it's a newcomer compared to giants like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, it holds some intriguing insights worth exploring:

  • BIGO Ads is a global mobile advertising platform that reaches over 150 countries and regions around the world.

  • BIGO Ads’ advertisements are prominently displayed within two popular applications, Likee and Imo, which primarily attract an audience of users aged 18-35.

Here are some answers to questions that affiliate marketers might have about the platform:

  1. How big is BIGO’s audience?​

According to the latest official statistics — more than 200 million. Obviously, it’s not TikTok with its 1 billion+, but audience overlap is not more than 23% (with Instagram it’s 43%).

  1. How to set up a campaign in BIGO ADS and what strategy to choose​?

As any other traffic source, BIGO ADS has its own peculiarities in terms of budget for ad set, scaling, algorithms etc. When it comes to setting up campaigns, the process is pretty similar to that in Facebook and TikTok.

  1. Can you start with an app in Play Market?​

Yes. Driving traffic from apps means higher audience activity, and the optimization is really quick and efficient. The downside is that pixels don't have many events.

Affiliate Marketing with Bigo Ads

The bigger part of traffic comes from the CIS, the Middle East, and Asia. There is some tier-1 traffic as well.

Bigo Ads moderators are more loyal than on TikTok — they may approve ads in such verticals as gambling, cryptocurrency, and dating, but they won’t approve “black” offers. In Bigo Ads, they commonly work with the nutra, white goods, info products, sweepstakes, and apps.

You might want to take into account that the Bigo Ads traffic is young (people up to 35), so, select your offers accordingly.

Is it Worth It to Rent Bigo Agency Ad Accounts

Regular accounts often lack stability and the advantages that agency-owned accounts have, leading to unpredictable risks for your ad campaigns. The ad approval process on regular accounts is often slow and unclear, causing delays in launching your campaigns.

Imagine being eager to speed up your ad campaigns, but your account is as sluggish as a tortoise when it comes to deducting funds. This is surely not what you want, right? Regular accounts also lack a sophisticated data analytics system for precise targeting, personalized advertising, and real-time optimization.

Having all that information in mind, let’s see what can you get by renting Bigo Ads Agency accounts:

  • Access to a New Audience: Bigo Ads Agency accounts provide access to a diverse audience base, particularly in regions like Asia and the Middle East. This can be valuable for marketers looking to target specific demographics or geographic locations.
  • Unique Advertising Channels: Bigo Agency accounts offer advertising opportunities on platforms like Likee and imo messenger, which may not be available through other advertising networks. This allows marketers to explore new advertising channels and diversify their marketing strategies.
  • Potential for High Traffic Volumes: Despite being a relatively new advertising platform, Bigo Agency accounts have shown promising traffic volumes in certain regions.
  • Specialized Support and Expertise: Renting Bigo Agency ad accounts often comes with support and expertise from the account owner or agency. This can be valuable for marketers who may need assistance with campaign setup, optimization, or troubleshooting.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Renting Bigo Agency ad accounts can be a cost-effective option compared to other advertising channels, especially for marketers with limited budgets. It allows them to access a new audience and generate traffic without having to invest heavily in advertising.

How to Rent Bigo Ads Agency Accounts

Here's a simple guide on how to rent Bigo Ads Agency accounts:

  1. Research Providers: Find reputable agencies offering Bigo Ads Agency accounts. Check reviews, track record, and terms.
  2. Contact Providers: Inquire about services, pricing, and features.
  3. Discuss Terms: Clarify rental duration, usage restrictions, and pricing.
  4. Verify Ownership: Ensure legal ownership of rented accounts with proof from providers.
  5. Review History: Assess account performance and compliance with advertising policies.
  6. Negotiate: Align rental terms with your goals and budget, and discuss customization options.
  7. Sign Agreement: Formalize terms in a contract covering account usage and payments.
  8. Receive Access: After signing, gain login details and necessary account information.
  9. Monitor Performance: Track campaign metrics to gauge effectiveness.
  10. Communicate: Maintain dialogue with the provider to address issues and optimize campaigns.

By following these steps, you can effectively rent Bigo Ads Agency accounts and leverage them to enhance your affiliate marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience.

