Affiliates can promote products and services that they think are useful for cats in the right format and receive some commission from the affiliate program.

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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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  • Общий рейтинг партнерской программы, учитывающий комплекс параметров — не только отзывы
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41 Best Cat Affiliate Programs and Networks [2023]

Cats have been the friends and companions of humans for thousands of years, and caring for them and cherishing their existence in our life isn't anything new. These furry friends spend their time with us, make us happy, create memorable moments in life for us, and make us always have a friend at home. Many cat owners, which would make up almost half of the pet owners in the United States, would love to know more about products and services that could keep their cats healthy and happy and enjoy their stay with them.

That is exactly why we have found an opportunity to promote useful products to cat owners who would love to spend some money on their cats. One of the best ways to do so is through affiliate marketing and promoting cat affiliate programs. We have many different affiliate programs mentioned here, so in this article, we will get to know what cat affiliate programs are, how you can promote them, how you can choose one, and some tips for promoting them.

What Are Cat Affiliate Programs and Networks

Cat affiliate programs and networks allow merchants and service providers to connect to affiliates and promote their products with the help of client marketing. On the affiliate side, affiliates can promote these offers and programs to earn a bonus or a reward in the form of money.

Affiliates can promote products and services that they think are useful for cats in the right format and receive some Commission from the affiliate program. This is how most affiliate programs and affiliate networks work, but we have various types of products and services available in the cat niche, so we will have to check out what exactly you can promote in the niche.

Generally, when somebody clicks on your affiliate link as an affiliate of a cat affiliate program and continues to purchase a product or a subscription come on you will get a commission specified by the program for that referral. This amount can differ based on the program and the type of products you're selling.

What Can You Promote

Speaking of what you can promote in Catholic programs and networks, let's see what exactly there is to sell. There are many different types of products and services, so we prepared a list for you to get familiar with.

Cat food: first and foremost, you can promote cat food. There are various types of cat food and products out there with various nutritional values and ingredients that cat owners can benefit from to nourish their cats. These are probably the most common type of programs, and the products you're selling are mostly physical, so you're likely to get paid in a percentage of the product value.

  • Cat clothing: Cats do not often wear clothes unless they are going out or there's a special occasion. Anyhow, many cat owners choose to buy cat clothing because it's super cute and keeps their cats safe.
  • Cat toys and accessories: Cats love playing with toys that are around, move a lot, or make them have a lot of fun generally. Since cats are used to playing by themselves and spending time alone, having toys for them is super essential, otherwise these furry friends would get pretty bored. They love to play around with these little accessories, so cat owners would definitely love these for buying.
  • Cat Insurance: Of course, cat owners don't want anything bad to happen to their cats, so they're always looking for ways to make sure the cats will always be healthy. One of these ways is making sure that you will always have the financial ability to support any health expenses needed on your cat's side. Cat insurance is super important because it gives you the assurance that your cat will have medical services ready for him without you having to go under huge debts.
  • Cat trackers: When a cat owner takes their cat out, or when they leave the door open, the cat can get pretty curious. And you know what they say when the cat gets curious. Having trackers for cats is essential because it helps cat owners know where their cats are, if they're playing around in the neighborhood, or if they've gone around and acted a little too playful, and got lost.
  • Cat beds and furniture: you don't want to buy a cat and just leave then around the house. You want them to have a nice place to sleep in, somewhere to chill during calm afternoons and a litter box for them to do their business whenever they need to. these are all absolutely important needs for cats, and cat owners know this pretty well. These will be things that are high in value and super famous among cat owners come on so why not promote them?
  • Cat food supplements: Cats can get sick sometimes, just like humans. And they will need nutrients to help them defeat their sickness or just get more powerful. Cat supplements, like vitamins, proteins, etc., are absolutely essential to the health of a cat. So just like insurance, cat care, and medications are essential as well.

While these are not all the types of products you can promote in cat affiliate programs, these make the most part of this niche. So if you want to start promoting cat affiliate programs, better keep these in mind.

Payment Models in Cat Affiliate Programs and Networks

As you've seen, there are many different types of products available in Cat affiliate programs for you to promote. In the same way, there are different payment models available for you to get paid. These payment models are mostly based on the type of product you sell, so let's get right into it and check how you can make cash.

