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Biz Opp affiliate networks offer a number of products and software to help people build online businesses. The kinds of products can include software products, mentoring programs, online business coaches, training, and educational tools.

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10+ TOP Biz Opp Affiliate Programs [2022]

As trending as affiliate marketing is in 2022, specific niches within the industry have their highs and lows in terms of popularity. This is particularly notable with newer niches. When they’ve just appeared, BizOpp affiliate programs were in high demand among marketers. The spike of interest was followed by the decline of interest. In 2022, we are witnessing a recurring upsurge in interest in BizOpp programs.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term: BizOpp = Business Opportunities. Briefly, BizOpp means offering a product or service that helps the purchaser to launch a business.

Example: You sell FRP silos, rebars, and production lines for manufacturing fiberglass rebars and tanks. Customers can purchase production lines and begin manufacturing FRP products (tanks and rebars). The same applies to online business: you can promote software or educational tools that can be used for running a business.  

Now everything fell into place:

  • First, global pandemics resulted in decline in business activity due to regional restrictions.
  • Second, international uplift in prices and fall of living standards due to higher utility bills and higher costs of living.

The increased interest in new business opportunities resulted in the rising tide of attention to BizOpp affiliate programs.  

Reasons to Promote BizOpp Affiliate Programs

Actually, come to think of it, business opportunity programs are highly thought programs:

  • BizzOpp programs offer true value for customers interested in making money.
  • They are long-term programs as people are continuously seeking opportunities to make money online.
  • BizzOpp programs do not have high and low seasons; they are in demand all year round.

Among the most popular BizOpp products promoted via affiliate marketing:

  • Online business coaching programs
  • All sorts of educational instruments, including courses, e-books, and digital step-by-step tutorials designed to streamline online business.
  • Online mentoring
  • Various software for building online business, such as website builders, graphics tools, sales funnels and so on.

Promotion of BizOpp Affiliate Programs: Difficulties

The niche is very competitive — marketers strive to generate traffic to offers and test various techniques. This applies to both free organic traffic and paid traffic.

First of all, it takes time to create indeed valuable content. Second, to get decent ranks in Google on major keywords takes even more time. Affiliates have to be creative because viewers can consider “online money making” or “make money online” in titles and descriptions as spam.  

Paid ads for this niche aren’t cheap. By the way, if you are not experienced enough, opt for free traffic first to discover potential consumer demographics, interests, GEOs, etc. Later, you can add paid traffic sources. The key to success is in continuous tests and optimization of your ad campaigns. The downside of the niche is that paid traffic is expensive. This is because BizOpp affiliate programs are pretty profitable — marketers bid up to drive as much traffic as possible.

A good rule of thumb is using a combo of free organic traffic and paid traffic sources. This way you generate paid traffic fast while developing free traffic sources. As a result, expenses are lower compared to paid traffic solely.


Most marketers join BizOpp affiliate programs because of high commission rates.  Indeed, who would refuse to get 40% and lifelong commissions from selling $1 000 — $10 000 services or products?

Typically, for BizOpp affiliate programs three major commission models are used:

  • CPA (cost per acquisition). A marketer earns a specific amount for referring a customer. CPA commissions depend largely on a product and may vary from $150 to $1 000.
  • Revenue share. When a company offers multiple business solutions, you can receive recurrent commissions from future purchases of referred clients.
  • Hybrid. As the name implies, hybrid model means CPA + Revenue share commissions. Actually, you get a payment for referring a customer and earn commissions (as a percentage) from the client's future purchases.  

The good news is that on physical products you usually earn around 5%-15%, while on digital products commission rates are notably higher and fall into a range between 20% and 40%.

BizOpp Affiliate Programs: In-House Programs vs. Affiliate Networks

If you consider joining BizOpp affiliate programs, you have two options:

  1. Find a reputable company with an affiliate program, join the program as an affiliate, and promote products or services. In fact, some in-house BizOpp programs offer multiple variants to upscale your business:
  • Recurring membership commissions. This is a cool chance to get commissions regularly rather than driving more traffic.
  • Up-sells. Solid companies offer a range of products, so an opportunity to up-sell another product is your golden ticket to success. While choosing a BizOpp affiliate program, note a full range of services and products the company offers, so that you will have a chance to move on with up-sells.
  • Multi-tier sales. This should sound familiar to experienced marketers — you earn commissions from sales made by your referrals.
  1. Pretty often, you can find BizOpp affiliate offers on affiliate networks. If you work with a network or two, search for suitable BizOpp offers to promote. This way you streamline the process of getting promotional materials and payments. Besides, managers usually offer helpful advice to make ad campaigns successful.  

