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Launch date: 06 Feb 2017
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LeadReaktor is a manufacturer and direct advertiser of products in the Nutra category.

Each product of the company is an original in-house development. LeadReaktor products are produced in specialized factories in Europe according to unique formulas.

The company's goal is to build quality and long-term relationships with each partner, where every request and opinion of each customer is important.

- exclusive offers;
- personal payment conditions;
- personal management and technical support 7 days a week;
- development of creatives for you.


  • Commodity xml feed
  • Teaser block
  • Module for WP/DLE
  • Direct product reference
  • Tracking the source of leads
  • Trafficback
  • Banner rotator
  • Referral percentage
  • Minimum payout
  • API
  • GEO
  • Report An Error


Affiliate program representative
July 25
  • Support 10
  • Technology 10
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

Hi all, this is the DIY TEAM🦾 team.

We've been working with LeadReaktor for over a year now.

A huge number of offers on Latam and Europe with super rates and top uproar🔥🔥🔥

I would like to mention the work of the manager in this affiliate program! The main difference from other managers at other affiliate programs is that they answer at any time with any questions! In general they work 24/7.

Withdrawal of funds the day in the day, which makes life easier for any team and especially for solo affiliate marketing.

Our team, like many others, faced a major problem this year - payments. So, LEADREACTOR is one of the first who proposed the solution. Replenish your account without commissions and cards without the risk.

Also support with their own in-house creative department and their own layout designers, the main thing is to write a grammatical TOR and you will be profitable.

In general, gathering all the advantages in a pile, all advise faster to register at the affiliate program and sort out the free drops

Profit to all 💸

Translated from the original

May 11, 2021
  • Support 8
  • Technology 8
  • Quality of offers 8
  • Reliability 8

In general, I am satisfied with the work with the affiliate. They help me set up all the streams, share creatives and quickly call out leads. The only thing I would like is a wider variety of offers and leads.

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March 24, 2020
  • Support 10
  • Technology 10
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

I drove traffic on Leadreactor offers through KMA for quite a long time until I accidentally came across them, immediately converted my traffic, for 10 min they copied my api, made bumps, gave me a top seller (no more middlemen "waiting for feedback from advertising" and so on). All i got were such a great experience, i feel that i am getting the best callback and uprun out of all bourgeo outlets that i used to drive traffic (my own products), i got personal rates for all new referrals immediately, daily payments for whatever you want (ip takes longer), if necessary in rubles, the cb exchange rate without any commissions and conversions. (Now that such a mess with the exchange rate, as never before). Need a landing / proclamation? You set your terms of reference - they will do it. Translation? Likewise, all free and fast, taking all the hassle off my hands. I have been doing this for 2 years, I am satisfied. From the minuses: not enough offers, but those that are bombastic, well, with mobile statisstics is not adaptive, but it's all nonsense. For the most basic parameters for partnering - uprv, support, payments all fire. They invite me to conferences, give me tickets - in general, they earned my loyalty.

Translated from the original

February 16, 2019
  • Support 10
  • Technology 10
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

The impression of the work is only positive. Support at the level, trying to do everything for the webmaster - set up the flow, prompted the best GEO, increased the rate. Payments on request - no problems. Good offers, cool web links and prelends, because of this good conversion and uprush. Very easy to use control panel, all loaded quickly. In general, one plus, I recommend it. The only wish - more offerers. But all cool, well done!

Translated from the original

July 24, 2018
  • Support 1
  • Technology 1
  • Quality of offers 1
  • Reliability 1

Partner can and normal, I do not know, could not try as they have a support GOVERNMENT !!!!!!!!!!After registration must be moderated, for this you need to write a letter to support that I did ... I did that, but they started asking me a lot of stupid questions, like why do you need access, are you engaged in media buying.... If I wasn't, I wouldn't have registered... In the end, they were rude to me and just ignored my follow-up messages altogether... I had, to put it mildly, not a very positive "first impression" about the affiliate... If they have at the initial stage of so tight, then I can imagine what they are in principle in the work ... DO NOT WORK WITH THIS PARTNERSHIP !!!! P.S. The certificate on the site as it was when it was created is dated 2016 and still is... Not serious!!!

Translated from the original

August 02, 2018, 12:22

Thank you for being the first in who wrote a review, even if such a low-informative and without facts and figures =)

Every day we receive many different registrations, and each registrant has different goals and interests.

Primary moderation of the account after registration is an integral part of our work. In this way we try to give our new partners what they really need.

In your case, I would assume that you haven't gone through moderation.

If you still have questions you can always contact our support team at

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29 September 2022
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