Being an affiliate in this niche means you get to promote dating platforms, promote other people's products, get people to sign up for other programs and services that have to do with relationships, etc., and in turn, you get paid some money that normally come in through some unique payment models.

20+ Best Relationship Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

When it comes to relationships or love, there is no denying the fact that we have all needed some advice at some point. And the truth is, it always sucked when we didn't get the right advice we needed, at the time we needed it. Thinking about this made us realize how important this niche is, and no wonder how it has generated no less than $2.5B every year, for some time now. And that is aside from the fact that this niche falls into the “Big Three” category of the most competitive markets in the world today.

Research shows that more than 50% of young people today are single, but not by choice. And this number of people surf the internet every day, joining forums and communities and using apps alongside relationship books and advice all with one intention which is, to find their one true love or partner as the case may be. The relationship niche is growing fast, and this might be the right time to be an affiliate in it.

What Are Relationship Affiliate Programs

When you think of what the relationship affiliate programs are and how they work, closing your eyes to imagine any kind of relationship that you can think of fits perfectly in this niche and so, there is no need to list them one after the other because it's going to be a long list. With that in mind, being an affiliate in this niche means you get to promote dating platforms, promote other people's products, get people to sign up for other programs and services that have to do with relationships, etc., and in turn, you get paid some money that normally come in through some unique payment models.

Becoming an affiliate in this niche is easy. All you are compelled to do is sign up on some affiliate programs and affiliate networks, then find the best affiliate offers in the program you are affiliated with to promote which will keep the money coming as long as you have users coming in through your affiliate link. You can see that it takes nothing to become an affiliate in this niche nonetheless, we will do you an injustice by not warning you about the competition in this niche because it is. There is a lot of money to be made and a lot of affiliates are desperate to get a share of this money, hence the competition. This article is aimed at making the competition easy for you, read on.

Payment Models in Relationship Affiliate Programs

There are different payment models associated with affiliate programs in this niche. As stated earlier, payment models are what affiliate programs use in paying affiliates who work with them. There are different ways to the way these payments come. Some come in the form of percentages, while some come in the form of flat rates and RevShares. Here are the payment models you will find in this niche.

Revenue Share

Revenue share AKA RevShare is one of the unique payment models we have in this niche and before we go far in defining this model, we should advise you that not many affiliate programs offer this payment model.  In this payment model, advertisers share their revenue with affiliates. And the share or payment normally comes in the form of percentages to be precise. As an affiliate in this niche, you stand a chance of earning different amounts in the form of percentages when you affiliate with programs that offer such a payment model, for instance.

The range of payment can be from 10% to 75%, depending on the relationship affiliate program you are working with. This means that your earnings lie between these two percentages concerning any user that performs any action through your affiliate link. This payment model can as well set you up for life in the sense that advertisers can keep sharing their revenue with you for as long as your referral remains active.

Cost per Lead

Cost per lead AKA CPL is another type of payment model in this niche that has a very different scheme of payment compared to RevShare. Affiliates who are paid using CPL have a specific rule and that is, to ensure their referrals perform an extra action after signing up for relationship services through their affiliate link. With regards to the kind of action to be performed, it is so specific that after a referral signs up, that referral will have to buy a subscription or something similar before you as an affiliate receives a share for the referral.

More difference between CPL and RevShare is that in CPL you are paid through flat rates only. Regardless of the action performed through your affiliate link, and regardless of the purchase made or even money spent by your referral, you receive a flat rate which varies between $2 and $200, depending on the affiliate program you are affiliated with.

Cost per Action

Cost per action is a flexible payment model in this niche, and if you work wisely, there will be nothing stopping you from making 4 to 6 figures every month. Just like RevShare, there are only a few affiliate programs in this niche that offer this payment model. When you are an affiliate working with programs that work with this payment scheme, you stand a chance of earning not less than $2 for every referral action performed through your affiliate link and not more than $100 with some relationship affiliate programs.

If you play your cards right, this can equally set you up for life since it is not as complex as CPL in the sense that referrals are not compelled to perform further actions aside from the first one before you are paid in flat rates. You can get referrals to download a dating app, or even sign up for relationship services which will in turn earn you a flat rate. Referrals don’t have to be customers before you are paid, which is one major difference CPA shares with CPL and RevShare.

You can see that all these payment models offer shares and flat rates ranging from different amounts and also have different rules of referring attached to them. We advise you to choose a program with the one you can cope with.

