20+ TOP Financial Affiliate Networks — Best Financial Affiliate Networks of 2024 For Online Money Making

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollars industry with an estimated increment in spending up to $8.2 Billion by the end of 2022 and is growing by leaps and bounds at a rapid rate. The niches extend widely for entering this industry. The finance niche makes it possible to earn while teaching others about making money. Becoming a finance affiliate marketer can allow you to discover ways of making money by helping someone else earn and manage their money better. Sounds wonderful, right.

Affiliate marketing was embedded through “agents” in banking, which has always been a part of the economy. The advancements and adoption of technology in finance, led to the formation of AI-based projects, giving birth to Fintech. The FinTech industry has a CAGR of 20% in the global market with the market value expected to progress to around $305 billion by 2025. More and more companies operating in the finance sector are incorporating affiliate programs. Forbes quotes that such routes for joining affiliate programs are easier for integration, involve low cost, risks, and compliances, and provide better earning opportunities.


People are making tons of money by joining such Financial affiliate networks. One recent event proving the profitability of affiliate marketing in finance is The Penny Hoarder.

Started by a single person Kyle Taylor, this site has a turnover of $20 million, most of which comes from affiliate campaigns. It writes about different ways of making money and is more focused on making the use of specific codes and coupons to drive revenue. This site was acquired by Clearlink in December 2020 for $102.5 million. The competition in traditional finance and banking and involvement of the financial system raises the earning bar to six or seven figures revenue, providing major support for growth in this industry.

What is Financial Affiliate Network Marketing? 

Aligning or choosing a financial product can be quite hectic, especially for the working class. Everybody looks for solutions that can guarantee them security and are simple to use. They need options that can not only provide hassle-free access to their money but also help it grow. A wrong decision in terms of financing can result in heavy financial losses. That is what affiliate marketing for finance-based products and services can solve.

Financial affiliate marketing is related to the promotion of financial products and services such as cards, insurance policies, payment methods or applications, investments, banking innovations, cryptocurrencies, data security, and whatnot, which can help in the management and growth of your money. It is mostly operable through banks and other financial institutions, but other platforms can also offer such services after following certain regulations and obtaining necessary permissions. The availability of affiliation in cryptocurrencies nowadays adds a cherry on top of working in the finance affiliate programs.

The finance segment has a lot on the table and also demands the same. It involves a lot of capital, security, and risk factors. This makes it challenging on one hand but provides a great opportunity for building mountains of cash on the other. The risk factors can be minimized while opting for affiliate programs in finance.

Why Choose Financial Affiliate Marketing? 

Financial affiliate marketing is a sure win-win for the industry and consumers. What’s in it for the affiliate marketer? The benefits of financial affiliate marketing extend to greater heights. While finance ranks as the 4th highest paying career for the future, affiliate marketing in the finance niche also steps 3rd after health and technology niches in the most profitable category for affiliate marketing, providing the best monetization options.  Moreover, affiliating in this niche doesn’t require you to become an expert at finances, but allows you to discover practical financing hands-on.

So there is learning, profits, and a possible career in finance affiliate marketing. The returns on investment in hiring someone to promote their product are not only great for the company but the agencies too. The best parts that set financial affiliate marketing apart are the benefits provided by banking and finance platforms to their partners, agents, and affiliates. Most banks provide incentives like free insurance, extended credit card limit, or benefit of the affiliated product to the successful marketers.

How to Select Good Financial Affiliate Networks in 2022

The financial sector shares 35% of total spending in affiliate marketing all around the world. There is no doubt that Financial affiliate programs are the most remunerative opportunities. But to make out the most, you’d require to dig deeper in this sector and identify the best programs available. The financial products are digital assets that do not require manufacturing, storage, or shipping which makes it trickier to convince leads about the benefits they could serve.  

We analysed the top financial affiliate marketing brands and the products that they promote. The bottom line of their product selection strategy consisted of reducing risks. Most affiliate marketers ought to choose companies or programs that have an already established brand name, effective redressal system, and bear complete responsibility for the products. This allows them to manage the traffic, leads, and revenue instead of entangling with issues.

Some more tips to choose the best financial affiliate programs are:

  • Credibility

There are established brands with high credibility in the finance industry. An affiliate marketer can take advantage of this aspect and choose products from top companies.

  • Customer point-of-view

When selecting an affiliate product, you need to think like a customer. Financial products and services can involve losses and therefore an affiliate marketer needs to select the most beneficial product that can add value on the part of consumers. This can help in gaining consumers’ trust.

  • Digital presence

You need to make sure that the company selected by you is available on the internet. This will make it accessible to a large audience as well as ensure the trustworthiness of the products. The digital world demands you to serve it at its door, requiring the online existence of all the media.

How to Get Started with Financial Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Competition prevails in the financial sector as well as the finance affiliation. There are already established and dominating networks in this niche. The good news is it is not difficult to get started with finance because it connects almost all of the business and monetary aspects. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to be a finance specialist to begin your journey. The following steps can guide you towards your financial affiliate journey.

  • Studying other finance websites/blogs

Before starting on your own, you must take notes from other financial affiliate marketers regarding the products, methods of promotion, traffic generation, etc. A prominent YouTuber working in the finance niche, Nate O’Brien, educates his viewers through his videos and podcasts. He has millions of subscribers and is recognised as one of the top nine Millennial YouTubers by Forbes. His passion for personal finance and personality development motivated him to provide free knowledge all over the world. He also practices as an affiliate influencer in the field.

