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Best Sites to Buy and Sell Social Media Accounts [Old Accounts Bulk]

Social media is one of the most important sources of traffic In modern times. This is exactly why having a social media account and being active on it can heavily impact your success in different aspects of your affiliate or marketing activity. In this article, we will talk about buying and selling social media accounts and why it is a good choice to do so instead of making one yourself.

Why Do People Buy Old Social Media Accounts

People buy social media accounts for several reasons. First of all, making a social media account and wanting to start from zero can take you a very long time. Plus, You would have to consider several strategies to grow on social media nowadays. This is because There are already lots of different niche accounts that are big and active, and most people just follow those. Therefore, for those people who want to grow faster and not have to start from zero, buying a social media account can be a huge game changer.

Imagine having an account that already has lots of followers who are interested in what you are offering. You wouldn't have to look for the audience and convince them to follow you anymore. Sure, you might lose a couple of followers or subscribers, but in the long run having an old account can boost your activities and show them to more people versus if you would have to start from zero all on your own. Plus, when new accounts want to follow you for the type of content you post, they will simply look at the number of followers you have and be convinced that a lot of people already like what you do. These should be enough reasons to motivate a lot of people to buy social media accounts and continue their activity on them.

How to Buy Social Media Accounts

There are lots of platforms that specialize in buying and selling social media accounts. We have attached a list of those to this article. However, when you are trying to buy a social media account you should pay attention to a lot of different factors. A few of those factors are mentioned here.

How to Assess the Sellers

First of all, you need to understand that the platforms that sell such accounts are either a network of buyers and sellers or independent platforms where sellers directly sell you the accounts and provide you with post-purchase support.

To verify and assess these sellers you need to pay attention to several things. First of all, the seller reviews matter a lot. If you are trying to buy from a network of sellers, make sure to look at the users' reviews or the ratings that the seller has received in the past. You can read any reviews and pay special attention to the negative ones to be aware of all the risks. You can also search on the Internet on forums or affiliate forums to find more about the seller if the seller is an independent one with their company name on their independent website selling these accounts. Your peers might have had prior experience purchasing such accounts from that seller. so the reviews can be helpful.

Plus, you can always engage in conversations with the sellers and see if they answer your questions properly. You can learn a lot about a seller’s courtesy from how they respond to your questions and provide support, whether it’s in the process of buying or after it. You could also verify the seller by taking a look at their pricing. Usually, very low prices yell out scams. It may not always be the case, but make sure you keep an eye out for it.

How to Verify the Accounts Before Purchasing

The seller is not the only thing you should assess. If you have the chance, you could try asking the seller to verify the account as well. The thing is, these accounts may not always be the most straightforward. Sometimes these sellers will be selling accounts that have issues. If you could take a look at such accounts, you would have a better chance of preventing fraudulent transactions.

To verify the accounts, if you can, you should look at their creation dates, their possible bans or warnings, their engagement rates, follower counts, views, and so on. Some of this information, you can even verify without having to log into the account. Of course, you don’t want to be considered a scammer by asking to log into the account.

You can also use some tools to assess the accounts even further, for example, their percentage of bot followers. You want to make sure the account you’re buying has no bot followers because then that’s almost a useless account. Some accounts may even have fake followers who followed the account in exchange for a reward. These accounts are also fraudulent and it’s better to avoid them.

An account with real engagement, real followers interested in the topic you want to post about, and real history is what you’re aiming for here. So make sure not to get lured in by marketing tricks.

How to Avoid Ban after Purchasing an Account

Generally, there are a couple of measures you can take to make sure your account won’t be banned after purchase.

The most important reason for an account suspension in these cases is the drastic change in the activity on the account. Of course, the user IP changes, and everything. But you should be very wary of each platform's rules and restrictions, plus their terms of use and privacy policy. Mostly, a violation of these policies can result in a ban.

For example, Instagram places temporary bans on users for liking or following a certain number of people suddenly, or they might shadowban your account for suspicious activity.

The best way you can counter this incident is to make the shift between the previous account activity to your new activity very slow and steady. Don’t suddenly start a whole new ad campaign on a different topic. Don’t change all your account information. Don’t follow a lot of people or post a lot of content suddenly. And obviously, don’t try to buy followers or do any bot activity immediately.

Make sure the transition is smooth and not drastic at all. Plus, you should try keeping the content in line with the previous topic of the page. An advertisement post, a change of field, or a lot of activity suddenly after a period of no activity are all considered suspicious.