How to Pick the Right Relationship Affiliate Program

As someone who is a good marketer, you should know not to wake up one day and dive into any affiliate program just like that, especially in this niche. There are certain things you must consider, for your well-being and also the well-being of your prospects.

Commission Rate

As we discussed in the early part of this article, all the affiliate programs in this niche offer different payment models, and so also the commission rates. Sometimes, all you need to make the dream of being financially independent come true is to choose a program that offers the right commission rate which matches your marketing skills. It is not about the money all the time, when you work with a program you are connected with, you will make more money regardless of what rate the program offers.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of affiliate programs can be called a time bomb because this is how long your referrals have until they perform the action required of them which will in turn earn you a commission. The way affiliate marketing works is every user you refer has data stored in the system. That data will only stay valid for as long as the cookie duration that the program offers. Some programs offer as low as 30 days and less, while the best are known to offer a lifetime cookie duration with an average of 60 to 120 days. Your market skills should decide which one you choose.

Minimum Payout

Generally, in the world today, there are terms and conditions laid out in every corner. This doesn't exclude affiliates as even programs have certain regulations that affiliates must meet up to before unlocking some actions. For instance, some programs in this niche have a required minimum balance that every affiliate working with them must reach before they can withdraw their earned commissions. In most cases, programs do not make this too much for affiliates but you might come across some programs that insist on affiliates reaching outrageous amounts that can have them working for too long before they can cash out.

Affiliate Trackers

Where did my referral go, how come I wasn't paid the full amount for the referrals I've referred to this program, and other questions like these are what affiliates who ignored the fact that the relationship affiliate program they are joining does not have affiliate trackers. You do not want to be like them, at least you should be able to know how many referrals you have referred to the affiliate program, and also have a well-detailed record of how much you have made and will be expecting at the end of the day.

How to Increase Traffic to Relationship Offers

When you surf the internet, there is a possibility that 1/4 of the pop-up ads you will come across are from relationship affiliate marketers trying to convert you. This is because the world as a whole accepts relationships and the fact that we all know it is an important part of life makes it highly marketable hence the ease in generating good traffic with the right methods we will be looking at in this part.

Social Media

Social media can be a good source of traffic for your relationship affiliate offers, but only if you use it well. Social media platforms come as a presented opportunity and success is guaranteed only based on how well you decide to utilize this opportunity that has been presented to you. Thankfully, there are numerous social media platforms that you can leverage and promote your relationship offers. Although they differ to some extent, one thing all these platforms have in common is the fact that there are a lot of single people looking for love one way or the other.

Facebook for instance provides you with a lot of public groups and pages that discuss the deep aspects of love and the good news is that you can equally create and own public groups and pages where you post your relationship affiliate offers. But keep in mind that nothing good comes easy, you can't just wake up one day and decide to create and post your relationship offers and expect people to click through your links. After creating a relationship page or group, you will need to engage with your members and fans in an attempt to build a connection between you and them. This way, it will be easy to get them to click through any affiliate link you bring their way.

On TikTok, promoting relationship affiliate offers is done differently. Especially with the fact that a lot of the users on this platform promote things by making them trend. You can easily join the trend and promote your relationship affiliate offers and see how many leads you can get. TikTok opens you up to a lot of users, you can generate thousands of views and followers within hours of joining a trend. Imagine making a review video of dating apps, or relationship advice in which you include your affiliate offers. This will automatically mean that your affiliate link has received thousands, if not millions of views and if you are lucky, that number can equal the number of leads you get from this platform alone.

Youtube and Instagram allow you to entertain your fans with well-detailed presentations of your affiliate offers. They give you specific tools you can use to cajole more users into becoming participants in some relationship programs and apps. And in all, your affiliate offers get to go viral with no limitations, let's say for instance you make a before and after video of your single life and when you found love. Showing how life was before and after, and also showing them the steps you took, the books you read, and what relationship programs you used. Users will be engaged with this presentation and since it is a lifetime something that can have users joining along the line, there is no limitation to the number of leads you will get continually.

Take this Instagram account for example. They have posts with a lot of interactions. Mostly, they write about relationship advice, and get lots of comments from people, engaging in conversations with them.

In the beginning, this might seem like a normal Instagram page, but in reality, they are driving traffic to relationship affiliate offers, through the link on their profile.

If the audience clicks on that link, they will be redirected to the offer page related to relationship advice. Of course, they change this link every once in a while depending on the different offers they work with.

