e-Commerce world includes all the online shops and all the products that get delivered to customers through that online shop. You take an e-Commerce shop of your choice, promote a product from that shop, and subsequently earn commissions.

Gambling affiliate programs are affiliate programs from various online casinos. You can earn by bringing players and receiving a percentage of the money they lose. Typically, these players are assigned to the webmaster forever and bring passive income in the future. Sites of different categories are...

Betting affiliate programs are most often affiliate programs of bookmaker's offices. But also affiliate sites for selling sports forecasts. Basically, they pay a percentage for depositing an account or making purchases in case of working on forecasts. In most affiliate programs, the user is assigned...

Adult affiliate programs allow you to monetize adult traffic. The choice of offers is quite wide. For example, the provision of services: dating sites, erotic video chats, paid pornographic content, or the sale of affiliate products: penis and breast enlargement, duration of sexual intercourse, orga...

Educational affiliate programs are usually various essay services that offer large royalties for ordered thesis and term papers. Of the pleasant features of working with this niche, it is necessary to note rather large cycle of the client's life. One client usually makes more than one order and in t...

This type of affiliate program provides two main ways of receiving profit: a one-time reward for the brought-in trader who opened a real account, or periodic payments of a percentage of the commission savings. This way of earning is relevant to owners of sites or groups in social networks on similar...

Software affiliate programs fall into the technology niche, a trendy multidirectional vertical with numerous sub-niches.

100+ TOP CPA Affiliate Programs — Best High Paying Affiliate Programs [2022] for Online Money Making

Whether a novice or a guru in affiliate marketing you would like to keep pace with recent trends and updates in partnership programs and online money making in 2022. According to researchers, the market of affiliate programs is going to reach almost $12 billion by the end of the year.

No need to remind, the affiliate market is growing faster than ever, involves larger numbers of affiliates, and becomes more and more crowded.

Note: This is not a ranking of partnership programs but we offer the most attractive in our point of view platforms in some major CPA categories, such as web hosting and finance, sport and fitness, forex and cryptocurrency, fashion and beauty, traveling and lifestyle, music, gaming, animals and pets, weddings and relationships, etc.

Well, every single niche is branched into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sub-niches. Whatever fields you’re interested in or have chosen to derive profits from, multiple options are in hand.

The key to success in any niche, and affiliate marketing is not an exception, is honesty — recommend services and products you are familiar with. Lack of expertise and interest (particularly in the case of reviewing new products) is always easily detected and ignored. And your target is different — you need attention, curiosity, and clicks! You need Actions because when you join CPA programs, you get paid for specific actions. Savvy?

CPA Affiliate Programs: Best Paying Niches

Let’s divide affiliate programs into categories to facilitate reading:

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Hosting Affiliate Programs
  • Sport and Fitness Affiliate Programs
  • Finance Affiliate Programs
  • Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs
  • Travel Affiliate Programs
  • Nutra Affiliate Programs
  • Fashion & Beauty Affiliate Programs
  • Gambling Affiliate Programs
  • Gaming Affiliate Programs
  • Animals and Pets Affiliate Programs.

Anyways, here we go. Let’s talk briefly about some categories, their advantages, and hidden rocks.

Affiliate Networks

Given that affiliate networks provide a simple and tailor-made solution for both experienced and new participants, these platforms save your time greatly: no need to waste hours on searching suitable programs to determine a couple of merchants that meet your interests and requirements. Affiliate programs allow you scrolling through numerous programs in a single place. Such a “go-between” is mutually beneficial. In this case companies embrace a significantly larger audience to promote their affiliate programs. At another point, bloggers and developers scan affiliate offers and join programs in one place.

Payments offered are pretty attractive: from 10% to 35%. Actually, it’s handy to promote an affiliate network that you work with.  

Hosting Affiliate Programs

To say that hosting affiliate marketing is the most popular and required partnership category means to cast a formula. Ultimately, every new blog or website needs a host. For this reason, the majority of affiliates related to or specializing in marketing, start-ups, and blogging choose hosting affiliate programs. However, the key to success is your own trust to the tool and attractive set of features provided by the platform. Hosting platforms usually offer the best affiliate programs. But do not forget, your advice should be confirmed with your knowledge of the platform you recommend.

