SEO affiliate programs and networks are services and products related to search engine optimization and they provide affiliates with services and products they can promote in exchange for a commission or bonus.

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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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37 Best Best SEO Affiliate Programs and Networks [2023]

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for over 20 years and we have been using it to optimize our websites and get visibility on Google and other similar search engines. Due to the same reason, there are many different tools and services all over the Internet that help us get the most out of this practice and optimize our websites for search engines.

These services are just like any other service, they have a product or platform, and they provide users access to the platform in exchange for subscription or purchase. But the number of businesses and services is so many that You cannot limit them to the category of services.

At the same time, affiliates are trying to earn money by promoting various services and earning Commissions, and SEO services are not an exception. In this article, we'll go through SEO affiliate programs and networks, how you can promote them, what exactly you can promote, and some tips for promoting them successfully and earning a lot of money through them.

What Are SEO Affiliate Programs and Networks

SEO affiliate programs and networks are services and products related to search engine optimization and they provide affiliates with services and products they can promote in exchange for a commission or bonus. These services are mostly active in the area of search engine optimization and help people rank higher on search engines. These tools can also provide other services that are adjacent to SEO, which could include design, content, marketing, etc. So as you can see, there are so many different things involved in these programs for affiliates to earn money.

The way affiliates earn money through these programs is very simple and similar to other affiliate programs and affiliate networks. As an affiliate, you basically have to refer people to a product or service, and when people click on your link, you will get a Commission specified by the platform. When users click on the link, they will have to complete an action, which could be making a purchase, signing up on a website, downloading an application, or starting a new free trial. These actions are different and they are specified by the affiliate program in the terms of service.

As an affiliate, if you want to promote these services, you will have to consider an audience that includes website owners, content writers, marketing managers, content managers, etc. Based on this, you can find the right service to promote and choose the best way to promote it based on the tips we'll share in the later sections.

What Can You Promote in SEO Affiliate Programs

as mentioned before, there are various types of affiliate programs and various types of services you can promote in the SEO niche. In this section, we'll check the common products and services available to promote when it comes to SEO affiliate programs and give you some outlook into how these programs work.

Search Engine Optimization Services and Tools

First and foremost, we have to mention the SEO services themselves. Obviously, there are lots of different search engine optimization services and tools that help their users rank higher on Google and other search engines by sharing the right content, optimizing their keywords, helping them with their content strategy, giving them analytics or possible optimizations of their web pages could have, etc.

These tools are easy to promote because almost every website on the Internet has once used these services in order to succeed. Without these tools, you cannot get the best results in the shortest time possible. And keep in mind that most of these tools are actually free and available to everybody. But here, we are specifically talking about tools that make some sort of profit from their users we are their SEO tools.

Marketing Services and Tools

The next time includes marketing services and tools that help people optimize their websites by giving them insights and tips into how to market their content and product. Now these marketing tools can be active in various levels and stages of website development and product growth.

For example, some of these marketing tools could be specific to content creation, some others could be to getting backlinks, some others could help you gain visibility on social media as well, and some others can help you with your product marketing by monitoring your creatives or helping you with your ad campaigns. These tools are various and are mostly very similar to search engine optimization tools. Sometimes these tools are merged together so you may not be able to tell them apart easily.

Hosting Services

Of course, hosting services don't have much to do with SEO services, but there are definitely as important to search engine visibility as anything else. If your website or hosting has issues, you cannot get the visibility you need on search engines. That is why, there are some hosting websites that specifically focus on this aspect of hosting. If your target audience includes webmasters and people constantly dealing with website design and development of their website, you can consider promoting these hosting services to them as well.

Content Services and Tools

No website can give search engine visibility without proper content. It's important to provide businesses with the right suggestions when it comes to content services. Since content services constantly work with SEO, they are one of the essential parts of search engine optimization and services related to it. These tools can we either responsible for content creation, such as AI writing tools and so on, they could be related to keyword optimization and research, and many more services of this type. Content isn't only writing, so some of these services can be active in the form of audiovisual content as well. For example, some of these services can help users with social media content creation. This is exactly the type that you can also promote on social media.

Courses and Consultations

Now not everything is a service, product, or tool. Sometimes these businesses are just schools or courses that users can take related to search engine optimization. Increasing the ranking of one's website and improving the domain authority can really help someone increase their revenue as well. This is exactly why these courses could help different people and businesses succeed quickly. You might not believe it but these courses actually sell pretty well as well, so you can consider promoting them to people who need help learning more about marketing, content, SEO, etc. There are also some businesses that give people consultations regarding their business, which could also act as a form of learning and improvement rather than a tool.

