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10+ Best AI Art Generators From Photo [2024]

In the past few years, we've been seeing lots of generated images all across social media and the Internet. We are often wondering how people manage to create such photos, and whether these photos were created by AI. Of course, the usage of AI in the past few years has surged, and now we know that there are many tools available both free and paid for you to use to create AI-generated art. Whether you need AI-generated art or just simply generated photos to use for marketing or your website visuals, here is some information about these tools, how you can use them, and which ones you should choose.

What Is an AI Art Generator from Photo

An AI art generator is software that gets visual prompts to generate new creative images using the power of artificial intelligence. Many different marketers and social media influencers and businesses are using AI-generated art to achieve their business goals.

These AI Generators can create all sorts of images in many different styles, for example, portraits, landscapes, abstract art, modern art, cartoons, anime, etc. Some more advanced ones can even produce realistic images.

The AI gets the prompt, looks for all the information available on its database or on the Internet, and comes up with an image that is not similar to any other image on the Internet. Of course, the concepts might be very different, but the images are going to be unique in a way that will not cause you any problems with copyright. Using this technology, you can easily prepare visuals for your business without having to hire any graphic designers or learn graphic design.

Take a look at an example of an AI generator creating an image below.

As you can see, the images have great quality, and you can use them on banner ads or social media posts just to use them as a background image

What are the Benefits of AI Art Generators

There are many different benefits to using an AI art generator, the most important one being that they make our job much easier are doing graphic design and providing visuals easily. However, let's see some more benefits of AI art generators in today's life.

Widespread Use in Marketing

First and most importantly, AI art generators and the topic that we want to talk about are super beneficial when it comes to marketing. Many marketers want some quick visuals to place either on their blogs or social media or even create banner ads to promote certain products or gain attention. Not everybody has graphic design or design experience, so these tools are super helpful to come up with some creatives very quickly.

One of the best uses of AI-generated art in marketing is getting the images and using them in the background of banners and posts on social media period since the images are not that high in quality, and almost anybody can quickly recognize they are generated, the best use for them is to be fillers for different images where you just want to add some text and you need some random images to fill up the void.

It goes without saying that you can use AI-generated images on your website as well. It is especially great when you want to add a lot of images to your website to make it look modern and stylish while having lots of text on your web pages. Whenever you are stuck and you just need some quick images, AI generators can help you massively.

Saving Time, Money, and Energy

This is definitely as important as the first benefit. AI art generators have long been helping us save money and quickly get the resources we need for marketing purposes, online visibility, ads, etc. Therefore, they can be used in bulk, while having to pay a designer or an artist would take much more time period of course, AI can still not compete with real graphic designers, but it can definitely replace them in a matter of time and budget saving. So businesses or individuals who don't have lots of resources available to them come on can really benefit from AI art generators to quickly get some visuals they need and make money.

On the other hand, you would need to go on a freelancing platform and spend time to hire a graphic designer if you already don't know one, and wait hours for them to come up with a design, provide feedback, and perhaps have a design ready in a few days.

Helping Small Businesses or Individuals with Low Budget

As mentioned before, these tools can be great for businesses that are just starting out or affiliates and freelancers who just want to put some visuals on their website or social media to get a lot of attention. Small businesses usually don't have the budget to hire a graphic designer that they can hire full-time, and neither do individuals who simply work on their own. therefore, AI-generated art can come to the rescue for these people so they can at least start their businesses.

Providing Inspiration for Designers

Now come on if you wanna look at AI generators as a graphic designer come on there are lots of benefits for you to work with AI art generator tools. As a graphic designer, there are so many different inspirations you can get from an AI generator. You can simply enter the prompt that your client asks you for or a design you're planning on making, and get some ideas from the AI so you can design your own images, maybe with a little bit of editing or a complete redesign. Anyhow, if you're just a graphic designer and you would want to edit the images yourself, these tools can be amazing for you to make even better designs. As they say, three minds are better than one.

How Do AI Art Generators from Photo Work

Now that we know what AI art generators are and how they can help us, let's see how exactly they work, and how you can get started with them right away.