Commissions: not the highest rates in the market, but for webmasters and bloggers accumulative payments from affiliate links might be noticeable. Usually, affiliates receive from $50 to $150 with Revshare for future referral payments.

Sport and Fitness Affiliate Programs

This is one of the trendy categories. Healthy lifestyle, sport, and fitness hit the top of an iceberg nowadays. Businesses pay impressive amounts for recommendations of services, products, and goods. Being a passionate tennis player or a morning jogger, join affiliate programs in the niche of your personal interests. A football fan describing the advantages of brand new Wilson Clash tennis rackets would look pale and uncertain. Consider not only sport equipment manufacturers but fitness centers as well. Recognizable brands and sport networks attract affiliates through a variety of means: rates, bonuses, duration, and so on. Heads up! It is one of the highest paying affiliate categories. There are programs via e-commerce or app installs.

Commission: e-commerce payments aren’t usually very high; however, some programs have lifelong cookies for recurrent commissions from future purchases. Typical commissions are from 5% to 15%.

Finance Affiliate Programs

Here we go. Insurance, credit cards, and even accounting software represent only a few sub-categories in the huge niche of finance affiliate marketing. Generally, financial markets do not like amateur players because the competition is strong, so newcomers have to be ready for challenges. Apparently, you should be qualified enough and be on familiar terms with all the financial aspects you’re going to write about. Lack of expertise may result in losing credibility. So, we wouldn’t recommend finance affiliate programs for newcomers. Insurance companies are known to be image-conscious therefore they place some restrictions for applicants to join their affiliate and referral programs. But if you fit the requirements and provide your audience with interesting and strong content you will harvest the crop!

Commission: Finance programs offer from $50 up to $500 for new clients (loan programs offer high rates but conversion is low). Insurance companies pay lower commissions but they are converted well.  

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Well, the situation in trading markets in recent years might be called cryptomania. Even if you are estranged from financial markets you’ve certainly heard of Bitcoin and its exchange rate. Numbers are quite impressive, right? But if your blog or a website is focused on cryptocurrency market or cryptocurrency exchange and terms like e-wallet, blockchain, Bitcoin, Stellar, Litecoin sound familiar and attractive to you, cryptocurrency affiliate programs might be useful and gainful.

Jump at the chance! Despite the insignificant decline in recent months the cryptomarket and the blockchain technology are still here. At the moment many platforms offer very attractive rates.      

Travel Affiliate Programs

This category includes not only booking platforms but hotels, tour operators, airlines, and travel equipment suppliers. Add here some sport merchants and beachwear manufacturers — you’ve got the most diverse category of affiliate opportunities. Keeping in mind that currently less people use vacation packages from travel companies and travelers from all over the world prefer making individual programs you may earn a small fortune getting a referral fee from each purchase or reservation.

However, you should be familiar with all ins and outs. And no need to mention that yacht sales and beach apparel sales aren’t of equal value. Be it as it may, you can always pick up several programs to match your interests and rebuild capital.

Nutra Affiliate Programs

This category is closely related to Sport and Fitness. You can use both of them in one harness. Plenty of choices are at hand: stick to the most appealing options in terms of personal preferences. It’s not only about some healthy food recommendations, but fitness equipment and fitness coaching, organic and diet food suppliers, and so on. Add here some food supplements and vitamins, spa centers, and nutrition coaches.

Commission: some Nutra affiliate programs are lucrative and pay from $50 to $100+ per sale.

Fashion & Beauty Affiliate Programs  

Whether it is all about ethnic or boho, smart casual or sport, classic or hip-hop you still keep up with your personal preferences. Focus on a narrower niche that fits your specific style — that’s the reason your audience reads and trusts you. You should indeed like the brand to promote it sincerely. Quite often beauty and fashion offers are referred to as e-commerce.  

You may be writing about common trends for the current or upcoming season regardless of specific style. Get it to colors, shapes, length, and tailoring, and recommend some fashion-focused platforms or resources that help you to keep up with the latest trends. Many specific manufacturers and shopping platforms have an extensive network of affiliates to facilitate the business. A new accessories series, a new trend or a favorite brand of wrist watches – finally, it’s up to you. Many fashion bloggers earned a fortune on promoting brands or products they use. This category offers countless opportunities to choose from a broad range of affiliate programs and benefit from products you enjoy in your daily life.  

