Buy Google Play Developer Accounts [Old Accounts]

One of the best places to make money as developers or affiliate marketers is without a doubt Google Play Store. This store puts developers and affiliates in front of a large number of people and helps make money online become so much easier. That’s why in this article, we are exploring the topic of buying an old Google Play Developer account, and why buying one is better than making one. We will also share some tips for buying the account.

Importance of Google Developer Accounts in Affiliate Marketing

Google Play Developer accounts are important for developers and marketers because they allow them to publish their games, apps, and other products there and reach a large number of users quickly. Plus, Google Play Store allows apps to engage in marketing activities, showing ads, promoting other products like affiliate products, and more.

Therefore, having a trusted Google Developer account can help you reach out to more people and establish your apps on the store.

Why Buy Old Google Developer Accounts Instead of Making One

Purchasing an older Google Developer Account instead of creating a new one can vastly improve your experience developing and publishing on the site. An old account is much easier to use, has established trust with people and with the platform, and you can easily avoid the initial setup process, which can take a while. You can get started immediately and consider it as an already successful account to advertise your products on. Imagine if you bought an older established Twitter account with lots of followers. You would constantly get recommended to people. It’s the exact same case here.

How to Buy Google Developer Accounts

There are lots of online platforms that sell Google Play Developer accounts, like Vaccbaro, etc. You can sign up, pay, and immediately start using the accounts. While there are lots of options out there, the important part is filtering out all the scams and fraudulent offers and finding a trustworthy seller. These tips shared here can help you in the process.

How to Verify the Seller

The best way to verify the seller is to first look for peer reviews, ratings, or any other sign of trustworthiness. If you are buying the account on a platform, then you can look for the reviews of the seller. If the platform is independent, then you can look for reviews of that seller online in affiliate forums and other places like Quora and Reddit. One of the best ways to make sure that the seller is genuine is to lastly engage in a conversation with them, and ask them some questions to see if they answer you and provide proper support. This way, you can easily understand if they are trustworthy. The best sign of a good seller is their courtesy and support.

How to Check the Account Before Purchase

Considering the security measures Google has implemented for developer accounts, like additional identification requirements and 2-step Verification, you should make sure that these criteria are met by any account you're considering purchasing. This includes verifying the account type (personal or organization), contact name, physical address, and confirmation of email address and phone number. Also, be aware of Google's stringent app review processes.

Post-Purchase Considerations

Once you make a purchase, you may find yourself encountering certain issues. This section discusses what you should prepare for after the purchase.

Can I Get My Money Back if My Account is Banned After Purchase

Whether you can get your money back or not depends entirely on the courtesy of the seller. In most cases, you will only be given a replacement in case the account is banned. And even this is in case the account is blocked because of a fault on the seller’s side and not you. If you've already done activities on the account, then the seller could argue that the account is banned on your side. So you should definitely keep records and screenshots and proofs of everything you do to make sure you can at least get a replacement. Sellers that are not fraudulent will hear you out and help you resolve the issue.

What Account Details Do I Receive After Purchase

You will be provided with details such as Developer's Name, Email Address and password, Website (if available), and Phone number. There could be other information transfers as well depending on the account type.

Risks Associated with Buying Google Developer Accounts

While buying a Google Developer Account is good, there are many risks attached to buying one. One of the biggest risks is the account getting banned. Here are a couple of reasons why a Google Developer account can be banned.

  • Inactive Accounts: Google may close inactive Play Store developer accounts after 1 year of dormancy, which includes developers who have never uploaded an app or accessed the Play Console in a year. However, accounts with Play Store applications that have over 1,000 installs or in-app purchases in the last 90 days are typically exempt from this policy​​​​​.
  • Policy Violations: Accounts can be terminated for prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement. This could be related to the nature of the apps themselves or the behavior of the account holder​​​​​.
  • Security and Malware Concerns: Reasons like malware, mobile spam software, and behavioral transparency issues can lead to the termination of a Google Play developer account. This is part of Google's efforts to maintain a safe ecosystem for app users and developers​.
  • High-Risk or Abusive Behavior: Google may terminate accounts associated with high-risk or abusive behavior patterns. This could be related to actions that go against the terms of the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement​.
  • Other Common Ban Reasons: Some of the most common reasons for Google Play developer account bans include a large number of duplicate developer account registrations, associations with other banned developer accounts, duplicate applications, malicious applications, fraudulent transactions, applications violating national laws and regulations, and inferior applications with numerous complaints or reports​.

If your account is banned not because of your activity but because of any reason on the seller’s side, make sure to have documentation ready to hand over for a replacement or a refund.

Success Stories Using Google Developer Accounts

Here are a few examples of success stories shared by very successful people on Google Play apps and through having a developer account.

Case #1. The Jed Mahonis Group

Co-founded by Tim Bornholdt, this custom iOS and Android app development consultancy started with an initial investment of $500 and has grown to nearly $960K per year. They work with clients like Great Clips and Profile by Sanford Health, showing the potential of mobile app development in various sectors​.

Case #2. SteelKiwi

This Ukrainian outsourcing company for web and mobile app development, founded by Anton Baterikov, started with just $1K and now earns $1.8M annually. SteelKiwi has expanded its services across various industries, demonstrating the scalability and diversity achievable in the app development market​.

Case #3. Panda Wish

Founded by Mohammed Khonizi, Panda Wish is a platform that facilitates booking beauty and spa services. Starting with a $50K investment, the app has grown to make $90K per year. This success story highlights the market potential for niche service-oriented apps​.

Case #4. Never Settle

Kenn Kelly co-founded Never Settle, a digital agency focusing on mobile, website, and marketing solutions. With an initial investment of $5K, the agency now makes $1.8M per year and has completed over 1,000 projects. This example shows the profitability of providing comprehensive digital solutions​.

Case #5. LowCode Agency ($120K/year)

Jesus Vargas founded LowCode Agency after discovering Glide apps, which enabled him to create custom apps from Google Sheets efficiently. With an initial investment of $500 and a team size of 3, they are on track to make $150,000 in their first year​.

Case #6. Krit ($1.09M/year)

Founded by Andrew, Krit transformed from a startup with a failed product launch to a full-time software agency, currently earning $1.09M annually with a team of 7​.

Case #7. Pioneer Mobile Applications ($360K/year)

Phil Scarfi established Pioneer Mobile Applications in college after developing an app to consolidate dining hall menus. The company now generates $360K per year with a team size of 3​.

Case #8. Aptitude ($600K/year)

Cameron relaunched a stagnant app development company, turning it into Appsitude. With monthly revenues between $30,000 to $50,000, they aim to be one of the leading app development companies globally​.

Case #9. Zovo Team Ltd. ($240K/year)

Mahamud Hasan, starting as a freelance graphic designer, founded Zovo Team Ltd to provide comprehensive solutions for startups. With an initial cost of $200, the company now makes $240K annually​.


We have shared some tips and tricks to make sure you are buying the right Google Play Developer account. These old accounts can vastly impact your growth on the platform and help speed up the process for you. So make sure you keep all the tips in mind before purchasing. Good luck on your journey.

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