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Launch year: 2019
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Hype Offers is an affiliate program that works with nutra offers in the "beauty and health" vertical.

There are products of their own production and products of third-party European advertisers.


  • Rates - up to 26 EUR per lead;
  • 90+ ready-made links;
  • Profitable creatives (prelands + landings with translations);
  • Approve is - 45-60%;
  • Payment - for a confirmed lead;
  • CC - in each country (native speakers);
  • Warehouses - in each country;
  • Support of external trackers.


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Hype Offers reviews

September 04, 2020
  • Support 9
  • Technology 8
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

I've been working with these guys for about two months.


- Even though there aren't many products, but they are good and not overused, the users/buyers and moderators don't have a trigger yet for some kind of "scam" or autoban.

- High rates for approving, plus the manager always meets us halfway, ready to make a bonus, increased rates, kpi with priority call.

- Payments are always made on the appointed day, there have never been any delays. If the amount for withdrawal is small - they withdraw it usually by noon in MSK, if it's big - then closer to the evening at 7-8 p.m.

- I've asked myself, but they wrote that they are willing to help with the translation of texts / creatives in any language.

- Really a lot of lands / prelands, there is room to run around and to test.

- Ability to pump out lands via API. Everyone has different schemes for pushing ads, but personally, it's very important to me that everything is on my domains. Plus it's easy to build in a pixel/tag manager.



- The guys only withdraw to Webmoney in dollars. I wish they would come up with more options, with some other ways of withdrawal.

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14 April 2024
Quality of offers

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