Popularity of beauty and cosmetic products pushes the envelope: reputable and well recognizable companies offer high paying affiliate programs. Top beauty platforms show off impressive numbers of followers on all kinds of media channels including blogs, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Audience gulps down all product reviews and cosmetic tips. Many bloggers offer tutorials in the form of podcasts and videos demonstrating novelties in use. The market of beauty and cosmetic affiliate programs is pretty large but competitive as well. Anyway, there are many offers to choose from. Before applying to any program, thoroughly study the market because commissions may vary significantly. As always, promote a brand that you know well and only products that match your style.

Gambling Affiliate Programs

Gambling is well-known for its high-paying affiliate programs. Unfortunately, in some countries gambling ads are prohibited by legislation. However, many casinos and betting companies offer app installs affiliate programs which can be promoted on most social media.

Commission: $75-$150, or Revshare 25%-50%

Gaming Affiliate Programs    

Professional gaming is the new rising tide all over the world. Have you heard about a world cup and continental or regional championships in gaming? If not, you’d better stick to other affiliate market categories. But if your blog or a website has gamers as the target audience, consider the idea of joining some gaming affiliate programs. IT developers, new games and their updates, technological innovations and new gaming accessories — there are numerous topics to share with your followers. Original content and personal experience confirmed with extensive knowledge of the niche attract new followers and hold an already existing audience. If people trust you they will follow your advice and recommendations. That is what you need, isn’t it? So, make video reviews and tell about novelties you’ve put your hands on and enjoyed. Share links to equipment manufacturers and software developers; gaming affiliate market introduces various options for promoting numerous products and services.    

Commission: usually varies from 1% to 15% via the Revshare model.

Animals and Pets Affiliate Programs

Statistically, 7 families out of 10 own at least one pet. This is a huge market because pets (dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.) require food, accessories (collars, leashes, bowls, cages, and so on), and medical care. All of us do our best to provide our furry or feathered family members with the best care and conditions. People spend unbelievable amounts while shopping for their animals. Animals and pets affiliate programs help you get higher returns because pet products are always needed. Even more, this market isn’t affected by fashion or technologies. Pick up a couple of products from reputable manufacturers and enjoy watching your account being replenished on a regular basis.  

Commission: typically for e-commerce, programs usually offer from 3% to 10% Revshare

How to Choose the Best CPA Affiliate Program for Your Blog/Site?

  • Audience. First of all, be realistic about your niche and readers/followers. If you target a specific market of kite-surfing so there is no need in promoting home security systems and alarms. In this case, you may just join affiliate programs offered by kite manufacturers, rentals or kite centers. Again, you may add extra opportunities like car-rentals and hotels that may be useful for kite-surfers.  
  • Influence and impact. To all effects and purposes, there are plenty of affiliate programs for both experienced and established platforms with audiences expressed in 7-digit numbers and newcomers with a small bunch of followers. Either way, you’d better promote the products and services you use. Some large companies set minimum requirements to join their partnership programs.  But you may always find less restrictive offers.  Begin with available options and step-by-step you may extend your sub-niche covering a larger market. For instance, from an amateur kite-surfer you may grow into a travel blogger with more affiliate options in hand.  
  • Commission. Yep, exactly. You don’t want to promote a product for a scarce commission. Within any niche you can choose an offer with decent payouts to affiliates.   

In fact, you can drop at any time a program that doesn’t pay out and choose another one or even several later on. So, go on. Having your target audience and defined niche doesn’t prevent you from adding new content to attract new followers to your blog (or website and social media). The more followers you attract, the more clicks and therefore more earnings you get.

Affiliate Marketing: Tried-and-Tested vs New

A few more tips before you decide on affiliate programs for your platform.  


For convenience, let’s divide niches into classic (aka tried-and tested or time-proven) and new. Some products might appear and disappear while others find a ready sale continually. Manufacturers of trendy products may offer highly paying but short-term affiliate programs while companies specialized on tried-and-tested goods and services provide not as high but reliable and steady income. So your goal is to find a balance between classic and new products or niches. For example, you stick to your hosting provider but at the same time you can recommend a brand new guitar you’ve just tried (in case you’re into music) or a car rental company in Spain (if you’re a travel blogger).    

