20+ Best Fishing Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

It was surprising to find that the fishing industry alone is worth over $212B, and is expected to grow beyond $336B by the end of 2025. But that was before we did more research and found that fishing generates lots of money and since affiliates contribute greatly to this revenue, it only makes sense that they earn a lot of money from commissions as well. The truth is, there is a lot of money to be made in this niche and the earlier you become an affiliate, the better for you.

Already, experienced affiliates in the fishing niche earn up to 4 figures monthly, and professional affiliates earn even more. A lot of people consume fish one way or the other. With the magnificent growth recorded in this niche within the past few years, becoming an affiliate now can set you up for life, and luckily, this article will guide you.

What Are Fishing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing in the fish niche works by promoting fishing products and offers to fishers. To some, fishing is a sport, while to others, it is a way of life. Getting an accurate number of people who fish constantly and those that do it once in a while can be difficult. But based on statistics, they can be estimated to be around 50 M or more around the world.

This means that you have 50M people in the world that require certain fishing products. Affiliates in this niche get paid unique rates for selling such fishing products to anglers. The more products you sell equals the more income you make in the form of commission rates. Becoming an affiliate in the fishing niche is easy since there are plenty of affiliate programs and affiliate networks that you can choose from.

With that in mind, you can take your time to choose the best fishing affiliate program there is and then promote the fishing products in that program. Doing so will enable you to earn good commissions that can be life-changing or not, as it all falls back to how competitive you are as an affiliate since the fishing niche can be very competitive.

Products to Promote in the Fishing Niche

The fishing niche gives you access to a lot of fishing products that you can sell every day to fishers and make a good income at the end of the month. Some of these products include the following:

  • Fishing Equipment and Accessories. This product contains fishing equipment and accessories like rods, reels, lines, and lures, that are essential to fishing. Fishermen use most of these, daily and will need to refill their supply each time they plan on heading out. You can get yourself recurring customers by promoting these fishing products to anglers.

  • Fishing Clothes and Shoes. This product contains clothes, fishing gloves, and shoes that are more appropriate for fishing. Most fishermen love to have separate clothes that they use for their fishing adventures, which is healthy since it will keep them from smelling “Fishy” and also, enhance good grip on slippery grounds and wet feet. With this fishing product, you will have a variety of fishing clothing and shoes to sell to fishers.
  • Rental Boats. This product contains fishing boats that anyone can rent. We found that a lot of people think only wealthy people can get a boat, well the narrative seems to have changed with the presence of this fishing product that allows people to rent boats for their fishing adventures. The amount for renting is considerate and you can earn good rates for referring users to this product.
  • Fast Food. This product contains emergency food packages that fishers can carry along to their fishing adventure. They usually come in the form of frozen or dried meals, but the important thing is fishermen do not have to remain hungry while fishing since these can be prepared anywhere and anytime.
  • Solar Lights And Protectives. This product contains solar-powered lights that can make you comfortably spend the night while fishing, and also products that can keep your electric devices safe while fishing. You can get thermal protectors for your devices and other products to keep them afloat in the water, just in case.
  • Medical Kits (First Aid). This product contains medical kits (First Aid) that fishers can carry along for their fishing adventure. Since anything can happen and they will need to be prepared.
  • Fishing Boats For Sale. This product contains fishing boats for sale. Why get fishers to rent a fishing boat when you can easily sell them a fishing boat for a considerable amount and earn a commission doing so?

Payment Models in Fishing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs in the fishing niche pay their affiliates using two payment models. They are.

Revenue Share

RevShare can be all that affiliates in the fishing niche need to make a good income every month. Affiliating for a program that pays through RevShare means you are entitled to a share of whatever amount a fisher spends through your affiliate link and the share you receive is based on percentages that can be significant even though they are decided by the affiliate program you work for.

So, if you can get returning customers that keep buying fishing lines or lures from the same program you referred them to, you will continuously earn a share of the money they spend. Let’s say, for instance, you get an angler to purchase fishing lures in bulk, worth $50. If the commission is 10%, you get $5 for that purchase. And in the future when they come back to make another purchase of fishing lures worth $50 or more, you will continuously receive your 10%. Makes sense right?