Revenue Share

First and foremost, most of the products you will be promoting in cat affiliate programs are going to be physical. This means that there are going to be products that have certain values, and if you promote them and have referrals from them, you could get a percentage of the value of the product as your Commission. So let's say a cat litter box is $100, and the revenue Commission rate of the affiliate program is 10%. In that case, you would get $10 of Commission if a customer buys that letterbox through your affiliate link. Therefore, this payment model is the most common among cat affiliate programs. Mostly, these Commission rates are anywhere between 5% to 50%. Depending on the affiliate program, they can go even higher.

Cost per Sale

The second most common payment model in cat affiliate programs is the cost per sale. In this payment model, affiliates will get paid a flat rate per every sale that their referrals complete successfully. The only difference with the revenue share model is that you won't get a percentage of the sale of the product, but a fixed rate specified by the program from the very beginning. For example, if you sell one cat food package, you will only get something like $20, even if the prices of different packages of cat food are different. Even though this model is still very common, it would be second most common to the revenue Share.

Cost per Lead

Cost per lead is the second last most common payment model in these programs. This payment model is more common among insurance affiliate programs. So as we've mentioned before come up cat owners will definitely need to ensure their cats, and per every subscription or registration on the insurance website, or any other service of that type for that matter, you will get a flat rate. So, it doesn't matter how much money the referrals are spending on the subscription or service, you will only get a certain amount for every lead you refer. Leads are basically visitors that have just become potential customers for the affiliate program.

How to Choose a Cat Affiliate Program

So now you have a variety of choices for the cat affiliate programs you can sign up for and start earning money. But since there are so many of them, it's not beneficial to your time or your traffic channels to promote all of them. Therefore, it's important for you to choose several or one profitable and great capability program and stick to that one. Here are some factors that can help you choose the best can affiliate program for your own.

Brand Recognition

First and foremost, since we are dealing with actual live creators, we cannot risk their health and well-being by promoting the wrong program that has shady products and services. We need to make sure that the quality of the products offered by the affiliate program is top-notch, and that we're not going to get in trouble because of promoting them. As an affiliate, not in this niche but in any other niche, you should only promote products that you yourself endorse. The best way to get to know about the reputation of a brand is to search for them online and read some reviews about actual customers who have used them. This can help you understand how popular these products are. Plus, if the affiliate program is open to providing free samples for you to check, that would be even easier for you to figure out because you could test it on your own cat if you have one.

Commission Rate

The next factor is the Commission rate which really specifies how much money you're earning period of course, the only thing about promoting an affiliate offer isn't to introduce an interesting product or service to your followers but to make money. Therefore, the higher the Commission rate, the more money you'll earn. However keep in mind that not always higher Commission means more money because the average order value could be pretty low, which could in turn cause you to earn less money than you would if the average order value was higher.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration also matters a lot because it tells the affiliate program during the specified Period of time that a user has visited their websites through your affiliate link, and revisited it again to make another purchase. In this case, you would get a Commission anyways no matter how many days your referral has delayed shopping because the time still falls inside the cookie tracking duration. The longer the cookie duration, the better, and the higher your chances of actually completing a purchase successfully.

Marketing Assets and Resources

The next most helpful factor for you to pay attention to is whether the affiliate program offers any marketing assets and resources for you to have a simpler promotion experience. For example, nowadays many affiliate programs provide you with prewritten content, text links that you can customize, banner ads with amazing creatives that are sure to convert to, and custom links you can use for any page on their website. They can also provide you with the help of their own designers and marketers to make you creatives and visuals with your own branding. Sometimes, they provide you with APIs and widgets you can place on your website to drive traffic easily. So just check out for what type of marketing assets and resources the program provides you with, just to know how you can simplify your process of promotion.

Affiliate Tracker

It would be so hard to do affiliate marketing if you didn't have solid data about your performance. For example, how would you know if your sales are increasing or decreasing after a campaign? You would definitely need an affiliate tracker to let you know about the clicks, the commissions earned, the sales, user actions, etcetera. This way, you can learn about user behavior and change your strategies if you need to. But the simplest use case have an affiliate tracker is providing transparency about the commissions you earn, so both the program and you can know about your performance clearly. This information is usually available on your affiliate dashboard, but some programs might use third parties or ask you to use a third party for checking you are fully performing in more detail. So not all programs support Affiliate trackers, but most of them do.

Promos and Deals

Promotions and deals are great incentives for customers, because it marks the only time they will shop at a store they normally wouldn't. You might be able to create custom discount codes for your audience every once in a while if the platform allows for it to come up but the platform itself might put up some new products for discount, and they might actually let you know way beforehand so you can prepare for it and promote it to your audience effectively. Usually come with these promos and deals come with newsletters that the program sends you, so look out for these details in the program description.