Process of Buying a Social Media Account and Details Exchanged

The process of buying a social media account usually entails negotiating a price and agreeing on a deal together. The courtesy of the seller in this process matters a lot because it can give you a good idea of how the seller will react later on if the account gets banned or any other issue arises. If the seller agrees to collaborate with you and work on a good price together, then you can trust them. After you agree on a price together you can proceed with the deal.

On some other occasions, the prices and the packages of the seller are already ready and you can simply click on them and proceed with the purchase. So there might not be any conversation before the purchase. In that case, it's important to understand that the price is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying social media accounts. But anyhow, let's say you agree on the price.

Usually, when you want to buy an account, after the deals and conversations have been settled, certain information must be exchanged for the process to be finalized. For example, usernames, emails, passwords, security questions, secret codes, and so on. Almost everything that helps you identify with the account must be exchanged.

This way, the seller guarantees that there will be no hacking or future issues arising on their side.

How Does the Warranty Work

We know what you’re thinking. Just like any service, buying and selling social media accounts should entail certain rules and guarantees, too. Right? Well, not always.

Many platforms and sellers do provide excellent support just because their services are as trustworthy as their support. In the case of a problem, these warranties can mention how your situation will be handled.

In many cases, there is almost no such thing as a ‘refund’. What most platforms do is give you a replacement account. This is only in the case that the account problems are rooted in their side of the service and not your activity. Therefore, you should remember to keep evidence or screenshots of your process of buying.

You should take a look at the warranty page on every one of these seller websites. You will almost always notice no talk about returning your money or anything of the sort. So don’t keep your hopes of support too high. They are only there to make sure you will get a working account, not to test their accounts and lose them.

Details about Different Social Media Accounts

Now that you know about the basics of buying and selling social media accounts, let's check out the most important details you have to keep in mind about different social media platforms when buying accounts from sellers.


First of all, on Instagram, you have to check the account’s History and activity. The activity of the account needs to match the type of activity you hope to pursue. For example, if you want to Continue your activity on the topic of electronics, then the social media account better not be on the topic of dating. Plus, since Instagram uses Meta ads you need to check out the policies from Meta and make sure the account follows them. If you ever want to publish ads on Instagram you have to avoid the same laws that Facebook Has as a platform.


Speaking of Facebook, The most important thing is the support that the seller provides you with and the previous activity on the account. Facebook accounts have a lot of details attached to them that make them unique from every other account. So you want to make sure the account doesn't have any bans, warnings, or fraudulent ad campaigns beforehand.


YouTube is a platform that can either make a millionaire out of you or a failure. So it depends on what account you are buying. Usually very easy to get started on YouTube and form an audience around your channel. However, if you want to fast to monetization to combat the 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers you need to become monetized, then you can buy a YouTube account. However, you should keep in mind that YouTube is very well aware of this and your content posting and activity should be in line with the previous activity of the channel. You should not suddenly change your topic. Only continue on the same path. If you want to purchase a YouTube channel, make sure your new channel content matches YouTube's policies and follows monetization laws. This way you can successfully continue monetizing your content.


You might want to buy a LinkedIn account for several reasons. A LinkedIn account can give you a competitive advantage in the business world. Businesses and CEOs are out there trying to find customers through B2B offers. Their main platform for finding this audience is Linkedin. This is especially useful since LinkedIn gives a lot of attention to accounts that have premium subscriptions. So if you want to buy an account with a lot of connections or influence, and also purchase a premium subscription, then you have already bought yourself a direct path to success as a business owner. All you have to make sure is that the people who are in connection with the LinkedIn account of the business are interested in your content and that you will continue to provide them with the same content.


Twitter and its success on it has been very tricky recently. The new owner as CEO is imposing a lot of new laws that could potentially change the way marketing works on this platform every day. There are a lot of unpredictable laws that can affect the way you do your business. The only advice we can give you is to be prepared for anything. Plus, make sure that the account you're buying is verified with the blue check mark because then you can get in front of a lot more people. Usually, accounts without a blue check mark are not going to get a lot of visibility, according to the new Twitter law.


Now that you know how buying and selling different social media accounts work, you can filter out the options from our list and go forward with it. Don't forget to verify the celery, and the account, and make sure of every guarantee option you have. There are a lot of scammers out there, so you don't want to lose your money for nothing. Remember to always be smarter than the seller and not to be deceived by their words. Never take anything they say for granted, and look for proof with your own eyes. Remember to do your research and never put anybody's words ahead of your observations. Good luck.

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