The legal/law affiliate marketing niche relates to legal dealings in the governments of modern societies.

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10+ TOP Legal Affiliate Programs in 2023

Affiliate marketing has taken the world by storm; everybody is interested in becoming their own boss and dropping the schlepping and slogging that is demanded by 21st-century work, for a more lenient and relaxed lifestyle. In addition to unrealistic work standards, the 21st century has brought about technological advances that have enabled the masses to start up and produce successful businesses that are accessible on a global level.

Any business course will allow you to acknowledge that in order for any business to succeed, it would require engagement and interaction from their target audiences, and in order to accrue wealth, there needs to be a large number of individuals engaging with their content/inventory. It should also be known that potentially prosperous businesses can and should outsource their products to partners who are tasked to bring about high numbers of engagers in order to ameliorate their chances of achieving success in this world.

The world is definitely the affiliate marketer’s oyster when it comes to choosing a particular brand to work with, as there is a wide array of niches to choose from. From travel and tourism to health and fitness, to beauty products and money — technology has enabled businesses and affiliate marketers alike to respectively produce and promote many types of products/services. One particular niche that should be noted is the legal/law niche.

Choosing to partner with this niche is a decision that is sure to reap large monetary benefits, as the law generally as a practice is one that is reputable for its high earning potential. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics find that lawyers in the US make a median salary of about $123 000 per annum, and 85% of attorneys are paid within one week of billing their client(s), with 57% of that figure paying on the same day their cases were acquitted/convicted/dismissed.


What Is Legal Niche About?

The legal/law affiliate marketing niche relates to legal dealings in the governments of modern societies. Many, if not all, individuals need sound legal advice, especially individuals who might have been falsely accused of committing a crime and seek to rectify that misunderstanding. Regardless of whether the parties involved are guilty or innocent, no one can deny that dealing with any legal summons/trials is nothing short of taxing and exhausting. Stress-related court issues are taken further into consideration when including social/intersectional factors that affect the prognosis of a trial; race, gender identity, and socio-economic standing are all factors that can unfortunately negatively affect the legitimacy of a trial. Ironically enough, the systems that are meant to provide, protect, and serve the people in a legal and just manner are riddled with corruption and dishonesty.

This, unsurprisingly, adds onto the stresses of the parties involved when considering their racial, gender, and economic standings in the court proceedings. It would not come as a surprise to anyone that one of the ways in which clients can be stressed out is through all the legal jargon that one must quickly and unrealistically be accustomed to before and during court proceedings.

Famous Hollywood productions like Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder do great jobs at showcasing just how complicated and cumbersome all the legalese can be, and ain't nobody got time for that!

Luckily, many legal companies have realized this conundrum, and are consequently seeking to reduce court-related stress with court education and/or simplifying certain customs so that clients and law firms worry less about the long-winded complications and more on the case itself. This type of aid can come in a vast array of mediums, like having easier access to legal advice from professionals, as well as having legal templates to follow. Being a legal affiliate marketer and alleviating just some of the stresses related to court dealings can mean a world of a difference to the parties involved; partnering with brands/companies that aim to help people, while also receiving a hefty commission is truly a win-win for everyone.

It is particularly important to join the realm of legal affiliate marketing nowadays with all the projections of online territory that is to be acquired by the legal sphere. The beforementioned projection of increased online law/legal activity is reaffirmed by the fact that 37% of all legal professionals surveyed in the US in 2020 believe that most attorneys should practice law virtually, perhaps due to recent catastrophes like the COVID-19 pandemic that hit in the same year this survey was taken, where 225 million full-time jobs were lost as a result of this plague (Larson, 2021). Such contemporary issues have forced individuals to reconsider their working conditions, and push individuals to try new avenues of income to support themselves and their families. 

Reported Earnings in the Legal Niche

It is reported that by 2024, revenue from legal services in the US is expected to hit almost $350 billion, but If you need more convincing regarding the earnings that this niche provides, then look no further! Here is one particularly impressive individual who has managed to accrue large amounts of wealth as a law affiliate marketer:

Devin Stone

Devin Stone, popularly known as ‘Legal Eagle’, is a famous, and consequently wealthy, lawyer and YouTuber whose net worth is estimated to be at about $5 million according to He currently has 2.27 million subscribers on YouTube, and has partnered with various legal brands on his channel throughout the years which have contributed to his wealth and success as a lawyer in the US. It should also be noted that through his prowess, he is responsible for successful trial verdicts and settlements valued at more than $300 000 000 and his success and fame only continue to grow.

How You Can Be Successful Too

Much like people like Stone, you too can gain large amounts of wealth and success as a legal affiliate marketer. People will always need legal advice; as long as there is corruption in the world, people will need legal and lawful ways to combat interpersonal/social problems.

Here below are some important things to note when considering the implications and consequences that come about when choosing to subscribe to the career of being a legal affiliate marketer.

Deductions for Getting Leads

Everything in this life comes at a price — even the cornucopia of wealth that is the realm of affiliate marketing has costs that the affiliate marketer should consider/be aware of when thinking of stepping into this world.

As an affiliate marketer, you are essentially operating your own business, which opens you up to some potential tax savings in the form of deductions.  Some common deductions for affiliate marketers are things like hosting fees for websites, content creation fees (i.e. Photoshop, video creation software, etc.), and equipment purchases for the sake of ameliorating your site and consequently increasing your chances of attracting more leads.

Although spending money on improving upon your advertising campaign is not necessary, it is highly recommended if one wishes to actually achieve something worthwhile in this business.

Choosing the Right Sub-sect

Before fully stepping into this niche, it is important to consider what specific sub-sect you would like to be part of. Of course, there are some affiliate programs that host a wide array of services, from providing an attorney to helping someone with an LLC, but it is still important to zero-in on specific sub-sects of this niche so that your life as a legal affiliate marketer is simpler.

