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Cell phone affiliate programs are basically businesses that want to connect with affiliates to promote their products and drive more traffic to them. Since they are physical products, mostly, you will be referring people to sign up on those websites and order a product related to cell phones.

40+ Best Cell Phone Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

Whether you are a person who is into tech or a person who just lives in 2023, you know that cell phones can really help you manage your tasks, take pictures, call your friends and family, and generally, connect to the world using a small handy device.

Cell phones are also another way for us affiliates to make a lot of money by promoting them to literally everybody who lives on this planet. Cell phones are not like other types of tech that need a special interest, and almost anybody can be interested in them. Therefore, you have one of the biggest markets in front of you and opportunities to exploit on a daily basis. In this article, we will go through some details about cell phone affiliate programs and networks, and let you in on some of the best traffic sources and methods to promote these offers.

What Are Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

Cell phone affiliate programs are basically businesses that want to connect with affiliates to promote their products and drive more traffic to them. Since they are physical products, mostly, you will be referring people to sign up on those websites and order a product related to cell phones.

These affiliate programs will reward you by giving you a commission or a flat rate from the sale of a product. We will explore the payment models in cell phone affiliate programs in the later section, but for now, you just need to know what to promote, and what you can expect from these programs.

What Can You Promote

While you may think that the only type of product you can promote in these programs should be cell phones, there are actually a variety of products and services that relate to cell phones, completely available for you to promote and earn money from. The following is a list of some of the most common products in this niche.

  • Cell phones and Smartphones. The first and most obvious type of product includes cell phones and smartphones themselves. There are many different brands in this day and age that produce cell phones and smartphones, and all of them are competing with each other to drive more traffic and have more customers. There are also some retailers and online shops that sell smartphones, so you might see those ones among other affiliate programs as well.
  • Data and network services. The second type of service or product you can promote includes data and networks for mobile phones. If you’ve ever heard of the 5G or 4G connections, you know what the services include.
  • Cell phone accessories. Cell phones are not perfect on their own, and there are always accessories and tech gadgets that you can use along with cell phones, such as portable cameras, sound systems, mobile wallets, etc. the options are really infinite, and you can always come across independent businesses trying to sell cell phone accessories.
  • Cell phone cases and protectors. This is another common category of cell phone products. With every phone comes a phone protector. Almost everybody has a case for their phones, and many people are obsessed with changing new cases every day. You will not only see these protectors in cases being sold by mobile companies necessarily but also by companies that work with artists or designers. So the opportunities are infinite in the section.
  • Cell phone applications. There is an opportunity for you to promote digital products related to cell phones as well, and the most common example of products in this category is the cell phone control applications or applications that control the cell phone hardware-wise. These could either be used by developers or engineers, or just content creators and families.
  • Mobile providers and SIMs. Mobile providers and SIM providers form another category of cell phone-related products. You are not going to get a phone without getting a phone number. So almost everybody needs this service, as well. You could either choose to promote the popular brands that everybody uses or less-known brands that are new and innovative. Currently, eSIMs are becoming very popular, so you could focus on that aspect as well.

Payment Models in Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

Since as you just saw there are many different products and services available in this niche to promote, there are also various payment models available in cell phone affiliate programs that you can work with. In this section, we are going to mention some of them and what the standard amount for each is.

Revenue Share

Revenue share is the most common payment model in cell phone affiliate programs because most of the products in this niche are physical ones that require a one-time purchase. Revenue share works by sharing a percentage of the value of the product or the sales with you. This percentage could be anything from 5% to 50% depending on the affiliate program and the type of product you're promoting.

Cost per Sale (CPS)

The cost-per-sale model constitutes a flat rate per every sale that you drive to the website. This is pretty similar to the revenue share except that instead of getting a percentage of the value of the product, you get a flat rate no matter how much the product actually costs. The average amount of Commission you will get in the cost-per-sale model is about $5 to $100 depending on the price of the product itself and the program's credibility and prominence.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

The cost-per-lead model means that the program will pay you every time you refer a new customer or lead to them. The way leads are considered in each program is different. For example, one user might click on your affiliate link and visit the affiliate program website and sign up for it or activate its free trial plan. In both cases that user is now a customer and a lead, and the program might pay you anything from $5 to $20 per lead. This amount depends on the type of service or product you are promoting and how valuable leads are to that specific program.

