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What Tracker to Choose for Affiliate Marketing in 2022: TOP 5 Tools

Nowadays, everyone uses affiliate marketing to earn commissions by helping businesses attract more traffic and sales. You might have a business or a brand that needs more attention. You ask affiliates to help you achieve your goal. In return, you can give them commissions depending on how much traffic they drive to your business.

Everything seems okay. But there is an important question. How are you going to measure how much each affiliate has contributed to your sales? How do you manage all the traffic? You can achieve this with an Affiliate Marketing Tracker tool of choice. In this article, we will look at the top 5 affiliate marketing trackers that you can use to boost your business.

What is Tracking in Affiliate Marketing

A brief and precise definition of tracking in affiliate marketing would be “the process using which you can track and manage your marketing activities from affiliate websites.” There are also some software and plugins out there to help you track your activities.

When you start your activity on an affiliate website, you want to monitor all the sales and clicks that your website attracts. This feature allows you, as the head of an affiliate network, to track or monitor the network’s performance. This way, you can measure exactly which affiliate drives more traffic to the website.

You can use affiliate tracking tools and software in order to track any activity, including referrals, recommendations, sales, clicks, offline and online advertisements, and general impacts of affiliates and their promotions on your business.

Key Benefits of Trackers in Affiliate Marketing

If you need to track your affiliates and reports, you would need to use a Tracker. But what exactly does a Tracker offer?

  • Valuable Insights

Using a tracker helps your business and your affiliates to be able to monitor every single detail of their activities. This allows them to verify which part of their activities has resulted best in attracting more traffic. You can easily figure out whether an affiliate marketing campaign works or not. If your strategies are not good enough, you can change them and track their changes and acquire more effective results.

This data is precious to an affiliate marketing network. As a business, you can use such information to cooperate with affiliate networks that provide you with tracking data across a wide range of metrics. Some networks make use of tracking solutions that best match the KPI (key performance indicators) of your business.

  • Network Expansion

When you use affiliate marketing trackers, you can build trust and understanding among your network of affiliates. People usually use affiliate marketing to earn their income, so if your solutions are good and support your network, more people will vouch for you. This means more traffic and, in turn, an even bigger network.


Everflow is one of the greatest affiliate marketing trackers. The interface is great and it provides you with a wide range of features. If you are looking for a super-advanced tool to manage your campaigns and produce valuable reports and insights for them, Everflow is for you.

They have a great team of experts helping you with your website, whether you plan to launch it or you already have a ready-to-use website. They will provide you with advice for your business, strategies, roadmaps, etc.

Everflow claims that if you want to monitor your website’s traffic, you need to be able to do it in a very simple manner. So, they offer a user-friendly placement system instead of spreadsheets so that you can easily block bad traffic and boost your business. Using their service, you can monitor all metrics and data points in real-time updates.

Everflow allows you to make some actions automated. For example, you would not want to spend your whole time trying to block fraudulent placements. You can let this platform do it for you.

Everflow also has some other great features, such as advanced notifications, the ability to handle both mobile and desktop traffic, and public API.

Main features:

  • Live stats
  • Advanced notifications
  • Advanced media buying tools


  • It does not automatically stop the campaigns with broken links
  • Takes some time to learn how to use it

User Reviews:

Not many users have complained about Everflow still to this day.


LinkTrust is another great tool for tracking your affiliate marketing activities. In LinkTrust, you have an all-in-one dashboard. You can manage your campaigns and customize your workspace. Not all the advertisements done for your brand are online. LinkTrust helps you track both online and offline promotions. In addition, cookies and mobile traffic are also measurable on this platform.

You can also customize lead validation, which allows you to separate sales leads in your campaign. If you need some helping hands, LinkTrust also allows your affiliates or advertisers to sign up and assist you. It also provides you with a live report on how your advertisements are impacting your business.

Fraudulent and bad traffic can always affect your business and your website. It is important that an affiliate tracker helps you block that kind of traffic. LinkTrust helps you detect and control fraud. It is still one of the platforms that offer a package for all that you might need in your affiliate marketing.

Main features:

  • Automated payments
  • Remote traffic agent
  • Mobile tracking


  • The notification doesn’t work in some cases, such as allocation limits
  • You can see data for a span of 10 months

User Reviews:

Users also found this tracker pretty straightforward to use and the support team mostly helpful.


Using AffTrack, you can monitor your clicks and send invoices. Fortunately, AffTrack comes with a range of packages and solutions for different types of businesses. This helps you choose the service that really helps you with what you need. AffTrack also allows you to keep a close eye on your funds and use the benefit to expand your network and your business.

You can track your business insights even when you are not working at your personal computer. You can use their responsive mobile version in order to never lose track of your data. You wouldn’t need a separate application for this, though, because you can easily use their website on your phone.

Using AffTrack you can detect proxies for free. They offer real-time data, as well as a file manager. You can add as many affiliates and advertisers as you want. It offers geo-targeting, device targeting, and client-side tracking, as well.

Note: Geo-targeting and device-targeting mean that you have the authority to specify the way that consumers and clients receive data depending on their region or device. Client-side tracking uses your browser to send information back to the server to share a website’s data to advertising and marketing services.

Main features:

  • Immediate support
  • Public API
  • Targeting capabilities


  • It’s only available in English
  • You can use it either on Mac or browser

User Reviews:

As you can see, most users find AffTrack a cheaper solution for their business.


Hitpath is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there. They offer live services, 24/7 support, and free tutorials for their software. You can track calls using their real-time Click2Call feature. Click2Call allows you to monitor and track the data related to phone numbers and create campaigns for them without having to exit their platform.

You can manage and group your affiliates and advertisers for a better result, predict your income and commissions, and detect and block fraudulent or third-party services. It allows you to track your data also on mobile devices, choose your preferred currency, and enjoy its unlimited storage capacity.

Hitpath also has both Android and iOS applications that can help you and your affiliates to stay in touch with the network at all times. You can use geo-targeting and device-targeting on this platform, as well.

Main features:

  • Live stats
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Accounting solutions


  • It’s only browser-based
  • API is usually 5 minutes behind but no more than that

User Reviews:


CAKE is all about its great community, support team, and advertisers. It can take your business to its full potential. CAKE has secure, accurate data measurement tools that provide you with live stats. It allows you to benefit from geo-targeting and device-targeting features to monetize traffic on a real-time basis.

They offer you a dashboard that contains all the necessary information you need on the performance of your network and points that can improve your strategies. Just like the other tracking tools on our list, CAKE protects you from fraudulent parties that can harm your revenue.

Other than affiliate links, you can also view leads in the sales using CAKE. One thing that everyone likes about CAKE is how this platform helps you improve your business with efficient feedback that actually leads to the growth of your business.

Main features:

  • Detailed dashboard
  • Protection against fraud
  • Live stats


  • The interface doesn’t look that modern
  • The search system is very basic

User Reviews:

What most users like about CAKE is the user-friendly system and helpful support.

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In order to value your affiliates and be able to eliminate the bad traffic that your website receives, you can use one of the best affiliate marketing trackers that we have introduced in this article. You can choose whichever one that contains the solution you are looking for in your business.

Some important things to have in mind is what exactly you want to track, how you want to track it, from where you want to be able to view your reports, how you wish to manage your affiliates and the impacts of your campaigns, how you want to control the traffic driven towards your website, and who you want to be able to redirect to your desired point. If you know the answers to these questions, you are one step ahead in boosting your business, increasing its sales, and expanding your network.

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