Affiliate marketing in the hemp niche works by promoting various hemp products to potential customers, you get paid a share of the money your customers use in making this transaction, by the hemp affiliate program you are affiliated with.

20+ Best Hemp Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

Here is an affiliate niche with affiliate programs that are capable of paying you $40 per sale conducted through your affiliate link. The Hemp affiliate niche comes with lots of great opportunities for affiliates. It has the potential of making affiliates millionaires due to the high demands of the affiliate products within it. Earning $40 per sale is just the tip of the iceberg, and you should have it at the back of your mind that this figure is nothing to compare, since the hemp industry itself is worth more than $22.

And it is expected to grow beyond that by significant figures soon. Your motivation, if you have any, should drive you further into concluding fast on becoming an affiliate in the hemp niche since great benefits are awaiting you. With constant traffic and good conversion, imagine how much money you'll earn every day from referring up to 10 successful sales.

What Are Hemp Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

Affiliate marketing in the hemp niche works by promoting various hemp products to potential customers, and when these potential customers buy these hemp products from you or through your affiliate link, you get paid a share of the money they use in making this transaction, by the hemp affiliate program you are affiliated with. In a simple context, one thing to take note of here is that, there wouldn't be a Hemp affiliate program without affiliate marketers; the hemp industry knows this and that is why hemp affiliates are paid well.

If you consider becoming a hemp affiliate, first you must search through the numerous affiliate programs within the hemp niche and find the best out of them. Yes, this is a wealthy niche on its own, but there are still hemp affiliate programs or affiliate networks that aren't recommended for affiliates to join. So, after signing up with the best you can find, by considering some important features, you can then begin promoting the hemp affiliate offers within that niche while you get a share of each transaction carried out through your hemp affiliate link. Hemp is a healthy product and so, you can generate good traffic by marketing your hemp affiliate offers to the right audience.

What Types of Products Can You Promote

As an affiliate in the hemp niche, you can expect to promote plenty of hemp affiliate offers. But the thing is, you should focus more on the marketable ones because they'll ensure your success at the end of the day. Some of these marketable hemp affiliate products include:

  • Hemp Flowers. Hemp flowers help relieve pain, to an extent. Even anxiety, inflammation, etc. There are several ways that this hemp product can be consumed and it is very effective. You will find lots of people to market this hemp product to, and in the end, you'll make a very good commission.
  • Hemp Clothing. Initially, clothes made from hemp products were very uncomfortable. But now, there are varieties of hemp clothing that are made to be very comfortable due to some professional individuals stepping into the game. You'll be presented with varieties of clothes to sell to potential customers. And what's important is, if you do find a hemp affiliate program that promotes hemp clothing, you'll have found a gold mine since their commissions are good.
  • Hemp/CBD Oil and Extract. Hemp or CBD oil and extracts are very medicinal and effective in their way. Athletes among others are people you can promote such hemp affiliate offers to. You'll equally be paid well for successfully selling these products by the hemp affiliate program you work with.
  • Hemp Creams, Capsules, and CBD Drops. Hemp creams, capsules, and CBD drops are not the least of the unique products you'll find in this niche. They are in high demand as well, so you'll be looking at some marketable products while promoting these. You will also make a good commission; considering that these are products that will be in constant demand.
  • Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner. Some claim that hemp shampoo grows the hair, and others claim that the conditioner blackens the hair. Hemp shampoo and conditioner are indeed very effective when used for some time, and they are hygienic. Plus, the rumors in the market will play to your advantage. Now will be a good time to promote these hemp products.
  • Hemp Energy Drinks and Treats. Be it hemp energy drinks or treats, you'll all have these to promote. And if you consider the fact that you'll be affiliating with programs that use Revshare as a payment model, you'll be obliged to the opportunity you are presented with, when you get recurring customers to buy these hemp products through your affiliate link.

Payment Models in Hemp Affiliate Programs

Even though hemp affiliate programs only offer their affiliates one payment model, there's a possibility that you'll like it after all. Here's how it works.

Revenue Share

RevShare is a payment model used by hemp affiliate programs to pay the affiliates working with them. Unfortunately, you don't get to see affiliate programs with CPA or CPL, etc, in this niche. But RevShare might be all you ever need to set up a successful business foundation due to its flexible and extensive payment scheme. For instance, hemp oil is one of the hemp products with many benefits and users can decide to have this in bulk or keep purchasing it whenever they run out of their supply.

