20+ TOP Dating Affiliate Networks — Best Highest Paying Dating Networks of 2024 For Money Making

Demand for dating websites on the internet is rising. With no time to search for a partner, working people rely on dating websites that are experiencing a lot of popularity. As a result, dating affiliate networks are now an incredibly worthwhile investment, since dating websites need more and more promoters for their services and products. Here’s how even you can get in on the action and start promoting dating services and products right now, in 2022.

What Are Dating Affiliate Networks and Their Benefits

Dating affiliate networks promote dating offers for dating websites on their own platform. The services they provide vary from matchmaking and online dating to dating-related products. A lot of these online services have subscription fees. With the high demand for these products, this niche has become really profitable for affiliate marketers.

With all the different services that all cater to different niches, the competition is definitely fierce. A lot of dating websites rely on affiliate marketers to get the word around, and send in more customers through the door. This is why Dating Affiliate Networks are a thing, and their business is really booming. Not to mention that online dating is always in popular demand and it will only get more popular as time goes on.

According to Statista.com, the revenue generated from online matchmaking is increasing, and is valued at 3.45 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Not only that, but the market will be experiencing steady rise until 2026. This will not only benefit dating services, but also affiliate marketers who get in on the action. Dating affiliate networks are now ripe with great opportunities for affiliate marketers, and can be one of the most successful business ventures for you.

How Do Dating Affiliate Networks Work

Pretty simple. Almost all dating websites today have an affiliate program that you can join or sign up on. After you sign up, they’ll give you a link which then you need to grab and spread online. Each lead, or each product and subscription bought will give you a share of the revenue. The more customers you bring, the more you’ll get paid.

If you’re still wondering how this process works in practice, here’s a simple breakdown of the whole thing for you.

The Process of Signing up

First off, start by finding a website you want to promote. Most websites or networks have an affiliate program, but double check if they do before you start promoting them. How to do that? Just go to your favorite dating network and check if they have an affiliate program available for you. Or contact them via email or phone and ask them. Even websites that don’t have a public affiliate program might have a network you can join, if you contact and convince them you’re up to the task. This way you can easily sign up and immediately join their affiliate program.

Now all networks don’t work or employ you in the same way. Some of them require you to call them up or have a physical meeting with them. Others might need to make sure you are capable of promoting them before letting you join in on their programs. If your blog is famous enough, they might even reach out to you. What’s important is to do your research and make sure the network you want to join provides you with options that are suitable for you.

Payment Models

You should remember not all networks pay you in the same way. For starters, there are two primary methods of payment: pay per lead (PPL), and pay per sale (PPS). In PPL, you are paid for every referral to the website that ends up interacting with the service in any way. This can be subscribing to the newsletter, placing an order, etc. PPS, on the other hand, only pays you a share or a set amount per referrals that made a purchase.

Most networks use the PPS method of payment. There are a couple who will pay you per lead, but PPL can become problematic for two reasons: there can be disagreements on what’s a lead, or what qualifies as a good lead. For example, what if someone leaves an email or phone number, but does not answer when they’re contacted? Your network might not consider this a good lead and not pay you for it. This is important for you to know before you choose your payment method.

How to Promote Dating Offers

There are several ways you can find an audience to promote to, but the gist is this: you need traffic. This traffic can come from social media like Facebook or Instagram, an email list, a blog or a website. There are two ways for gathering traffic: paid or free. The paid options entail paying for advertisements on websites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, or other social media websites for your blog. Or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can try free or organic traffic gathered from building a website or blog with a good SEO.

Top Traffic Sources

It can be difficult to set up a blog or website and gather an audience to promote your affiliates to. At this stage, your blog needs viewers and readers, which is called traffic for your website. There are many methods for gathering traffic, which can be gathered organically or through advertising. Now it can get a bit confusing and easy to get lost because of all the various methods there are for collecting traffic. Here, we’re going to give you a couple of options to start out.

Now here’s a warning before we dive in: as an affiliate, you should not be putting up ads for your network or clients. This is called false traffic, and it’s not something you want to be doing. Make sure to only promote your own blog or business, not the affiliate programs you join. Alright, now that’s out of the way, let’s go through the options.

Social Media Advertising

One of the ways to generate traffic for your blog or website is paying for advertisements on social media. All you need to do is go to a social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and advertise your business through them. One of the good things about social media is the diversity of the people who use it, meaning you can get your product across to many different and unique niches with the right advertisement.

Here’s an example of an ad for a dating blog on Twitter. On Twitter, you can use trendy hashtags to get your business to people. Or, you can use Twitter to promote your tweet, in which case your tweet goes to other people’s timelines without you needing to do anything.

You can also use paid social media advertising on platforms like Facebook. Many affiliates use this method and get quick leads on their ads. Ads like the one below can grab lots of attention if you make them creative enough. Consider checking this facebook dating ads guide out for more tips on how to master this.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

I’m sure you’ve seen many ads when you’ve googled something countless times on the internet. Those ads are PPC advertisements. Basically, those ads are brought whenever something related to your advertisement is googled. If someone clicks on the ad, that’s one click you have to pay for. This is a very straight-forward and simple method for directing traffic to your website. You just have to make sure to secure the best and most relevant keywords for your ads.

