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Fitness apparel affiliate programs provide fitness apparel, and sportswear offers.

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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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20+ Best Fitness Apparel Affiliate Programs and Networks [2023]

In the world of sports, fitness apparel is definitely one of the most important products that people shop for on a daily basis. This is an amazing opportunity for affiliates to earn a lot of revenue by promoting products that people need. There are various companies that provide these fitness apparel, and every day new ones are born. Therefore, the opportunity is lucrative and promising.

In this article, we will go through fitness apparel affiliate programs, what they are, how they work, what you can promote, how you can choose one, and what are the top traffic sources for promoting them. In addition, will talk about some of the best tips and tricks to promote these programs as well.

What are Fitness Apparel Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

Fitness apparel affiliate programs are businesses that produce fitness apparel, sportswear, etc. In order to promote their products, they need affiliates to advertise the product for them. In exchange, affiliates can earn a commission based on how much they sell or how many people they refer to these programs.

The weight that you can earn as an affiliate in these programs is different, but the basics of this niche include selling an actual product and earning a reward or bonus in return. Therefore, you won’t be referring any visitors to sign up or get a free trial or anything like that. This is because most products in this niche are physical.

The audience for this niche is mostly made up of young men and women. Therefore, you need to target those exact same people and talk to them in their own language.

What Types of Products Can You Promote

Speaking of the target audience, and the type of products, here’s a list of all the different types of products you can promote and fitness apparel affiliate programs, and networks.

  1. Compression leggings. These leggings are designed to provide support and improve circulation during exercise.
  2. Sports bras. A must-have for any female athlete, sports bras come in a variety of styles and provide support for high-impact activities.
  3. Running shoes. Running shoes are designed with cushioning and support to reduce the impact on joints and prevent injury.
  4. Yoga mats. A necessary accessory for any yoga practice, yoga mats provide a non-slip surface for stability and comfort.
  5. Athletic socks. Athletic socks provide support and cushioning to reduce the risk of blisters during long workouts.
  6. Fitness trackers. Fitness trackers help users to monitor their activity levels, heart rate, and calories burned.
  7. Gym bags. A good gym bag is essential for carrying workout gear, clothes, and other essentials.
  8. Weightlifting gloves. Weightlifting gloves provide a better grip and protect hands from calluses and blisters.
  9. Resistance bands. Resistance bands are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for strength training and stretching.
  10. Workout clothes. High-quality workout clothes are designed to be comfortable, moisture-wicking, and durable.
  11. Foam rollers. Foam rollers are a great tool for self-massage and can help to relieve muscle soreness and improve flexibility.
  12. Protein powder. Protein powder is a popular supplement for building muscle and improving recovery after workouts.
  13. Pre-workout supplements. Pre-workout supplements can provide an energy boost and help users to focus during workouts.
  14. Post-workout supplements. Post-workout supplements can help to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
  15. Fitness DVDs. Fitness DVDs offer a convenient way to work out at home and can provide a variety of workouts for users to choose from.

Payment Models in Fitness Apparel Affiliate Programs

In fitness apparel affiliate programs, you can mostly witness two types of payment models that are most dominant. This is because most of the products in this category are physical products that customers can order and receive at the door.

Revenue Share

The first and most common payment model is revenue share. This is when the affiliate program chooses to pay you a percentage of the product's value. Now, if the product is valued at $2000, and the program is choosing to pay you 10% in commission, then you’ll be making $200 from only one purchase. Keep in mind that, the value of the product matters the most in this model, because the lower the value of the product, the lower your chances of making more money. Usually, the value for the revenue share in many programs can range from 5% to 50% depending on the type of product.

Cost per Sale (CPS)

The cost per sale model works very similarly to the revenue share model, with one difference that they don’t pay you the percentage of the product's value. Instead, they pay you a flat rate that is fixed and specific for every single product. This is mostly the case for businesses that have one or two products with Prices that are usually the same. The cost per sale in many programs could be anywhere from $10-$200 and even more, but that just depends on the type of product. When you were looking for these programs, make sure the price they’re paying you makes sense based on the value of their own products.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program

To ensure the success of your affiliate marketing efforts in the fitness niche, it's important to choose programs that offer the highest potential for profitability. This involves considering various factors such as commission rates, product quality, and market demand to identify the most promising programs. By focusing on these key factors, you can make more informed decisions and maximize your return on investment.

Your Familiarity with the Products

It is crucial to have some experience with the product or a similar product before promoting it. If you are unfamiliar with the product, you should research it through reviews or videos. If you promote a product you don't know, it can harm your audience's trust in you as an affiliate. Therefore, it is important to ensure your familiarity with the product before promoting it, to maintain a positive relationship with your audience, and establish credibility as an affiliate.