Cost per Lead (CPL)

CPL is hardly seen in the fishing niche, but it is not missing and you are bound to come across programs using it so you better be aware of how it works than be caught off-guard. With cost per lead, all affiliates need to do is get a potential customer to subscribe for a fishing offer. After that, affiliates are paid a commission and that is that. This payment is somewhat better than Revshare in the sense that you don’t have to close the deal before you are paid.

Most affiliate programs that make use of this payment model are seeking publicity and potential customers. Because the fishing niche is a popular one already, it explains why CPL is uncommon in the niche. Nonetheless, now that you know how it works, you can easily work with it when the opportunity presents itself.

Criteria for Picking the Right Fishing Affiliate Program

Choosing the best fishing affiliate program to be an affiliate for can be complex, especially since there are important things that make up the best affiliate programs, and frankly speaking, these are things you must consider as well. Some of these are.

How Well You Know the Product They Are Selling

One thing for sure is you do not want to end up promoting fishing products that you do not know of. This has been the case for many fishing affiliates and it would be wise to stand out. You can always research fishing affiliate programs and know more about what they sell before joining them. This way, you will know if what they sell matches your marketing skills or not. So that you won't end up with a program you are incapable of making a good income from. Generally, there is confidence in selling products you know of.

Commission Rate

The commission rates programs offer in the fishing niche vary with individual products. Some fishing affiliate programs have fishing products that have low commission rates, while some have fishing products with significant rates. It is better to promote fishing products that pay a good commission. Not that it is bad to promote fishing products with small rates, but if you want to earn big, you must pitch higher and deal with bigger fishing products that can earn you good income at the end of the day. Even though it all falls back on how effective your marketing skills are.

Program/Product Credibility

Aside from knowing what product the fishing affiliate program is selling, you must also consider the credibility of the program as well as the products the program sells. This will boost your confidence in how you market the fishing products from the program and also make your work easy in converting customers. Programs that have good reputations tend to sell to potential customers more quickly. You can research to find out what users are saying about fishing programs and products altogether before affiliating with that program just to be on the safer side. You can get credible reviews left by users on review platforms, social media, etc.

Cookie Duration

Cookies in affiliate marketing determine how long your referrals have to act before their data becomes invalid. When a customer’s data that you referred to a fishing affiliate program becomes invalid, you won't be paid for that referral action. There are fishing affiliate programs that offer only a 2-day cookie duration, while you will come across programs with up to 90-day cookie duration. Advisable, consider choosing a fishing affiliate program with enough days for cookie duration so that your referrals will have enough time to convert into potential customers. And you on the other hand will not be at a loss.

Payment Frequency

You might come across fishing affiliate programs that pay affiliates twice a month, and some that take up to a month before they pay. In most cases, affiliates work with programs that pay twice a month because of meeting up with personal needs and other expenses. Other than that, there is no pain in waiting a month before you receive payment of your gathered commission. If you look at it on the bright side, waiting a month will give you enough time, to sum up, good commissions and you can cash out significant amounts by month's end.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers work well for both sides (fishing affiliates and fishing affiliate programs) so it will be wise to choose affiliate programs that have this in action. You can use this to keep track of your referrals. You will instantly know referrals that are yet to perform any action and follow up on those. Fishing affiliate programs can also use affiliate trackers to reward hard-working affiliates in the program. So this can also motivate you as an affiliate to work hard and drive more traffic to the affiliate program you are affiliated with so that you will receive bonuses at the end of the day.

Traffic Sources for Fishing Offers

Here are some traffic sources for fishing offers.


Paying for Ads may seem like a waste of money, especially to fishing affiliates that do not know how it works. The trick is, you spend money to make more money and the process is very easy to comprehend. There are a lot of platforms where you can run paid Ads and chances are, your Ads will get to a lot of interested audiences and this will no doubt mean more traffic for your fishing offers. Facebook Ads, for instance, allows you to run Ads and there are tools that you can use to target specific audiences with your fishing offers.