Another reason why choosing a specific sub-sect of the legal niche is important is because finding a particular passion that intrinsically motivates you as opposed to external motivation is better suited for affiliate marketers, as they would be more inclined to work hard at what they are interested in. Focusing only on the particular niche that can produce the most profit is a risky move, as such fields tend to be over-saturated and therefore harder to garner traffic and traction — the perfect niche is one that is less saturated, motivating/interesting, and highly profitable.

Payment Models

It is imperative for the legal affiliate marketer to be aware of the various types of payment models used when choosing which legal business to collaborate with, as they will have a better understanding on how the system works so that they can maximize their earning potentials. In the realm of affiliate marketing, there are mainly three types of earnings:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC) Payments

This type of payment refers to programs that will grant their affiliates a commission for the number of people they manage to get to simply click on the product/service that they are promoting. "Every click [an affiliate marketer] generate[s] that leads users to [the affiliate program’s] website, landing page, or product" has a cost and will consequently be paid to the successful affiliate marketer.

CPC payments are very encouraging to affiliate marketers, as earning potentials appear to be easy since all you need to do is get people to click on what you’re advertising, but it can also be time-consuming and a waste if you don’t manage to get enough traffic to these ads. 

  1. Cost Per Lead (CPL) Payments

In the world of affiliate marketing, a lead refers to actions made by a visitor; in this mode of payment, it is not enough to click on an ad; a significant action must be made, such as signing up for a free-trial, or a newsletter, or a mailing list, or even making a consultation call.

This mode reaps more monetary benefits than the CPC payment, meaning that successful garnering of leads means you get more money! However, it takes a lot more work and effort as an affiliate marketer to encourage visitors to engage with the content, which can be time-consuming and discouraging if visitors don’t make any leads.

  1. Cost Per Sale (CPS) Payments

This third and most common model is considered the “bread and butter of the affiliate marketing world”. With this mode of payment, runners of affiliate programs need not worry about wasted time and lost investments, as they will only pay their affiliate marketers once the ultimate form of audience engagement is achieved: making a sale.

This mode of payment promises the highest percentage of commission our of the three payment modes, providing the most incentive to the affiliate marketer to work hard and get more traffic to their affiliated product. But, it is much harder to get people to actually buy the product; it will require a lot of convincing and marketing skills, but the ends always justify the means when it comes to CPS payment.

A common thread running through these payments, and frankly one of the main components of affiliate marketing, is getting traffic; getting traction and traffic to your site(s) determines how successful you will be as an affiliate marketer, after all, engagement from the target audiences is what is going to get you paid! So how does one achieve this?

How to Get Traffic

Getting traffic as an affiliate marketer is already a difficult task to accomplish, let alone being a legal affiliate marketer; one needs to build up a large and loyal enough audience to truly see profitable earnings, but do not fret! Even with this in mind, there are some skills that can be adopted that can help alleviate the stress of dealing with the long-haul process that is building and maintaining an audience, such as:

  1. Producing Creative, Thorough, and Authentic/Quality Content 

It is important to impress and inform site visitors to the best of your ability about the legal niche; make these site visitors believe that you are serious about ameliorating their legal lives, and that they simply have to invest in the product(s) you are promoting in order to make smart decisions regarding their social welfare.

  1.  Constantly and Consistently Advertising on Different Platforms

Be willing to repeat yourself frequently on many different platforms in order to spread the word about the legal items/services you are selling, especially in the beginning stages of being a legal affiliate marketer. “[A] blogger needs to develop a publication schedule consistent with [their] blogging objective, and then stick to it” in order to increase their chances of reaching more people and gaining loyal and willing customers, which consequently increases their chances of getting money.

  1. Consider Using Paid Advertising Campaigns 

If the work of constantly posting about legal affiliate programs does not garner much attraction, you can consider paying advertising companies to promote your content. As mentioned previously, nothing in this life comes without a cost, and so in order to receive money, you have to spend money - that is, if you wish to see results quicker.

Advertising campaigns already have a wide audience base, and so promoting your content on their sites/using their mediums/platforms can get people’s attention at a much quicker rate.

  1. Considering Giving Out Incentives

Hosting giveaways, as well as prizes for people who engage with your legal content, will incentivize individuals to invest their time and energy into your chosen affiliate program. Such activities will also garner attention from outside parties as they will be interested in standing a chance to win whatever it is you are offering; people’s drive for getting money oftentimes surpasses their actual needs, pushing them to engage with content that they might have never considered before, which is a good thing for your business as you are expanding your audience!

  1. Monitoring and Tracking Progress/Web Traffic

Understanding where you stand in terms of how much traction you are getting is crucial for anyone who wishes to be successful; acknowledging the trends in leads and what exactly is being promoted online and what no longer is essential, you have to keep up with what is going on in the world in order to appeal to the masses.

  1. Not Being Afraid To Fall, and Always Getting Back Up Again

As an affiliate marketer, you will come across many ideas and strategies that will ultimately not work out. Being a legal affiliate marketer is all about trial and error and seeing what works best for you as well as the brand you are promoting. Determination and hard work is the key to succeeding in this business, despite the inevitable setbacks that await you in your law niche affiliate marketing scheme.



The legal affiliate niche is an extremely prosperous and lucrative endeavor that should be considered by both legalists and laypersons alike, as it holds a lot of potential for affluence and passive income in the affiliate marketing world. After extensive research, one would find that this niche is a good business venture as it is not talked about as often as lifestyle or sports niches; the complications surrounding this topic might deter potential affiliate marketers from investing their time, energy, and efforts in this sect, but after careful consideration, you will see that this indeed is a good business venture due to how unsaturated this market is.