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5 Growth Hacking Tools to Help You Outdo Your Competitors and Make More Money

Growth hacking, also known as growth marketing, is the practice of employing low-cost digital marketing tactics to increase and maintain an active user base, sell products, and gain exposure. Instead of nasty bits of code that can complicate and ruin your life, consider hacking to find shortcuts that make your life easier.

Growth hacking is most commonly associated with start-ups and small businesses, that is, organizations that do not have a lot of money to throw around but require results quickly. It is, however, a scalable concept that can be applied to any online business that wishes to maintain active user growth and retention.

The Difference Between Growth Hacking & Traditional Marketing

There are some similarities and some significant differences between growth hacking and traditional marketing. It is similar to marketing in that the end goal is customer acquisition or increasing the use of a specific product or service. However, because of its origins in the startup community, it relies heavily on tactics that do not necessitate the large budgets that larger businesses have.

Growth hacking typically combines marketing, optimization, and development expertise to carry out automated marketing on a shoestring budget. Automated notification emails, simple sign-up forms or sign-up-driven homepages, or streamlining new customer onboarding are just a few examples. As a result, we will discuss 5 tools that you can use as a Growth Hacking expert to research and copy your competitors to avoid costly trials and errors. You can easily set yourself up for success with these tools and start performing as well as your competitors.


Scarpingbee is a website content and data extraction tool. In contrast to screen scraping, which only copies pixels displayed onscreen, Scrapingbee extracts underlying HTML code and data stored in a database. The scraper can then replicate the entire content of the website in another location.

Despite being used for illegal purposes, it is also used in several digital businesses that rely on data harvesting. Here are some examples of legitimate use cases we might want to scrape a website:

  • When we want to crawl like search engine bots to analyze our competitors' content. 
  • When we want to analyze price comparison websites and automatically retrieve prices and product descriptions.
  • Scrapers are used by market research firms to collect information from forums and social media for sentiment analysis. 
  • There are many more.

The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

You can use it to learn what works well for your competitors so that you can tailor it to your own needs. So, go ahead and web scrape your competitors' landing pages that are performing well with this tool.

Scrapingbee alternatives include ParseHub, which can convert any website to a spreadsheet or API, and Octopus, which is also a powerful data extraction tool.


In just one year, a portion of our email list goes bad, which means it is no longer delivered. So, why waste time and effort sending emails that will not be delivered and will not affect your intended recipient? Neverbounce validates, cleans, and automates list maintenance for your emails. You can connect with your email provider to ensure accurate and up-to-date data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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You can also easily plug it into a tool like Integromat, which will validate data as you work. You can verify 25 000 for $125 and easily purchase more. Also, there are options for getting free credits available for users. 

The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

It can be used by affiliate marketers to collect emails on Google Sheets and categorize them as valid, risky, verified, and so on. Marketers can also use it in tandem with Zapier or Integromat flow to verify emails in real-time.

Other cold email verification tools include Gmass and Super Email Validator.


You can convert almost any website into an RSS feed using RSS.app's advanced AI. You can manually select the elements you want to include in your RSS feed, and no coding is required. Simply enter the URL of the webpage to get your feed from the thousands of RSS feed websites available in the app. 

With their Embed News Feed,  you can take control of your content using their cloud-based all-in-one news feeds solution. These are easily embedded dynamic content you can have on your website without stress. 

Many digital currency and blockchain experts use it in conjunction with CoinMarketCap (a cryptocurrency news app) to find newly listed coins and add them to their blog pages. You can do it directly through their API, and CoinMarketCap also has an API that hobbyists can use. Alternatively, you can use CoinMarketCap's TSS feed app to scrape all new coins listed. It does not, however, scrape social media details, but instead scrapes the actual coin market with the new data.

The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers can use its customizable widgets to add dynamic news feeds to their websites with no coding required. On your Wix website, you can easily display content related to your industry. You can also easily display the most recent content related to your products or blog posts on your Shopify store. Using RSS.app, you can easily embed news widgets on your WordPress website, keeping your visitors engaged and informed. Finally, you can use news widgets to display the most recent news and updates on your HTML website.


 Vultr is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) management application. A virtual private server, also known as a VPS, is a type of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end-user via the internet via a cloud or hosting provider. Each VPS is installed on a physical machine that is managed and hosts multiple VPSs by a cloud or hosting provider. While the VPSs share a hypervisor and underlying hardware, each has its operating system (OS), applications, and share of the machine's resources (memory, compute, etc.)

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Vultr is similar to renting a computer or server somewhere else, and you can control it directly from your desktop. If you do a lot of cold emailing or manage a lot of social media accounts and don't want to pay for multi-login, Vultr is a good option. Using a special multi-login option costs around $99 per month which you can avoid paying if you use Vultr. 


The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers who conduct cold email outreach and manage multiple social media accounts can easily avoid paying for multi-login by purchasing a VPS from Vultr. You must configure and ensure that there is no IP leak to your desktop. If you use your Gmail account for cold emailing, Vultr can help you avoid a Google ban. You can also have a service similar to AWS cloud computing solution that is extremely simple to set up, and it is a fantastic option because you do not need to create a workspace.

People Data Labs

PDL helps organizations achieve clean, rich, and compliant data by shifting their focus to data acquisition and doubling down on legal, security, and compliance. Today, the PDL platform aims to enable businesses to build compliant people data solutions, with a focus on creating the best data possible, by integrating thousands of compliantly-sourced datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth.

The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

  1. Audience Generation — You can use PDL data to create precise audiences. You can also segment accounts and leads using over 100 different data fields, such as B2B resume data and demographic information. It provides comprehensive email coverage, allowing you to use over 1 billion personal and B2B emails to power audience matching or direct outreach. It is also possible to connect to audience platforms and link with social profiles, phone numbers, and other fields to activate custom audiences everywhere.
  2. Direct Outreach — PDL can help you power your sales enablement tool with person data, allowing you to easily leverage robust data combined with improved linkages between important B2B details to build tools that meet the needs of your sales teams. You can easily outperform your competitors because you have access to more up-to-date B2B and location data than they do. You will also have contact information linked to your B2B data, which is superior to simply having the data.
  3. Talent Acquisition — As an affiliate agency in need of workers, PDL offers excellent recruiting platforms that rely on high-quality data from reliable sources. You can create a tool that allows users to filter by hundreds of unique data points, such as skills, education, work history, previous titles, and so on. PDL keeps B2B and location data up to date so that your algorithms are not hampered by bad data. Every data point contributes to a more complete and accurate profile of your prospective employees.

Other benefits of using PDL include fraud prevention, identity resolution, market research, investment research, and so on.



Discourse is an open-source discussion platform that can be used for a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and other purposes. It is essentially a community hosting software that allows you to run community technology with ready hosting. It is a free open-source code that includes an anti-spam filter. 

The Advantages of Using It for Affiliate Marketers

The screenshots below give a summary of its features and advantages.

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If you ever want to beat your competitors, you must be able to hack them so that you can copy and improve on their strategies. If you want to catch up with them, you should not start from the beginning; instead, use the tools listed above to beat them. You can also use some of the tools to reach out to a large number of stakeholders in your business. Discourse, a powerful forum with many different interactive tools, is one excellent tool. Furthermore, as an affiliate marketer, you may find it costly to secure your data and system while also managing it yourself, so we have included options for you to consider if you decide to have your private server. And, if linking news-generated feeds is appropriate for your business, creating automated content can be beneficial.

We believe that by using the tools listed above, you can increase your revenue while decreasing your expenses, thereby increasing your profit.

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