20+ Best Job Affiliate Programs and Networks

In the same way that affiliates are looking for the money by promoting affiliate programs and offers, there are a lot of people out there in 2023 who look for jobs online. There’s so much money to be made through these people and sometimes it’s not really that easy. Obviously, people who are looking for jobs online don’t have much money to invest in websites that promise them amazing opportunities for their future. There are a couple of tips and tricks that you can benefit from to make money, even for people who are trying to make money themselves.

Mostly, these people are very desperate and they would do anything to get a job, and that is exactly what you want to focus on because it has been proven many times to make money. It’s true that you want to do it in a moral way, and that is exactly why you can use these job affiliate programs to help job seekers and make money yourself. In this article, we will share all the information you need so you can be well-prepared.

How Do Job Affiliate Programs Work

Job affiliate programs are similar to other affiliate programs in many ways, including how users have to complete an action for you to earn some commission. In these programs, it is not necessary for people to purchase something for you to earn money, but we will explain that in a bit.

Mainly job affiliate programs are related to job-seeking or résumé creation websites that help people get better prepared for jobs and interviews. When you refer people to these websites, people can sign up on them and either purchase their subscriptions or services.

Sometimes these websites don’t require people to pay for their service because they earn their money through companies who are looking to recruit somebody. Still, you will earn a commission if the people you refer only sign up on those websites, because if those recruiting companies don’t have enough job seekers available to them, then the affiliate program won’t be making any money.

What Type of Job-Related Websites Can You Promote

There are many different types of job-related websites you can promote. In 2023, a lot of people are looking for jobs online rather than in the newspapers. The old ways of money-making and job-seeking are now obsolete, and people can look for jobs, get hired, and even earn their money on these websites. This can include websites that allow companies to hire job seekers full-time, part-time, contracted, etc. Some of these websites even allow people to do freelancing and work at their own pace. There’s a certain type of websites related to jobs, which includes websites that help people build resumes and portfolios. These websites have services more similar to a subscription service, and your referrals would have to pay some money to them to use their services.

Payment Models in Job Affiliate Programs

No, let’s see some of the payment models by which job affiliate programs and networks pay you for promoting their offers.

CPC (Cost per Click)

In the cost-per-click model, you can see job affiliate programs that only require your users to click on the offer link and visit the target website. And this means that your referrals would not need to sign up on the target website, pay any money to them, or even download anything. Simply visiting the website and considering it is enough. The rest of the process of whether they manage to convert your referrals to use their service or not is not related to your commission.

While this is a very easy way to earn money through these programs, and it’s even easier to make people click on your affiliate link, you need to keep in mind that the payment per click is also very low, even as low as 5 cents per click. That is why if you’re choosing a program that pays you with this method, you need to decide whether it is easy to promote them and whether in the end, it will be worth your time or not.

CPS (Cost per Sale)

The cost-per-sale method works in a way that you will get a flat amount as a commission for every successful purchase of your audience on the target website. No matter how much money your referrals end up spending on the affiliate program, you will only get a certain amount as specified from the beginning in your affiliate application. In job affiliate programs, this amount can be as low as $5 and as high as $50 depending on the website's reputation and how much their products or services cost on average.

CPA (Cost per Action)

Cost per action is also another common model for affiliate programs in the job niche to pay you. You’ll see a lot of affiliate programs that only require your referrals to complete an action like signing up on the website or buying a subscription. This action is not always the same thing, and each program can have its own specific expectations from your audience. This is probably one of the most profitable payment models in this niche because a lot of people who are looking for jobs will end up, completing in action, like signing up or registering on a job-seeking platform. Therefore, it is not unlikely for you to have as many actions completed as clicking on your links.

Revenue Share

Last but not least, revenue share is another common payment model that pays you each time somebody purchases a product or service on the job affiliate program website through your link. Job affiliate programs don’t often have high average order values, but still, your commission rate could go as high as 70% of the programs’ revenue from the sales you help them make.