The "classics" never goes stale but diluted with hot trending products it will provide you with the required balance: on the one hand, you attract new followers with your interest to new, emerging products and technologies, and on the other hand, you run with reliable and tested solutions as a solid background.

Wrapping it all up, it is worth reminding to choose affiliate programs thoroughly. Yes, the affiliate market provides a huge array of opportunities, and your time investments are well worth it because as a result your bank account is topped up. Take your income to a new level!

Note, some affiliate programs set minimum requirements for supplied traffic and affiliates, others accept any applications. Don’t jump in blindly into partnership just because of high payouts, being authentic is essential because as we’ve mentioned already the audience notices uncertainty and insincerity. Stick to products and brands you know well and enjoy using.  

Case Study: Examples of Success in Affiliate Marketing

Well, having read all the information provided above you might decide that making a lot of money via affiliate marketing is easy.  Says you! Not as easy as it seems. Here it comes: the choice of a niche, quality of your content, fierce competition, and purchasing power of your followers represent only some of the challenging aspects in affiliate marketing. But make an effort, invest some time and you’ll be rewarded with earnings.  

You might be interested to see several examples of affiliate marketers proving that it is possible to earn living by monetizing websites and blogs. One important feature that combines the following examples of successful affiliate marketing is quality. You got it! Quality of products you recommend, quality of a manufacturer’s website, and quality of your content. Deep and detailed research in combo with your personal interest towards the product or a topic help you win trust and promote sales.

Let’s see a couple of Amazon affiliate sites. Typically, some leading amazon affiliates are held up as model affiliates. Several websites were recently sold for very impressive amounts. The most recognizable platforms proudly retain the status of "verified expert reviewers" provided by Amazon. Impressive traffic numbers are converted into income owing to numerous sales. How do they do it? Let’s spill the beans: the budget of some specific sites allows purchasing real products and testing them. Yep, they pay for in-depth reviews enriched with numerous actual and practical pictures. See, one of the common mistakes is offering brief articles stuffed with links and keywords. And long-term resources do not run for a quick buck, quite the contrary — you may find detailed articles and reviews with over 5 000 words on a specific product or a topic. Every article is aimed to highlight the key information and answer all possible questions related to the item. According to our rough estimation, the monthly earnings might be expressed in six-digit numbers.

Thesprucepets is one more example of successful and high paying affiliate partnership. The platform offers plenty of articles about pets of all sorts, their health, behavior, training, pet accessories, and supplies. The team of contributors and editors provides readers with useful, high quality content (an average article is around 3 500+ words). The platform stands out in the crowded niche due to its independent tests and reviews of pet products. However, partnership and affiliate programs are quite clear here: the site offers purchasing products from various suppliers, such as Amazon, Chewy, Best Buy or Walmart (again, amazon affiliates). Informative content, authentic reviews and relevant links (to tell the truth, a myriad of links) might be reasons for high ranks.

Yet still, by no means always long-lined and bulky content provides higher rankings. Reviews and articles should be complete and cover the subject from top to bottom. Our guess is that the owner isn’t tight with money and invests lavishly in original content and quality researches, and therefore, makes not less than $70-100k monthly (it is our guesswork with no any data to hand) — and it’s just one of the platforms for thespruce, which income we can’t even approximately estimate.


And let’s see one more interesting case. Gooverseas provides articles and reviews about numerous educational institutions and graduate programs all over the world. Education is an everlasting and required niche. Numerous courses and programs designed specifically for both graduates and postgraduates are well paid because reputable institutions do their best to attract new clients and students. Actually, this is one of the newer style platforms that attract us with interesting future perspectives. Surfing through the site we’ve got the spirit of freedom: choice of travel destination, choice of activity, choice of language course, and a university.

Unique content and appealing style of articles and reviews provide information and links to many educational sources and institutions, as well as some travel destinations and tour operators. Trendy and attractive, unobtrusive and helpful guide which hasn't yet brought out its full potential. We hope this platform will indeed become flourishing in no time and we will see it in top educational and travel affiliate marketers in the nearest future.


As you see, any niche can pay out. Monetize your blog or a website, earn on your hobbies and finally, compensate for all the hard work using affiliate programs. Generating income from original content has never been so close at hand.