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Launch date: 26 Nov 2017
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Binance is a large cryptocurrency exchange. The reliable and efficient security system: two-factor authentication and SMS message on the phone. 

Users get 20% of commissions from trading operations from every referral. The number of acquired referrals is not restricted. 

The commission amount is paid out in any token/cryptocurrency (in which the initial deposit was made) immediately after the referral closes the deal.

The exchanger may change the terms and conditions of the affiliate program during its work. 

Creating multiple accounts to acquire new partners is prohibited, such users are getting blocked and don’t receive referral program payouts. 


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December 10, 2021
  • Support 8
  • Technology 8
  • Quality of offers 8
  • Reliability 8

Binance is the best. You don't need to apply, they approve automatically. Just create an account and go to the referral section to get an affiliate link. To get motivated, just take a look at their top affiliates. With my regular income of 0.06 BTC, I'm not even in the top 150,000 affiliates, you can imagine how much people earn from their refinancing program.

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June 08, 2020
  • Support 1
  • Technology 2
  • Quality of offers 1
  • Reliability 1

Within the framework of numerous statements, scandals - the clouds around "cryptocurrency exchange-casino Binance" are thickening and sooner or later there will be thunder and rain, this fact is unambiguous. And when you consider all the financial and exchange crimes committed by Binance, the payoff will be powerful. In the meantime, we're hammering another nail in the coffin of Binance fraud. published a great article titled User flies to Hong Kong to find Bitfinex headquarters, but couldn't not do it, which describes the search for Bitfinex office and mentions exchange Binance, which by the way - does not even publish the legal entity on whose behalf is conducting its illegal activities on the Internet. A funny thing is that: in May something similar happened to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. In the first half of the month, platform founder Changpen Zhao was asked where their head office was located. The answer was also a strange story that "Binance's office is considered any place where Chanhpenh is." You can read more about this story in a separate article. There was already an article about Binance, where the secret of the 21st century is the location of the owner of this casino and the legal details, the office at least - the head of the exchange Binance (CHANHPENH ZHAO) did not want to disclose the location of its headquarters, the answer of swindlers strikes with its brazenness: the headquarters will be where I am. Wherever I need someone, that place will be the office. We, on the other hand, as part of our claims to Binance (namely, the loss due to Binance in the amount of 86,000 USDT), have repeatedly asked questions about the legal management company, contacts of the legal department, the legal or physical address, the regulator which "monitors" the casino-Binance, but alas - always without response. Binance either does not answer these questions or sends them to e-mail, where you can not expect any answers. It is interesting things, although I told long ago - you have to run away from banana. This is not an exchange, but some kind of casino 777-axe :lol:

Translated from the original

September 02, 2020, 11:27

Where do you have to go?

April 27, 2021, 13:32

This is an abstract attack. Have you been cheated in some way? What kind of financial and stock market crimes are we talking about? Binance is one of the best exchanges. I never had problems with my account or referral payments from affiliate program during 3.5 years of working there. For cryptocurrency industry it's ok to work without legal address, because people in this field work remotely. They don't need a slave office.

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29 September 2022
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