How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Affiliate Program

Now that you know the type of products you can promote and the amount of money you can expect to earn in these cell phone affiliate programs, you need to know what program exactly to choose. It's true that you can choose several programs to promote at the same time, but not all of them. Therefore, you need to choose the best one among the massive sea of programs out there. Here we will go through some factors that will help you choose the best cell phone affiliate program for yourself.

Brand Recognition

First and foremost, you need to check whether the brand you're promoting has enough credibility and positive reviews from real customers period to check for these reviews you can search about them online and read some reviews of them on forums like Reddit, Quora, and tech-specific forums where people say their opinion about a specific brand. It goes without saying that if you know the name of the brand, it is probably a prominent one period but you still need to have either first-hand experience with the brand or read about them online. As an affiliate, you should never damage your own reputation by promoting the wrong service or product.

Your Familiarity

If you want to promote a product related to cell phones, just because everybody has a cell phone doesn't mean that you are going to know everything about the program. Therefore, to have a more effective marketing campaign or affiliate website content, you need to know almost everything about the product so your audience can trust you. A huge part of marketing as an affiliate is creating value, so if you cannot create value for your audience to rely on your reviews and opinions, you cannot make any money as an affiliate.

Commission Rate

Now, of course, money is the main reason why you're applying to an affiliate program in the first place. You should aim for programs that offer you the highest Commission rates because that would just mean that you get more percentage of the sale of the product. However, keep in mind that a higher Commission rate doesn't necessarily mean more money for you and a lower Commission rate doesn't mean less. Sometimes the average order size or product value in a program is so low that a High Commission would not bring you any money and your efforts are not going to pay well. So don't only get deceived by the High Commission rates and check whether the products are worth a lot of money or aren't easy to sell at all.

Cookie Duration

Buying a cell phone or any product related to cell phones can be a tough decision especially if the product has a high value. Therefore, people might click on your affiliate link but check around to read some reviews about the product on your own website or on other people's websites and come back later on to purchase the product. In that case, cookies will help save the data from their visit to the browser and give you the Commission for the sale. Therefore, a longer cookie duration means higher chances of earning a commission. Usually, come on most affiliate programs have a 30-day cookie duration, but this. Can go longer or shorter in different programs. Obviously, you should aim for programs with the longest cookie durations.

Affiliate Tracking Tools

When you're running an ad campaign or doing marketing, it's important for you to rely on numbers, not intuition. Affiliate programs usually provide you with a tracking tool on their own website or on the affiliate network they partner with to give you insight into your performance, colleagues, most viewed links, sales, and commissions. Without an affiliate tracking tool, your marketing would not be backed up but real numbers and user behavior. If you really want to collaborate with an affiliate program but it doesn't provide you with tracking tools, you can always use a third-party affiliate tracker.

Marketing Assets and Resources

Nowadays, lots of programs care about their files to the point that they provide them with a library of assets and resources right on their website. This library usually includes creatives that have been made by their own graphic designers and marketers, proven to convert users. This helps you focus on the marketing aspect of the job and not bother yourself with providing visuals. Some programs might even provide you with the help of designers to customize these visuals for your own branding and your own special audience. And I feel the program that does not provide you with any resources, like banner ads or widgets, probably does not care about its affiliates as much as the other ones.

Average Order Value (AOV)

Since most of the products in this niche are physical ones like smartphones, as mentioned before, and since you get a percentage of the sale of the products, the average order of value on the website should really matter to you because it counts towards your eventual income. Mini programs provide you with an outlook on their average order value before you applied to them. So if you really want to make sure the program is worth it, and if you want to calculate how much money you are likely to earn working with them, you should pay attention to their average order value and aim for programs with the highest AOV.

Affiliate Support

As an affiliate, it's important for you to get the support you need from the affiliate program, especially if you are just starting out, you have a lot of questions that need answers. Most programs will provide you with a dedicated affiliate manager that will answer all your technical and marketing questions so he can increase your sales and help you earn higher commissions. Affiliate programs nowadays are more aware of the fact that their affiliates make money by making them money in the first place. So if you want to be sure that you get the support you need from the program, you can simply search their name on an affiliate forum and ask your peers to learn more about their support.