You can use this trick on any other social media platform as well.

Paid Ads

We’d like you to understand the advantage paid Ads places you at in the relationship affiliate program. It covers a wide area of affiliate marketing and a lot of affiliates use this to promote their affiliate offers. With paid Ads, you don’t have to worry about engaging any community or forums before they consider your offer. A lot of users will click through your affiliate link especially if you run Ads on google AdSense. Although, there are many platforms you can place Ads on and these platforms have certain tools you can use to make sure your Ads get to the right audience, presenting them with your relationship affiliate offers.

Instagram Ads for instance will get to a specific audience, people who require what you are offering one way or the other. And this is because while placing your Ads, there are settings that you can configure to depict the kind of people you want your Ads to be displayed to. When you configure such settings, you can relax and watch the magic.

Facebook also has the same Ads policies as Instagram. Once you place an Ad for your affiliate site, you might keep receiving visitors and continue the conversion process from there. With this in consideration, it is important to have a good landing page or pre-landing page with good information about what you are offering, that users will land on after clicking an external link.

You can as well consider placing Ads for your relationship affiliate site on Google AdSense. Using this program allows you the freedom of having your relationship affiliate site Ads run on every corner of the internet since Google AdSense will customize your Ads to fit in everywhere potential customers are. The process of creating a befitting Google Ads can be complex. There are a lot of things you need to put in place before you consider using Google Ads like Conversion tracking and relevant audiences for your campaigns etc.

You also need to consider what you want from users, be it to get them to download an online dating app, buy some relationship advice books or even sign up for some relationship programs, etc.

One thing you should consider when using any of these Ads programs is having a good and high-converting landing page. When you do, users who click the links on your running Ads will land on your relationship affiliate pre-landing page or landing page and then you can convert them to the affiliate programs very easily.

The design of your pre-landing page or landing page plays an important role, consider making it match love as the offer is about it in the first place. You can divide the information you were supposed to outline on the landing page alone with the pre-landing page. This way, users will have a befitting welcome from the pre-landing page which will prepare them for the next action which can be placed on the main landing page.

Forums and Communities

Forums and communities are the third most important sources of traffic in this niche because nobody reads blog posts for finding relationship apps or even relationship advice. There are tons of forums and communities created for lovers and a lot of users tend to engage in such places with the hope of looking for a relationship. As an affiliate, you can engage such places to promote relationship affiliate offers to potential buyers. You can use link shorteners to promote your affiliate offers, even though some affiliate programs in this niche do not approve the rebranding of links by affiliates.

Something about it being hard to track, etc. brings us to the part we remind you how important it is to consider the policies of the affiliate program before joining. Nonetheless, there are other means you can promote your affiliate offers in forums and communities aside from posting your affiliate offers directly and this is owning a landing page. You can create a landing page, post your affiliate offers there, and then copy the URL to the landing page and post it instead in forums and communities. However, keep in mind that before you post any link in any forum or community, consider reading its policies.

Affiliate Blog

You can venture into using relationship blogs as a source of traffic, but you will have to write about some relationship advice and apps where people can find partners or any form of relationship they are looking for. You can even write about relationship services; all these are just some of the things you can write about in an affiliate blog. Nonetheless, the main trick to getting good traffic from a relationship blog is the quality of the content you put up there. Not every content will convince users that you can help them, how to make them know you can help? Consider following this process when creating content on your affiliate blog.

  • Comparing Dating Apps: This can be one good way to get the attention of users online. When you compare two dating apps on your site and bring out the Pros and Cons of each, you can help users make out which one matches them more, and this way, you can go ahead to recommend more dating apps like the ones you feel are the best for them. And don't forget to include your affiliate links when making this compassion.
  • Best of Dating Apps or Books: Another way to capture the attention of users is to present them with a long list of the best dating apps they can sign into and also books they can read that will give them better insight into love. You can go ahead to recommend some of the best services you know regarding relationships and you will be surprised at the number of people that need such services.

Above all, you can keep updating your relationship affiliate blog with the best relationship advice that users need. You can include comment boxes on your blog posts so that users can ask questions from which you can build more blog posts by answering their questions and recommending solutions, including your affiliate links.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting has been an important factor that determines the kind of traffic and the number of leads you get from each piece of content you put out there. As an affiliate marketer looking to make it in this niche, you must master the art of creating good keywords especially for Ads because that is the only way you are likely going to get unending traffic from any Ad you are running. The steps to creating the best keywords are somewhat complex especially if you don't have a specific audience in mind you aim at presenting your offers to. We have decided to give you some ideas for coming up with the best keywords for your Ads and Website content as well.