Payment Models in SEO Affiliate Programs

In the same way that there are many different types of businesses and SEO affiliate programs that you can promote, there are also various payment models attached to these programs. In this section, we'll go through some of the most common payment models and SEO Affiliate programs and how you can earn from them.

Cost per Lead

The cost per lead model is one of the most common ones in this niche because most of the businesses and companies involved here would need more users to be registered on their platforms and would love their brand awareness to increase as well. This is exactly why they mostly need users to sign up on their website so they can benefit from various marketing methods these users could offer. Therefore, by offering users these SEO affiliate programs, you can get a flat rate whenever somebody signs up on a website and becomes a potential customer.

Cost per Sale

The cost per sale model is similar to the cost per lead in that you get a flat rate for every person who completes a sale. Even though here, the user actually needs to successfully complete a purchase, whereas in the cost per lead model, the user only needs to sign up or start a free trial, and there would be enough for you to earn a commission. This model is a bit harder to learn from because you would have to persuade users to purchase from the website you're promoting. Usually, the cost per sale could be anywhere from$50 to $1,000 for SEO affiliate programs depending on the type of product they sell.

Cost per Action

The cost per action model only requires users to complete an action on the affiliate program's website. This action could be signing up, downloading something like a book, app, or anything else, entering their e-mail address, or completing any other action that doesn't necessarily turn them into a customer. This payment model is rather popular across various affiliate programs and niches, so optimizing your marketing efforts to drive traffic to these programs would definitely be worth it in the long run.

Revenue Share

Finally, we reach the businesses that will pay you a percentage of the value of the product or service you're promoting. So for example, you could be promoting A $1000 course for a program that has a Commission rate of 10%, and you will earn $100 easily whenever somebody purchases that course. Revenue share in this niche sounds like an amazing deal because mostly these services are quite expensive, and their average order sizes can range from $100 to $1000 even more. It's important not to undermine this niche because all these statistics and help provided to users to increase their search engine ranking do not come at a cheap price at all. So if you're targeting this niche, you can have the opportunity to earn lots. The Commission rates in these programs where are from 5% to 50% and even higher.

How to Choose the Best SEO Affiliate Program

now that you know exactly what else your actual programs are, you should choose one of them, and get started with it in order to be able to focus on only the good programs that provide you with the highest commission. The section will go through some factors that can help you choose the best SEO affiliate program for your own audience.

Commission Rate and Model

First and foremost, we need to understand the higher. The commission rate in the affiliate program is, the more money we can earn. But that does not mean that he will necessarily earn more if only the commission rate is higher. For example, the average order size could be super low, and even in that case, a high commission rate cannot give you a lot of income. You should also pay attention to the commission model so you can figure out whether the model is great for your audience, and if it’s going to work out, or if your audience is not really the type that can respond to the type of request you have for earning a commission. For example, if you think your audience is not the type that will buy a product but will download applications, then do not go for the programs that have a revenue share model.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is a period of time in which the tracking links of the affiliate program remain active. This means that if somebody clicks on your affiliate link and gets redirected to the affiliate website, even if they don’t purchase anything, but return within the cookie duration and purchase the product, you will still gain a commission. Obviously, the longer the cookie duration, the better and higher your chances of Closing a successful sale. Usually, affiliate program cookie durations in the SEO niche could be anywhere from a week to a month or even more. Most of the time these programs have their links active for at least 30 days, so you should always look out for programs that have either 30 days of cookie activity or more.

Materials and Resources

One of the best things about collaborating with affiliate programs is that they provide you with resources and assets you can use to simplify your marketing process. So, for example, if you’re looking for visuals, banner ads, and creatives that actually convert users, you can definitely find programs that provide you with these Resources, either pre-created or on demand whenever you ask them to create one for you. It’s a program that is professional and supportive enough to actually help you design marketing assets for yourself, it is an amazing program and you should definitely put it in your priority.

In the SEO niche, you can find affiliate programs that provide you with widgets and API tools that you can place on your website to easily drive traffic when users interact with that specific widget. For example, it could be a widget for keyboard research, searching for a course, etc.

Affiliate Tracking

Without having insight or stats into your affiliate performance, you cannot optimize your marketing and drive more traffic. You cannot understand where your mistakes are, or where you are performing well. These thoughts about your clicks, referrals, visits, page views, actions, commissions, and sales also provide you with transparency on how the affiliate program is paying you. If an affiliate program does not provide you with these reports, you should either consider not working with them, or using a third-party affiliate tracker. That being said, most affiliate programs actually provide you with a report of your performance, some more detailed, and some less.