What to Look for in a Job Affiliate Program

There are many job affiliate programs out there, and if you don’t really know what to look for in each of them, you may end up applying to some that are not legit or even profitable. Therefore, it is necessary to do all your research and learn as much as possible about the program so you understand everything you need to know about its legitimacy, whether they pay on time, whether they give you any insight into your performance, etc. So let’s see some of the criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing a job affiliate program to promote.

Brand Recognition and Reputation

In the job affiliate programs and networks, you are dealing with a very sensitive subject, which is providing a career and possible future for a lot of people. If people cannot trust the program you are promoting to them, you will lose your own reputation. Keep in mind that you are just an affiliate, and in the eyes of your audience, you are just an influencer who doesn’t need to apply for jobs or complete interviews. Therefore, in order to appeal to them, you need to handpick all the best programs out there with the best reviews which actually help job seekers find their dream job. You can look online to read some reviews of the job-seeking program to make sure that it is exactly what you want.

Commission Rate

Everything revolves around money, and in affiliate programs, the commission speaks a lot about the website or business's willingness to share its profits with you. But we would only say that you should choose programs with very little commissions, only if their average order value is very high or the reputation is amazing. So, pay attention to how much money the program gives you for your referrals.

Cookie Duration

Cookies are things on the browser that save user data. And in this case, when we refer to users, we are referring to your audience who collects on your affiliate link and visits the website to sign up or purchase something. Cookies help track your sales and your referral activities and give you some insight into how much money you’re earning and how your audience is behaving.

However, the most important benefit of cookies is them saving the data of your referrals on the affiliate program for a certain time so, if during that time your audience happens to revisit the program and purchase something, that sale is also going to count towards your revenue. Obviously, the longer the cookie decoration, the better, and the more money you can make.

Minimum Payout

Signing up on an affiliate program, making some sales and earning commission, and then having to wait for two months until you get your payout is kind of frustrating. We know the struggle, and we advise you to look for programs that have a low minimum payout threshold. This threshold is the amount of money you need to make before you are allowed to withdraw your money from the program.

Some programs ask you to make up to $500 in commission before you are allowed to take your money out, which is a lot. On the other hand, some others allow you to cash out your money as soon as you make it, no matter how much. Make sure you aim for programs that don’t limit your cash out.

However, you should keep in mind that sometimes programs hold your money and don’t allow you to cash out. It’s because their customers might return or refund the order. In that case, you are not going to get any commission. Until the trial period is over, the business won’t have to refund any money. But don’t worry because the affiliate program is not going to cheat on you with this, and they will definitely mention this on their terms and services.

Affiliate Tracker

What are the biggest struggles in the world of athlete marketing and marketing, in general, is getting insights into marketing performance. As an affiliate marketer, you constantly need to analyze your performance and sales and know whether you should change something in your strategy. Most affiliate programs out there provide the opportunity for you to track your affiliate progress and, even in 2023, they provide you with real-time data on your sales and referrals.

In case some programs don’t provide this opportunity, you would need to use third-party affiliate trackers to get these insights because they’re important and essential to your marketing. So make sure you aim for programs that give you access to this data.

Resources and Assets

Most of the time, when you are accepted as an affiliate into a job affiliate program, or any other affiliate program for that matter, the program provides you with assets and resources, such as better text ads, image ads, etc., so you can have an easier job promoting their brand for them. As a matter of fact, in 2023, 90% of the affiliate programs provide these resources for you, so if a program hasn’t updated its resources to give you access to banner ads or links yet, you should double-think about your decision.


As an affiliate starting out in a job affiliate program, you must have a lot of questions, and these questions should be answered by none other than the program you are working with. Many great affiliate programs provide you with a dedicated affiliate account manager or support team that helps you with your technical or marketing problems.

One of the characteristics of a bad affiliate program is not answering their affiliates as soon as possible. So the best thing you can do is search about the affiliate program you’re looking to join online and check the reviews of other affiliates to see whether their interaction with the support team of that program has been good or not.


