40+ Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

We all agree that babies are the most adorable creatures on earth, don't we? And the fact that we were all babies at some point in life makes this topic interesting. The main objective of writing this article is to inform you about the money to be made from catering for babies, one way or the other. Now, believe it or not, raising a child is not the mother's duty alone, affiliates play a great part in ensuring mothers get the best accessories for their babies.

The good news is that, aside from the fact that you are contributing greatly to ensuring babies get the best treatment and things in general, you continuously earn a share in the form of commission or flat rates from connecting mothers and the best baby products you can find in the market for their babies. As of 2022, the baby product market is worth $225.47B and is expected to grow to about $352.65B by 2030. We believe now is the best time to join an affiliate network and become an affiliate in this niche.

What Are Baby Product Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

Baby product affiliate program is a straightforward niche that has a self-defining title as you can see. As an affiliate in this niche, all you have to do is connect parents with the right baby products and services you can find in the market, and from doing that, you earn commissions that can change your life if you put in seriousness and hard work. The process of becoming a baby product affiliate marketer is not complex in the sense that there are many programs and products you can choose from.

But our advice to affiliates looking to engage this niche would be to first find the best affiliate programs in it and sign up for them. As stated, there are many baby products you can promote. From there, you can choose one or a few of these products and promote those by exhibiting a perfect display of your marketing skills. Beforehand, we should warn you of the competition in this niche. This article is written with special consideration to that in an attempt to assist serious affiliates like you with the right knowledge about this niche and how to navigate through it, Read on.

What Types of Products Can You Promote

We’ve told you that there are a lot of baby products you can promote in this niche and the truth is, this contributes greatly to why this niche is very competitive. With that in mind, here are some baby products you can promote.

  • Baby Foods: This product covers all aspects of baby food that you can think of, from baby milk to cereals, and organics. There are a lot of baby foods that you can promote and earn a good income from.
  • Baby Sitters: This product offers babysitters to those mothers who are too busy and they need one to assist them with their babies. When you get such mothers to sign up for programs like these, you will earn a share of the revenue.
  • Baby Clothing: This product provides nursing mothers with clothes of all sizes for their babies. From infants to 6-months old babies and above.
  • Changing Pads: With this product, there is no need for mothers to get poop on their beautiful duvet cover. As an affiliate, you can offer mothers this product and earn a commission when they purchase it.
  • Blankets and bedding: This product connects mothers with the best blankets and bedding suitable for baby skin. The best blankets and beddings contribute a lot to how an infant sleeps, and this is one of the products you can promote as an affiliate in this niche.
  • Potties: Most parents introduce potties to their children at an early age, which is great if you ask us. Especially the fact that it presents an opportunity for affiliates to make more money in this niche.
  • Baby monitors: This is a product that allows nursing mothers to engage in different activities while keeping a close eye on their tots. It's like a CCTV camera made for babies and we feel every mother should get this.
  • Baby furniture: This product consists of hardware meant for babies like baby cradles, changing tables and baby walkers, Etc. affiliates can provide the best of these types of furniture to parents and earn a commission.
  • Toys and accessories: Is there a baby that does not like toys? Hardly any, because babies have a special bond with their toys that no one else understands. As an affiliate in this niche, do well to promote the best of these and make some good money doing so.
  • Mattresses and Cribs: This product offers mothers the best mattresses and cribs for their babies. Thankfully, there are lots of products you can promote in this niche.
  • Strollers and baby seats (for cars or home): This product is for those parents who don't like the idea of leaving the baby at home all the time. As an affiliate, you can present such parents with the best baby strollers and seats for cars and homes as well and earn a good commission for that.

Payment Models in Baby Product Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs in this niche make use of two payment models to share their earned revenue with affiliates. These are;

Revenue Share

RevShare is one of the payment models used by affiliate programs in this market to pay affiliates and this is because some of the affiliate offers in this niche require members to create an account which will enable them to sign up for baby services for some time. As an affiliate, when you get members to create such accounts, you get paid a share in percentage form, from the revenue generated from that single user. But that's not all.