Affiliate Support

It is so important to get the support you need as a beginner affiliate, because when you want to start out, if you don’t make any commissions, for a long time, you can get pretty disappointed, and if there’s nobody to ask you questions from, especially in the SEO niche that has a lot of Points inter-twined with marketing and development, you cannot grow easily. So the affiliate program needs to be responsive to your questions about technical or marketing aspects or even your payments. The affiliate support of a program can help users trust them and have a positive collaboration.

Brand Recognition

Now, we reach the part where we talk about whether an affiliate program has products or services that are actually useful for users. If a product or service is not trustworthy or useful for your audience, you should not risk promoting them, because that could ruin or affect your affiliate persona. You should only promote affiliate programs that are recognized as a brand, and have great reviews about them online. If you can, definitely go ahead and ask them to provide you with samples of their products, or if you can, purchase them, and try them out yourself. So basically, never promote something you’ve never tried, or don’t know anything about it, because that could impact all your efforts, and causes people not to be able to trust your promotions.

Payout Frequency and Requirements

If an affiliate program pays you every five months, will you be happy with the program? Of course, not. You want your payments regularly, and as soon as possible, and that is absolutely understandable. Most of the programs will pay their affiliates monthly without any minimum balance threshold required to get a payout. However, some other programs are a bit more strict, which should make you double thing collaborating with them.

For example, some of them might tell you to reach a certain minimum balance like $50, $100, or $500 even before you can request your payment every two months. This is super strict, and it takes a long time before you can see even a penny of what you’ve earned. so always compare the affiliate commission to the minimum payout threshold, and decide whether it’s fair or makes sense.

Promotions and Deals

Promotional, content and deals are amazing for incentivizing users to purchase something they wouldn’t purchase otherwise. Many affiliate programs provide you with these deals and custom discount codes you can distribute among your audience and drive more traffic to them. So always keep an eye out for this detail in the affiliate program description. Of course, this is not a necessity or requirement, for how good a program is, but it is definitely a bonus point.

Top Traffic Sources for Promoting SEO Offers

Now that we know how to choose NFL your program among all the different SEO affiliate offers, let’s talk about traffic acquisition, and how you can promote these programs successfully.

Website Traffic and Content

The first and most important traffic source for SEO affiliate offers is definitely website traffic and content. Imagine seeing an ad on social media about SEO or marketing. Of course, not many users will fall for this. Most of the users looking for SEO services. Our other computers doing keyword research or trying to figure out how to optimize their website. So they will find your content on the website while searching. This is exactly why organic traffic is definitely one of the most important sources of traffic for you in this niche. Even if you look at the pioneers of this niche, like Neil Patel, Adam Enfroy, or other successful affiliates who have managed to make a lot of money continuously out of marketing or SEO, you will realize that they mostly focus on their website content and email marketing. We will talk about email marketing later, but for now, let’s focus on website content.

What you need is an affiliate is a website that includes different sections with different types of articles that drive traffic to great trendy keyboards. There are always three types of articles that are the main categories of blockers. You can publish on your block. The first one would be the guides or articles that help drive traffic when users are looking for help with search engine optimization. These articles can definitely include your affiliate links, but these are not the main sources of traffic for your affiliate offers. The next type would be the articles that introduced the best of a category. For example, they can introduce the best, SEO tools, best, marketing tools, best content tools, etc. Of course, these are just basic and generate keyboards and topics related to SEO, so you should definitely do your own keyword research.

The last type of article you can write includes product reviews, which is basically an article that takes one single product or service and writes a review about it. In these articles, you should be honest, put a bit of your own experience into it, and sprinkle some facts and ups and downs about the websites so people can know the real opinion of the person behind the affiliate website, not just the generic content available on the affiliate programs website itself.

You should also include screenshots, images, and other types of useful information if you can. Remember, not to try to push people to purchase a product or service, and just instead help them decide on the service you want by using marketing techniques. For example, you should definitely write pros and cons for each product, but try to write more pros than cons For the programs you are affiliated with.

Social Media and Content Creation

The next source of traffic you can count on is social media and contact creation platforms. This includes every single social media platform we can think of, ranging from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Just think of any website that uses audiovisual methods to promote affiliate offers. These social media platforms can also prove as a great source for you to promote your own affiliate website so users can visit and choose which Program available on your website they want to subscribe to. If you’re going for a platform like TikTok, remember that you should make quick videos that are short and to the point to help people decide and let them know about something they previously did not even know existed.