Top Traffic Sources for Promoting Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

Now that you know how to choose the best affiliate programs, and have some details about how these programs work, let's go through some of the top traffic sources for promoting cell phone affiliate offers.

Affiliate Site or Blog

Your first and most important traffic source includes your affiliate website or blog. Even if you want to have activity on social media, your affiliate website will provide a ground for you to share your own affiliate links without having to be worried about being considered spam or anything else.

On your affiliate website or blog related to cell phones or tech in general, you need to have at least three types of content: list articles that preview the best products in a category, product reviews, and product guides.

The first type of article which includes a list of products in a single category is one of the most important products to drive organic traffic to your website. Plus, these articles include top services and products in a category, so you can review them briefly with your own first-hand experience and attach some value to them so you can gain some clicks or sales. One of the benefits of these list articles is that you won't just introduce one program at once, but various different programs. This means that even if users end up clicking on only one of those programs, they'll be making a lot of money.

The second type of article is the product review article, which is a pretty common post type in the affiliate marketing world. A product review basically reviews one single product with every single detail and from a personal perspective. These product reviews help people learn more about a single product to make a purchasing decision. List articles are mostly for comparison, but product reviews are educational articles on one single product. We will explain in a later section how you should write product reviews and list articles.

The third type of article is mainly to provide some knowledge to less familiar readers. If somebody visits your website to purchase a product and they think of a question, you want to be there to answer them. You also want to be able to drive traffic to your website by answering people's most-asked questions, which you can find from websites like answerthepublic.com.

After having your affiliated website structured probably, you want to include affiliate links everywhere but not too much that they would bore down readers and make them leave your website. Remember that having an affiliate website is mainly to satisfy readers and give them high-quality information so they would remember your website and become your follower. You don't want to repel them, you want them to come back for more.

Remember, if you don't want to create a website by getting a host and a domain, you can always post your content on content-sharing platforms like medium.com and other similar ones. they are as crawlable and indexable on Google as standalone websites. Plus, you wouldn't have to spend a penny on them.

Social Media

The second method you can use to promote cell phone affiliate offers is promoting them through social media. There are many different affiliates and influencers on social media talking about cell phones and cell phone-related products. You could definitely start out as one of them on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and long-form YouTube content. In your videos, you could talk about various subjects like the trendiest smartphones, network services, etc.

One of the most liked content by most people is the honest reviews you share with them. Remember, people can get promotional content from the main program's website itself. The main reason why they are referring to you is that they want to get information that they cannot get from the affiliate program’s website. They don't want another person that just wants to sell them a product, so if you come out with your honest and unique opinions, they will really appreciate you.

Let's say, you don't want to follow an influencer path, and you simply want to promote your affiliate offers. TikTok is again the best blackworm for getting lots of views very quickly. By creating quick videos on TikTok that are made to convert, you can drive sales to your affiliate site overnight without spending too much money and time on ads. This is mainly why TikTok is one of the biggest affiliate platforms currently.

Remember that if you want to fully benefit from social media traffic, you need to blend your content in with trendy songs and hashtags that attract lots of attention to your content.

Paid Ads

Speaking of social media traffic, if the organic traffic is not enough for you, you always have the option of running ad campaigns on the same social media platforms. Tiktok ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and Google ads are great platforms for you to start out to drive traffic to your affiliate website, and then potentially to the affiliate offer. Depending on the type of traffic you need, through traffic, short video traffic, long-form video traffic, etc., you can opt-in for an ad service. Remember that before you move on to running your ad campaigns, you need to come up with the best creatives for converting the users, and spy on your competitors' ads to get some ideas of the best the highest converting copies and creatives for effective marketing.

Forums and Communities

As a last resort come up if you want some community-based traffic, you can always find some tech forums and talk to people about different cell phone-related subjects, get some approach or scores, and prove yourself as a valuable community member. Once you do that, you can answer people's questions with the knowledge bases you have written on your website. You can also refer to the latest deals and product reviews to them on the same forum. This might take some time and effort as it requires you to establish trust among your community first period but if you don't feel like working on social media or creating a website, this is still a great option.

