The paid survey sites are online rewarding programs that pay their users for completing the surveys.

10+ TOP Survey Affiliate Networks [2024]

There are lots of affiliate networks out there, but quite none like this one. Survey affiliate networks work differently from other types of networks, in a way that your audience is not looking to buy a product but rather gain something instead. So your job is focused on another type of audience. With this audience, you have multiple strategies and ways to earn money. That is why we have dedicated this article to give you a comprehensive guide on how to use these types of networks the best way.

What Are Survey Affiliate Networks

First off, let’s see what survey networks are. You have definitely seen one of these banners on some websites guiding you or prompting you to take a survey, so you can get a service or enjoy an offer, or earn some money, at least once. This is exactly what we are dealing with here, surveys and the money that affiliate networks will pay if you guide users to their survey website. They get more users and you get more cash. Now, it’s not all that simple, as survey networks have many tricks up their sleeve to help you get users to their websites. Let’s see the different types of survey networks out there.

Referral Programs

The first type of survey networks, which you may have seen a lot even if you haven’t been to the world of affiliate marketing, is the referral programs. Referral programs on survey websites or apps are those sections of the site that tells you if you refer your friends and family, you’ll get bonuses in the network. They give you a link and every time somebody takes a survey with your link, you get the bonus.

Affiliate Programs

Another type of survey networks are the ones that offer an affiliate program. This one works a little differently, in a way that they will actually pay you in cash to refer people to their website, get them to sign up, complete tasks, and do surveys. These networks mostly run based on CPA and expect you to make users complete an action for the network.

How Do Survey Affiliate Networks Work

Now, let’s see how a survey network works and how you can earn money. It is true that it’s just as simple as ‘refer users and get cash’, but when you actually want to get down to doing that, it might seem that it’s not just that easy. Remember, this is different because your audience is different.

When dealing with survey affiliate networks, your audience can consist of multiple types of people: people who want to earn money by doing surveys, people who want to do a quiz because of their interest in a topic, people who want to win prizes, or people who just need the resources you have on your website. We will explain different ways of getting these people to the survey network’s platform to get your money, but for now, let’s focus on why these people bring money to you.

The survey networks need more users to earn money, so you will give you a commission from every sale they do, which is equal to every user earned. The payments that these networks will give you can be based on CPA or just simply bonuses and gift cards. Either way, you want some good ways to get people to these surveys. Let’s see how we can do that.

Different Ways to Promote Survey Affiliate Offers

There are some simple ways you might already have thought of, but the trick here is your language. Remember when we mentioned that your audience here wants to gain something? Most of the time, your audience happens to be in search of money through doing surveys, since that has become super famous recently. Other times, your audience is just interested in learning more about themselves. Eitherway, you want to optimize your copy. Let’s see how we can do that on different platforms.

Social Media

The first place you want to promote your offers is social media. You’ve definitely seen these TikToks where somebody tells you how to earn money online. They have an affiliate link that guides you to a survey website that pays you, and they obviously earn commissions out of you signing up and doing surveys and watching ads.

Take a look at the TikTok above. This affiliate is trying to guide his audience to an affiliate website/app that allows people to earn money, and he is going to get some commissions for referring the users as well. This is just an example out of hundreds of videos. You can see this on different social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and any other as well.

Keep in mind that this is not always the case. Sometimes you can see posts on social media that guide you to take a survey to figure out which celebrity you look like, etc. These are other types of guiding people to a survey website.

Content Lockers

This one is probably the most common one, and for sure, you have at least once run into one of these. What are content lockers? A content lock happens when you are trying to access some content or some resource, and the website prompts you to take a survey so you can have this content or resource in return. While most of the time, this is just a way to make you refer to the survey website and take a survey, you don’t actually get to access the content. This is the way that you can also implement to force users to try and take a survey.

Looking at the example below, is it not familiar to you?

Most of the time, the user will just choose one option out of hurry, and you will get your referral commission instead.

What you can do to achieve this is to set up a website with a bunch of resources that users can’t find anywhere else, such as apps, etc. Be careful you don’t claim to spread anything copyrighted, and simply provide resources that are hard to find or expensive, and then, give users this content locker that prompts them to take a survey. As easy as ABC.

Blogs and Websites

This last one is probably the most common one. For implementing this, you will have to have a landing page and a blog where you talk about how people can earn money from surveys. You need to choose good keywords and start ranking on Google, so this guide will definitely come in handy. When you make sure that people who are interested in making money can find you, you can post referral links of survey affiliate programs on your website and watch users sign up and do the surveys. That is when you get your commission. Take a look at the website below for example.

The website is super focused on its audience. It instantly prepares them to earn money from surveys with questions like how many surveys they can do and how much money they can earn. They do this in the simplest way to bait users who are desperate for earning money and catch them at their weakest moment.


Making money out of survey networks is paying attention to your audience and what they are looking for. You can easily provoke their sense of curiosity and make quick cash by referring them to survey networks. This doesn’t mean that they are not going to earn anything. It just means that you are going to earn money at a faster rate than them. No one is to blame here, because many of those users have actually managed to earn cash from affiliate networks as well. So do your part, and continue the circle by promoting these offers with some good advice for your users.

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