EPC or earning per click refers to the amount of money an affiliate can earn per every click in a span of time, say one month. Earning per click is different from cost per click and mostly refers to the amount of money you can earn from every single person clicking on your affiliate links. This doesn’t have to do with the payment model of the program, but the opportunity to make money from every single person interested in what you’re promoting.

The EPC is an estimated average amount you could be earning in total in a month or so. So let’s say the earning-per-click of a program is $50. This means that if you manage to get 1000 people to click on your link in a month, even if only 10 of them end up purchasing something, you will be making $50,000 that month.

How to Promote Job Affiliate Programs

Now that we have some information about what job affiliate programs are, how they pay you, and what to look for in them, let’s see how we can promote job affiliate offers. There are several ways to go about doing this and you mostly need a social media account or a blog. If you don’t want to buy a website, don’t worry because you can do this without a website, and we will explain that in a bit.

Social Media

The first and most important traffic source for job affiliate programs is social media. You need to understand that many people spend a lot of time on social media, looking around for job opportunities, ideas for making their portfolios or resumes, and even other people’s experiences in applying for a job. Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are amazing places for this purpose because a lot of people there are mostly idling, and you can easily bait them into watching your content and getting interested if you can give them some useful knowledge.

You can start out by writing your experiences as a job seeker, making some funny skits or videos, and even explaining a job-seeking website, and how you found it useful. You can also make use of hashtags and trends to promote affiliate programs related to jobs. Remember that you can always benefit from ads on social media to get more outreach for your social media page.

The most important tip here is to relate to your audience as if you are also looking for a job. Mention the struggles, give them hope, and demonstrate how it feels like to have a job and a stable income so they can get incentivized to click on your website link. Obviously, on social media, you don’t want to give them all the information. The main goal is to redirect them to your affiliate website or a bridge website where you’ll send people to the affiliate offer website. You can place this link on your bio and tell people to click on the link in the bio for more information.

Blog and Website Content

The next best way to promote job affiliate offers is through your own personal website or blog. Now, this blog doesn’t need to be on your own domain, and you can easily post them on a content-sharing platform like Medium. There are several tips on how you can earn organic and free traffic running to your website and then to the affiliate program. Let’s talk about those here.

The first and most important thing is to post articles and introduce job-finding websites. In these articles, you have to explain the benefits of these websites, review them, and share your honest experience with your audience, provide some pros and cons, explain whether they’re free or paid, and maybe give them a quick tour of how they can sign up on the website and start getting job offers, etc.

The next type of content you can create on your blog or website is articles that mostly provide knowledge to people, such as articles on how to create a good résumé, how to write a cover letter, templates for formal correspondence when it comes to finding a job, etc. The purpose of these articles is to help people find all the information they need about jobs on your channel and not on other people's blogs.

When somebody visits your website or blog for the first time, you want to suggest some other reading material for them that could be helpful in their job finding. The most important thing is to look on the Internet for things that people are searching for in 2023. Websites like answerthepublic.com can be helpful for this purpose because they give you some insight into what people are searching on Google and what you should be answering on your blog.

If you want to make sure people read through to the end of all your jobs-seeking website reviews, you need to make sure to include your personal experience, detailed information about the website, and up-to-date details on how exactly the website works. Job-seeking platforms change very frequently, so make sure you update your content along with their updates. People tend to lose trust in your content pretty quickly if they figure out something isn’t accurate.

Content Creation

When we refer to content creation here, it is different from content creation on social media as an affiliate or sharing content on your own blog. In this section, we want to talk about how you can drive traffic to job affiliate programs by sharing content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and even Instagram as an influencer. Obviously, your content format on social media accounts is different from your content as a video creator or a person who attracts people to an idea or concept by giving them a massive amount of information in short video clips or funny sketches.

If you plan to share job-related content on YouTube, make sure to keep your videos at least 10 minutes long and make them according to a script that is rich with information and gives the jobseekers all the information they need. Job Seeking videos on YouTube is quite saturated because they are proven to beat some people into watching them.

