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Top Paying Adsense Keywords in 2022 — The Most Expensive Keywords in Google Ads

If you want to have a secure source of income in the year 2022, one of the best ways you can make money is from the internet. With all that is going on in our world right now, people now realize that the safest and the best way to spend their time is sitting at their homes and hanging out on the internet. The situation is the same for the people who want to make money. Why should you open a shop, pay for transportation to your work, sit at least 8h on an uncomfortable chair, and do what you might not even enjoy?

If your situation is the same right now, and you are tired of working and you want to work and make money out of what you like, then the internet is your savior, and now with the help of the internet, you can have a passive income while you are being your own boss. Having a passive income means that you will be earning money even when you are sleeping. One of the main sources of income from the internet is from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is Google’s advertising program. Google Adsense program targets websites and networks and displays ads on them, and it will pay the owner of those websites for the advertisements. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the Google Adsense keywords and how you can choose the best keyword for Google Adsense so you can start making money right away.

What Are Keywords and Why you Need Them

SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are phrases and words in your website’s contents that make it possible to find that content from the search engine.  A website that is good and has a high rank on SEO speaks the same language and chooses its keywords with the exact thing that their potential visitors will search on the search engine. The closer the keywords and key phrases are to what the users search on the search engine, the better are the keywords.

To make it even more simple, you need to know how people are going to look for the content that you create and what they search for your product or service.

You need to know that the more people search a keyword, the keyword will become more popular, and getting a good rank for the search result of that keyword will become harder, and you need to choose the keywords that you can get on the first page of search result page (SRP) because nobody even checks the second page of Google.  

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In Google Adsense, the difference between the price of keywords is about how popular the keywords are. If people search a keyword a lot in the search engine, the price of that keyword will go higher. Think of it as a demanding market where if people demand a product, the first value of that product will go higher. Adsense keywords pay you a lot because the campaign behind a keyword has a high customer value, and they can spend their money on advertising.

Based on this information, if you invest in more popular keywords, and more expensive keywords your return on investment (ROI) is going to be higher, and you will be making a lot of money right? Unfortunately, that is not the case, and although making money out of an expensive keyword will give more money compared to a cheap keyword, it might not be the best option to start with. If a keyword is expensive, that means that keyword is popular and the competition for that keyword will be a lot higher.

You can easily get to rank one of the search result pages if you invest and put time on a keyword that is not that popular, although you will get a good SEO rank out of that keyword, you will not get any traffic, and nobody is going to search that keyword. What you need to do so you can have both a good amount of traffic, and a good SEO rank on the SRP is to find a balanced keyword that is not so unpopular, but not too competitive as well.

Choosing the right keyword is the most important step in improving your website’s SEO. Every website should have a list of keywords that they focus on improving their SEO rank for those keywords. When you want to win camping for online marketing, keywords and your SEO are connected because the keywords are the base of your SEO and you are going to build your entire website’s SEO based around your keyword. If you choose a keyword wrong, your entire SEO will go down, and you will not be successful in your online marketing business.

How to Find the Best Keyword for Your Website

There are several mistakes that a beginner can make while working on their keyword. This first mistake is researching SEO keywords only once. SEO keywords are the base of your website and I can confidently say that they are the most important part of your website. Researching on your keywords must be an ever-evolving process that you should do as long as you want your website to be successful. Your older keywords need refreshing and you can always short keywords with more specific longer keywords that will give you both more traffic and more conversion rate. In today’s online market, the conversion rate is so important. We will be covering how you can get the best conversion rate for Google Adsense later in this article.

Another mistake that beginners tend to make is not spending time on discovering new keywords and expanding their list of keywords. Do not stick to only working on one keyword, and spend some time working on more keywords. Sometimes, a new keyword might bring you a lot of traffic, and a lot of money, so do not be afraid to try new keywords. The key component in making your online website optimized for marketing is to have diversity in your keyword list. You cannot use the same keywords that your competitors have been using and expect to become successful. The important thing is to have and find the keywords that fit your content, and you should constantly analyze the result you will get from your keywords. Who else is using the keywords that you are using, and what you can do to improve the results that you get from your keywords are 2 questions that you need to answer and make your website improve.

According to SEMrush, the most paying niche in the countries of the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada is insurance. Here are some of the highest paying keywords in this niche in these 4 countries.

United States




For you to get a better conversion rate and better traffic, you need to create your content in an epic way that fully covers what your keyword is about. If you write your content in a way that answers all the questions that your users might ask, you will get more traffic, your bounce rate will become lower, and because the users spend more time on your page, your SEO rank will get better.

After you choose your niche and keyword, it is time that you write content on that keyword with high quality. We recommend you study Google algorithms so you would have a good idea about what Google wants from your content. We will mention some of the properties that your content and your overall website need so that Google would consider its high-quality content.