Minimum Payout and Payment Frequency

Finally, everything should come down to receiving your earned commissions, right? Some programs might delay paying you for about a month, and some others might pay you instantly. Each program is really different in the way it pays its affiliates or the schedule on which it pays. Some programs might choose to pay you after you reach a certain balance, like $20, $50, or $100. Either way, check out whether you would have to reach a certain balance before you can get your money out because that can be a bit annoying depending on how hard it is for you to earn a commission. You can always aim at affiliate programs that actually don't have a minimum payout requirement.

Affiliate Support

Affiliate support is absolutely vital to your collaboration with the program. If you have any questions regarding the program, which you will, there should be somebody to help you get the answers you need. Most of the programs we introduce in this article are created regarding affiliate support, and many of them even provide you with the help of a dedicated affiliate manager who will help you increase your income. But just in case, make sure to check in affiliated forums and communities to get some peer insight into an affiliate program if you're not sure enough.

Type of Product

Another important aspect of the whole promotion is the type of products you are promoting. For example, if you don't have any experience with insurance come on then you don't necessarily have to promote insurance affiliate programs. If your audience is not open to insurance programs, then you shouldn't waste their time and your own time trying to promote a product you do know they will not buy.

Performance Bonuses

Many programs have a system in place that allows affiliates to earn higher commissions or bonuses every once in a while if they reach a certain amount of sales or a certain performance level. Many programs have tiered commissions, so if there is such a thing in the program you want to apply to, you can know for sure that they will increase your Commission in case your performance is well.

Top Traffic Sources for Cat Affiliate Programs

Now let me know how to choose a Cat affiliate program, let's check some of the top traffic sources for these programs and how you can work with them to get the traffic you need.

Social Media

First and foremost, social media is the perfect place for you to promote carefully it offers. Many cat owners are on social media taking videos of their cats and promoting various products to their followers. That could definitely be you. However, if you don't have a cat and if you don't want to have a cat, you could always make a repost channel that allows you to repost videos from other cat owners, and it still helps you gain viewers. These viewers will mostly not know that you are the reporter, and they will actually reach out to the programs you promote to them.

You should always leave your affiliate links in your bio on whatever social media platform you are active on. Mostly, Instagram is the perfect place to do reposting, and TikTok is another great place for you to post original videos of your own cat.

You could always talk about cat products as well by posting some videos letting people know what products have worked for your cat or what services you know of that can definitely help cat owners. So, if you want to focus on social media, you actually won't have to use the other methods much, because social media will pretty much give you most of the traffic you need.

When we talk about social media, we're not necessarily referring to YouTube or Facebook, or Twitter, because those media are either long-form or text-based. Therefore, you might not be able to promote a product easily without having to spend a lot of time preparing materials. However, simple social media platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok are great places for you to start and grow quickly.

Website Traffic

The next traffic source is easily website traffic. You can always drive traffic to your affiliate website by writing articles, posting content that cat owners will benefit from, and generally optimizing your website with search engine optimization rules to have it appear on the search engine for various keywords. Of course, there is one way to do it. Another way is to drive traffic from your social media accounts to your website. This can be a long process, but in the long run, allows you to post your own affiliate links on your website without having to use a third-party platform like Plus, you've always posted about the latest promotions using a landing page or a pre-landing page.

In later sections we'll share some tips on how to successfully promote cat affiliate offers through a website, but for now, just know that having your website can really benefit you by giving you another huge major promotion channel, but it is absolutely not necessary for you to succeed.


The next best place to promote cat-related products on the Internet would be forums and communities filled with cat lovers and people who have questions about their cats. The best way to do this is to earn some reputation for yourself on the forum, and the moment you'll get points and become a valid member, start sharing some links to your affiliate website where you have affiliate links to the programs you're collaborating with. Or you can just post one of your articles or posts about a cat product on the forum, in answer to people who are wondering about specific products of a category. There are many ways to do so, but it just depends on how well you know what community and forum, so you won't get flagged as spam.

Email Marketing

People can find lots of promotions and newsletters in their inboxes, and if the creatives are good enough, they might actually click on them and follow the affiliate links you share with them in the emails. In order to do e-mail marketing, you can receive people's e-mails through your affiliate website, or you can use e-mail services and mail lists like MailChimp and other services.

As you know, affiliate programs keep sending you promotions and the latest updates to their product feed, so this is the best chance for you to promote the products they introduce on your own e-mail newsletters to your own followers.