When you run paid Ads on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm will only display your Ads to people who are interested in fishing one way or the other and these are people that will not hesitate to check out your fishing offers. You will have your fishing offers go viral and you can monitor the traffic generated from each Ad through Google Analytics, one of the best tools for website traffic monitoring. This way, you will know which Ad is generating strong traffic to your offers. You can bring down poor-performing Ads and create better ones.

You can also get influencers to promote your fishing offers and pay them per lead generated. Even though influencers still use social media, and other content-sharing platforms to promote your affiliate offers, the large fan base they have can amount to good traffic for your fishing offers. Generally, paid Ads will do you more good than you know. For instance, When you spend $10 on paid Ads and you get a customer that takes an action worth $366, if the RevShare is 10%, it means that you will receive $36.6 at the end of the day. It only gets better from here.

Forums and Communities

You can equally use forums and communities to generate good traffic for your fishing offers, even though you will have to put up a good front that will convince the members of these forums and communities to accept your fishing offers. First of all, understand that a fishing forum and community exposes your affiliate offers to a lot of potential customers. There are no better places to get recurring traffic than these places. But also, keep in mind that some of the fishing forums and communities you will come across have strict rules that might hinder you from posting your affiliate links, and that can be bad for business.

You will have to stick to the rules of these platforms to some extent since you won't want to be banned from such places before you get the chance to promote your fishing offers. You can make them trust you by including your contact information on the profile, this way, members will feel you are approachable which is good for business. Then initiate the final trick by contributing valuable content to these fishing communities and forums. This way, you can easily recommend your fishing offers to community members and redirect them by using link shorteners or posting the URL of your fishing website directly.

Before using link shorteners, make sure to check with the fishing affiliate program you are affiliated with if they allow it since there are programs that are against this practice with reasons best known to them. Posting the URL of your fishing website is better compared to link shorteners, but you will have to make sure that you have high-converting fishing content on the site alongside your affiliate offers so that you can easily convert potential fishing customers when they click through your link from forums and communities.

Fishing Blog

A fishing blog can generate good traffic if you upload the right content. There are many kinds of content with different structures that can generate good traffic for your fishing offers, but research based on constant practices has shown that specific contents perform better than others and those are the ones you should focus on. For instance, a fishing blog will be useless to some extent if it lacks fishing product reviews. The structure for creating content like this is not complex at all and if you can follow due process, you will appreciate the result.

The first thing first, is to be familiar with the products you want to write about. This will require you to do deep research and come up with details and information about each fishing product on your review list. You can paraphrase to make each detail unique. The internet can help with that, thanks to the review left by anglers online. Secondly, use proofs that can convince readers the most. The proof you use can be screenshots of reviews left by users who have used the fishing products on your review list, links to videos, etc.

And then lastly, be honest about the fishing products on your review list. Include their Pros and Cons so that users can see through your transparency. You can go to the extent of including alternatives which can go a long way for readers who have a hard time settling for one option. Also, Potential customers will find your fishing blog more helpful if they can find fishing guides and other informative posts on your blog. Most upcoming anglers find the information they need about fishing on fishing blogs, so imagine you have answers to questions they come asking, they won’t hesitate to check out your fishing offers as well.

How to Drive Maximum Traffic to Fishing Affiliate Offers

Here are some tips on how to successfully promote fishing affiliate offers.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Audience

Familiarizing yourself with your audience will help you know what to sell and what not to sell when dealing with specific locations or specific audiences. It also plays an important role when creating paid Ads since location also determines what anglers need the most to enjoy their fishing adventure. For instance, promoting fishing rods or reels in a country like China can be useless since they mostly use trawls for fishing. The only way to get good traffic from such people will be to have fishing nets of all kinds on site and displayed in your Ads to get them to click through your affiliate link.

Keyword Targeting

So you have a fishing website or a blog that has tons of fishing content with affiliate offers, but you are struggling with getting traffic due to keyword misplacement, don’t worry, this will help. First, make sure that your keywords match your fishing offers, and what potential customers search for. Your chances at promoting your fishing offers begin with getting search engines to send traffic your way and this will only happen if the keywords on your site match what potential customers search for.

Thanks to technology, you do not have to brainstorm for the highest-paying keywords as there are tools that can help you with that. All you have to do is give them a description of what your fishing offers are all about and these tools will do the research and provide you with varieties of keywords that match your fishing offers, based on internet data.