How to Find the Best Platform for Renting Bigo Ads Agency Accounts

Finding platforms offering Bigo Ads Agency Accounts isn't as easy as finding those for Facebook or Google accounts. While there aren't as many options, you still need to be diligent in choosing the right provider. Here's what you need to consider:

  • Reputation and Reliability: Start by researching platforms or agencies with a solid reputation in the affiliate marketing community. Look for providers with positive reviews, testimonials, and a proven track record of delivering quality services.
  • Legitimacy of Account Ownership: Ensure that the platform legally owns the Bigo Ads Agency Accounts they are offering for rent.
  • Account Performance and History: Review the performance history of the Bigo Ads Agency Accounts available for rent. Look for accounts with a history of successful campaigns, high-quality traffic, and compliance with Bigo Ads' advertising policies. This information can give you insight into the effectiveness of the accounts you're considering.
  • Customization and Support: Seek out platforms that offer customization options and provide adequate support to optimize your advertising campaigns.
  • Transparency in Rental Terms: Pay close attention to the rental terms offered by the platform. Make sure they are transparent about the duration of the rental period, any usage restrictions or limitations, and the pricing structure.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Choose a platform that prioritizes communication and collaboration throughout the rental process.

By considering these factors, you can effectively identify the best platform for renting Bigo Agency Ad Accounts and maximize the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Best Type of Account to Choose

The best type of Bigo Ads Agency account depends on your specific marketing goals and budget. Consider factors such as account age, spending limits, audience reach, and previous ad performance when making your decision. Accounts with higher spending limits and a proven track record of successful campaigns may command higher rental prices but offer better ROI.

Difference Between Accounts With and Without Ad Spending

The difference between accounts with and without ad spending primarily lies in their activity level and potential for advertising. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Accounts with Ad Spending:
  • These accounts have a history of investing in advertising campaigns on the platform.
  • They typically have a higher level of activity and engagement, as they have been actively promoting products or services.
  • Accounts with ad spending may have access to additional features or benefits, such as advanced targeting options or priority support from the platform.
  1. Accounts without Ad Spending:
  • These accounts have not invested in advertising campaigns on the platform.
  • They may have lower activity levels and engagement compared to accounts with ad spending.
  • While they may not offer the same level of immediate visibility as accounts with ad spending, they still provide an opportunity to explore the platform and test advertising strategies without initial financial commitment.

In summary, accounts with ad spending offer a proven track record of engagement and potential for more advanced advertising features. On the other hand, accounts without ad spending provide a starting point for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the platform and gradually build their advertising presence.

Post-Purchase Considerations

Refund policies regarding account bans can vary depending on the seller or platform from which you purchased the Bigo Ads Agency account. Before making a purchase, it's essential to review the terms and conditions, including any refund policies, provided by the seller.

Why are Accounts Being Blocked?

Bigo Ads Agency accounts may be blocked or suspended for various reasons, including violations of Bigo Ads' advertising policies, fraudulent activities, or suspicious account behavior.

Common reasons for account blocks include engaging in deceptive advertising practices, promoting prohibited content, using unauthorized third-party tools or software, or violating copyright or trademark laws.

To avoid account blocks, familiarize yourself with Bigo Ads' advertising policies and guidelines.

What Account Details Do I Receive After Purchase?

The specific account details you receive after purchasing a Bigo Ads Agency account can vary depending on the seller or platform from which you made the purchase.

Typically, you can expect to receive login credentials, including a username and password, that grant you access to the Bigo Ads Agency account.

Additionally, you may receive other relevant account information, such as account ID numbers, billing details, and any additional features or benefits associated with the account.

Benefits of Renting a Ready-Made Account Rather Than Making One

Renting a ready-made account offers businesses immediate access to an established online presence, saving time and resources. With built-in audiences, businesses can efficiently reach their target demographics, reduce risk, and scale their marketing efforts effectively. Overall, it provides a convenient and low-risk option for establishing an online presence and executing marketing strategies.

Risks Associated with Renting Bigo Ads Agency Ad Accounts

It's crucial to remember that Bigo neither formally sells nor permits the transfer of agency accounts. This implies that the majority of accounts being sold can be potentially fake.

The hazards associated with purchasing a Bigo Agency account should be understood if you are thinking about doing so. Not all of the capabilities and advantages of a real agency account may be available to fraudulent accounts. Furthermore, if Bigo finds out that the account is being used illegally, there's a chance it may be suspended or banned.

To avoid falling for scams when purchasing Bigo Ads Agency account, follow these tips:

  • Never pay the full amount upfront. Any seller asking for full payment upfront is likely a scammer.
  • Before buying from a seller, research their reputation. Read online reviews to see if they have a good track record.
  • If you're unsure about a seller, it's best to play it safe and avoid making a purchase.


Renting Bigo Ads Agency accounts is a smart move for businesses and marketers. It gives quick access to a wide audience and helps establish a strong online presence. However, affiliate marketers must remain cautious and choose a reliable provider to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

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