So the magic that RevShare does is that it ensures that whenever users come back to buy more hemp oil, after making their first purchase through your affiliate link, you receive a share of the money used for the transaction. This analysis covers all hemp affiliate products you promote within the hemp niche. However, the percentage that affiliates will be receiving may vary and is determined by the hemp affiliate program they are affiliated with.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hemp Affiliate Program

Considering how exciting the hemp niche is with regards to the high commission rates available within, you might be tempted to settle for any hemp affiliate program you find as long as they pay well, but do not be tempted. You must at least consider some other things. These are.

Your Familiarity with the Products

There are hemp products that are specifically harvested to make hemp clothing, while there are hemp products specifically harvested for manufacturing hemp oil. Your familiarity with the hemp products you are promoting will enable you to determine which hemp affiliate offers to promote to targeted audiences. Thereby minimizing the risk of you wasting time and effort promoting the wrong hemp affiliate offers to the wrong audiences. Sometimes, hemp affiliates should use some of the hemp products they are promoting to be more familiar with them, but if that can't be possible, you can always settle for customer reviews.

Commission Rate

Commission rate is equally important, but only after you must have been familiar with the hemp products within the hemp affiliate program. They work together in ensuring your success if you look at it professionally. Sometimes, the commission rate does not matter if you know a hemp product and how to market it well. You can come across a hemp affiliate program that offers a 10% commission. You might think this is pretty low when compared to hemp affiliate programs that offer 40% and more, but consider the value of the product first in each program before making a decision.

Program/Product Credibility

Reading customer reviews online about a hemp product goes beyond trying to be familiar with it. It is the best place you can gather, if the hemp affiliate program you are about to promote hemp products from, has good reviews coming in through the hemp products within. The credibility of a hemp affiliate product is important because potential customers will only patronize what has good reviews. Sadly, people always go with the crowd, but it's a fun world we find ourselves in, you might as well adjust to it and make a contract with only credible hemp affiliate programs.

Cookie Duration

When you go through the list of hemp affiliate programs available now, you'll be shocked to come across a program with just 3-days for cookie duration. It seems unfair especially when you consider the commission rates attached to the products within these types of affiliate programs. But it's something you should not worry about since the best of the hemp affiliate programs offer adequate days for cookie duration and good commission rates as well. Generally, the average days for cookie duration offered by hemp affiliate programs are 30 days. Those should be the ones you aim to work with. But if you believe in your marketing skill, 3 days is nothing you can't work with.

Payment Frequency

Payment frequency deals with withdrawal windows and requirements. Some hemp affiliate programs may require their affiliates to meet a certain amount of money before they can withdraw their earned commissions. That too is on some specific days because some hemp affiliate programs take up to 30 days before they open the withdrawal window for their affiliates, or send payments to their affiliates. While some programs may extend to 60 days or even less than 30 days, like twice a month. This section is to remind you to check the payment frequency of the hemp affiliate program you plan on working with to see if you can cope with the payment scheme.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers ensure a transparent business between hemp affiliates and hemp affiliate programs. As an affiliate working with a hemp affiliate program that has this software installed, you are virtually provided with a means of keeping track of your affiliate record. Your contributions to the hemp affiliate program you are affiliated with, and also your progress from time to time will be made available for you to reflect on and step up your game if need be. The hemp affiliate program you work with can also use this software to pay you bonuses especially if you happen to outperform other affiliates working with them. So if a hemp affiliate program lacks this software, you are advised to look away.

Traffic Sources for Hemp Offers

There are three main traffic sources for hemp offers, and these were selected due to credible research and the success percentage recorded through them. Here's how they work.

Social Media

While promoting hemp affiliate offers on social media, there are different approaches you can use to get to some targeted audiences. One of these ways is to run Ads on social media platforms. Think about this, there are so many social media platforms, including content-sharing platforms, that you can run Ads on. At first, you might think, spending money on Ads trying to promote your hemp affiliate offers might not be worth it.