Create a Fishing Blog/Website

You’ve probably come across many reasons that have further defined the importance of a fishing blog or website in this article. Because success on these platforms depends solely on the kind of content you have onsite, you should consider having these.

  • Blog Posts on Fishing/Fishes: You can get creative with this and simply search the internet to know what the FAQs by upcoming anglers are, you can create blog posts from there, answering such questions to the best of your knowledge and remember to include your affiliate offers in these posts. If readers find your posts helpful, they might as well find your fishing offers helpful too.
  • Comparing Fishing Products: The fishing products to be compared can be fishing boats, nets or even rods, etc. The list goes on and if you look well, you will see that you can never lack fishing products to compare. This is one of the reasons why the fishing niche is very competitive.
  • Best of Fishing Products: “Best Fishing Boats in 2023,” or “Best Fishing Nets in 2023”. These are examples of the kinds of content your “best of'' section can contain on your fishing affiliate website.

You can get creative from here.

Focus on SEO

The truth is, there are thousands of people if not millions searching for that fishing affiliate content you put online. So if they can't find it, it means two things and since you now have an idea of how keywords work, SEO is next. The way this works is easy to comprehend, all you have to do is to make navigation easy for visitors to your website. There are many ways you can make this happen.

Some of the common practices include using readable fonts for your website content, increasing the loading speed of your fishing site, and reducing the number of irrelevant Ads on your site. You should also make sure that users can access your website even through their mobile devices. Doing so might give your fishing site a chance to be ranked above other websites in the same niche as you. Search engines only send traffic to sites that offer a comfortable user experience.

How Are Successful Affiliates Driving Traffic to Fishing Programs

We’ll use the example of a fishing affiliate blog that promotes fishing products, called FishingSensei. This website has all the information on several types of topics related to fishing, including fishing gear, fishing tips, fishing hacks, etc.

He has many different categories for the topics he writes about related to fishing, and in order to complement the affiliate offers healing to he includes lots of guides and fishing and the necessities for fishing so that beginners can learn a lot.

The way that he gets to run a lot of traffic to affiliate offers is that he has a lot of “Best-of” articles On every type of product and then he has subcategories for them depending on the type of fish or other criteria. Simply put, this website has all that beginner fishers or professional fishers need to get started on their fishing journey, no matter where they're trying to fish or what fish they're trying to fish. This is exactly how he gets to have a very broad audience.

Next up his product reviews are also super honest and detailed, and he includes first-hand experience on all the product reviews.

Another secret in how he gets to drive such amazing organic traffic is that he writes a lot about every single product as if he completely analyzes them.

You can say that FishingSensei is doing exactly what all the other websites in this niche are doing to drive organic traffic to affiliate offers. This is a proven method and you don't have to modify it much. You can simply follow it and wait for it to be successful.

So as a quick recap to see how exactly you should manage your content on the phishing blog, make sure you have included all the types of products that your audience might search on Google, make sure you write some guides and knowledge bases on fishing and also include some product reviews, such as single reviews of a curtain rod or a certain reel.

Make sure you have first-hand experience with all these products, or if you don't have the experience, make sure you watch some YouTube videos to get an idea of what exactly the fishing gear or equipment feels like.

Last but not least, just like every other fishing blog you can include a section on the news that covers all the recent trends and news on fishing. If you want to gain a lot of traffic quickly overnight thanks to some trends, you really need to have a news section on your blog. Usually, trends can be taken from either Google Trends or some websites like ExplodingTopics.com.


Keep in mind that you are dealing with a competitive niche so you must be well-detailed with whatever you do because that will be your only chance at generating good traffic and making good income by the end of the month. You can easily get information about certain fishing products online through the reviews left by users. You can gather them and try to get creative from there.

Above all, make sure to choose a fishing affiliate program that matches your marketing skill. This way, you can easily promote the affiliate offers in that program. You will also find it easy to create content that meets a targeted audience if you promote fishing offers you feel good about. Keep in mind that you can promote more than two fishing offers at the same time. If you intend on going for less competitive fishing offers, you can promote a lot of them and cash out good.