Commission Rate

When selecting an affiliate program, the Commission rate is an important factor to consider. A higher Commission rate generally means more earnings, but this is not always the case. The average order value of the program is also crucial. For instance, a Commission rate of 90% on a program with an average order value of $10 will not result in significant earnings. On the other hand, even with a low commission rate of 10%, the earnings will still be substantial if the average order value is around $1,000. Therefore, in addition to the Commission rate, it is essential to ensure that the average order value of the program is high. By considering both factors, affiliates can choose a program that offers the greatest earning potential.

Brand Recognition

When it comes to working with a brand, its credibility is an important factor to consider. You wouldn't want to promote a brand that has negative reviews or a poor reputation among customers. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the brand you're working with is of high quality so that customers are satisfied with their purchases and don't blame you for their own dissatisfaction. To determine the credibility of a brand, it's recommended to search for its reviews online. You can also consult unbiased websites and forums like Quora or Reddit to gather more information about the brand. Additionally, reaching out to your peers on affiliate forums can help you learn about their experiences with the brand. By doing your research, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to work with a particular brand.

Cookie Duration

The duration of a cookie is a crucial factor to consider when promoting an offer. A cookie is a small text file that tracks a visitor's activity on a website. The cookie duration refers to the time during which the program will track the activity of a specific user. This means that any purchases made by the visitor during the tracking period, even if it's not their first time on the website, will still count toward commission. For instance, if the program's cookie duration is 30 days, and a user visits the website once and then again 20 days later, any purchases made on the second visit will still give the promoter commission.

To ensure the best chance of earning commission, it's advisable to promote programs with longer cookie durations. While most affiliate programs have a 30-day cookie duration, some offer longer durations, such as 365 days or even a lifetime, while others may have shorter durations, like a week or a day. By promoting programs with longer cookie durations, promoters increase their chances of earning commission from visitors who may not make a purchase on their first visit but return later to make a purchase.

Payment Frequency

While most programs pay commissions on a monthly basis, some may have longer payment frequencies such as every two or three months. While this may not be ideal for those attempting to make a living through affiliate marketing, it could be due to the program's policies regarding product returns. These policies may require the program to avoid paying commissions until the return warranty period has passed. As a result, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any affiliate program before committing to it. In addition, it is advisable to seek out programs with more favorable payment terms, such as those that pay on a monthly basis, to ensure a steady and reliable income.

Minimum Payout

In addition to payout frequency requirements, some affiliate programs may require that you reach a specific balance before receiving payment. This balance can vary depending on the program's policy. Currently, many programs require a minimum earning of $50 before you can cash out your money. However, if you prefer to receive payment more frequently or immediately, you can choose to participate in programs without a minimum payout threshold. It's important to note that some programs may also charge fees for payouts, so it's important to carefully review the terms and conditions before joining.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers are software tools that affiliate programs provide to help you monitor and analyze the performance of your visitors. They offer valuable data and statistics about clicks, signups, commissions, sales, bonuses, and more. If the program is on a network, the affiliate tracker is typically available on your dashboard automatically. This information allows you to gain deeper insight into your marketing strategies and optimize your campaigns to improve performance. By analyzing the data provided by the affiliate tracker, you can identify trends and patterns that can help you refine your approach. In short, affiliate trackers are an essential tool for any affiliate marketer looking to maximize their earnings and grow their business.

Marketing Assets and Resources

Nowadays, affiliate programs offer various marketing assets and resources such as logos, banner ads, text links, pre-written content, visuals, imagery, icons, and even landing pages and websites. These resources can help you increase your earnings and promote the program effectively. However, some programs may not offer these resources, or only provide a link. In that case, affiliates should choose a program that provides enough content and imagery to make their job easier. This is particularly important for programs with visual products, where affiliates may not have access to the product images. It would be logical for such programs to provide affiliates with the necessary photos.

In addition, some affiliate programs may even provide affiliates with product samples, allowing them to test and review the product. This can greatly impact the audience and lead to higher conversions. It is important for affiliates to choose programs that offer such resources to make the most out of their partnership.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the resources provided by the affiliate program should align with the affiliate's brand and target audience. Affiliates should also make sure that they have the necessary legal permission to use the provided resources before using them for promotion.

Affiliate Support

If you're new to affiliate marketing or want extra support, it's important to choose a program with active and accessible affiliate support. Many programs on our list have excellent support, but it's always a good idea to check with peers on an affiliate forum. You might have access to a dedicated affiliate manager who will provide regular tips on how to increase your income. Some programs even send newsletters with the latest opportunities and products to promote, including occasional promotions and seasonal events. When choosing an affiliate program, consider the level of support you'll receive, including how easy it is to access and whether it's tailored to your needs.