Traffic Sources

It stands to reason that you have to implement thorough targeting to find serious potential customers. No one wants to waste money running paid ads with no return. As we have already mentioned above, the market is extremely competitive. Even worse, you have to compete with giants like Forbes or other reputable platforms with an impressive worldwide audience.

The choice of a traffic source depends on a BizOpp program and your available resources. Paid marketing strategies are efficient for high-ticket products given that you are experienced enough to create and optimize a campaign to avoid losses. To promote lower-value products you can use organic traffic.  

  • Website & SEO. Building a niche-focused website will definitely pay off in the long run. Building a niche-focused website will definitely pay off in the long run. Yes, it will be challenging to get high ranks given the main keywords. You can work not harder but smarter using long-tail keywords that have lower competition. Develop a strategy that will include keyword planner and build a micro-niche website targeting the Business Opportunity topic. For instance, you can create content on “Affiliate marketing gurus” or “Automatic money-making solutions”. Later, your micro-niche site can grow into a reputable platform with a dedicated audience, and you can broaden the topic eventually.  
  • YouTube. A dedicated YouTube channel is a great source of targeted traffic on its own but can be also used as a supplementary platform for a niche site. Remember that you promote expensive products, so your videos should present indeed valuable content. If you are not a video-blogger and feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, you can pay for YouTube ads. Run a YouTube ad campaign, or make deals with YouTubers working in the relevant niche.      
  • Google Ads. Forgotten by many this Google marketing platform is as efficient as ever before. The key benefit is that your ads will be displayed to the target audience.  When people search for something, they need a specific product or service. If you run a Google Ads campaign, polish your content thoroughly: it should answer the typical questions people have when they seek business opportunities.
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.). No need to highlight the power of social media. We do see examples of online empires built using various social platforms. Actually, you have two options: free promotion and paid advertising campaigns. Free promotion requires time as you have to build a community of users interested in the topic. Complicated and time-consuming process doesn’t mean impossible: it will be a great investment in building your loyal audience. On the other side, Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns are great tools to introduce the product and drive high-quality traffic to the affiliate offer. The audience targeting features allow reaching groups of potential customers precisely. Besides, Facebook has improved its campaign objectives and expended an array of marketing tools to simplify your work.  

Aspects to Consider while Choosing a BizzOpp Offer

Being a lucrative source of affiliate income, BizOpp affiliate programs have their peculiar features. Looking for an affiliate offer to promote you have a variety of packages to select from, including work-from-home online business programs, product reselling, self-development educational programs, business process automation software solutions, and so on. Do not mix up Business opportunity programs with the Finance niche.

Note: In most cases, BizOpp programs deploy the CPA model, where “CPA” means a direct sale or a membership purchase.

As experience shows, most marketers prefer middle-range products to promote; the typical CPA falls into a $200-$500 range.

How to choose a BizOpp offer that converts:

  • Make sure that there is local customer support for the chosen GEO. When it comes to business, no one will pay for a product if support is not offered in the language spoken in the country.
  • CPAs are typically higher for Tier 1 GEOs but the competition is higher too. Actually, you can get better conversions targeting Tier 2 & 3 GEOs.
  • Localized creatives can work wonders. Do not rush and verify that titles and descriptions are well-written — no one will react on a business opportunity offer written with mistakes.
  • Look at the application form on the landing page. A meter-long application form with countless fields will repel potential customers.
  • Based on data from affiliate marketing forums, BizOpp offers covert better when they target young males aged 22+ and females aged 27-37. Typically, these groups have some funds to invest. There are always GEO-specific nuances, so try different strategies in targeting.
  • When you choose testimonials and images for a campaign, be down-to-earth: polished images featuring models with private jets on the background might ruin everything you’ve been building. Opt for images showing ordinary people revealing their success.


If you have never worked with BizOpp affiliate programs, give them a try. As challenging as they are in terms of promotion, BizOpp programs reward you lavishly for the effort you exert. The secret to success in the niche is being creative, planning well, and thinking ahead of competitors.