These types of videos should be very attractive, starting with the thumbnail all the way through the outro of the video. Your video title also matters a lot because it makes people want to watch the video if it’s too hard to resist, for example, “Top 10 Websites that helped me get job interviews from Google, Microsoft, and Discord.” You don’t actually have to explain whether you got interviews from those companies in your video, because it is obvious Clickbait. But keep in mind that, without it, you cannot attract enough users.

Another way to attract a lot of users on content-sharing platforms is by giving them information that nobody else is giving them. The whole point of this practice is to appeal to a larger audience, and potentially get more recognition.

If you plan to share content on social media platforms, you can consider Instagram Reels, which is very similar to TikTok. The only tip you need to succeed on these platforms is to keep the content short and rich with information and cut right to the chase without wasting any time.

Paid Ads

If you have tried all the other traffic sources apart, and you want even more traffic, you can benefit from paid ads on Google ads and Facebook ads to get your content in front of a lot more people. However, you need to keep in mind that you cannot advertise for the affiliate links themselves. You have to advertise for your affiliate website or blog where your affiliate links are. Direct linking to the affiliate program link is forbidden on many different programs.

Tips to Drive More Traffic to Job Affiliate Programs

Different traffic sources for promoting job affiliate offers, let’s see some more tips that will help you appeal to a broader audience.

Speak Your Audience’s Mind

As mentioned before, you need to appeal to your audience in a way that feels like you are reading their mind. This is very simple. Just imagine that you are looking for a job and you are in serious need of money. What are the most important things that you want in that situation? Make a list of all those things, and that list is all you need to encourage your audience to check out the website you introduce to them.

Some examples of topics that can really grab the attention of people looking for jobs include: mentioning how easy it was for you to get a job through a certain platform, how much money you earn in a certain period of time working for a certain company or website, how you found a job on a certain platform, solution to have a better and more successful life, and how easy it was for you to start out and get interviews on a certain website. You need to phrase all these ideas in your own way and get creative to get people interested in what you have to say.

Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization is more important than you think in the job niche. In this niche, a lot of people are searching for their questions about finding new jobs on Google and other search engines. In order for them to find you, you need to focus on certain keywords. You can find these keywords on websites like Google Trends or tools like Ubersuggest.

After you find your perfect keywords, you need to use them evenly throughout all your articles and headlines. You can always learn more about optimizing your content to rank higher in SERP. If you write the best content, without focusing on SEO, there is a high chance you cannot ever get your content in front of people on search results, and that is the most important type of traffic you need because it is free and everlasting.

Benefit from Email Marketing

When people visit your website, they might get interested in your content for just a few seconds. In those few seconds, you need to bring up a pop-up notification that asks them for their email address in exchange for weekly or monthly newsletters with all the latest updates, discount codes, and news about jobs and opportunities. This is a great method to gather a mailing list and send people your affiliate links and offers right into their inboxes. There is actually a way to track whether they read these emails or click on your links, and that is using Hubspot and other similar tools.

Forums and Communities

Last, but not least, you need to be active in many different communities where people discuss job opportunities and methods for getting jobs. That is the exact place where you have to find people who are interested in learning more about job-seeking websites. And from there you can answer their questions with your knowledge and redirect them to your affiliate website or page where they can find all your affiliate links.

Remember that sharing direct links to affiliate offers is forbidden on many forums, so you cannot share those there. However, if you have an affiliate website or webpage where people can find all your affiliate links, you can post them on forums. If you have a website that includes articles and blog posts related to the topic people are discussing on the forums, you can also post there to get more traffic. This is one of the best ways to stealthily share your website with people online. However, remember that in order for this to work, you first need to gain their trust with valuable information on the forum itself.


Job affiliate programs are great because they provide the opportunity both for you and your audience to earn money. If you follow some simple methods of encouraging your audience to check out the website you introduce to them, you can make a lot of money because payment models in this niche are of a huge variety. There are different types of websites you can promote for every type of service related to job seeking. Just make sure you have an affiliate website or webpage where your audience can find all your affiliate links, and be consistent with your content.