e-Commerce world includes all the online shops and all the products that get delivered to customers through that online shop. You take an e-Commerce shop of your choice, promote a product from that shop, and subsequently earn commissions.

Health&Beauty is a trending vertical in affiliate marketing, representing a variety of beauty and health products. Health&Beauty affiliate programs specialize in this topic, such as nutritional supplements, weight loss products, facial and body cosmetics, joint ointments, etc. This vertical is extre...

Gambling affiliate programs are affiliate programs from various online casinos. You can earn by bringing players and receiving a percentage of the money they lose. Typically, these players are assigned to the webmaster forever and bring passive income in the future. Sites of different categories are...

Gaming affiliate programs specialize in such offers as video games, hardware, and accessory retailers.

Betting affiliate programs are most often affiliate programs of bookmaker's offices. But also affiliate sites for selling sports forecasts. Basically, they pay a percentage for depositing an account or making purchases in case of working on forecasts. In most affiliate programs, the user is assigned...

Dating affiliate programs help monetize traffic from dating sites. Usually, they pay for registering a user, fulfilling various conditions, or using paid services.

Affiliate programs to promote digital products for business and personal use.

Travel affiliate programs help you make money from tourism traffic. This includes tours, tickets, hotel reservations, excursions, etc. Affiliate programs in this niche are often generous with promotional materials and tools.

Crypto affiliate programs allow you to earn by attracting clients/investors to cryptocurrency exchanges, cloud mining services, ICO-projects, as well as to monetize website traffic by means of browser mining. Payments are made in cryptocurrency.

Adult affiliate programs allow you to monetize adult traffic. The choice of offers is quite wide. For example, the provision of services: dating sites, erotic video chats, paid pornographic content, or the sale of affiliate products: penis and breast enlargement, duration of sexual intercourse, orga...

Affiliate programs aimed at working with financial offers (loans, microloans, etc.).

Forex affiliate programs are affiliate programs from various dealing centers and brokers operating in the Forex currency market, they are often multi-level and allow you to build referral networks in which you receive money not only from direct leads but also from their referrals.

Educational affiliate programs are usually various essay services that offer large royalties for ordered thesis and term papers. Of the pleasant features of working with this niche, it is necessary to note rather large cycle of the client's life. One client usually makes more than one order and in t...

Affiliate programs in this niche specialize in offers related to cosmetics, photography, entertainment, fashion, etc.

Coupon affiliate programs represent coupon-related offers. Publishers can drive traffic through enticing coupon offers, thereby boosting their sales conversions and revenue.

This type of affiliate program provides two main ways of receiving profit: a one-time reward for the brought-in trader who opened a real account, or periodic payments of a percentage of the commission savings. This way of earning is relevant to owners of sites or groups in social networks on similar...

These are the programs that pay you for each referred user that completes a survey on their website. Since users don't need to pay and are only required to put some time and answer questions, survey affiliate programs convert much easier than CPA offers.


CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid compound found in cannabis and is known to have many medicinal properties. Within the CDB niche, there are affiliate programs for CBD oil, tea, gummies, and other hemp products.

Insurance affiliate marketing generates leads from a third-party website, operated by a webmaster for an insurance company. The affiliates, in turn, earn a handsome amount whenever they send in a referral, or they take a percentage of the total sales.

The legal/law affiliate marketing niche relates to legal dealings in the governments of modern societies.

Companies working with products related to cars: engines, batteries, shiny new tires, rental car services, and even insurance companies.

Software affiliate programs fall into the technology niche, a trendy multidirectional vertical with numerous sub-niches.

Biz Opp affiliate programs offer a number of products and software to help people build online businesses. The kinds of products can include software products, mentoring programs, online business coaches, training, and educational tools.

Affiliate marketer earns commission when customers referred by him continue to reniew subscription.

Automobile affiliate programs work with offers related to the automobile industry like car insurance, accessories, details, etc.

Credit card affiliate program works by selling credit card offers to interested people.

Affiliate programs that work with loan offers and pay for attracted customers.


Job affiliate programs are related to job-seeking or résumé creation websites that help people get better prepared for jobs and interviews.

Affiliate marketing in the hemp niche works by promoting various hemp products to potential customers, you get paid a share of the money your customers use in making this transaction, by the hemp affiliate program you are affiliated with.

Survival affiliate programs and networks are marketing platforms that connect merchants and product owners who offer survival-related products and services with affiliates like you who are interested in promoting those products and services.

Outdoor affiliate programs and networks help connect affiliates with businesses that sell outdoor-related products.