When your referred user funds that account or performs further actions using that account like renewing their subscription and anything related, you also get more share from that action. The advantage of this payment model is that it can set you up on payroll for a long time and it gets even better when you have more than 1 or 2 or even 3 users constantly performing actions through their created accounts. And also, the percentage you are set to receive varies based on the action taken which is super cool.

Cost per Sale (CPS)

Cost per sale relates to RevShare to some extent but we will tell you their major difference right from here so that you know what sets one aside from the other. In CPS, you are paid in fixed rates only, unlike RevShare where every action amounts to you earning a percentage that is not the same on other actions. Aside from this difference, CPS also works on products only, or most especially on products because you earn a fixed commission based on any baby product that you sell.

Thankfully, there are a lot of baby products to be sold in this niche and you will find a lot of programs that promote such offers and offer this payment model. You now have an idea of how your commissions will come in if you become an affiliate in this niche, next we will outline some of the things you should consider when choosing a baby product affiliate program to join.

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Product Affiliate Program

Choosing a baby product affiliate program to join is not a problem for you as an affiliate because there are many you can choose from. Nonetheless, for your advantage, there are certain things you must consider before you join any program in this niche and these are.

Your Familiarity with the Products

Being familiar with whatever you are promoting places you at an advantage and this advice is not just for this niche only, it is applicable anywhere in the world as long as you are an affiliate marketer. The fact is, there is no better way to promote a product than knowing what it does exactly because you will know who needs it the most.

However, if you are not familiar with the affiliate program’s offers, you should either do some research or hesitate before signing up on it, especially when it comes to baby products. Most parents, especially mothers, want to find other moms with similar experiences, so they will not appreciate you wanting to merely just sell something to them without knowing a single thing.

Commission Rate

Yes, there are two payment models. But there are different affiliate programs in this niche and all of them offer different commission rates. This is something you should consider before joining any baby product affiliate program because believe it or not, working for a program with a shitty commission rate will leave you breaking your back and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. When you promote products for an affiliate program in this niche that pays its affiliates well, then you will be counting a lot of money at the end of the day if you put in the effort.

Cookie Duration

There is time for everything and as a matter of fact, the world itself works with time and so, affiliates are not left out of this cycle of timing. As an affiliate, you work with data. Any referral action carried out by you has unique data stored in the system but this data is only there for a limited time. You are paid based on the number of data the affiliate program’s system can remember and so, if your referral program offers 30-day cookie windows, this means that your referral’s data will exist for 30 days before it is deleted. Therefore, it is to your advantage to choose a program with a good duration of cookies so that all your referrals will count at the end of the day.

Minimum Payout

We have seen cases where affiliates are struggling to meet the minimum payout option of the affiliate program they are affiliated with so that they can cash out their earned commission. This mostly happens even to the best of affiliates and that is because the minimum payout is outrageous. You will do yourself a great favor to choose an affiliate program in this niche that has a fair minimum payout option, or not at all so that you won’t struggle with expenses at the time you need it the most.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers provide affiliates with a way to keep track of their progress with the program they are working with. Do not mistake this, some of these programs do not have this feature and so affiliates are left to do a lot of guessing assumptions while working with such programs. For your sanity, try to choose a program in this niche that has affiliate trackers so that you can have a detailed record of your progress. Some affiliate programs in this niche make use of affiliate trackers to reward hard-working affiliates with bonuses. That cash can come in handy, don't miss this.

Earning per Click (EPC)

EPC means the average amount of money that an affiliate can expect to earn when promoting affiliate products and offers in general, in this niche. For instance, if the EPC of an affiliate program in this niche is $20, then it means that you, as an affiliate can expect that much income from each click, on average. Usually, EPCs are measured in 30 days or so. And it is easy to calculate EPCs. Before choosing an affiliate program in the baby product niche, you should consider the EPC of the program first.