But look at the value side, if you promote hemp products from a hemp affiliate program with a good conversion rate and EPC, you'll have made more money from Ads than you imagined, especially if you create your Ads Well. However, if you don't like the idea of spending money on running social media Ads, you can always settle for another approach that is equally important and effective, which is a "Content first approach". To try this approach, you'll need to have a well-built hemp affiliate website. After that, you can post your hemp affiliate offers, either in video forms or pictures (even though video form serves better), and then include your affiliate website's URL in the post description.

This will enable you direct traffic to your hemp affiliate offers, on your affiliate website, and from there, you can convert the traffic into potential customers. If this doesn't work for you as well, then you can settle for being a social media influencer yourself. It brings results, just like social media Ads would, but you wouldn't be spending money this time around but investing your time. You will need to create a hemp users/lovers page or group where you can discuss hemp products with your fans. From there, with time, you must have gathered enough fans that you can direct to check out your hemp affiliate offers.

Forums and Communities

Forums and communities are also good traffic sources for hemp affiliate offers. For instance, just like a hemp lovers/users page or group on social media, you'll come across some forums and communities created mainly for hemp users or lovers. You can join these platforms, either free of charge or by paying a registration fee. No matter how you join, you should play by the rules governing such platforms to ensure you remain an active member for a long time; at least, long enough to be able to redirect the members there to the hemp affiliate offers on your affiliate website.

One way to present your hemp affiliate offers to the members here is by contributing to valuable discussions that have to do with hemp. Since you are joining a hemp forum or community, it shouldn't be hard to find yourself in a discussion that can lead to you generating some traffic. Make sure to remain social for as long as you stay in the forums and communities, just in case members want to connect with you directly, so including your contact details will go a long way. Posting your hemp affiliate links can seem a bit difficult in forums and communities, especially when you plan on sliding them into conversations or discussions.

But there are two tricks to this. First, you can use a link shortener. This will shorten your hemp affiliate link, thereby making it undetectable for deactivation by these forums and communities and also hiding its true potential. The second trick is to post the URL of the affiliate website where you have your hemp affiliate offers so that when you direct users, they'll land there and you can convert them. You can alternatively settle for posting a disclaimer anytime you post your hemp affiliate offers and see how it works for you.

Website Content and Product Reviews

Coming up with the best website content and product reviews for your hemp affiliate offers can be challenging. In the sense that, there are lots of hemp affiliate websites with competitive content and product reviews on board. Beating them in the game is your aim if you want to be successful and for that to happen, you must consider creating your content in this structure. First, you must be well-detailed with your content.

You shouldn't have much problem with this if you paid attention to how to go about program and product credibility, and also the familiarity of the hemp product you are promoting. You can copy and spin some information from competitive hemp websites that are ranking higher than you. This will make your content equally competitive and you'll receive some traffic as well from the search engines. Of course, using the hemp product yourself should give you even more sophisticated information about it.

For instance, hemp oil might be generally known to fade out body pain, but you might discover that it also heals light bruises if applied to affected body parts. (for instance sake). When you put this information out there, with proof. You'll be given more insight that is different from what hemp users are used to. This will bring their attention your way and that equals more traffic.

Above all, regardless of how far you intend on going to provide exclusive content and product reviews, try to remain honest with your content. You can include pros and cons, which is something most hemp affiliates will try to filter out of their content for fear of criticizing their content. You can use this to your advantage. Let potential customers know the capability of the hemp cream or soap, and also its incapabilities, and let them decide on what's best for them. Either way, you'll have recurring traffic with such practices.

Tips to Promote Hemp Affiliate Offers Successfully

Promoting hemp affiliate offers can be complex, first it was a banned substance in the US, but now a legal substance. Still, there might be some online restrictions or limitations you'll have to deal with while promoting these offers, nonetheless. These tips should give you a fair head start.

Familiarize Yourself with your Audience

You can think of familiarizing yourself with your audiences as the hemp affiliate marketing 101. Because it will play a vital role in how often you make a successful sale through your affiliate link. Everyone has what they want in the hemp niche. The vastness of the hemp niche makes this possible and the joy of it is that it manages to provide a solution to whatever problem any hemp user comes with. And so, as an affiliate, you'll have to work round the clock to connect solutions to problems that customers will come with. The only way to know these problems is by being familiar with your potential customers. Keep this in mind.

