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Which Type of Blogs Make The Most Money in 2021 — 10 Top Money Making Blogs

There are a lot of ways to earn money on the internet. Blogging is one of the easiest ways. Blogging is a very profitable job, and it is easy, as well. Especially now that the pandemic is out, it is a perfect time to start blogging. Unlike most jobs on the internet, blogging does not require that much skill, knowledge, or equipment, and literally everyone and anyone can start writing a blog. With the help of technology, things have even gotten easier than they used to be. Still, some matters can make a beginner confused.

Things such as "what should I write about?" or "how can I make the most out of my blogging?". If you want to start blogging but do not know what to write about to get the most out of your time, we are here for you. In this article, we will be talking about the most beneficial blogging topics in 2021.

Here is the list of the top 10 most money-making blog types for you to start blogging about.

Beauty and Fashion Blogs

If you like trying out different clothes, styles of clothing, or costumes, then a blog about beauty and fashion is a good option for you.

A fashion blog can also help you communicate your feelings about different clothes and styles of clothing. Currently, blogs related to beauty and fashion make a lot of money. With a beauty and fashion blog, you can do many things. You can do affiliate marketing, product sales, or influencer marketing on social media, such as Instagram. You can write about many things, including but not limited to DIY (Do it yourself) fashion, low-budget fashion, fashion for events or customs, and things like reviewing, etc.

One of the most successful blogs on beauty and fashion topics is Fluer de Force’s fashion blog. She started out by posting videos on YouTube and now she talks about fashion on her own blog. She has a lot of followers and subscribers on social media, too. You have a very good chance of earning up to $150 000 a month by becoming an influencer in fashion.

Food Blogs

Who does not like food? Everyone likes food. If you enjoy making food or eating various cuisines, you can start a blog about food. For example, Pinch of Yum is a food blog that made a lot of money. Lindsay, the owner of Pinch of Yum, makes money off her site by affiliate marketing, advertising, and business coaching. In Pinch of Yum, you can read about recipes, diets, vegetarian food, and quick recipes. You can also get tips to become better at cooking.

If you want to start a food blog, you can do other things. Going to restaurants and reviewing their foods, making your recipes, posting pictures of foods you made, DIY and organic foods or budget eating, and all kinds of different things. Since the internet exists, things are more international than ever. Creating a food blog can allow you to show people from all over the world the food you can make.

You can make a lot of money by posting affiliate links in your blog for cooking products and accessories from other stores and earning commissions from them. You can also have your own online shop and after building a sense of trust between your readers and yourself, sell products for cooking or even cookbooks. Based on the number of your followers, you can earn up to $100 000 using this type of blogging.

Travel Blogs

Earth is a beautiful planet. Probably the most beautiful one ever known. There are a lot of corners on Earth that nobody knows. There might be some place very pretty next to you that you do not know of. When we say travel, we don't necessarily mean going on a plane trip to another country or someplace famous. There are a lot of things you can do with a blog about traveling. Of course, you can travel, write about your experiences, and post pictures of your travels.

You can write about the places you have been, and review them. One other thing you can do is planning trips for other people, and helping them to go on a trip.

You can make guides about things like camping and planning a trip. A blog that does this and is also very successful in this business is My Life’s a Movie by Alyssa Ramos. She goes around the planet and posts stories on her adventures. Her blog is all about solo traveling and creative ways for doing so. She is making a lot of money from selling products on her own shop, such as traveling gears and accessories. You can make up to $3 000 worth of passive income a month.

Besides all of these, there are still matters you can blog about, for example, low-budget traveling, traveling in your country, low-budget trips, camping. Motivating people to travel is also another thing you can write about in your blog. Some people do not know how to have a nice trip while they are busy with their work. Maybe you can help them.

Health and Fitness Blogs

If you are into fitness or you think you are a healthy person, maybe you can provide other people with some knowledge to help them stay healthy. This topic is here for you. A blog related to health or fitness is great because everyone needs it. An athletic person needs information about exercises, foods, supplements, etc. Some people need advice about mental health, and some other people might just want to be healthy.

Health and fitness is a vast topic, and it can cover many things for all kinds of people. In this way, it can gather a large number of readers. One successful blog that covers this topic well is Be Healthy Now by Petra Kravos. This blog gives you knowledge about exercising and consuming nutrition. Another thing that Be Healthy Now does is talk about healthy recipes and natural health and natural beauty. These are topics that attract a lot of people, especially in the industrial and artificial world of today.

Be Healthy now has a significant income from affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate programs. You can also sell your products and supplements on your blog. Maybe you are a great coach and you can coach people. It will also help you earn up to $60 000 and even more if you are really good at being a coach.

With health and fitness blogs, you want to be careful because health is not a joke. You really should not be spreading wrong information that will endanger other people's health. Make sure to build a sense of trust between you and your readers. Other things you can do with a blog about health and fitness are eating diets, eating on a low budget, eating healthy, improving your body, improving your mind, and other subjects.

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Finance blogs

One other thing everyone needs is money, and the best way to become rich is managing your money. Everyone can benefit from handling their funds in a good way. A grown-up needs to control their wallet, and a student needs the same. If you are good at managing money or have any tips and advice, you can start a finance blog. Financial Samurai is a blog that helps people to gain knowledge about money and to update themselves on the latest news in the economy. Financial Samurai helps you manage your funds and learn about investment. You can also get financial tips as newsletters.

Since Financial problems are for everyone, all people can use a little bit of knowledge about money, and it covers a wide spread of people. In a finance blog, there are a lot of topics to talk about, and there is a lot for everyone, so if you know anything about it, it is a beneficial type of blog.