Trading affiliate programs are basically trading platforms that want to get help from affiliates to promote their service. In return for your promotion, these programs will give you a percentage of the money they earn or just a simple reward for your referral.

Restaurant affiliate programs and affiliate networks help restaurant owners and restaurant product suppliers extensively market their business.

As an affiliate in this niche, all you have to do is connect parents with the right baby products and services you can find in the market, and from doing that, you earn commissions that can change your life if you put in seriousness and hard work.

White label affiliate programs work super smoothly by allowing their affiliates to install a widget or transform their own affiliate website into a complete copy, or a semi-copy, of the original product. so, while the affiliate’s website looks different, they are actually redirecting users to the or...

Cell phone affiliate programs are basically businesses that want to connect with affiliates to promote their products and drive more traffic to them. Since they are physical products, mostly, you will be referring people to sign up on those websites and order a product related to cell phones.

This type of affiliate program works by promoting investment services to an interested audience.

The pet insurance affiliate market works by selling pet insurance plans to pet owners and you will earn a commission for doing so.

Being an affiliate in this niche means you get to promote dating platforms, promote other people's products, get people to sign up for other programs and services that have to do with relationships, etc., and in turn, you get paid some money that normally come in through some unique payment models.

Affiliate marketing in this niche works by promoting meditation products to interested customers and audiences.

The basics of promoting dropship affiliate offers are almost the same as promoting e-commerce affiliate offers but with the difference that you are promoting a product for the main store but indirectly through promoting a dropshipper.

Homeschool affiliate programs are businesses or educational institutes that provide homeschooling content.

Affiliate marketing in the fish niche works by promoting fishing products and offers to fishers.


Affiliates can promote products and services that they think are useful for cats in the right format and receive some commission from the affiliate program.


SEO affiliate programs and networks are services and products related to search engine optimization and they provide affiliates with services and products they can promote in exchange for a commission or bonus.

Catholic affiliate programs provide affiliates with the means to make money while promoting catholic related items.

Coaching affiliate programs usually don't have a certain product to promote, so you would be promoting a person's training or a person's coaching.

Toy affiliate programs and networks connect you to businesses that make, sell, or distribute toys.

Streamer affiliate programs are websites or businesses that have a product or service that would appeal to a streamer audience.

LOA affiliate products are mostly presented in the form of digital courses that teach people how to master the Law of Attraction.

Nursing affiliate programs help you promote products related to the nursing community or just the medical world in general.

Affiliates in this niche help customers find the woodworking service or product they need to complete a purchase.

Affiliate lead generation programs are programs that pay you every time you refer a user, and they become a lead for that business.

Affiliates get commissions for promoting anything related to music.

Dog training affiliate programs are companies that provide dog training services and hope to benefit from the help of affiliates to find customers for themselves.

Fitness apparel affiliate programs provide fitness apparel, and sportswear offers.

Medical affiliate programs are either businesses offering medical services either online or offline or companies providing products and medicine for various types of patients or healthcare workers.

Cybersecurity affiliate programs and networks are businesses that provide cybersecurity services, hoping to connect with affiliates in order to promote their products and services.

Webinar affiliate programs are businesses that provide some sort of service or offer a product that is related to webinars.

Craft affiliate programs mostly include businesses that provide people with craft supplies and kits and all sorts of products related to crafting that are looking for affiliates to promote their products in exchange for a commission.


SMS affiliate programs are services that provide text messaging solutions to businesses and individuals.

Ebooks affiliate programs mostly make up programs and businesses that sell ebooks online.


The types of products that you can promote on an art affiliate program vary all the way from digital ones to physical brushes, paints, and other tools.

Affiliate programs for moms are virtual marketplaces that moms can participate in as affiliates, by promoting the products within that affiliate program while they earn commissions doing so.

Wholesale affiliate programs are programs belonging to big manufacturers, or wholesalers that want to expand their business and sales through the help and influence of affiliates.

Grocery affiliate programs are online shops or stores that collaborate with affiliates to gain more visitors and shoppers in their stores.

Spiritual affiliate programs are businesses and companies that produce digital or physical products related to spiritual and devotional activities.

Sporting goods affiliate programs are created by manufacturers or retailers of sporting goods.

Hard Money Lenders affiliate programs are affiliate programs offered by companies or individuals that provide hard money loans.

Trucking affiliate programs and networks are basically businesses that provide trucking services and deals or logistic and freight services to other customers and businesses.

Affiliate programs working with offers related to the book industry.

Residual income affiliate programs entail you getting paid for one purchase or subscription somebody committed to once before.

Lemoore affiliate programs are usually companies that provide limo rental and driving services. They want to collaborate with affiliates in order to expand their network and reach out to more customers.

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