Keyword Targeting

If you aim at promoting hemp clothing or energy drinks, your keyword should have them in it. A perfect keyword can either be long-tail or short, as long as it brings traffic to your hemp affiliate offers, it is good to go. You can search the internet for competitive keywords that relate better with your hemp affiliate offers. You can use these keywords for your content after customizing their purpose to serve yours.

There are online tools that are capable of finding some competitive keywords as well, you can settle for them. Even though you'll need to describe what your hemp affiliate offers are all about for these tools to give you a befitting result. However, keep it at the back of your mind that some keywords are too competitive, and using them will be useless. But most of such keywords are short-tails so you can alternatively settle for long-tail keywords in a situation like this.

Create a Hemp Blog/Website

Owning a hemp niche blog or website presents you with 3 types of content that you can create while promoting your hemp affiliate offers to potential customers. The first type of content you can have on your blog is a product review. Since you already have lots of hemp products to promote, you can write a brief review about the capabilities of the most targeted hemp products in the market. You can know the most targeted hemp products by checking the search engine records.

This will allow you to shape your content to fit potential customers' needs while creating your review. The second type of content is comparison content. This works by competing for two or more hemp products that alternatively serve the same purpose, and have different limitations to an extent. You can compare these hemp products, by outlining their Pros and Cons and allow potential customers to decide which one is better and will serve their needs.

The third type of content is guide content. Some hemp users might be hearing about certain hemp products for the first time but still decide to give them a try. So they'll need a well-detailed guide on how to use those hemp products. Your hemp affiliate blog receives good engagement due to posts like these.

Focus on SEO

Keeping up with SEO can be a pain in the as# since the algorithm keeps changing here and there. But some common practices can keep the traffic coming from these search engines regardless of the instability. Boosting users' experience, for instance, can increase your chances of having recurring traffic sent to your hemp affiliate website directly from the search engines. Search engines like Google make use of records that are derived from users' data to rank websites as well.

For instance, when a user spends 5 mins on your hemp affiliate site scrolling through your hemp affiliate offers, it will be recorded and it'll be a good sign that you have good content. However, if a user quickly abandons your site, then it means users don't have a good experience on your site, and search engines will keep your site below others when showing search results due to bad user experience. You can increase your chances of ranking higher by enhancing users' experience.

Social Media Presence

You'll need to maintain a presence on the social media platforms you have accounts in, that is if you plan on promoting your hemp affiliate offers through them. Generating traffic from social media is free, aside from the cost of data and the time you'll be investing. That is if you don't fancy paying for social media Ads or getting other influencers to do the job for you. But becoming an influencer yourself is equally a good start nonetheless, and if you consider the fact that even expert hemp affiliates still use social media channels for traffic, you'll realize that there's no loss on your end from remaining active there even after being overly successful.

One thing with affiliate marketing is that every traffic matters because you never know where a potential buyer will come from. So you must consider, and take up each opportunity that is presented to you and that includes remaining active on your social media platforms. Keep in mind that you must not have an account on all social media platforms. Some are known to be more compatible with hemp affiliate products and those include, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Most times, you come across athletes showing balms they use for joint and muscle pains. What you might not know is that most of these athletes are promoting hemp products, and nothing is stopping you from doing that as well. Just look for the trendy hashtags that are followed by lots of people, and you should be good to go.

Engage with Your Community

Engaging your virtual family will play an important role in your hemp affiliating, and might even determine how responsive your community members are to your hemp affiliate offers. Remember that hemp products are recognized worldwide, and that is because they are known to be positively effective. This leaves successful hemp marketing to an extent, dependent on how well you engage your prospects. So, you can put up polls on your social media accounts, and get feedback on your community's opinions on certain hemp products. This will create a network strong enough to keep the traffic flowing to your hemp affiliate offers.


The most important thing to take note of in this article is that hemp affiliate marketing is rewarding but highly competitive. Even though, most of the competition you would come across would be from other hemp affiliate sites that are trying to receive more traffic from the search engines as well. With this happening, you might drift away from the main objective which is to provide answers to the questions hemp users come asking, thereby making it a competition in trying to outrank other hemp affiliate websites that promote the same hemp products as you.

But the key thing is providing answers to questions that hemp users come asking. If you depend fully on this, you'll have more recurring traffic regardless of what rank you attain in search engines. And besides, If potential customers can get answers to their questions from your website, they'll leave good reviews and this will equally force search engines to give you a chance at ranking high as well.

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