Above all, do not be in a hurry to join any program in this niche without having a proper understanding of these things mentioned above. They will guide you into choosing the right baby product affiliate program that matches your criteria.

Traffic Sources for Baby Product Offers

A traffic source is any platform that takes potential customers to your affiliate sites and offers. There are many traffic sources in the world, although only a few are truly effective. In this part of the article, we will look at some of the traffic sources you can use to generate good leads for your baby product's affiliate offers.

Baby Website or Blog

When it comes to baby products, the main traffic source is owning a baby affiliate website or blog. Normally a lot of people would rather read blog posts about the best baby products they can find in the market, so owning a blog or baby website places you at an advantage. But owning a baby website or blog does not do the trick just like that, you will have to upload quality contents that can engage readers and compel them to make purchases while going through it. Since there are a lot of ways you can create good content, we will recommend following this format to have the best content put out there.

  • Know The Product. This relates very well to one of the factors we discussed and recommend you consider before choosing an affiliate program to join in this niche. You see that this plays a significant role in the way you even create content about that product to put out there to gain good leads from it. When you know the product, it means you have used it and so, you can define it better for readers in a way they will feel the connection. Above all, content written based on personal experience sells better than those written without one.
  • Be Informative. There is a high chance that when you use a product yourself, you will be able to write certain information about it that cannot be found elsewhere. You can go to the length of including screenshots of the product in an attempt to be very informative in your content which will play out well in converting readers.
  • Be Honest. Above all, let readers understand that your products are not the best, even though what you are offering will solve their problem well enough. Include pros and cons when writing your content, this way users will know you are fair and honest and truly after their babies' welfare. You can read reviews left by customers to see what they have to say about certain products. This will give you more ideas on what to write about honestly.

Social Media

Parents were once teenagers spending time on the social platforms we have today. For a lot of these parents, it is hard to let go of social media life and so, a lot of them hang around. But social media wasn't made for the youths only so nothing is stopping you from encapsulating the parents online, and directing them to your baby products affiliate website where you can ambush them with all your baby products affiliate offers.

Thankfully, there are a lot of these social platforms that you can leverage in promoting your affiliate offers with ease. TikTok for instance can get you thousands of views and followers in no time if you upload the right content. Speaking of the best content to upload; remember the “Baby Mama Dance?” songs like these will go a long way since it is already a trend. When you make short review videos of some baby products using this song as background music, there is no perfect prediction of the number of views and followers you will get. Now imagine converting such views and followers into potential buyers.

Youtube hosts a lot of competition in the world of affiliate marketing and so you will need to up your game with the kind of product you post there. Since there are tools you can use to stand out, consider making your promotional videos short and meaningful. A lot of the baby products content on youtube is either long and boring, or short and lacks information. If you can allow your uniqueness to be displayed, you will like the result.

Above all, you can get influencers to promote your baby products on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well. That will cost you some money, but it is worth it. After all, you spend money to attract more money and as long as you promote the right baby affiliate products, you will earn double, if not triple of the amount you are spending on promotions.

Tips to Promote Baby Product Affiliate Offers Successfully

Here are some tips on how best to promote baby products affiliate offers successfully;

Familiarize Yourself with Parental Matters

To be successful in this niche, you should either be a parent or be familiar with parental matters. This will shorten your journey of becoming successful by a lot of miles because accuracy and precision will be your advantage. We believe this section should be a final convincing blow to the fact that you might not make any progress if you do not have good knowledge of what you are promoting in this niche. There is a lot to learn, which can be time-consuming, and for someone who is in a hurry to start making money, you might see this as a delay. But, when you take your time to familiarize yourself with parental matters, you will appreciate the result.

Keyword Targeting

Be mindful of what users search for that brings them to your affiliate site. From there, you will understand if what you are promoting is the right thing for the audience you are getting or not. Above all, make sure to match your key phrases with the baby product offers you are promoting. When you do so, users that land on your affiliate site are already interested in what you are offering and you will need to do only a little convincing before you get them to purchase through your affiliate link.