Basically, there are many differences across these tools, and each tool provides a different set of abilities for you to create these images. But generally, come on there are a few basic steps in all of the AI generators.

  1. You simply upload an example image into the AI art generator. It can be anything from your own ideas to an image you’ve downloaded from the internet. You should also include information about the style of the photo, the complete idea and every element you want to bolden in the design, and the quality of the image.
  2. The tool searches across this database to process the idea you propose and come up with a set of unique images or just one image. If he had returned several images, you have the chance to choose from different options and ask them to enhance the photo or you can just pick one of them and use it directly.
  3. When you take the image, as mentioned, you either have the chance to enhance it, give it to another tool to make more options and variations, or just directly use it.

Keep in mind that since the algorithm on these AI art generators are super complex and they usually use third-party technology provided by big AI companies, evening slight change in your prompt can really change the output. So when you're asking it to generate something you need to be very specific and avoid expecting the AI to be created for you. All it can do is search across this database for the exact thing you want and come up with some designs for it. It cannot think of its own and it has very limited creativity. So you need to be the creative mind behind the images yourself.

Features of AI Art Generators

Now that we know how these tools work, let's see some of the features that are common across different AI art generators.

  • Image generation. First and foremost, AI art generators allow you to generate images from any input. That is the most basic feature that all of the tools have.
  • Video generation. Some tools allow you to create videos with the images you input or create a video from one single image. These videos have recently become super famous on social media, and can easily gain lots of traffic from them.
  • Automatic art generation without user input. Some tools even Allow you to create images from scratch without the need for any input from your side. All you might have to do is press a couple of buttons and choose the thing you want to be generated.
  • Image generation from visual input. Some of these tools allow you to create images from the images you yourself upload. The AI simply takes the image and gives you a couple of variations in the style you want.
  • NFT generator. Some of these platforms allow you to create NFTs with the images you produce. As you know, creating NFTs might take a bit of coding experience or working with NFT marketplaces, but some of these tools allow you to create NFTs on demand.

  • Image quality enhancement. One of the greatest things about these tools is that you have the chance to enhance an image if you need it to have a higher quality, especially if you are presented with several options.
  • Output in several formats. You can always export your images in any format you like.
  • Photo management. Some tools might allow you to manage the photos you create with your team.
  • Choosing from available art styles. You have the opportunity to choose from several available art styles on the tool if you are not familiar with the exact art style you want.
  • Image editing. Sometimes you might need to edit some colors or make some changes in how certain elements in the image, which some tools provide you With the ability.
  • Image highlighting. in some tools, you have the chance to highlight a certain part of an image and enhance it if you like it better than the rest of the image.
  • Image modification. Some of these tools also allow you to modify the image, meaning you can add some comments to change some elements in the image so the AI generates new modifications on the image itself.
  • Developer tools. In case you might need it, there are some developer tools that allow you to use the APIs of the image generators or modify them the way you like them.

How to Choose an AI Art Generator

There are many different AI art generators out there, and you can't really use all of them at the same time. If they are free, that is totally a possibility, but in many cases, they are paid and that is the only way you can use them forever. So let's talk about the criteria you should pay attention to while choosing an AI art generator.


First and foremost, pricing probably matters the most, because the idea behind these tools is  quite similar to each other. The table below takes some of the most famous AI art generators and compares their features with their pricing. This way, you can get a better idea of what tool to choose. It is not correct to say that you have to choose the cheapest one, but it might not be best to use the most expensive one as a beginner either.

AI Art Generator Pricing
Fotor Starting at $3.33 a month
DALL-E 2 Free for 50 images, and then 115 credits for $15
Stable Diffusion Free


Next up, you need to pay attention to the features that the program offers, which you should be able to see in the table above. You can compare the number of features provided with the features we have explained in a previous section that is mostly seen in art generators. This can help you understand what features are available on a tool and whether the pricing is fair for what you're getting.


AI art generators are great because they provide us with vision, creative inspiration, quick designs without spending a lot of money, and the ability to save on manpower, money, and time to come up with a design for our marketing and business goals. So if you are flattered by seeing these tools on our list, you can get started right away for free or by paying a bit of money to get access to an unlimited tool with various features.