Application Process Time

If you're eager to start earning from an affiliate program, you don't want to wait around for days or even weeks just to have your application reviewed. Some programs have a faster application processing time than others, allowing you to get started right away. Before signing up for any affiliate program, it's important to research their application processing time. Some programs might give you access to their affiliate area immediately, while others may take longer to review your application. Waiting for a response can be frustrating, especially if you're excited to get started. So, to avoid wasting time, it's important to choose an affiliate program with a fast application processing time.

Performance-based Bonuses

Affiliate programs often offer rewards and bonuses to their top-performing members in exchange for their ability to generate a lot of sales. These rewards can come in different forms, such as an increase in commission rates or a significant bonus when sales reach a certain milestone. We've made sure to note which affiliate programs on our list offer these types of performance-based bonuses, so if this is something you're interested in, be sure to keep an eye out for these programs. It's a great way to earn more money and be recognized for your hard work and success as an affiliate marketer.

Promotions and Discount Codes

If you want to impress your audience with some sweet deals and promotions, you should consider affiliate programs that offer custom discount codes. These codes are a great way to incentivize your audience to purchase products. Many programs offer this option and help you create codes that are unique to your audience. Some programs even offer seasonal discount codes that you can share with your followers. However, not all programs have policies regarding discount codes, so make sure to find a program that fits your needs. Remember, discount codes are a great way to attract people to your affiliate links, so choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of bringing in more sales.

Top Traffic Sources for Fitness Apparel Offers

No, we know almost everything about choosing a fitness affiliate program. Now it’s time to learn more about the top traffic sources for fitness apparel offers. In order to be successful, you need to look for the best places where the target audience is available. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Social Media

The first and most important traffic source for fitness apparel has got to be social media. On Social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and all sorts of other social media the youth uses, you can find an audience for your fitness apparel promotions.

This is specifically visible on social media like TikTok, where people talk about what they already own, and how they’ve been feeling about using them. A great case of the new fitness apparel business coming to birth, and getting fame via social media is Lululemon. The products started to gain popularity, mainly through social media, and influencers on TikTok and Instagram. Plus, huge influencers started advertising for them, and as an affiliate, you also get to promote them and earn a lot of money from their fame.

If you are active on TikTok or similar platforms, fitness apparel content will have lots of fans. So make sure you go specifically for those people and learn their way of promoting. What are the best ways to promote such offers is to buy the product or get a sample for yourself and use it on social media and start complimenting about how good it is in front of the camera. If you don’t want to get in front of the camera and try on those clothes, you can always use stock footage if the program provides it. If not, you might have to go for some other types of products that you can promote easily without having to try them on. You can also pay influencers to promote your affiliate branding for you, and from there, you can promote any fitness apparel product you want.

Forums and Communities

The next best traffic source for fitness, apparel affiliate programs, definitely forms in communities, like Reddit, where you get to share your own experience with others. If you have an affiliate website where you share content about these fitness, apparel products, and forms, you have a great chance to share the links to the articles where you write about these products on your own website. Just make sure you don’t spam the forum and only share links that are useful for other people so they won’t ban you from the forum.

Website Content

Speaking of the website content, many people will be searching for their favorite sportswear online on search engines, so it’s your best chance to have some contact ready to show those people if they’re searching. Plus, having a website and content related to the products you’re selling, can help you have a ground where you can promote those products from. So you might either have a template website like a LinkTree page where you share all the links, or you might have a website where people can actually find a lot of content about the product you’re promoting so they’ll know that you have dug really deep about the product and you’re not just sharing the link to it.

Paid Ads

Last, but not least, if you want some quick traffic without having to spend a lot of time producing content for social media and your website, you can use paid ads on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. One of the best ways to know what type of ads to post on TikTok and Instagram is through TikTok ads spy tools and Instagram ads spy tools. With these ad spy tools, you can know how to promote the products you’re promoting based on how other affiliates or competitors are promoting them. Plus, you can get in the publicity you need super quickly and get your ads in front of everybody right away.

Tips to Promote Fitness Apparel Affiliate Offers Successfully

Now that we know the top traffic sources for fitness apparel affiliate offers, let’s take some helpful tips and tricks to become even more successful in this niche.