  • A Good Keyword. Your keywords should not lose their purpose. Be sure to make your keyword match what you are offering in the first place. If you aim at promoting dating apps, then your keywords should be specific. If you aim at promoting relationship programs and books then let your keyword be specific. Any user that clicks through a specific keyword is already halfway into making a purchase and you wouldn't need to do more convincing because your keyword was specific and they clicked it anyways so they know what they are expecting. If you have that then you are good to go.
  • Be a Customer. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and imagine what they will search for. What would you search for if you were looking for what you are offering? This is one common way to create the best keyword.
  • Use Google to Find More Ideas. Google has a way of creating great keywords that describe whatever you are offering, and it does it well and is very specific. All you have to do is let Google know what you intend on promoting. You can submit some words or phrases that are related to your affiliate offer and let Google search for you based on the records of what people search for that is related to what you are promoting as well. Google will in turn give you some results for keywords out of which you can select the best and build.
  • Location and Language Targeting. As stated earlier in this article, targeting specific locations can be a great source of traffic. You can customize your keywords to match some specific regions or countries especially if you are sure they are likely to accept your relationship affiliate offers a lot. The type of affiliate offer you are promoting can determine the region or location you promote them generally, keep this in mind when creating keywords for those affiliate offers and locations as well.

Here are some more keyword ideas to start with in the relationship niche.

Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are push-Ads that can be used to generate good traffic for relationship affiliate offers. Have you ever been using the internet and come across a push notification inviting you over for a chat? Well, that was an Ad creative. Ad creatives come in different forms. They can be videos, audio, and pictures; which we will be making emphasis to further define how you can make use of this to generate more traffic for your relationship affiliate offers.

With Ad Creatives in play, there are different methods you can utilize to get to specific users, some of which will be listed below. Take note of always using the picture of a beautiful lady or a handsome man, and try to avoid using the same pictures with other affiliate marketers to not make the user uncomfortable and the whole situation awkward.

  • Method 1: Provide a Solution. Most people online are bored and lonely and looking for something to do. When your creative gets to people like these, it will be an answered prayer and they won't hesitate to click through your Ad. your description should be short, something like “Are you up for a chat?”. Don't forget that using the picture of a handsome man or beautiful woman places you at an advantage.
  • Method 2: Share Knowledgeable Posts. Introducing something useful to the user is another way to get their attention through Ad creatives, for instance. “7 ways to get that girl,” or “5 tricks to making friends online.'' Someone who has been trying to get a girl, or make friends will not hesitate to click this Ad because, at that moment, this is what they are looking for.
  • Method 3: Nationality. Since location plays a very significant role in the type of traffic you generate for your relationship affiliate offers, it will be wise to focus on the nationality of the users you are running this Ad to. An Indian adult man will not hesitate to click through an Ad creative that carries the picture of an Indian woman who is proposing a relationship. This is customizable depending on the target location the Ad Creative is made for.
  • Method 4: Dating Apps. The fourth method proposes using some popular dating apps icon on creative to lure vulnerable men and women who are desperately in search of a relationship. Tinder among others is one such app you can make use of. After getting their attention, you can then recommend some of the best relationship apps to sign up for through your affiliate link.

There are many other methods you can use to create the best Ad Creatives for your relationship affiliate offers. Above all, being unique is one way to go about it.

Focus on Profitable GEOs and Locations

Before now, you might have never known that promoting relationship affiliate offers can deal with locations. This is because some locations are more profitable than others when it comes to dating and relationships. India for instance comes first when you consider countries that are likely to accept your adult relationship affiliate offers. With this in mind, focusing more on locations that are profitable to you is another way to increase traffic to your relationship affiliate offers. You can always conduct searches online to find the best location where it is likely for your relationship affiliate sites to receive great traffic.


The relationship niche is very big, you can tell from the number of traffic sources it has, that is aside from how much revenue it generates every year. Affiliates in this niche are very competitive because there is a lot of money to be made, hence the need for you to up your game as well. And if you are just a newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, we cannot promise you that you will be successful in this niche especially if you don't put in the hard work. But one thing we are certain of is that, if you are serious about the relationship niche and take time to learn more about the things we discussed here, you will have a fair position in this competitive niche and earn a fair figure which will multiply with time.