  • Specify product category

There are a number of products embedded in the finance industry including cards, insurance, loans, accounts, trading, and investment, etc. The most preferable products are credit cards and loans. Moreover, this categorization extends to types within these products like the kinds of loans, insurance policies, investments, etc. The affiliate programs having all products under one roof as well as dealing with specific products are present in the market.

  • Identify audience

You need an audience for the promotion of financial products. Even if you already own a landing page or sales funnel, the leads for finance products can be very different, varying according to age and income level. This can pose a challenge in front of you as not everybody would be interested in your products.

  • Sales Funnel

Financial affiliate products are not one-time sales programs. The leads continue coming to you for the repurchase of new products if you could earn their trust. Some can even become your own loyal customers. You can trail your audience through email marketing or other channels.

  • Terms and Conditions

Since the financial affiliation involves monetary aspects, it is important to understand and take the terms and conditions into account before signing up. You need to make sure that the burden of risk doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

After you get through these steps, you can enroll in the affiliate programs. The company offering the program is most likely to verify you for getting started. After the approval, you can start driving traffic to your products and earn successfully.

How to Earn in Financial Affiliate Marketing

The average commissions in financial affiliate programs usually start from $100. Statistics from Fintel Connect reveal that financial services offer higher payments to affiliate marketers as compared to other niches. Check here to easily monetize your niche in 2022 and earn 5X higher.

The different business models choose diversified ways of making the payments. Popular affiliate marketing payment models include cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-action (CPA), and cost-per-impression (CPM). Other models like SaaS are also being adopted by some programs for establishing better networking. Some affiliate programs like crypto exchanges may offer you earnings in terms of cryptocurrency also. That is why you need to select suitable payment methods according to your offers and networking pages.

A website or blog can easily double its revenue with the same traffic just by joining relevant financial programs and specifically targeting its sales. Check out the advanced blog monetisation strategies to start earning from your blog. In addition to looking at the modes of payment, you must make sure that the payment system is acceptable to you. For example, some affiliate programs may offer methods that are unavailable in your area or taxable heavily. Another aspect to check is the duration of cookies of a finance affiliate program.

How to Generate Traffic for Financial Affiliate Programs

The generation of traffic toward your affiliate products largely depends on the promotion strategies chosen by you. Distinct ways of generating traffic include making the use of organic or paid channels.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is best suited for a beginner. It doesn’t require any investment, but time and patience. A report by BrightEdge shows that 53% of the traffic is derived through organic searches to the websites, standing against 15% of the paid traffic.  

With the use of organic methods like the use of keywords and SEO optimization, the Google algorithm is more likely to trust your website followed by ranking it on the first page. You can try SEO hacks for ranking on the first page of Google.

Paid Traffic

Most affiliate marketers choose to employ paid traffic to their advantage because it can reach larger audiences much faster. You can categorize your audience based on their age, income levels, interest, occupation, etc. for selecting the best plan for your affiliate products.

While choosing a traffic generation strategy, you need to remember that new visitors would be hesitant to click on your affiliate links, unless they trust you. That is why you need to be careful at bringing highly targeted audiences to your offers for reaping better conversions. Here is a detailed guide for you to do affiliate marketing with Google ads.

Tips for Success in Financial Affiliate Marketing

Establishing a strong and money-making name in the finance sector could be difficult because it includes the involvement of a sensitive aspect called money. You need to build trust in the eyes of customers for excelling in this niche. Being a financial affiliate marketer can allow you to earn more by leveraging the credibility of the reputed companies you’re aligning with. You can build a loss-proof system that offers high commission rates by following the tips given below:

  • Do Not Put All Eggs in One Basket

The availability of diversified products can prove to be a boon or ban based on your perceptions. You can converge to a specified finance product or company or diversify the eggs in your basket. It is always better to present choices and varieties in front of your audience.

  • Qualified Leads

It is clear that financing is an interest of everybody but your products may not appeal to everyone. Most people turn down offers from banks on a daily basis. For this reason, you need to identify qualified audiences for your offers that can actually convert. Also, you need to maintain a constant relationship with the leads for getting the best results.

  • Do Not Sell

People are less likely to purchase from you if you sound like a salesperson, instead of a problem solver. The people who search for ‘how to earn more money’, want you to suggest ways to them, instead of selling your investment products. Your sales pitch must come out as a recommendation so that the audience would be more convinced with your offers.

Some successful finance affiliate marketers like Humphrey Yang have literally been turning their knowledge into dollars. Yang started after realizing the absence of financial awareness among people. He made creative videos to educate the younger generation about earning money. Soon it turned huge and he started making money through Patreon and sponsorships. His social media also involves referral calls to trading and investment platforms. Yang’s passion has turned this former wall-Streeter into a millionaire.


Finance, no doubt, is a high-paying but competitive affiliate niche. You can try some advanced hacks to beat the competition and become a leader in your niche. The risks, as well as commission rates, are higher than in other niches. Getting started at it can be challenging, but the same can offer you an early retirement. The mantra to success in financial affiliate programs is building and maintaining trust. Getting better at finances attracts everybody, creating the need for genuine financial advisors. You can be the next millionaire with finance affiliate marketing.