Tips for Promoting Cell Phone Affiliate Offers Successfully

Now that you know the top traffic sources for promoting cell phone affiliate offers, let's share some final tips with you so you can promote these offers successfully. Remember that most of these tips are suitable for you if you have a website and you write Cell phone-related content on it.

Write a Selling Cell Phone Product Review

First and foremost, your product reviews need to be highly converting. Product reviews are among the most anticipated blog posts on a website, and they need to be honest, accurate, and reliable. In this section, we will teach you how to write a compelling cell phone product review that manages to attract the attention of users and convert them.

Firstly, you need to choose your top products from an affiliate program, in case they have an entire shop with different products. Then come on you need to add some of the most important details of the product, including its price and highlights and its features. Then, you need to add some pros and cons of the product. The pros and cons section basically lets the reader know that your opinions on the product are not biased and that you're actually considering the downsides of using the product as well. This can really help improve your image among the readers and helps them make better decisions.

Next, come up you want to make sure you include some visuals that show your own first-hand experience or just some human elements that establish trust with the reader. After that, the actual review paragraphs. If you are putting this product review on a list article, the paragraph should be brief and mainly include your own first-hand experience and a summary of your impressions of the product. However, if it's an entire product review about one article, you want to improve different headings about different aspects of the product. For example, if you're writing about a cell phone, you want to have different sections reviewing the camera, the battery, the screen, and the performance when playing games or editing a simple video. You want to review the product from different aspects for different audiences and different goals people might have for purchasing that smartphone.

It goes without saying that your product reviews should include your affiliate links with proper CTAs (calls to action), like “Buy it” and “Get it with a discount”.

Use Proven Creatives for Ads

If you want to run an ad campaign, you should not gamble your way through, and just go with whatever you think might convert. You should definitely have some logic and reasoning behind the creatives used for your ads on almost any platform. The best way you can find these creatives is by searching for the ads your competitors run. Plus, the affiliate program might provide you with some creatives that their designers and marketers provide. You can always benefit from these resources to make your ads more converting.

Use Lead Magnets for Email Marketing

If you already have a website and it has a lot of traffic, you want to make sure that users keep coming back to your website for more affiliate deals and offers. The best way to do this is to show the may pop up with a lead magnet that asks them to enter their e-mail and return or a newsletter or a free resource period since we are in the cell phone niche, you can tell them that you will send them a long list of cell phone offers and deals in exchange for their e-mail address. Such a list is quite easy to make, and you can simply add the products from the programs you're affiliated with on the list.

Another benefit that this has is that you will get their e-mail address and regularly send them promotions and deals that your program notifies you of. You can also send them regular newsletters on the latest market news on cell phones just to keep them in the loop and have them as a follower of your content. You should be very careful with e-mail marketing though because if your emails get marked as spam, the affiliate program would not like it.

Benefit from Trends and Latest Products

It's important for you to focus on different cell phone smartphone market trans to promote all the latest products to your customers. While all the other affiliates are busy promoting new products, you cannot be promoting all the old products that nobody is interested in. In order to know the trends, you can always go to Google Trends, explodingtopics.com, find the trendiest ads in a category, or just check top influencers to see what they are talking about.

As soon as you find a trend, you should just start preparing content and posting regularly to make sure that you will get some of the shares of the traffic as well.

Focus on the Right Keywords

By now you know a lot about promoting cell phone affiliate offers come up but if you are not using your keywords correctly, all of it can really mean nothing. As an affiliate marketer who has just begun, you should focus on long tail keywords, meaning keywords that narrow down the topic to the exact type of product and audience that users are more likely to search for on Google. For example, if you were to write an article about the “best smartphones in 2023”, you would likely not get any traffic at all because you would not even land on the 10th page after publishing your article. However, if you write about another keyword that you find during your keyword research, and the keyword or key phrase is growing in volume but does not still have a high keyword difficulty, that would help you gain a lot of traffic gradually. For example, you can write about “cheapest smartphones with the best camera in 2023”. That sounds like something a real user would search for.


Now you almost know everything about promoting self-owned affiliate offers. In order for you to be successful in this niche, you really need to be interested in it and follow all the latest news in the field. The most successful influencers and affiliates promoting mobile offers are often on mobile themselves posting content regularly and engaging in conversations with their followers. So if you want to follow the same path, make sure you get in touch with your audience and learn about what they want you to introduce to them.