If you are going to have a finance blog, you can talk about things like early retirement, incomes, investing, and so on. In a finance blog, there is everything for everyone, so it's one of the best types of blog. It can bring you up to $100,000 a month. Truth is, if you know about earning money, you are good at earning it, too.

Marketing Blogs

Nowadays, there are so many businesses going on. Every day the number of people who want to get into a business or have their own business is growing. Marketing blogs teach people how to do online marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) As said, the number of online stores is increasing, and they are taking the place of regular stores on the streets. If you have a bit of knowledge about online stores, email marketing, or even blogging, you are a huge winner. With your knowledge of online marketing, you can start a marketing blog and help other people with it.

One example of a very successful marketing blog is Search Engine Land. Search Engine Land is probably one of the most famous blogs about SEO. With the help of this blog, many people have made their online stores or sites and made lots of money out of their businesses. Blogging itself is considered online marketing, and it is a reliable way to have an income from an online business.

There are many ways and strategies for an online business, and you should focus on one of them. Just like Search Engine Land that focuses on only one matter like search engine optimization, you should do the same. You can go for topics like building a small business, digital marketing, business news, and many other things. This type of blogging can bring you up to $30 000 a month.

Pet Blogs

There is a whole world of animals and people who have them as their pets out there. We love our pets, and we enjoy writing about them. We cannot talk to our animals or fully understand them. This is why we study and read about them. If you have a pet or any experience or knowledge about them, you can share them in your blog. You might know about a particular animal or how to train them. DIY (do it yourself) treats for animals are also popular among bloggers. You could give other people tips about how to raise their animals.

PuppyLeaks is a well-done example of a pet blog about dogs and dog owners. This blog teaches the owners how to treat their dogs, how to teach them tricks, or how to play with them.

PuppyLeaks, or whoever has a pet blog, can make money off affiliate marketing and putting the links of pet-related products in their blog, using which you can earn up to $50 000 a month.

You can write a pet blog, too. There are many subjects to talk about when it comes to animals. That is, of course, if you know about them. Some branches of pet blogs are things like animal farming, breeding, adopting pets, or how to raise pets.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Blogs

DIY (do it yourself) blogs are about craftings and handcrafts. If you are someone who knows about handcrafts or you like to make them, you can share them on your blog with other people or even sell your handicrafts to people. Handicrafts can be anything. Decoration stuff, clothes, tools, and everything you can think of can do handicrafts. Since anything can be handcrafted, then you can write about anything in your DIY blog.

Paper & Stitch is one of the best blogs about DIY, and it will teach you how you can craft different types of things like clothes and tools. Sometimes, people make a DIY blog to sell their hand-made products. Usually, owners of DIY blogs use other social media accounts to promote and show off their merchandise. Pinterest and Instagram are valuable examples of these social media for DIY bloggers.

Some aspects of DIY blogs can be arts, crafts, gifts, or if you like hand-made things, you can write about them. If you are really good at it, you can make up to $40 000 a month.

LifeStyle Blogs

All of the blog types we mentioned up until now were kind of similar to each other. If you are not looking for anything like that, you can write a blog about lifestyle. In lifestyle blogs, you can write about many things, for example your life or culture. It is a diverse topic of many enjoyable things. Reading a lifestyle blog feels like reading a magazine, and people or your readers usually read it because they like it, but they do not necessarily need it.

If we want to mention a lifestyle blog, I will introduce the Bright Bazaar blog by Will Taylor. This blog is about the life of Will as an interior designer. He talks about his ideas and reviews home decorations and structures.

The central income of this blog is from selling products and affiliate marketing. Will recommends some items like comfortable clothes and decoratives on his blog.

Bright Bazaar Blog teaches and talks about many aspects. If you are like that and you cannot decide to choose a topic for your blog, we suggest you choose a lifestyle blog so you can write about lots of things.

Some things you can write in your lifestyle blog are dating, being productive, music, learning new skills, and everything related to life and lifestyle. It can bring you up to $20 000 worth of passive income every month.

Parenting Blog

Parenting blogs are for parents and especially moms. So if you are a mother or a father, you can write about raising your child, and you can make money out of it. There are so many parents who do this, and not only they make money out of it, but they will also help each other in raising their kids. Moms and dads open a blog and write about raising their children, their experiences, their funny moments, and their parenting skills. This type of blog is also helpful for the community of parents as they can find answers about the problems they are having with their kids.

The example we want to show you for the parenting blog is Moments a Day. This blog helps mothers with parenting and raising their children. It also gives tips on how to educate your kids and how to manage your emotions as a parent.

As a parent with a parenting blog, you can make money by affiliating links to products that babies need or just have your own online store to sell products for children, such as books, clothing, or toys. You can earn up to $10 000 using this method. It is very fun and educating if you are a parent.

If you are a parent that does not know anything about raising a kid, it is still okay. Other parents will help you to make a blog for yourself. There are some other things to write about in your parenting blog as well, things like Raising teenagers, how to afford to parent or how to travel with a baby.

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That was our list of the top 10 most money-making and most profitable blog types you can make. As we said before, you do not need to be an expert in web development to start a blog page and make it profitable. There are things you must consider while making a blog. Things like SEO, making your text easy to read, taking ads using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, or making an online store.

All of the blog types that we mentioned are good, and we did not point them out in any particular order. All of the blog types can make a good amount of money if done right. It is up to you to choose which one you want to base your blog around. Whichever you choose, make sure you are choosing the one you are going to enjoy the most.

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