Paid Ads

If all the other attempts are already done and you want to look for new traffic sources, you can always go for paid ads. For paid ads, you can place ads on TikTok, Instagram ads, Facebook Ads, and even Google Ads for websites or the search engine itself. There are many great ways to receive the attention of people and actually get them to click on your links, and if you want to do so, you can use ad spy tools and other services to see what your competitors are doing, so you can follow their successful creatives. If you ever have a problem or are trying to look for new solutions, you can also ask your affiliate programs manager to help you with creatives so you can sell more.

The best way to do so is by posting deals and offers at uncertain times, like seasonal deals, monthly promotions, etc., and as the link the ad redirects to, you can target your affiliate website with the pre-landing page that includes the discount code or the latest deal available on the programs you are promoting.

Tips for Successfully Promoting Cat Affiliate Programs

Not that we know all the traffic sources for promoting cat affiliate offers, but let's check some of the tips and tricks for you to promote these offers and get more traffic successfully.

Use Videos and Visuals

First and foremost, don't just stop at text and writing articles. Make it more visual by sharing videos and images of cats or your own cat enjoying the products you're promoting. If you have a cat, that's even better because it gives you the opportunity to tell people about the quality of a product in action. People will get really impressed when they see a video come up but text not so much. If you don't have a cat and you really want to post videos and get traffic through that way, you can repost other people's content about cats while crediting them. Even though you are just reposting other people and giving them credit and potential traffic, you yourself will get a lot of traffic because you will be creating a collection of various cats. This is especially effective on Instagram. There are many different creative types of videos you can create featuring cats, so you can come up with your own methods.

Take Videos of Your Own Cat

As mentioned, if you have a cat it would be great if you could take videos of it. But if you don't have a cat, you could either consider getting one or adopting one, or you could post about your love for cats. If you have a cat, there are so many different video ideas you can follow. For example, you can record cute videos of your cat, and that will already get you lots of attention, and through that, you can promote your own affiliate products. Another idea would be to feature your cats in the videos where you try a product, for example, you can buy a toy for your cat and record them playing with it, you could give them some food, and promote the same food, etc. This will also give people the sense of trust that you actually care about cats and won't give them any product that is low quality.

Write Quality Product Reviews

If you want to drive traffic through your website, the best way would be to write product reviews. While product reviews seem to be very easy, and it just involves copying or following some details of the product from the manufacturer's website, it is not actually that. The time has passed when those types of product reviews were useful. Nowadays, people want to see some experience and personal insight into the products they buy from their peers. If you can provide them with your honest opinion and experience on products, and most importantly visuals, you can gain their trust.

One of the most important details of a successful product review is providing highlights, pros and cons, detailed experience with the product, beat cat food, toys, accessories, clothing, furniture, etcetera. You should also post pictures and videos if possible of you using those products. If you don't want to post your own visuals, you might be able to get some visuals and banners from the affiliate programs you are affiliated with. Anyhow, remember to make it super honest, and if you actually don't have an idea about the product you're promoting, you can always read some reviews about it online and learn what people think So you can get familiar with the ups and downs.

Use Lead Magnets

On your website, you should have lead magnets because they give you an e-mail list you can use for e-mail marketing. Lead magnets are basically any popups or sections that ask people to enter their e-mail in exchange for something free. For example, you can tell people that you'll send them a list of the most affordable cat furniture, cat insurance plans, et cetera in exchange for their e-mail address. You can later on use this e-mail address to send them your promotions and deals. Plus, this helps them stay tuned with all your blog updates.

Benefit from Promotions

Promotions are super important in affiliate marketing because they act as a great incentive for people to get attracted to what you have to offer. So whenever you know an event is coming up or the seasonal holidays and events are near, make sure to prepare for it and take pictures, and videos, and prepare your materials so you can upload them later on and always be on time when people are looking for deals to buy.

Provide Guidance

Don't just provide people with product reviews or tell them what to buy. The first and best way people will trust your work is by you giving them some useful information on the issues they might have. Create a section on your blog where you write articles educating people about different aspects of the cat's life. This way, they can help your blog and stay around for any other products you have to promote.


So as you can see, cat affiliate programs are super precious both for cat owners and affiliates. Cat owners get to cherish their cats and nourish them with amazing products, and affiliates get to get a commission. You know that cat owners will spend money on their cats because they love them a lot and they are their best furry friends. So with the right promotions, creatives, and showing that you care for their pet, you can get in their attention and make them your follower. Use the tips mentioned in this article to choose the best cat affiliate program for your own niche and area of work, and get started to make money today.