  • Your content must be unique. Do not copy and paste other people’s content because that will hurt your SEO. If you do not have any information about that keyword of your niche, use other websites as a source, but do not copy them.
  • Use standard writing
  • If you are using WordPress, use plugins such as Yoast SEO to help you improve your on-page SEO
  • Make your website optimized for all devices, especially mobile phones. Google cares about the mobile version of your page more than its desktop version.
  • You can target different locations and countries in your content. Here are the best locations to target or Google Adsense

How to Find a Good Keyword for Yourself

For you to find a keyword to work on, you need a lot of steps. You first need to search your niche and find the best keywords that you can work with. For example, if your niche is marketing, the keyword (or should I say the key phrase) "what is marketing channels," brings you $165 pre-click in Google Adsense. You need to recognize the keywords of your niche and how much each of them are worth in Google Adsense. With this planning, you can start your journey of looking for a keyword for your content. To find a keyword, you can simply use a keyword searching tool.

The Best Services You Can Use to Find a Keyword

There are a lot of tools you can use to find keywords for your content. One of them is Google Ads itself. With Google Ads, you can search for a keyword on many filters and find exactly the keywords that are optimized for your platform.

As you can see from the picture above there are a lot of options for you to filter keywords and key phrases, and find the right keyword. Here are also some keyword filtering features that Google Ads provides you with.  

Another tool that gives you the tools that you are going to need for searching a keyword is Semrush. With Semrush you can also do all the things you need for your research about the keywords that you need. Semrush comes with a lot of tools such as competitor’s keywords, topic research tools, related searches, and a lot of other tools that will help you to find the keyword you need, and improve your website’s SEO.

Overall, there are a lot of keyword tools out there and you can use whichever you like. Probably one of the most popular ones is Semrush. You can also research your conversion rates, and analyze them. Speaking of conversion rate, let us talk a bit about how you can increase your conversion rate because if not, then you would not be making a lot of money.

Which Keywords Give You the Best Conversion Rate

Yes, traffic is important for your website, but if nobody clicks on your ads then you would not be making any money out of your online marketing business. To make money out of your website, and turn your visitors into money-making sources, you need to work on some other keywords, rather than simple keywords. What you need are two types of keywords that will help you get more conversion rate. These keywords are long-tail keywords and negative keywords.

Long-tail keywords are key phrases that are longer than a keyword and they are more specific in terms of explaining what your content is about. Until now we have told you to use long-tail keywords over and over for all kinds of online business that you are having because they will increase your conversion rate greatly. The subject will become more narrowed to a specific subject and your traffic will be narrowed to specific traffic that will click on your website. With long-tail keywords, the competitor is extremely lower because the amount of audiences is lower and the users will be more relevant. You should take advantage of these keywords and if you pay attention to these long-tail keywords, you will notice that they are also worth more than just one word. For instance, the keyword "seo and social media marketing services" is one of the top keywords for Google Adsense and it pays $115 per click. You can see how specific that keyword is in terms of explaining the content around it.

We have also shown you the picture above many times, but it is necessary to remind you to use long-tail keywords every time in every article. With the graph above, you can see what keywords are and how they will affect your conversion rate.

Negative keywords are also one type of keywords that can increase your conversion rate. Negative keywords allow you to eliminate the audiences that do not have any interest in your company and your content, and if they are not interested, they will drain your money by clicking on your link. Let me give you an example of using negative keywords. You are having a store in which you sell men’s clothes, and if you do not have any other products, you should not display ads on your website when some search for "women’s clothes." If you use this technique alongside using long-tail keywords, no matter if it is affiliate marketing or Google Adsense, your conversion rate will one hundred percent go higher. In the picture below, you can see an example of how you can use negative keywording to show your ads that it will give you the best conversion rate.

How You Should Approach in Choosing Keywords

You need to organize your keywords and group them in a website that will make your website relevant as a whole. One thing you should do is to organize your keywords and group them in a more manageable way.  By organizing everything, you will have your work a lot easier. But what do we mean when we say your need to organize your keywords?

Let us assume that you are again running a store selling clothes. You need to divide your products and have a keyword for each of them, a keyword for your shirts, a keyword for your pants. And you also need keywords for more specific items like different types of pants. Sport pants, yoga pants, jeans, etc. This may not be a very valid example but you get the main idea, and how you can work with this system.

After you have all your content, you should work on your keywords in your content to make your page optimized for SEO. Here are the tips you can use:

  • Using the keyword in the title of the page
  • Using the keyword in the URL
  • Using the keyword, and variations, throughout the page copy
  • Using the keyword in the meta tags, especially the meta description
  • Using the keyword in any image file paths and the images' alt text
  • Using the keyword as the anchor text links back to the page from elsewhere on the site.

If you are using WordPress for your website, there are plugins such as YoastSEO that will help you to make your page look good in terms of SEO.

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In this article, we taught you everything you need to know about choosing a well-paying keyword on Google Adsense. There is still a lot you need to learn and experience so you can become a master of your website, and get into making money. This whole process might take some time so all you need to do is to be patient.

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