Email ad networks are services that connect publishers and advertisers to launch email ads.

5+ TOP Email Ad Networks in 2024

Affiliate marketing is accomplishment-based marketing used by many businesses. They compensate their associates with a commission to their affiliates for each visitor or customer generated through their marketing efforts. Simply put, you discover a solution you love, promote it yourself, and get a share of the profits from every sale.

This strategy goes a long way in generating leads and helping to keep the cost per acquisition under control. This strategy can be used in various ways, including email marketing. With 4 billion active email subscribers globally, creating an efficient email campaign may boost views of advertised content as well as conversions and sales.

How Does Affiliate Email Marketing Work

Affiliate email marketing is where affiliate links are promoted through well-designed and targeted emails advertised.

Such letters are created to arouse the interest of your subscribers, which would improve conversion rate and website traffic.

Why Should You Employ Email for Affiliate Marketing

Irrespective of developments in SEO and social media marketing, email remains the most effective approach. To begin with, affiliate marketing and contact your target audience consisting of 99% of customers who go through their emails daily. A poll in the United States found that approximately 50% of respondents check their inboxes up to ten times each day. This opens a plethora of chances for affiliate marketers to produce sales.

Emails give you personalized and direct access to your target audience. According to a recent survey, email marketing affected 59% of participants purchasing decisions.

A product purchase can also be triggered by email.

How Much Can You Make from Email Ads?

Industry rates are usually in the below ranges. As you can see, inserting programmatic ads from a network has much lower eCPMs (cost per every thousand impressions), but it also involves much less work. For many companies, increased ad rates from selling directly justify the investment in sales and ad operations teams.

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate promotion Affiliate marketing is a method of earning commissions by promoting the products or services of others. Affiliate marketers can grow their email list by offering a lead magnet and then sending welcome emails. Email marketing enables businesses to advertise their lists, sparking conversations and actively engaging their audience.

Who Should Use Affiliate Email Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is ideal for businesses and influencers that want to make personal connections. One explanation for its success is that most individuals are readily duped into purchasing things advised by someone they trust. This indicates that businesses unable to connect with their target audience personally should avoid affiliate marketing.

How to Use Email for Affiliate Marketing

As previously said, affiliate email marketing generates revenue using emails rather than social media content or organic website traffic. Affiliate email marketers primarily use their email lists to offer their subscribers affiliate items or services.

You may have heard the saying, "The money is in the list (email list)," but is it true? Some wise minds believe that it is not the list but "the relationship " developed by trust and reliability gained from that list.

  1. Earn their trust
  2. Understand your audience's needs
  3. Offer value instead of stuffing your emails with promotions every time
  4. Add affiliate links to a running email campaign
  5. Diversify the link placement according to your target audience

A good affiliate email marketing campaign helps build trust and engagement, which is key to increasing sales since people are already familiar with your great stuff. It also means more of your emails go to the inbox instead of the spam folder, which generates more sales and delivers excellent results. You can always use email marketing software to help the process.

What Is an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign?

An affiliate marketing email campaign slightly changes your standard email strategy. In brief, you add a few more emails to your existing automatic email sequence to advertise your affiliate links.

People traditionally locate and click your affiliate links from content on your website, such as a blog article. This example from Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income Blog) shows how this link is placed.

However, with an affiliate marketing email campaign, your affiliate links are delivered directly to your readers' inboxes.

Here is an example of an email that has an affiliate link:

As you can see, the email author is promoting a book written by another writer. Once the reader makes a purchase by clicking on the given link, the email's author will get a small commission on each sale. Most probably, the targeted audience of this email is in thousands; the revenue will start adding up with the sales.

Everything else would remain the same, including your current email sequence. You cannot compromise on anything else that adds value to your content.

Let's reveal the process of launching of the effective affiliate email marketing campaign.

Build an Email List

Build an email list from your content and send subscribers a weekly or biweekly newsletter. Affiliate marketers can send many things to subscribers, including new blog posts and newsletters. Your email is an opportunity to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. When you feel you are getting the needed response, you can promote your affiliate products to your subscribers. The number of emails and how often you want to send them depends on you as long as they are valuable to your audiences. Some other things that you can include in your emails are:

  • A look inside your life or business
  • Current affairs
  • Entertaining stories
  • Special deals
  • Free downloads
  • Giveaways
  • Reports

Affiliate Email Marketing: Steps to Follow

  1. Join an email service provider

You can join an email service provider to start affiliate email marketing. Also, check if yours accepts affiliate links. You must first obtain permission from your receivers before sending emails. A permission request necessitates specific authorization, demonstrating that you are unfamiliar with them.

  1. Customize Your Email

You cannot ignore branding even in emails. Once you have chosen your provider email templates, customize your email by adding a logo and other elements of your brand that can be included.

  1. Choose the proper affiliate links to promote

Three essential qualities must be present in any affiliate link you promote. They should be:

  • Profitable
  • Relevant
  • Constant

Your affiliate links should be helpful throughout your email campaign. This means that the product or service you're promoting will be helpful in the coming years.

Choosing a consistent affiliate link will save you time in the future. You won't have to worry about adjusting, upgrading, or altering your emails if the product you're promoting is evergreen.

  1. Mark the Holidays

People look forward to the major holidays. So, they are fantastic opportunity to get creative with your marketing. Overloading the receivers will result in significant disapproval rates.

Create unique Christmas advertising as well. Take caution with your never-ending email list.

  1. Respect the privacy of your audience

Trust is an essential factor in whether someone joins your community. Post your privacy policy with care.

Your company and email will earn credibility even if recipients do not follow the link.

  1. Use Social media Success Stories

Reviews matter a lot. Support your email campaigns with social media proof of someone who has already used the affiliate product promoted by you. This gesture also helps build trust.

  1. Track the affiliate emails

Everything worked out flawlessly, and the commissions poured in. But wait, there's more. You must actively participate in continuing to receive commissions. You must engage in some interaction to accomplish this.

Tag and monitor your subscribers as needed to fine-tune your messaging. Audience segmentation assists you in tracking and improving open and click-through rates.

  1. Keep your audience hooked — don't overwhelm them

Don't misuse the leverage you have over your audience. Keep the engaged, informed, and entertained but do not overwhelm this connection with your prospects and customers. Make sure that your message is appropriate for your viewer – every time!

How Much Can You Earn Through Email Affiliate Marketing?

Finally, knowing how much you can earn from email affiliate marketing is essential. As of above, we have given a comprehensive overview of email affiliate marketing and highlighted how to carry out a successful affiliate marketing campaign via email. Now let's discuss the numbers.

According to a Glassdoor review, your average income would be approximately $50k yearly if you are affiliate marketing via email. However, these numbers vary according to your experience and your location. Regardless, you can make anywhere between $40k to $100k yearly with email affiliate marketing.


Email marketing helps you to communicate on a more personal level with your target audience. If you want to market a product review, you're only a click away from reaching your target audience.