If you want to release your content on a platform, like YouTube, it should be long-form, detailed, and mixed with some of your own opinions. Each platform has its own method for promoting your content and driving traffic to your affiliate websites. At the end of the day, even if you don’t want to gain organic traffic from these programs, you can always count on paid ads on these platforms and drive even more traffic. For example, YouTube, TikTok Ads, and Facebook Ads are great for driving traffic to your affiliate website.

Remember that you cannot put a direct link to the affiliate program itself through your affiliate link on these ads. That is against the terms of service of most affiliate programs out there, but you might occasionally see some affiliate programs that allow you to use a direct link in paid ads. Instead of putting a direct link to the affiliate program in your paid ads, you can simply create a pre-landing page on your affiliate website, or blog post, with the latest deals and promotions of the affiliate program on it with a direct link to it. That would be absolutely fine, and not against any terms of service of any of the programs.


If you want to promote your affiliate, offers on forums, or if you have a community on a platform like Reddit, you can simply paste your affiliate website link on these forms in communities, just like in paid ads. Remember that in order to be able to do that, and not get flagged as spam, first, you need to become prominent and get lots of bonuses and points on the forum itself, before you start to post any links to specific products.

Tips for Successfully Promoting SEO Affiliate Offers

We know top traffic sources for promoting SEO affiliate offers, but what exactly are the methods and tips for promoting these offers? How can we make our efforts more efficient? Here are some tips.

Know Your Audience

First and foremost, as mentioned before, in this article, you should know your audience. What is your audience looking for? Are they looking for web hosting services, are they looking for search engines? Optimization tools, or are they interested in improving the content? Whatever your audience is more interested in, try to promote the corresponding services instead of pushing them to try something they don’t even want. Remember that they can always move to another website or follow another affiliate, and you don’t want to lose your audience.

Excel at SEO Yourself

SEO is one of the practices that prove themselves. If your website is great as SEO, if people have found your website on the first page of search results, you don’t have to prove anything anymore. It clearly means that you know your search engine, optimization, and marketing, and you can definitely help people with your recommendations. They will understand that if you’re recommending something, it is solely because you might have used it yourself, and that is exactly how you ended up getting such amazing rankings. So before you try to promote something to people without actually proving it, make sure your website becomes great add SEO itself.

Target the Right Keywords

People always think that in order to get traffic, they need to target, newer keyboards, but that is wrong. New websites can always target, everlasting and evergreen keyboards, like guides and knowledge bases about SEO itself that have been around for a long time. You can always improve these types of articles and get ranked even higher than older websites. So you don’t necessarily need to focus on your keywords if you’re a new affiliate, but it would be great if you could do that once in a while. To find the best keywords for your affiliate website, you can search For some of the SEO affiliate programs you’re trying to promote yourself. This is an amazing practice for you to find the best service for yourself as well.

Benefit from Email Marketing and Lead Magnets

It only takes a great copywriter and great thinking to come up with an amazing email for your marketing. In these emails, which are basically newsletters you sent to your mail subscribers, you need to grab the attention of your audience. The attention to these great converting newsletters, Neil Patel sends to his subscribers every once in a while. They are super attractive and make one curious to read the email and subsequently the article. Of course, if he doesn’t send these emails, he cannot maintain his regular audience.

This is exactly what you need to do. People might forget about your website come up with these mail lists can help them stay tuned with your latest blog posts. Plus, in these emails, you can send your subscribers promotions and deals whenever your affiliate program announces one to you.

In order for you to gather a mailing list in the first place, you need to create a pop-up for entering an email address on your website that offers something free to the users in exchange for their email address. This is what it’s called a lead magnet. You can search several templates on the Internet for Lead magnets and actually prepare a free resource for users to get incentivized to subscribe to your mailing list.

Be Active on Several Platforms at Once

Don’t just post articles on your website without announcing them anywhere. Post your article, post about it on social media like Twitter, Instagram, etc., and get viewers one after the other. Try to be active on different social media, forums, and your website on a regular basis. People finding you on several platforms can lead to you getting more traffic on your website, ultimately maximizing your income.


SEO affiliate programs are a great way for you to earn money just by having the knowledge of getting a website from zero to successful. If you want to prove that you are knowledgeable enough in the field of search engine optimization, you can start by creating a search engine optimize website for your own. After that, any user that reaches your website, will trust your recommendations, and, follow your link to try the websites you promote. So if you think you know everything about this field, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get started today and make money.