Find Effective Platforms

The first and most important tip for promoting fitness apparel affiliate programs is finding the best platform for doing so. If your target audience isn’t on the platform, you are most active on, there’s a good chance you won’t get any impressions for your ads, content, or any other promotions anyway. So it’s important for you to select the right places. For fitness apparel, platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, and sometimes YouTube might be the best places to promote. That is exactly how lots of new brands get their audience. Therefore, by collaborating with these brands, you should also acknowledge the fact that they want to be promoted on platforms that have short-form videos.

Keyword Targeting

If you’re thinking of making a website and posting your content on it, you should definitely pay attention to the keywords are targeting. If the keywords are targeting or are too broad and general, there’s a good chance they won’t show up on Google search results. That means if someone searches for, the best sportswear, your website will probably not be on the first few pages anyways. This is because there are already lots of contacts written about this specific keyword.

Therefore, you should narrow down your keywords and target products and search queries that are more specific. For example, keywords that are long tail like “ the best breathable sportswear for the gym” might be a better keyword, because when somebody searches for that, they have a commercial intent, meaning, they would want to buy a product in that category. And since not many websites are targeting long till keywords like this, there’s a good chance your content will show up for them.

Here’s a good set of long-tail keywords that are probably good for promoting fitness, and apparel affiliate programs. Keep in mind that these are not all the keywords that are good to target, but just some examples for you to get started. In order to find the best keywords for your own website or your own audience, you should do more extensive keyword research.

  1. Best Plus Size Fitness Apparel
  2. Women's Yoga Pants for Tall Women
  3. Men's Compression Shirts for CrossFit
  4. Affordable Workout Clothes for Women
  5. High-Quality Gym Clothes for Men
  6. Running Shorts with Phone Pockets
  7. Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothing Brands
  8. Yoga Clothes for Hot Yoga
  9. Athletic Wear for Bodybuilders
  10. Activewear for Pilates Classes
  11. Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Women
  12. Fitness Clothes with UV Protection
  13. Compression Leggings for Weightlifting
  14. Breathable Workout Clothes for Women
  15. Gym Clothes that Hide Sweat
  16. Men's Activewear for Outdoor Workouts
  17. Women's Athletic Wear for HIIT Training
  18. Fitness Clothing for Plus-Size Men
  19. Yoga Clothes for Pregnant Women
  20. Fitness Apparel for Cycling


Always keep in mind that the treads are the most important things. You should follow as an affiliate. When you transfer, a new product comes up, or when people are looking for an alternative to a famous product, you should be there to give them the exact thing they want. In order to find the best trends, you can use third-party tools that give you insight into the latest trends and hashtags, or you can simply go on any social media and look for trendy topics. From there, you can find many sources of inspiration.

Review Products

Writing a useful product review is essential for guiding potential customers and convincing them to make a purchase. Here are some tips to help you write a comprehensive and effective review:

  • Know your audience: Identify who your readers are and what they're looking for to write a review that speaks to their needs.
  • Use the product: Thoroughly research or use the product to write an authentic and engaging review.
  • Be honest: Mention both the positive and negative aspects of the product to build trust with your readers.
  • Highlight pros and cons: Compare the product to others in the market to help readers understand how it stacks up.
  • Use visuals: Include high-quality images or videos to showcase the product's design and functionality.
  • Add a call-to-action: Encourage readers to take action with clear and straightforward CTAs.
  • Format properly: Use headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make your review easy to skim and understand.

In addition, it's important to use simple language and avoid jargon or technical terms. Try to anticipate readers' questions and provide detailed answers. Finally, remember to proofread your review for clarity and accuracy, and consider having someone else read it before publishing.

Focus on SEO

It’s important for you to incorporate your keywords in your text based on the rules of search engine optimization. This means that you should incorporate your keywords evenly throughout your texts, images, alt descriptions, etc. If you don’t use your keywords, no matter how good your concept is, it’s probably not going to show up on the Google search results. Therefore, it’s important for you to optimize your articles and make sure they are good to go. One great tool to check your SEO with and make sure it is good is Yoast SEO.

Engage with Your Community

When you engage with your community, you transfer the feeling that they are important to you. Plus, you can get a lot of opinions and ideas on your next contact from them. You can even ask them what they’re looking for and give them the same products with your own discount codes. Depending on what your community wants and what kind of people they are, you should always keep in touch with them and keep posting at all times to make sure they are engaged with your content, this and itself is a form of marketing. So make sure you answer every comment, post polls, and get votes and your audience's opinion every once in a while.


Fitness apparel affiliate programs are a great way to earn money if you want to promote your offers to a mainly young audience base. Using the tips and tricks mentioned in this article can bring you closer to success. If you want to promote other similar products, you should check out sports affiliate programs, and outdoor affiliate programs, or just search in the directories of affiliate programs and affiliate networks on our site to find the best deal or offer for your own audience.