Crypto add networks are basically the same as all the other ad networks, except they work exclusively in the crypto niche.

5+ TOP Crypto Ad Networks — Best Crypto Traffic Sources

Cryptocurrency and blockchain has been an amazing money-making niche in the past 5 years. Nowadays, fortunately, there are many ways to earn money from crypto, especially for publishers. One of these ways is using crypto ad networks. In this article, we have gathered all the information you need to start up on your crypto advertising activity. If you’d like to learn a bit more about crypto affiliate marketing, be sure to check this article out.

Now, without further ado, let’s see how crypto ad networks could benefit us and how we can earn money from them.

Crypto Ad Networks and Their Benefits

Ad networks connect advertisers to publishers, in a way that it takes the ads from advertisers and promotes them through publisher websites, and pays the publisher for the traffic driven to the advertiser website. Crypto add networks are basically the same as all the other ad networks, except they work exclusively in the crypto niche.

Currently, we have more than $100 billion dollars of daily crypto trading volume, and most of this comes from ads running on the blogs and websites of publishers. That said, part of this daily trading volume could be what a publisher would make if they guided users, and most importantly crypto investors, to reliable trading and staking platforms.

Now that we know how much money is to be made in such an industry, let’s learn how we can have crypto ads on our website and how we can choose the best crypto ad networks.

How Do Crypto Ad Networks Work

The process of signing up on a crypto ad network is exactly like any other ad network. You have to sign up on the ad network as a publisher and get approved. Obviously, your blog or website should be related to the crypto niche, and you should have enough views per month to be able to get approved and start sharing ads on your website.

You can see some of the conditions below as an example, even though this might not be the case with all ad networks. But keep in mind that in order to succeed in this niche, the first and most important criteria must be met, which is having a crypto-related publisher website.

The reason why you want to make sure you post about crypto on your blog/website is that this makes your job easier in getting traffic, which will be explained later on in this article. But you need to know your audience, and they are not just anybody. Keeping this in mind, we need to learn more about how these ad networks pay us.

Payment Models

There are some payment models based on which ad networks pay publishers. But among the crypto ad networks, the CPC model is more popular. This is the model that pays publishers based on the clicks that they get from their visitors. So, let’s say you have some crypto ads on your website and they are very compelling. When a user clicks on them, you can get paid.

However, there are other models based on which crypto ad networks pay publishers and we can mention CPM and CPA among those. CPM refers to the pay for every 1000 impressions of an ad, and CPA refers to the payment for redirecting users and getting them to take an action on the crypto platform on the ad, such as signing up or depositing money.

Sometimes, you could be getting revenue shares from every user that deposits money on these cryptocurrency platforms, referred to them from your website. When choosing which crypto ad network to work with, you need to pay attention to how much they pay per clicks or impressions, or actions.

Crypto Traffic Sources

Remember when we mentioned that your publisher website or blog better have crypto-related content? Traffic is the main reason you want to have this type of content, only and only. Pay attention to your audience. Mostly, the cryptocurrency investors and people who are likely to visit your blog are people with more capital who are looking to invest in something that will give them a good return. These are the users you want to focus on. So you’d better talk about investment and cryptocurrency profits on your website/blog. Let’s see some of the ways you can focus on this.


For obvious reasons, you want to focus on organic traffic. It’s free, easy, and evergreen. You can focus on long-tail keywords and keywords that your audience is more likely to search. There are many rich investors out there who want to invest in cryptocurrency. They just don’t know much about it and don't trust it that much. So you want to do two things: focus on keywords like ‘Crypto trading strategies’ or ‘crypto trading signals’ and similar ones, and try to build a trustworthy atmosphere on your website where you answer everybody’s questions and tell them why they can trust cryptocurrency.


TikTok is just booming right now and I am sure you have seen somebody promoting crypto websites on TikTok or gaining attention by talking about what cryptocurrencies are amazing investments right now. This is exactly what you want to be doing. Thanks to the fact that these videos easily get 5,000 views only in your first few videos, you can expect even more if you build trust with a loyal community of people who are genuinely interested in your content. However, keep in mind that this traffic is very likely to be driven to your own website so you can show users the crypto ads taken from the ad networks you work with. Of course, you could be doing affiliate marketing as well, but that’s another topic.

Tips for Getting Even More Traffic

Now, you want to really focus on your content when dealing with a bunch of rich users. As mentioned before, this audience has money, but might not have much experience with crypto. You want to make your publisher website really optimized for that.

First of all, try to include articles and guides of all sorts for crypto trading, strategies, signals, etc. You should focus on making this type of content reflect a bright future for investors. Explain why cryptocurrency is going to be the only form of money that will exist and that they will lose the chance if they don’t apply today. It’s important to make your website seem legit by good reviews and content.

Another tip to make even more money is using the most famous ad networks who serve the most popular advertisers, like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. These are the names that are more well-known and more people are likely to click on your ads.

You also want to include more ad banners on your website, but not so many that they will make the users annoyed. Users tend to not notice ads, so another thing you can do is to have these ads in the middle of your content so users have no choice but to view them.

The main purpose and goal here is earning money right? So, you have to take a look at your type of audience and promote ads from ad networks where they pay you based on the payment model that would be most beneficial to you. For example, if your audience is mostly people who don’t have too much engagement with the website, you can use the CPM ad networks and optimize your website for impressions instead of clicks. However, if your audience is heavily engaging with your content, you can take a shot at CPA and CPC networks.


Crypto ad networks have a lot in common with other ad networks except that the audience for crypto content is usually wealthier and looks for investments. If you can show them their best chances through content that piques their interest and trust, you can earn good money by promoting crypto ads from reliable networks.