Here’s an example of how people promote their website on google, using PPC advertising. When people search relevant keywords, your ad comes up before they get to the actual results of their search. You can see the small “Ad” written next to the url. This shows this search result is being promoted by google.

Now google is not your only option for PPC advertising. A lot of other search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo have their own fair share of users. You can advertise your blog through them as well.

Organic Traffic

There’s also a free option for gathering and directing traffic to your blog or website. This depends directly on your online presence and activity. You can set up an account on Pinterest or Quora and build an online following there. Or you can use social media for that matter. A YouTube channel. There are loads of free options. You just need to keep those accounts alive and thriving by feeding them content, which you can produce yourself or outsource. Soon after you’ve gathered your following, you can share your affiliate links with them or direct them to your website.

You can also be focusing on your own blog or website. Writing good articles and paying attention to SEO so that your website shows up higher on search results. This will ensure your blog will gather a lot of traffic organically through google search and after building up an audience, you can share your affiliate links with them. It might be a long and arduous option, but it’s the best way to do it if you’re on a tight budget.

Tips for Succeeding in Promoting Dating Offers

Now you’ve found a dating affiliate network to work with. You have your links, and you’re ready to go. But then you encounter a problem: You don’t know what is the best way for promoting their offer. You have a blog, but you fall short in directing traffic.

If this is you, here are some hot tips for how you can improve your performance and succeed in promoting dating offers.

Appealing to the Right Audience

There are a lot of dating affiliate networks you can work with, and they don’t all offer the same services. It is mandatory to know the audience for your affiliate program and understand how to appeal to them. You cannot appeal to the Christian and religious niches like you would to an adult niche. Each audience has its own characteristics and not only do you need to know them well, but you need to know what makes them tick and interested in your offer.

Market Organically

Do not spam your link everywhere you come across and to anyone you see. If you fail to show tact and strategy while marketing, your business is going to be short-lived. Make the links pretty and indirect on your website. Do not make them feel pressured to click on your links. Do not spam forums or send emails with only a link. Good marketing practices will ensure that the audience wants to support your business.

Promote the Right Offers

There are many dating affiliate networks out there, with varying offers. All of them are profitable to an extent, but some can be more profitable than others. It is imperative for you to do your research and find out which offer not just pays more, but has a bigger profit margin. Do your research on what networks have better conduct and practices, and steer clear from shady and unknown ones. Keep that in mind, and you should be good!

Branch Out

It is paramount that you think big and do not limit yourself to only one niche. That is not to say you should overdo it and bite more than you can chew. It is always important to find and strike a balance between overshooting and undershooting your mark. Just remember that generally, it is possible for you to appeal to more than one niche. This way you can diversify your affiliate partners and increase your revenue.

Case Studies

Need further confirmation for how profitable this opportunity is? Just look at some of the successful people who do the same thing and earn tons of money through their website and affiliate networks. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you can bet none of these people suddenly got their business handed out to them. Some of them even started out their business as a hobby or a passionate project, and look where they are now. If they can do it, that means you can do it too.

Let’s take a look at how they’ve made their business a success, and then maybe you can get some ideas and follow their footsteps.

Case 1: Orlando Date Night Guide

Meet Kristen Manieri, a blogger who writes about Orlando nightlife on her blog, Orlando Date Night Guide. She was a paid freelance writer, and started her blog in 2007 as a passion project, after witnessing the thriving nightlife in Orlando. After growing her blog, she started monetizing it in 2014. One tip she gave in an interview to the new bloggers who are just starting out is, “I think when you’re just starting out a new blog you should write down 100 ideas for a blog post, no less.”

Now she generates $100 000 yearly from ad revenues and affiliate links. She’s been growing her social media to 60 000 followers and has over 50 000 monthly readers. She also directly supervises a team of writers who work with her to keep her blog alive and thriving.

Case 2: DatingAdvice

One of the best examples of how you could be promoting affiliate offers with organic traffic is this website. They have a blog filled with articles about how to find a date and ideas for date nights. These organic keyword strategies have gotten them over 100K visits a month. They also have a review page where they refer users looking for a date to dating sites.

According to the fact that each of these networks give them over 50% commission, we can consider this website to be worth more than $500K. Keep in mind that their main source of income from this blog is affiliate marketing and advertising, so you can definitely take a shot at both. They don’t currently have any ads on social media and it seems like most of their traffic comes through from organic search.


We hope this article has provided some good guidance and insight on how you can start your journey in dating affiliate networks. Just be sure to remember the points explained throughout this article, and we’re sure you’re able to rack up good amounts of traffic and revenue on your blog in no time. Now go on and be the cupid that people in this post-pandemic era need, and don’t forget us when you make it up there.