If you have no idea how to get records of what users search for before landing on your site, then consider using Google search engine records. This will help you understand what type of keywords to use for both your baby product affiliate site and website content. Here’s a list of keywords good for targeting.

Write Quality Baby Product Reviews

Writing quality baby product reviews will bring you only good traffic and leads that you can convert into cash with time. But you should take note that it takes practice and patience, you don't just wake up one day after uploading two or more careless product reviews and expect readers to click through your affiliate link. If they don't see the basis of what you have for them as it being highly informational they will abandon your site almost immediately after coming on it.

To avoid this, we will share with you some great ideas on content you can upload on baby products.

  • Baby Products Review. As the name entails, this content contains a review list of products that are in the baby products niche. This can be anything from baby diapers to baby potties and baby strollers, Etc. You can mix these products and review them one after the other, or you can make the whole review about the different types of a single product that readers can find in the market. You can then include your affiliate links with products and prompt users to get them when they find it interesting and the right product for their babies.
  • Baby Product Comparison. This is where you must include the pros and cons of a baby product after comparing two or more baby products on your baby products affiliate site. Before you can compare any baby product, you must first be familiar with it, if possible, have used it a couple of times before. If you haven’t, you can consider reading customer reviews left on that product to have a well-detailed report laid out for potential customers.
  • Best of Articles. Here is your chance to present your readers with some juicy offers in the name of the best they can find. One thing with this type of product review is, you can resell the same products from years back based on the way you present them to your readers which brings us to why it is very important to consider checking out reviews made on baby products online before promoting them. You don't need to work with the information laid out about a product by its manufacturer. If people needed that, they wouldn't have come to your site in the first place. Give them something they don't know and watch how the market moves in your favor.

Focus on SEO

Organic traffic is free and the best in this niche. This here will give you a better idea of how to make use of SEO to generate organic traffic. SEO is what makes your baby affiliate site and content be seen by search engines. The traffic you get from search engines alone is enough to give you a good number of leads, however, doing what enables you to be ranked by these search engines can be complex. But if you are daring enough, it's nothing you can't do. First, make sure to optimize your site and content to be user-friendly. The level of satisfaction users feel on your site makes search engines send more your way. You should also include your keyword in the content title, scattered all over the content itself, and also in the meta description of your affiliate site. This way, search engines can easily crawl through your site and bring it up any time someone makes a search related to yours.

What Are Some Successful Affiliate Blogs in the Baby Products Niche

One of the most popular blogs in the niche of baby products is the Baby Chick blog. This is probably one of the biggest blogs on the subject, and it includes a vast number of guides, reviews, and “Best of” articles on baby products, parenting, pregnancy, and birth.

The Baby Chick makes more than $2M annually, and this is definitely thanks to all the articles that include affiliate links. Almost all of their articles in the guides and review sections include affiliate links. The way that they put their affiliate links inside the article is that they make a list of all the products relevant to the topic of each article, and then they write honest reviews for them, including the affiliate link.

You might think it's impossible that they would turn up on some search results for baby products, but if you look at their reactions you can see that they get a lot of positive reactions from their readers.

Most of this is thanks to the fact that they have articles, guides, and reviews on a range of topics, from pre-birth matters all the way to parenting for the first few years after birth.

Since most of your audience is going to be moms, you need to appeal to them and write in a friendly language. You also need to give them some information about their pregnancy or parenting, so they will stick to your website and become your lifelong audience. Otherwise, they’ll just find another blog to go to. Remember to keep engaging with the moms and dads to build a good relationship.


There is a lot of money to be made in this niche and a lot of affiliates know this, hence why the niche is this competitive. If you do not up your game as an affiliate in this niche, you will have very slow or no progress at all. That is why we have written this article to give you another perspective view of the niche that you might not have known.

When you work with what we have discussed in this niche and build on your own, you will find the competition less complex and nothing you can't handle. Above all, keep in mind that hard work equals good income. This is a general rule in the world of affiliate marketing and it is applicable anywhere in the world.